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Whack A Nazgul
How many Nazguls can you kill within the time limit?
Times Played: 16   Rating: Not rated yet
with a score of 85
Personal Best: N/A
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What`s Her Bra Size?
Gentlemen, do you know your boobs? It`s time to weed out those that do from those that just think they do in this `what`s her bra size` guessing game.
Times Played: 86   Rating: Not rated yet
with a score of 76
Personal Best: N/A
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Word Pads
Hop from pad to pad collecting letters and making words.
Times Played: 19   Rating: Not rated yet
- no score -
Personal Best: N/A
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Worldcycle Survival
Avoid the cars coming both ways and see how long you can survive!
Times Played: 118   Rating: Not rated yet
with a score of 1832
Personal Best: N/A
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