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  1. Big Ass Auction of Star Trek memorabilia
  2. Marijuana May Stave Off Alzheimer's, Study Claims
  3. 'Shoot Me First,' Amish Girl Is Said to Ask
  4. Happy Birthday Nightprowler
  5. Scientists Discover Gigantic 'Monster' Fossil
  6. There goes the lungs of THIS planet...
  7. ritetoolforjob exposed!
  8. Giant camel discovered in Syria
  9. Teen repellent is Ig Nobel winner
  10. Happy Birthday Ritetool!!
  11. Benny Hinn vs. Benny Hill: The Jesus Jacket
  12. the grate 1 millionth fucking post extravganza
  13. Holy Krap! Farrah Fawcett: I DO Have the Big C
  14. Mearly a scratch!
  15. Pamela DesBarres: I'm With The Band Audio Book Here in .mp3 format
  16. Google Snatches Up YouTube for $1.65B
  17. sex ed for retards
  18. Any of you guys need a European Dominatrix?
  19. The truth about Slim Anus!
  20. ritetoolforjob performing live for his loyal fagaritas!!!
  21. Consumer Alter - Jiffy Lube
  22. Yet another murdering mom
  23. The Friday the 13th October Storm
  24. I've never really thought that much of my own butt
  25. Jury says Wal-Mart must pay $78 mln in damages
  26. Your Vampire Name
  27. The Richard Pryor Show!
  28. TV Anchors gone wild!
  29. Bill Murray, Lost in Translation (For Real)
  30. Rustoffa changes classic avatar
  31. Fast Film.....THIS will blow your fucking mind....
  32. The future of television
  33. What ever happened to Hardknockz?
  34. The JR EWING Tribute Thread...
  35. For all you chocoholics out there,
  36. Happy Birthday Dave's PA Rental
  37. Some Sick Shit
  38. Online Poker?
  39. I gave a bum a dollar
  40. Anyone Have A Old 90's 8 MM Video Camera?
  41. Ronald McDonald killed in drive by - Burger King target of massive manhunt
  42. jordan and peter andre : you HAVE to hear this!
  43. 'Earthquake McGoon' Remains Return Home
  44. Fess up!
  45. 96 year old woman found dead, after listening to Van Hagar!
  47. An inner city marching band kicked fringe society's collective ass earlier.
  48. Dane Cook
  49. How to save your Youtube videos !
  50. Attn: Canadians.......TRAILER PARK BOYS
  51. LMFAO!!! Stoopid fucking punks...
  52. Please download my shitty album at Hitchworld. PLEASE!!!
  53. Halloween II
  54. The Jim Florentine Thread
  55. Hope And Inspiration Until ReUnification Of Van Halen from hitchWORLD1969.com
  56. Halloween Ban??
  57. Principal suspended for giving kid a ‘wedgie’
  58. Attention smart Rotharmy Users
  59. GTA: Vice City Stories out Halloween...
  60. Man fucks his girlfriend's dead dog in the street.
  61. Bill Hicks
  62. Ancient Brothel Restored In Pompeii
  63. WORD, Homies!
  64. Rat Salade
  65. Joe Jackson on Smoking
  66. Got a weird e-mail from General Hina earlier.
  67. Infant Accidentally Packaged as Doll
  68. Infant Twins Have Different Skin Color
  69. Stuck home...
  70. Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?
