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  1. Scariest Real Science Experiments Ever
  2. Disney buys Lucasarts for $4 billion
  3. Cloud Atlas: A Review
  4. Reverend beaten to death with electric guitar.
  5. Movie Review - The Man With The Iron Fists - Starring Russell Crowe and RZA
  6. A little EX family scandal.
  7. The Bay
  8. Jon Bon Jovi's daughter arrested after suspected drug overdose
  9. Anybody on here own a Playstation Vita?
  10. Skyfall....A Review....a very SHORT Review
  11. In A Drunken Rhyme: The Official Roth Army Pub!
  12. Fucked up moments on television
  13. Bukkake Microscopy
  14. Famous women Roth has banged!
  15. Oops! My Bad! Leonid Meteor Shower Is Peaking NOW!
  16. Mayan Doomsday 'Safe Zone' Shut Down
  17. Latest Epic Sci-Fi Movie Update - Star Wars/Star Trek
  18. Bring back Jimmy The Cab Driver!
  19. She's The Woman: The envy_me dedication thread
  20. Happy Birthday donniep!
  21. Pope Admits Jesus Was Not Born December 25th....Among Other Things....
  22. So This Year For Thanksgiving....
  23. hitch1969 flashback: Fuck Bloody Thanksgiving in the bloody ass!!!
  24. Day after Thanksgiving
  25. Larry Hagman, a.k.a. J.R. Ewing, dead at age 81
  26. The House of Tubbs and Crockett
  27. Fugget About it...
  28. Extreme couponer attacked by store manager
  29. The War on Men
  30. Notorious criminal cases
  31. Ghost in the Elevator Prank
  32. Space Shuttle on the Street
  34. Anyone have a Tivo and does the damn thing work?
  35. fun
  36. Zombies in bikinis??
  37. Worst Album Sleeves of All Time
  38. The Walking Dead
  39. Voyager 2: At the Edge of the Solar System
  40. The Only In Seattle Thread
  41. Some dude with a spray can fucks himself up!
  42. And Yet Another Reason To Kill Yerself During The Holidays...Pizza Hut Debuts Perfume
  43. Casablanca.....One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made....
  44. Want An All-Natural Soda Pop Substitute?
  45. Sir Patrick Moore has died
  46. Roth Army rally - young man with terminal cancer
  47. HIV virus used to cure cancer
  49. Geminds Meteor Shower Peaks This Thursday Night/Friday Morning
  50. People all over the world are in a panic about December 21st
  51. Are We REAL? Or A SIMULATION? Scientist To Run Tests To Find Out
  52. LCD display fitted onto wearable contact lenses
  53. Mary Ann: Yup, I'd Still Hit It
  54. Dogs can learn how to drive??
  55. Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new DSM-5
  56. Greatest Interview Of All Time
  57. FORD TV's Lost Christmas Classics
  58. I Want to BANG Lady GaGa's Sister!
  59. 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person
  60. Ultimate Fighter BREAKS His Penis During Sex
  61. Merry Xmas Muffukaz....It's a SAD OFF! Samuel L. And Miss Anne Send Their Love.....
  62. Eagle snatches child from parents in Montreal
  63. A (slightly disturbing) Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion.
  64. Lost Prophets singer arrested on sexual offences against children
  65. Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report
  66. Wikipedia doesn't need your money - so why does it keep pestering you?
  67. Technology Marches On...Current Cutting Edge Desktop CPUs Are 8-Core
  68. The $211,000 triangle
  69. UPS man steals iPod left on doorstep by FEDEX...
  70. ABC News Show - Back To The Beginning - Documentary On Biblical Crap
  71. Corvette ZR1
  72. Olympian's Secret Life as a Hooker.
  73. Anyone seen "Branded"?
  74. MILF Fired For Being 'Too Hot'
  75. Monty Python Documentary On IFC Right Now.....
  76. Future Vision Of Life With Glass - "A Day Made of Glass"
  77. When you have kids, make sure the bedroom door is CLOSED XD
  78. "Ted" - WTF?
  79. A Mission Statement For Fans Of The Mighty Van Halen!!!
  80. muFAKKING Hell....Just Watch The JJ Abrams Star Trek Again......
  81. Roth Army 2013 Dead Pool
  82. ARGO has dance the night away in it .
  83. Chinese scientists make stem cells from piss
  84. HA HA! The Xenu Worshippers Labeled A "Criminal Organization" In Europe....
  85. 7 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Considering Retiring Overseas......
