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Main Squeeze
Any Stripper from Japan to L.A.

Van Halen II-1979
Women And Children First-1980
Fair Warning-1981
Diver Down-1982
Van Halens's Best of Vol 1-1996

Crazy From theHeat-1986
Skyscraper- 1988
A Little Ain't Enough-1991
Your Filthy Little Mouth 1994
Best Of(Greatest Hits)1997
DLR Band-1998
Diamond Dave 2003




 Crazy From The Heat
357 pages 1997
Diver Down1982
(OH) Pretty Woman
Hot For Teacher
California Girls
Just a Gigolo/ I Ain't got Nobody
Your Filthy Little Mouth-1994
Night Life
She's My Machine
Yankee Rose
Goin Crazy
Thats Life
Just Like Paradise
Stand Up
A Little Ain't Enough-1991
A Lil' Ain't Enough
Sensible Shoes
Tell the Truth

David Lee Roth Army Biography
     Infamous as the lead vocalist and colorful front man for Van Halen, one of America's most popular hard-rock bands, David Lee Roth turned solo artist in 1985. Indeed, after the enormous success of his extended play album Crazy From the Heat, Roth, in a decision that stunned Van Halen fans, decided to leave the group permanently. Although many of Van Halen's followers feared that neither he nor the band would survive the split, each has continued to dazzle rock and roll devotees. Roth, flamboyant as ever, has managed to keep his talents in the public eye with masterful videos and such albums as Eat 'em and Smile and Skyscraper.
       Born in Bloomington, Indiana, the rock star remembers being introduced to music fairly early in life. His father, an ophthalmologist, presented him, at age seven, with recordings by jazz artist Al Jolson--still one of Roth's heroes--and at age eight he began listening to Ray Charles sing on the radio. Summer visits to his Uncle Manny, who operated the famed Greenwich Village Cafe Wha, were also influential, enabling him to view a variety of performers. By the time he was a teenager the aspiring musician, then living with his family in California, was singing solo as well as with a group called the Red Ball Jets.
      Another Los Angeles area group, Mammoth--comprised of a bass player and the two Dutch-immigrant Van Halen brothers, Alex on drums and Edward singing and playing lead guitar--occasionally rented the Red Ball Jets' PA system. They were impressed with Roth and soon invited him to join them as lead vocalist (later joking that all they really wanted was his amplification equipment), and the group was eventually completed with the permanent addition of Mike Anthony on bass. Around 1974, after discovering that another group already owned the copyright to the name Mammoth, the group renamed itself Van Halen and began its struggle for fame and fortune.  The fledgling band seized the opportunity to play wherever and whenever it could, with its members doing everything for themselves, from securing engagements to promotional work. Performing both original songs and established tunes, Van Halen eventually became a local success and began to routinely open for such established acts as UFO and Santana; they also became a regular feature at the Starwood Club, the West Coast venue to fame. It was during their four-month stint there, in fact, that they were "discovered." First, Gene Simmons, bass player for the rock band Kiss, helped the group produce their first demo tape, then Warner Brothers' Ted Templeman came to the Starwood, heard the group, and signed them to a contract with his label.
      Released in 1978, the band's first album, Van Halen, brought the group national attention. The album was a smashing success with more than two million copies sold, and the original members of Van Halen went on to release five more successful albums over the next seven years. Unlike many up-and-coming groups, the increasingly popular Van Halen never lacked press coverage, which was generated by its members' wild lifestyles as often as by its music.  More than any other band member, Roth is credited with promoting Van Halen's image as the quintessential rock band, one devoted to a lifestyle described by David Fricke in Rolling Stone as "a nonstop booze-and-babes party train." An on-stage rowdy, Roth became an expert at sexist slapstick who, in the opinion of Carl Arrington, writing for People, "helped gild the groups' head-banger image ... with mock-macho stage posturing and costumes that looked like they were ripped off the backs of passing lions." But if, as Arrington suggested, Roth has fostered the image of himself as a "renaissance rocker," the critic also found him "less a fraud than most good actors or successful politicians." According to Arrington, Roth has played the part so long that "his concert persona and offstage personality [are] closer than most of his peers."
      Sometimes referred to as "the bad boy of rock and roll" and "Mr. Bigmouth," Roth, in fact, is just as famous for his off-stage antics. Reports abound of the rocker's antipathy toward marriage, his refusal to permit other band members' wives to go on tour with the group, and of nude girls dancing on table tops backstage as well as of his party-till-you-drop philosophy. Interviewing the star for Rolling Stone, Nancy Collins asked if the Van Halen backstage scene was really "akin to a bacchanalian feast." Roth, a student of karate, responded: "It's excessive. In terms of the fringe benefits you're supposed to get from rock & roll, I'd say we're black belts."  Despite his propensity for debauchery, Roth has earned applause for his abilities as a lyricist and singer. With a friend at the wheel of his 1951 Mercury convertible, Roth pens his words while cruising around the Los Angeles canyons. The generally simple lyrics work in harmony with the musical scores composed by Edward Van Halen to create the band's trademark tunes, tunes that helped transform Van Halen, in Fricke's words, into "the monster rock action squad that ruled the charts and the airwaves for seven years."
      In 1985, after some much publicized squabbling, Roth decided to leave Van Halen and try his luck as an independent artist. 
      The star's 1986 Eat 'em and Smile and 1988's Skyscraper, featuring
Steve Vai on guitar each went double platinum. The colorful videos for Goin Crazy, Yankee Rose and Just Like Paradise recieved top rotation on MTV. Soon after Skyscraper's world tour, Vai left for a solo career. He was replaced on A Little Ain't Enough by a young axeslinger named Jason Becker (who would later leave due to health reasons) Dave's next album, Your Filthy Little Mouth, featured a different musical approach with a duet with Travis Tritt and a Willie Nelson cover. In 1995 Dave played some Vegas shows to decent reviews, but like Dave said "Good show, bad timing." In 1996 Van Halen reunites and Sammy Hagar is fired from the band. Van Halen, and Dave enters the studio to cut two new songs with his old bandmates. The reunited Van Halen appear at the MTV Video Awards and get a standing ovation. After the show, tensions flare up among the band. Roth soon releases an open letter to the press stating that there is no reunion, due to the fact that "Eddie did it." The VH Best Of Volume One album is released, featuring   "Me Wise Magic" and "Can't Get This Stuff No More," the songs from the "reunited" Van Halen.The album enters as #1 on Billboard charts. His 1997 efforts included a Greatest Hits package and a critically acclaimed autobiography .In 1998 Dave put out his DLR BANDcd, featuring John Lowery and Mike Hartman, on his own label(Wawazat!!).The single SLAM DUNK was Rock and Active Rock's most requested song for three weeks in a row in May, and the cd received rave reviews. What's most important to Roth, however, whether alone or with a group, whether involved in showmanship, writing lyrics, or singing, is to be "rockin'." That, he told Collins, is "all I ever really wanted to do."  

