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  1. Has Everyone Gone Nuts?
  2. Obama appoints new US ambassador to Malta
  3. Japanese WTF
  4. The Onion Goes "Controversial"
  5. Guess Seshmeisters age game ...
  6. Top Porn Searches By State
  7. Aspartame is SHIT.
  8. Would you pay $2 million dollars to live in a TRAILER?
  9. Big Rock
  10. Capt. Kirk and Crew Watch Miley Cyrus
  11. How the F can you have 43,900 posts El Fordo ...
  12. In Russia, kids shows are a little different...
  13. Going to be backstage with Chains ...
  14. LSD is good for you, say Norway researchers
  15. Should We Booze At Work Like Mad Men?
  16. Rocket Launch On The East Coast In 45 Minutes....
  17. Porn Sex v Real Sex
  18. Cal Worthington Dead at 92
  19. So...I Finally Had A Heart Attack...
  20. Zimmerman Family to Star in TLC Reality Series
  21. Micro$hit's Update Headache
  22. I Cannot Believe This Fucking Devastation
  23. CarFucker
  24. The Scarecrow
  25. Beach Masturbation Legal in Sweden??
  26. Hating cilantro is genetic
  27. Panda Cam
  28. Oh No! Fawn Leibowitz Is Dead!
  29. Senna Movie
  30. Zombie Flesh Eaters Movie
  31. Wasted Potential.....
  32. Butt Pudding
  33. This is how bacon is supposed to be
  34. Lambrecht Chevrolet Auto Auction On NOW - LIVE STREAM
  35. Fuck my fucking alcoholic wreck of a father.
  36. Thirty Five Years Ago Today - Sgt. Pepper Watched Me Walk Away...
  37. The making of Goodfellas
  38. Shit That Really Freaks Me Out When I'm High (Before The Witching Hour)
  39. Best Cry Ever
  40. Guillermo del toro Simpsons into
  41. The you should thread...
  42. Dinosaur Beastiality Smut Books????
  43. Colorado farmer harvests first U.S. commercial hemp crop in 56 years
  44. Luckiest Goddamned Seal on Planet Earth
  45. Three Girls I Would So Do While High
  46. Is America this fucking prudish about nudity and sex...
  47. The Latest Installment of America is Fucking Stupid
  48. Michael Anthony & Spammy McGaygar Sighting In NY!!!!
  49. Toilet Themed Food?
  50. The Haunted Doll
  51. Michelle L'amour performs "BUTTHOVEN'S 5TH SYMPHONY"
  52. One of my students looks exactly like Wolf.
  53. The Rehab Addict
  54. This Is Kind Of A Big Deal!
  55. My review of the movie "Rock of Ages".
  56. Christian Science Church Looks Like a Giant Dick from Space
  57. Holy, Holy, Holy Shit! I'm In This Vid!
  58. Walmart Animal Abuse
  59. Is Python Massage Relaxing?
  60. Photo of WARF's or cadverdog's family
  61. Skydivers in plane collision caught on camera: We'll jump again
  62. Nickdfresh Needs To Douche
  63. Where's Zimmerman
  64. Gravity - In Space...No One Can Read This Review....
  65. Tired Ass Cliches, May They Rest In Peace.
  66. Cups and Balls
  67. Veterans Day - Hoping that everyone appreciates what they do!
  68. Dolphin masturbates with beheaded fish
  69. Sorkinisms
  70. Who got their PS4 today?
  71. If I could I would..?
  72. Dayum....Raquel Welch STILL looking hot!
  73. This is fucked up.
  74. How NOT to stage dive...buuwwhhaahaa
  75. Fraudulent Witch Dies
  76. How to handle a broken justice system
  77. Happy Birthday DONNIEP!!
  78. Neuroscientist Scans His Own Brain, Finds Out He's Essentially A Psychopath
  79. So, Where Did The Time Go??
  80. A Quik Word About Cafe Bustelo
  81. