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  1. brawling over toilet paper
  2. Life Found on one of Saturn's Moons
  3. I think there's about to be some unruly weather.
  4. Sticking It To The Man....
  5. Workers Barred From Neverland Ranch
  6. Nine Die in Group Suicides
  7. I like oatmeal!
  8. O & A Rocks !!!
  9. First orgasm
  10. Meth Makeovers
  11. HOLY KRAP! Battle Of Troy Was Fought In The UK?
  12. Bush Impersonator
  13. Question for Blondgirl
  14. Elevator Action
  15. Legend of Zelda...with real people
  16. "The Hills Have Eyes"
  17. Happy Birthday Northern Girl
  18. Give me a vote
  19. Happy Birthday Serling
  20. Sopranos Return Tonight
  21. Classic DUI stop
  22. LMFAO!! UK Robbers make of with 75 million pounds....
  23. Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet
  24. Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'
  25. Kitchen Faucet Dispenses Beer !!!
  26. I think about Ally_Kat's cunt, big time!
  27. Ex-Game Show Host, Wife Die in Plane Crash
  28. Bwaaa Haaa Haaaa!!!
  29. What is your favourite TV show?
  30. Crazy Canadian Televangelist.
  31. Happy b-day frets5150
  32. Today is officially Steak & Blowjob Day!!!
  33. Mike Wallace
  34. Oh Crap... it's Vanila Extract!
  35. drinky drinky drinky
  36. Excerpts From 29 year Old TV Guide
  37. One bad thing about Oreo cookies
  38. Has Rikk ever been laid?
  39. Am I the only pedophile on this site?
  40. Check out this new invention
  41. La Maggage
  42. How steady are you?
  43. Has anyone ever smashed a cat with a Hoover Wind Tunnel vaccum?
  44. How Irish are you?
  45. WILL FERRELL's "Death" Letter
  46. Help! Spyware on my home computer...I am completely fucked!
  47. Revealed At Last... The Things Women Really Think About While Having Sex!
  48. Happy birthday, kentuckyklira!
  49. Download Howard Stern On David Letterman 3/13 Here
  50. Avian Bird Flu Carrier
  51. Anti-Spyware Programs List
  52. Man severs own penis, throws it at officers
  53. Happy Birthday HUNTER P!
  54. The Hills Have Eyes remake
  55. Crazy-ass Televangelists!
  56. Happy Birthday to a Class Act...MR. VINNIE VELVET!
  57. the next time you think you're a loser - read this
  58. [SIZE=4]Why, Why, Why[/SIZE]
  59. Fuck You, Comedy Central
  60. Wake UP Army!!!
  61. Firewalls
  62. It actually sucks being drunk when...
  63. Joe Thunder went over Nigels's balls
  64. BIG coch ...little coch
  65. I'm fucking tired
  66. New LCD screen WOOHOO!!!
  67. Scientists At Sandia National Nuclear lab Create Zero-Point Energy Accidentally?
  68. What was the deal with the guy who cut it off and threw it at the police?????
  69. Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards"