Roth Army Bio Number 2

     The story begins when on October 10th of the year 1954, the sky above opened up and Diamond Dave was born!

     Several years later when two instrument crossed brothers were looking to rent a P.A. system they stumbled across exactly what their new band was looking for, a singer. In case you haven't guessed it, the brothers were Alex and Edward Van Halen and the singer was the one and only Diamond David Lee Roth! After filling the bass player void with Michael Anthony and finally deciding on a name, one of the greatest bands of all time was born, Van Halen!

     Lead by the showmanship of Diamond Dave and the incredible talent of Eddie the new band began to play out. They started out by playing High School gigs in their area and then elevated their performance level and began to play the Los Angeles club scene. It was while playing these clubs that Gene Simmons of Kiss was blown away by what he saw and heard. He flew Dave and the boys to New York to convince his record company to sign them. Unfortunately it was not yet meant to be. However, Gene helps finance a demo tape for the boys and they enthusiastically return to the L.A. club scene and continue to dazzle and amaze crowds with the wild stuff Eddie was playing and the crazy stage antics of Diamond Dave! It was this blend of Dave's vocals and stage behavior, Eddie's talent and ability, and the powerful rhythm section of Mike and Alex that finally caught the attention of record Producer Ted Templeman who convinced Warner Bros. Records to sign them. History was made!

     In 1978 Van Halen recorded their self titled debut, Van Halen. This album included Eruption, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, and a cover of the Kinks' You Really Got Me. This album has become one of the all time greatest rock albums to ever be recorded. The world of Rock N' Roll had been changed forever. The combination of Dave and Eddie threw the world for a loop. Van Halen had a personality all their own and the fans and media loved it. These were the guys who trashed a room after a show because they found a brown M&M after they had asked specifically for no Brown M&M's! They are also the guys who parachuted on to a stage in front of 62,000 fans. This was what Rock N' Roll was about and Diamond Dave and Van Halen were defining it.