  71. Ban on Black Cat Adoptions Questioned
  72. preview for the new Rocky movie
  73. Fall back!
  74. Anyone here use Opera 9?
  75. Happy B Day! Va Beach VH Fan!
  76. YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2006 when...
  77. The Life and Death of a Pumpkin
  78. Favorite Pickup Line???
  79. What's your occupation?
  80. It's Getting close to Christmas
  81. I'm done with danica patrick
  82. Animal House: Jack Webb as Dean Wormer????
  83. Actress Adrienne Shelly Found Dead in NYC
  84. Griffith Observatory In L.A. Reopens After 4-year Renovation
  85. Haha Doogie Hoswer is gay
  86. Deep throat!!! Singer swallows his mike...
  87. Idaho Professor Criticized Over Bigfoot Study
  88. James Bond Ultimate Edition DVD Box Sets to go onsale Tuesday Nov. 7
  89. Advertisments within posts
  90. LMFAO! Dog Whisperer talking about vibrator settings....
  91. Are ALL women just interested in how much money a guy has?
  92. Man Charged in Actress' Death
  93. Recovering A Focke-Wulfe 190 in Norway
  94. Who laugh now, FORD?
  95. BIFF from Back to the Future: Funny shit
  96. Ben Stein
  97. Britney Spears Files for Divorce
  98. Who's yo Daddy ?
  99. David Blaine Street Magic: Funny
  100. Bible Quiz
  101. Your Guide To Perversion!!!
  102. What to do -- and what not to do -- when theres a critter in the road.
  103. Home-Delivered Pot All The Buzz
  104. Congrats to all top 10 posters!
  105. Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes" dead at 65
  106. Your top 10 favorite women EVER!
  107. Oscar-Winning Actor Jack Palance Dies
  108. Family that got drenched in feces and urine decides to sue Greyhound.
  109. L.A.P.D. will treat you like a King!
  110. Really? No 'Veterans Day' thread yet?
  111. Rare, Costly Stamp Suspected on Ballot
  112. Girls, Girls, Girls..I'm at it again.
  113. Marijuana, the Anti-Drug
  114. Broadcasts From Space To Be In Hi-Def
  115. FORD has had enough of Borat
  116. Batman & Robin Still catching Criminals!!
  117. Greatest American Horror Film of All Time?
  118. Ok Goobers....you think you have hot toys????
  119. Happy Asshole to EAT MY BIRTHDAY
  120. interesting thread on another forum shocker
  121. The"Other Half" Releases video.
  122. Robber vs. Security wall
  123. OJ Simpson confesses to FOX, gets $3.5M Book Deal
  124. Home Depot scam.
  125. VHS, 30, dies of loneliness
  126. Alright. Who's The Smartass?
  127. Shoes
  128. Worst Burglar ever
  129. FREE ENERGY STUFF: Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger?
  130. This is funny shit
  131. Brazil Model Who Battled Anorexia Dies
  132. Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected This Weekend
  133. Anti-Chewing-Tobacco Activists Speak Out Against Secondhand Spit
  134. Dumbass dirt-bike fucker gets pranked.
  135. HI Def DVD players
  136. Klaus Barbie doll
  137. Casino Royale kicked fucking ass!!!
  138. secret Santa revealed
  139. A $3,000 bottle of perfume?
  140. The Official NON-PORN Webcam thread....
  141. Grow More Pot !
  142. Famous wigs, extensions and hairpieces...
  143. Proof That Girls Are Evil
  144. Kramer's racist meltdown
  145. Global Orgasm
  146. Film Director Robert Altman Dies
  147. Suicide Hotline......Can You Hold Please?
  148. PS3 gets dissed by NY Times
  149. What do we do with a tool like Fat Wolfie?
  150. Please pay attention!
  151. Happy Turkey Day Mufukkaz!!!!
  152. Tips for nose picking
  153. I STILL think Michael Richards is funnier than John Kerry
  154. Tenacious D "Pick of Destiny" Very Entertaining
  155. The 'Real' James Bond: Dusko Popov
  156. Give an early Christmas gift.
  157. Help with streaming video problems please
  158. Do me a favor?
  159. Stowaway Cat Survives 17 Days Without Food