  70. Meet Gaylord The Gazelle
  71. I shoved a jellied eel up the Queen mums arse.
  72. This is all that really matters
  73. Joe Thunder has passed
  74. Somebody is Logged on as Joe Thunder!!!
  75. Dirty
  76. I have seen the future - and it's goth
  77. Happy Birthday to Dave's Bitch!
  78. Toddler Enters Strip Club - Searches for Dad
  79. I'm wonderin if the guy that did this.....
  80. MusicMatch jukebox for PC: a plague!!
  81. South Park ep.10-01
  82. any information on when the viewing is for Thunder
  83. The Dead Comic Thread
  84. V For Vendetta Movie
  85. Wish I Had...?
  86. The fattest cat
  87. Old TV shows from the 70's and 80's on DVD
  88. Sambora Asks Locklear for Joint Custody
  89. Pick your favorite maker: Toyota(R) vs. Honda(R).
  90. I want 5 stars for this find
  91. 'Hee Haw' Co-Host Buck Owens, 76, Dies
  92. 'Hee Haw' Co-Host Buck Owens, 76, Dies
  93. Best News Story Ever!
  94. Happy Birthday Hardrock 69
  95. Check out this pet WASP!
  96. The Cowboy Rifle is gone forever as of this week....
  97. Jcook11 Update....just 2 More Days Till I'm Human Agaian...maybe
  98. My dog tried to kill a bunch of beaver in front of the neighborhood kids earlier.
  99. Look Kids!
  100. I have agreed to fuck alley_Kat
  101. Bonaduce to co-host on Loveline
  102. Picking your nose and eating it.
  103. How much alcohol is bad?
  104. The Llama Song :)
  105. Bueno Bob vs. Joe Thunder @ The MGM Grand 4/01 - Possible Rescheduling!
  106. Awww just kill me now....
  107. Gold’s Gym Power Flex
  108. Teens mom sells his car on eBay...after he gets speeding ticket in the first hour...
  109. Congrats to Coyote...our newest mod with Ally in Non DLR/VH
  110. Naomi Campbell Arrested in New York
  111. The TRUTH about Scientology: interview w/L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
  112. Free At Last! Jcook11 Nolonger On The Lamb!
  113. Wow...Anna Benson is almost perfect!
  114. (Bear + Trampoline) * Tranquilizer = COMEDY!
  115. Favourite Comedy CD Quotes!
  116. Happy Birthday, Loki
  117. Congratulate me!!
  118. HOLY SHIT! Simpsons Movie!
  119. Fun With Knives...Proof Darwin was Right.
  120. Thomas Edison's Wackiest Inventions
  121. Blondgirl777 has 69 votes.
  122. Wow...Laser Powered Big Screen HDTVs To Hit The Market By Next Year...
  123. The Return of WARF
  124. Gruesome Dog Killings Rattle Michigan Community
  125. Top tobacco ads!
  126. Something interesting for April 5th
  127. [b]Rootkit Warning - StarForce Can Fuck Up Your Computer[/b]
  128. The New Rules by George Carlin
  129. Man crashes car after snake attacks him
  130. Three Arrested at Baby Shower Brawl
  131. Where the Fuck is the Happy Birthday Steve Savicki Thread?
  132. Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals
  133. Teacher Accused Of Giving Student Wedgie Arrested
  134. Darth Vader Bitch Slapped!
  135. THE Thread of the YEAR!!!
  136. big meth lab busted in oz
  137. Also, happy birthday to YankeeRose!
  138. Awesome PSA from Damone
  139. Beautiful actresses, past vs. present
  140. Lindsay Lohan Wardrobe Malfunction
  141. How must I prepare for Joe Thunder?
  142. Come on Gromit!!
  143. Book Bound in Human Skin?
  144. As requested...
  145. I need to ask y'all something
  146. New American Pie Trailer
  147. I....ummmm heard about this website
  148. Feedback Man
  149. Kansas Law Enforcement Group Calls For Drug Legalization
  150. Roth Army Anagrams
  151. I was incuntvenienced by the immigration protest today.
  152. 24 fans I need your help
  153. Joe Thudner Wishes He Was My Bitch
  154. Vito from the Soprano's dances for You!
  155. '' The Kitchen Bitch ''
  156. Cheetah THe Chimp turns 74...
  157. Happy Birthday to ME!!!!
  158. Blowjob Etiquette
  159. "Notorious Bettie Page" Film Clip here...
  160. Earliest Knights Templar remains are discovered
  161. Ex-Teacher Arrested in Teen Sex Case
  162. a few questions about Jesus....