     In 1979 they recorded their second album, Van Halen II. Although it was not as earthshaking as their first album it was still Van Halen and it still Rocked! Dave continued to amaze the crowds with his high flying jumps and fun lyrics while Eddie still blew them away with his amazing guitar riffs.

     In the following years Van Halen would release Women and Children First in 1980, Fair Warning in 1981, and Diver Down in 1982. These albums are classic rock albums with a great mix of original songs and delightful covers. Although the band was growing more and more popular and all seemed to be going great for the rockin' quartet, problems stared to develop within the band. All the members had developed an attachment to some sort of substance or another and Dave began to work on other projects.

     However, the world would not have to wait long for another Van Halen album. For on News Years Eve 1983 Diamond Dave released the album that would transform Van Halen from party rockers to Rock Icons! That album of course is the legendary 1984. This album included the billboard and video hits Jump, Panama, and Hot for Teacher. The videos for this album show the amount of fun that the Old Van Halen was all about. The album went platinum in no time! It was Van Halen's biggest success to that point. The band goes on a world tour and rocks the world with Dave for one last time!

     One year after Dave released 1984 to the public he would release his first solo effort under Diamond Dave Enterprises, Inc. and Warner Bros., an EP of cover songs entitled Crazy From The Heat. Dave wowed video fans with the incredible and crazy videos for Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody and California Girls. The EP also included a special appearance from Edgar Winter on keyboard and saxophone for Easy Street, Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody, and on synthesizer on California Girls.

     With the success of Dave's EP added to the troubles within the band, rumors began to surface; Van Halen was breaking up, Van Halen had kicked Dave out, Dave was leaving, etc., etc. The rumors became fact when Dave left Van Halen on April 1, 1985. The random element of fun and mayhem that had played an important role in the creation of Van Halen was gone. A rock legacy was over!

     Diamond Dave wasted no time in assembling his new band! The new line up consisted of the wildly talented Steve Vai on guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass, and Gregg Bissonette on drums. Now with a backing band that may be more talented than the band he left, Dave headed back into the studio.

     In 1986 David Lee Roth releases his first solo LP, Eat 'Em And Smile! Not only does the talent of Steve Vai make up for the missing Eddie, but the album goes a step further than prior Van Halen albums with the addition of horns and strings on a couple of songs. This album would spawn the mega hit, Yankee Rose. This was not only a billboard hit but followed California Girls and Gigolo by becoming a smashing video success. The video starts out in a convenience store with all the stereotypical people including an Indian behind the counter. This strange scene is then interrupted by Dave stepping onto the scene fully dressed in the Eat 'Em And Smile cover outfit and asking the clerk for "A bottle of anything and a glazed donut go!" Then the song starts when Steve talks to Dave through his guitar. It is a classic example of the greatness of Dave. To support the album and the new solo career, Dave and the boys go on their first world tour and the world welcomes them with open arms.

     Two years later, in 1988, Dave's second solo LP, Skyscraper, is released. The album name is inspired by Dave's love for rock climbing, as seen on the cover. Departing from producer Ted Templeman, Dave produces and Steve co-produces Skyscraper. This album sees the addition of permanent keyboardist Brett Tuggle to the band. Skyscraper also produces the billboard and video hit Just Like Paradise. MTV also uses the music from Knucklebones for the theme to " The Big Picture". Skyscraper is a great example of what Rock 'N Roll should be and is a very entertaining album. After recording the album Billy Sheehan is fired and starts up his new band Mr. Big. Dave recruits Matt Bissonette to replace Billy and hits the road for another world tour. After embarking on another successful world tour the band would come to a rest. It is after this world tour that Steve Vai returns to his solo career and other projects.

     Dave replaces Steve with the talented metal guitarist Jason Becker and adds rhythm guitarist Steve Hunter. In 1991 the new line up releases A Little Ain't Enough. Songs released from this album include A Lil' Ain't Enough and Sensible Shoes. Unfortunately, Lou Gherig's disease would prevent Jason Becker from continuing to perform with Dave. Another world tour was to come and it followed in the spirit of David Lee Roth and Rock N' Roll. A small stage was set up in the middle of the crowd with two devils setup on the corners and halfway through the show, Dave appears on the stage whirling a pair of meshaties while the devils pissed Vodka on to the crowd. In response to the Vodka Diamond Dave simply stated that he saw nothing wrong with it and said, "Its not like I'm passing out cups." The album and tour went right along with the well established David Lee Roth persona!