  160. The Ultimate Superman Collection
  161. Did I just see Chris Farley in a TV commercial?
  162. Dave Cockrum passes away
  163. Back from vacation!!!
  164. Kid Rock & Palmela hAnderson file for divorce
  166. For those of you who think a giant gas guzzling SUV will keep your family safe.....
  167. The UPDATE Thread
  168. Acetone said to increase gas mileage in your car
  169. Would you marry an ugly millionaire?
  170. muffins
  171. Britney has done away with panties -- what about our fellow Army gals here?
  172. Taking a risk with posting like Savicki
  173. AMAZING ...Tapping on acoustic
  174. The FUCK thread returns!!
  175. Chip-wrecked!!
  176. Angry Nintendo Nerd
  177. And Now For Something Completely Different!
  178. God Owned! Repeatedly. Must see...
  179. I'm bleeding from my ass
  180. "bring Back Them Fuckin Qualudes !"
  181. gene $immon$ is a dick...
  182. Daves Gourmet Hotsauce
  183. Plane Crash Footage
  184. Fuckin Owwww.......
  185. Plane Makes Emergency Landing for "Gas"
  186. Here is some early Sam Kinison!
  187. Saturday Night Live First Season DVD
  188. Farts fuck flight!!!
  189. Stripping is art, Norway decides
  190. St Paul's tomb unearthed in Rome
  191. Nintendo Wii
  192. Those crazy DRIFTERS!
  193. Anyone bang a Mexican hotel maid?
  194. Leading killer in Finland? Alcohol.
  195. 4 -year-old Accused of Improperly Touching Teacher
  196. Satan is Santa Claus!
  197. 8 Year Old Talks About O'Reilly
  198. Pinochet just died
  199. even the head of microsuck wants a mac
  200. Pretty informative article on best cd/DVD media to use and why
  201. Peak of Geminid meteor shower set to dazzle
  202. Sts-116 Space Walk Going On Now...
  203. Women of India "Short"-changed Again
  204. Goodbye Frank Barone...
  205. Skeletal Systems Of Famous Cartoon Characters
  206. Holiday Depression: Is it real?
  207. Peter Boyle, Ray Romano's TV dad, dies at 71
  208. Which "Golden Girl" cast member would you bang in the butt?
  209. The Plot To Kill Yoko
  210. Hey everybody it's Larry the Cable Fraud!
  211. I got in a fight last night w/mike mcconoughy
  212. Wow...check this dude out
  213. I've Been Named Time's Man Of The Year
  214. Condoms 'too big' for Indian men
  215. Can't get my new monitor to work...help?
  216. I want to relocate to california
  217. Greatest new show on tv
  218. Harry Houdini and ecscaping
  219. Skip the Ranch Dressing
  220. I was assuming the position for my black boyfriend last night when it hit me
  221. you should've seen this board i nailed
  222. Canuck Study Reports Alcohol HELPS Brain Injuries
  223. Marijuana is now the largest cash crop in the United States!
  224. For Christmas...get her something Uniquely you.
  225. The Optimist Code
  226. I just put EGG NOG in my hamster's water bottle...
  227. Mike Evans aka Lionel Jefferson Dead at 57
  228. Quiting Smoking
  229. myspace rant coming withing 24 hours
  230. I just knocked over a cup-full of Copenhagen spit.
  231. Just Don't Call Him Sir Bono
  232. Prime example of how ebay is a joke
  233. Funny Ass Shit I found
  234. If my wife...
  235. James Bond, Dr. No, DVDs. and the Pussy In The Radioactive Shower
  236. Merry Christmas everybody....
  237. Vid I made
  238. The Night Before Christmas--
  239. Merry X-mas To All
  240. Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ
  241. The World's most expensive Christmas gifts.
  242. THUNDER to announce his birthday present for Ally_Kat
  243. Bring in th' NEW YEARS with DT!
  244. The O-fishal Ally B-day Thread
  245. Happy birthday Susie Q!
  246. Switch. Get a Mac.
  247. USA Todays 10 Best TV Programs of 2006
  248. Cool Wallpaper
  249. I give you...Africa Cam
  250. Live Free...or [b][color=blue]DIE HARD[/b][/color]