  86. Earliest Known Audio Recordings Played - Article from October 25....
  87. What ever happened to FIVE ALIVE juice?
  88. Epic Fail News
  89. Some free shit I found on the internet!
  90. Coffee -
  91. Dude In Moscow Catches Tupelov Plane Crash On Dash Cam
  92. Car guy story
  93. Resolutions for '13
  94. Black jews (updated)
  95. Dirty Santa
  96. For All You Fans Of H.P. Lovecraft.....CTHULU FTNG!
  97. 2013 Tunes Thread Just For Today Jan 1
  98. Anyone watch Three Sheets?
  99. Chat With Captain Kirk Bot
  100. Scientology 'Alien Space Cathedral' Reportedly Revealed In New Mexico
  101. The Count Censored
  102. TV remote control inventor Eugene Polley dies at 96
  103. What's happened to Imapus Syliciker?
  104. Medical marijauna.
  105. PRIVACY ALERT: Info On Opting Out Of Most Major Online Information Brokerages
  106. Confessions of a traffic cop
  107. IcelandAir Passenger Gets Drunk And Unruly....Forcibly Restrained By Passengers.....
  108. Ah-nold Flattens A Car With His Tank.......Really!
  109. Filmmaker Is Almost Dinner For Polar Bear....
  110. Ultra HD TVs Are On The Way......8 Gs Apiece.....
  111. Trade schools.
  112. For All You Northlanders And Urban Snowboarders....
  113. Les Miserables/landing on my ass
  114. Light Bulbs - We Are In The Midst Of A Major Transition....
  115. The Impact Of What We Do Online Thread
  116. Ghosts And The Machine
  117. greer lodge
  118. Muhammad Ali in Candid Camera Show
  119. Cutting for Bieber
  120. Consumer Electronics Show 2013
  121. Let me tell you something!
  122. ELVIS Explained.....Or How People are Hired To Shill On The Internets
  123. Google Earth Finding Anomalies Around The World
  124. Oscars 2013
  125. Rest in Peace Claude Nobs
  126. Funny YouTube Videos Thread
  127. Crazy old woman goes OFF on telemarketer (absolutley HILARIOUS phone call)
  128. Here is something cool.....literally....
  129. Mentally challenged girl 'gang raped under her desk during class as teacher did...
  130. Krusty
  131. Top 5 scariest movies of all time
  132. O mi gawd the new 2014 stingray!
  133. A Rant From Krusty
  134. Idiot throws puppy at hells angels....escapes by stealing bulldozer.....
  135. Chat? What the fuck is that shit?
  136. The First Public RA Wedding
  137. Joe Strummer has a Spanish plaza named in his honour
  138. Conrad Bain dies at 89
  139. What Turned Jaron Lanier Against the Web?
  140. World's Fattest Woman - Suzanne Eman
  141. So I decided to be modern...
  142. So I decided to be a poet...
  143. Imapus Sylicker's Erotic Room
  144. Gordon Ramsay is the FUCKING King
  145. Is Apple in its Sammy Hagar Era?
  146. Chocolate Nagin going DOWN!
  147. What American Mall Restaurant Chains Do You Find Tolerable?
  148. Cross Dressing Priest Arrested for Dealing Meth
  149. Happy Birthday(Sretan Rodendan)
  150. Vote for me on Twitter
  151. Original Batmobile Sells For $4.2 Million....
  152. You Hear The One About The Crates Of WWII Spitfires That Were Found?.....No..REALLY..
  153. Dare to Disagree, or Independent Thinking.
  154. Latest On Google's "Project Glass" Technology
  155. Mindless Fun Involving Aircraft, Fire, EMT And Po-Leece.....
  156. Spy Bases: 9 Secretive HQs of the World’s Intelligence Agencies
  157. What would you like to see a 'Bad Lip Reading' of?
  158. Two Samurai In Pittsburgh in Google Street View
  159. Ace Ventura Slo-Mo Instant Replay Scene.....10-hour video
  160. Matt Damon Hijacks Jimmy Kimmel's Show....
  161. The following
  162. Star Trek style 'tractor beam' created by scientists
  163. How to be a Gold Digger
  164. Let's re-name PETE'S BROTHER contest.
  165. RUSH Tickets
  166. Bad movie playhouse
  167. Iraq War Vet Has Double Arm Transplant Surgery
  168. Not Everyone Likes Big Boobs
  169. Fucked Up Church Signs
  170. Fish on.....d'oh!!!
  171. Best Wishes To Ron Jeremy Who Is In Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A.
  172. Jedi Kittens
  173. Garlic Proven 100 X More Effective Than Antibiotics, Works In Fraction of The Time...
  174. Asteroid 1/2 Size Of Football Field To Barely Miss Earth In 2 Weeks.....
  175. Kiss your chances of finding free porn pics on Google images automatically,GOODBYE!!!
  176. hot knives?