     This album, unfortunately, also marked the beginning of the decline in popularity for the diamond one. Less people bought Little Ain't Enough than the last two albums and fewer people went to see the tour. The mass media and pop culture switches interest from the flamboyancy of Dave and start to become interested with the "grunge" movement that swept the early nineties. On April 16, 1993 things turn worse for Dave as he is arrested for a ten dollar bag of marijuana.

     After this incident, Dave teams up with his old friend Terry Kilgore and begins to write songs for his next album. In 1994, Dave releases Your Filthy Little Mouthon Reprise records, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. The album is Dave's most musically diverse including a couple country songs and a reggae song as well as the usual rock songs. Another big change that comes along with this album is Diamond Dave's image; the hair is shorter and the tight clothing is replaced with cool suits. Although it is a new image it is still One Hundred Percent Dave! Dave performs for Fox's spring break week and then embarks on "The Entire World" tour, once again delivering happiness around the globe.

     Then in 1995 Dave gathers up a 14 piece band, including his good friend Edgar Winter, and heads for Vegas! Dave and his Non Stop Blues Bustin' Mambo Slammers perform at Bally's for the first time on October 19th and play till the 25th. He then continues to play a couple of dates through the months of November and December and he welcomes in 1996 by performing on News Year Eve. His set list included many big band and blues band songs including James Brown's Living In America and some of Dave's classics such as Gigolo and California Girls. In between songs he cracks jokes and tells amusing anecdotes. Everything one would expect from Dave!

    Dave begins to plan further events such as recording his new band when Warner Bros. contacts him to inform him that Van Halen is planning to release a best of album. Warner Bros. is unsure of the format in which the album will be released or what is to be on it. Interested in the project Dave gives Eddie a call and leaves a message. After a little debate, Eddie calls Dave back and the two agree to meet. Eddie goes over to Dave's place and the two apologize for the years of insults and then simply talk. They agree that it would be fun to record a couple of new songs for the greatest hits project. When the press hears about this they have a field day. Without any information and just reporting on rumors MTV announces in June of 1996 that Sammy Hagar is out and Diamond Dave is once again the frontman for Van Halen. Immediately radio stations across the country switch loyalties from Sammy's Van Halen back to Dave's great Van Halen. Then rumors of a new album and tour with Dave at the helm began to get passed around and rock fans across the world began to become very eager to here and see the original Van Halen once again! Meanwhile, Dave and Van Halen remained silent about the current situation and began work on the new Dave songs. For the first time in their lives, Dave and Eddie work together as friends. All seems to be going well and it looks as though the dream of a reunited Van Halen might actually come true. The recording goes so well that at one time the band discuss the possibility of releasing an EP with Dave. After a couple of weeks Dave and the band record Can't Get This Stuff No More and Me Wise Magic for the greatest hits album. During the summer of '96 Nissan releases a commercial featuring Dave and Van Halen performing the Kinks' You Really Got Me as the background music. During this time the rumors of what are going on with in the inner workings of Van Halen run rampant. Rumors report that Dave is back permanently, Dave is only back for the greatest hits, that Sammy is back and Dave is out, there will be only one tour with Dave and then a new singer will be found, etc., etc. Then in September of '96 Dave and Van Halen make a special guest appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards to present best male artist to Beck. The audience gives Dave and the boys a standing ovation. It seems to be a declaration to the world that the great Van Halen was back! It was however this event that shattered any such plans. It was Dave's behavior during the show and during the media questioning after the show that Eddie sites as the reason for the split. Eddie says that it would not work because Dave has not changed. Thank God Dave has not changed, for Diamond Dave still understands that Rock N' Roll is supposed to be fun and entertaining, something that Eddie and Alex have obviously forgotten. On October 2nd Dave releases his open letter explaining what has happened and announcing to the world that the dream of a reunited Van Halen will not come true. This spurs outrage from both Dave and Van Halen fans a like. For as Howard Stern said..."Van Halen is NOTHING without David Lee Roth!" Although Eddie runs to the press in an effort to clear up the fact that in less than six months he screwed over both Dave and Sammy, the usually outspoken Dave remains silent on the issue after he releases his open letter.

     After making only a few public appearances in the following year, including Howard Stern's Private Parts premiere party, Dave releases a new single, Don't Piss Me Off, on his birthday. This was followed by the release of his rockin' autobiography, Crazy From The Heat, on the 23rd of October 1997 and his best of album entitled The Best on the 28th. The Diamond one proved he could still run with big dogs and still at full stride.

     Diamond Dave retooled himself and came out with his new band, the DLR Band, in early 1998. More to come from the new DLR band!!!