  163. Titanic Two the Surface
  164. Nothin' like toe surgury
  165. The Old Boys Club
  166. recut movie trailers
  167. Hunt Is On for Bear That Killed 6-Year-Old Girl
  168. An American Haunting
  169. Not like i like to cook but......
  170. Jingle bells
  171. my legal bills are starting to pile up
  172. That 70's Shit
  173. Check Out My Forum
  174. The men who have sex with dolls
  175. MTV's The State- The Funniest sketch comedy show ever!
  176. Art Bell & CoasttocoastAM
  177. Woman Accused in Acid Attack at Wedding
  178. What kids should be shown on TV!
  179. I drink way too much so....
  180. Sex On Menu At Hooters?
  181. Haunted Picture
  182. Sheep Pen Pictures Present: Ill Mitch: The Motion Picture
  183. Happy Birthday, Warham !!
  184. Cato's English Language School
  185. New, Improved Antimatter Spaceship For Mars Missions
  186. 16 Ways To Tell If Your House Is Haunted
  187. Scientists Begin Dig At Bosnian Pyramid
  188. order a pizza...
  189. Ultraman vs. CORNONACOBZILLA!!!
  190. Hopping mad
  191. Heya Computer geeks.... need some help...
  192. Hapland, the puzzle games
  193. Future sex: gizmos, robots
  194. I'm gonna get laid!!!
  195. Install a mini-windmill turbine on your roof!!! Check this out...
  196. Microsoft Pulling Plug on Windows 98, 98 SE and ME
  197. Knight Rider!
  198. A purely hypothetical question
  199. Graffiti Artist Tags Air Force One!
  200. Bling Bling The Crackhead!
  201. look at these crazy drivers
  202. Well if Dave is gonna file a lawsuit against CBS, then he should have Joe Jamail as
  203. Happy Birthday to FIGS
  204. 5 O&A Pests bring Direct TV to it's knees
  205. Danish Supermodel Arrested After Flight to Miami
  206. Marilyn Monroe's Tomb
  207. Alligator snapping turtles don't want your help.
  208. Yep, it's Dr. Thrills Free Breast Exams
  209. Charlie Sheen Divorce Bombshell
  210. Anyone watch the Mythbusters?
  211. Whoa...
  212. 250,000 superballs down San Fran streets
  213. Awesome video footage of Orca whales hunting seals
  214. Why children are more creative than adults
  215. HA!! This guy is funny....
  216. Dangerouse Kinky Episodes
  217. Who watches this show?
  218. I will be marrying Gillian Anderson soon.
  219. Jehovah's Witnesses To Use Bullhorns On People That Don't Answer Their Doors
  220. Exclusive Sneak Peek At New Tv Reality Show: REDNECK EYE FOR THE YANKEE GUY!
  221. What the fuck is the deal with the Bobgnote idiot?
  222. Self-destructing comet to flash close by
  223. Christian Fundies gone Psycho!
  224. Videogame blamed for teen suicide
  225. UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed...
  226. Draw A Pig
  227. top ten facts about you
  228. I just ate a bag of pork rinds...
  229. Mongol preacher is whacked out of his fucking mind!
  230. Is God a woman?
  231. mothers
  232. and to think they want to break up the bbc
  233. blonde girl from '8 simple rules' TV show
  234. Dwarf Dracula
  235. Happy Birthday HOP
  236. Alligators Kill Three in One Week in Florida
  237. Tombstone
  238. Did you finger my mother?
  239. Are these people married...
  240. Y Isn't MMy Name In BOLD Letters? huh
  241. Happy birthday Brownsound1
  242. Are you lookin for cool webdesign ?
  243. Holy Krap! Man Invents Method To Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel!!!
  244. G.I. Joe Thunder?
  245. Better show us pics of this Lindsay Lohan!
  246. Mind Of Mencia, What a Stupid Bullshit Show!
  247. women we find hot...but shouldnt!
  248. That Flapping Noise You Hear....
  249. Man fucked chimps for 4 million years...
  250. Van Hayride @ Rodeo In Nyc May 24th 10pm