  177. Say something about the person who posted above you!
  178. UPDATE JAVA on Your PCs....Mac Peeps Should As Well....
  179. HOLY FAKKING HELL! Check this out! 650-HP Car On Streets Of San Francisco!!!!
  180. Planes W/New Jet Engine Type Can Achieve Orbit, Or Fly Anywhere On Earth In 4 Hours
  181. American Sniper Author and Vet Killed at Shooting Range
  182. Is the Universe a Computer Simulation ??
  183. How To Reverse Aging....Eat Less....
  184. Uncle Walt Describes The Office Of The 21st-Century......
  185. New Alcohol Study
  186. Homeless, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker to the rescue
  187. impractical jokers
  188. Stunt Kites
  189. Just Went Driving Around Jerusaleum.....What a Traffic Jam!!!
  190. One Of The Great Inspirational Speeches Of Our Time
  191. Newly Discovered Comet May Be Seen This Week - Feb. 12-13
  192. New 'Wolf Creek' Movie
  193. There's nothing I hate more than crunchy bacon
  194. LMFAO! Montana TV Station Gets Emergency Zombie Alert!
  195. Matrix-style instant learning is a real possibility, according to scientific report
  196. WIN 7 computer repair.
  197. Ancient Languages Reconstructed By Computer Program
  199. 2013 Sony World Photography Awards And More
  200. What to Watch When You are Really F*cked Up
  201. Blade Runner shoots girlfriend
  202. Cool Effect
  203. Happy Birthday To Andrew Robinson! Scorpio Makes It Another Orbit Around The Sun!
  204. Unpretentiousil - The Cure For Hipsters.....
  205. Wanna Buy Your Own Island?
  206. Scientists Create Cure For Type 1 Diabetes
  207. Meteor Hits Russia
  208. Power Company "Smart Meters" Emit Dangerous Amounts Of Microwave Radiation.....
  209. 15 Oil Paintings That Look Like Photographs
  210. Meteorite crashed in Russia. Tons of dashcam footage
  211. New Quentin Tarantino Flick - DJesus Uncrossed!
  212. Song made from from Mike Tyson quotes
  213. Giving birth
  214. VW Hover Car
  215. CLEANING THE COBRA PIT! This Man Has 99 Problems! Not ONE Of Them Is A Cobra!
  216. Google Glass Can Kiss My Ass !!
  217. VH fan makes fake Guy Fieri website
  218. The Return Of Riddick In September.....
  219. Cool 320-gigapixel Image Of London...Zoom In To Stuff Up To 20 Miles Away...Clearly..
  220. Cool Way To Hide Closet Using Bookcase
  221. Cool New Aviation Technology - Stall And Spin-Resistant Aircraft!
  222. Your Stinky Heart...
  223. Oscars 2013
  224. Scarlet Takes A Tumble....
  225. If you buy clothes at Goodwill, be sure to exorcize the demons out of them first!!
  226. "Best porn collection in Michigan" is stolen
  227. Goddamn it, not even IKEA meatballs are safe anymore??
  228. The Reagans Were Hooked On Heroin. Edwin Meese and VP Bush Smoked Pot Every Day....
  229. Wall Murals For Your Home Or Man Cave....
  230. This is a MUST SEE!
  231. Vikings
  232. 2013 SRT Viper GTS: The Beast is Back!
  233. Missing Man Sucked Into Florida Sinkhole!
  234. valerie bertonelli's tv mom died
  235. Kink Goes Mainstream - NY Times Article...
  236. Dude Wants To Prove The Mary Poppins Theory........
  237. Boob Aprons.....
  238. spammies new supporting group
  239. Aspartame in MILK? What the fuck??
  240. MAN Rules
  241. 30K Posts and Not a Damn Thing To Show For It
  242. van hagar concept album?
  243. Mr. Shake Hands v. Bill Murray
  244. Viral BBC Mila Kunis Interview
  245. Holy shit! (literally) IKEA is at it again.
  246. Celebrate women
  247. Robb Wells Behind the Scenes - Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour
  248. Lamborghini Veneno debuts at Geneva
  249. What does Daylight Savings time "save"?
  250. What are you drinking right now?