David Lee Roth Biography On Cd Now
   BORN: October 10, 1955, Bloomington, INWith Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth raised the role of a heavy metal frontman to a performance art. After the band's commercial breakthrough with the 1984 album, Roth released Crazy from the Heat, a 1985 EP that displayed his blatant pop roots, covering everything from the Beach Boys to Louis Prima. With two hit singles, Crazy from the Heat confirmed Roth's solo commercial potential, prompting his decision to leave Van Halen in June of 1985.
For his first full-length album, 1986's Eat 'em and Smile, Roth hired guitarist Steve Vai and bassist Billy Sheehan for a grossly exaggerated take on heavy arena rock. It was a mammoth hit, as was the more pop-oriented follow-up, Skyscaper. After Skyscraper, Vai and Sheehan left to form their own bands (the Steve Vai Band and Mr. Big, respectively). Roth put together a new band for 1991's A Little Ain't Enough, which was his first album not to go platinum. Sensing that it was time for a change, he tried to refashion himself as a slick hard rock singer/songwriter with 1994's Your Filthy Little Mouth, but it resulted in his least successful album yet. DLR Band followed in 1998. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

David Lee Roth Biography On

 David Lee Roth
Born October 10, 1955, in Bloomington, IN.

     David Lee Roth's celebrated tenure as frontman for power-pop-metal mavens Van Halen was rife with the spirit of vaudeville. Suburban metalheads thought they were responding to Diamond Dave's larger-than-life persona and its "sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll" credo--little did they know that Al Jolson lurked just beneath the surface. The highly entertaining Crazy from the Heat EP was recorded before he officially parted company with Van Halen and is probably the most concentrated, essential dose of solo Roth. His vampy version of "Just a Gigolo" (meshed with "I Ain't Got Nobody") not only updates the classics, but shows off Roth's stagey showmanship--the accompanying video, a hilarious spoof of MTV, features Roth as host of "Dave TV," conducting a parade of celebrity impersonators (Prince, Boy George, Billy Idol, and Michael Jackson). And who would have guessed that the Beach Boys' "California Girls" would work as a fantastically overblown showgirl revue? Unfortunately, after Eat 'Em and Smile Roth's solo career tapered off with several unremarkable albums. In October 1995, Roth boldly went where few rock performers have wisely gone before: Vegas. For a week Roth's revue of his own material ran at the MGM Grand Showroom. He was backed by a 14-piece ensemble (including fellow rock dinosaur Edgar Winter) and two showgirls.

David Lee Roth On Rolling
       Born in Bloomington, Ind. in 1954, rock vocalist "Diamond" David Lee Roth moved to California in the early 1970s, where he performed with the local group Red Ball Jets before joining the Van Halen brothers' band, Mammoth, in 1974. After Mammoth found a permanent bassist, Mike Anthony, the group changed its name to Van Halen to avoid conflict with another band named Mammoth, and began gigging around the West Coast. The group was eventually discovered by KISS bassist Gene Simmons, who got them a deal with Warner Bros. in 1978.
Along with guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Roth became the centerpiece of Van Halen as it gained a huge international following over the next several years, its hard rock albums selling millions of copies each. Roth gained a reputation as the "bad boy" of the group due to sexist comments on stage and a wild lifestyle behind the scenes that included strippers and trashed hotel rooms. His 1985 solo debut, Crazy From the Heat, became a hit and led to talk of a movie career; the rest of the band began accusing Roth of having a big ego. After repeated disagreements, Roth quit Van Halen in 1985 to pursue a full-time solo career.

     David Lee Roth recruited a backing band, including famed guitarist Steve Vai and bassist Billy Sheehan, for his second solo album, 1986's Eat `Em and Smile. The album sold over two million copies, establishing "Diamond Dave" as a successful musician in his own right. Following the release of his hit 1988 follow-up, Skyscraper, Sheehan left Roth's band to form his own group, Mr. Big, and Steve Vai embarked on a solo career. Roth recruited new musicians for 1991's A Little Ain't Enough.
     Roth tried to change his image with the more experimental 1994 effort Your Filthy Little Mouth. In late 1996, talk began circulating that Roth would record two new songs with Van Halen for a "greatest hits" package, prompting rumors of a permanent reunion. It was not to be: Roth and Eddie Van Halen soon began attacking each other via comments on MTV, and the reunion never materialized. In 1997 Roth released a greatest hits package, The Best. A new studio album is slated for a June 1998 release.


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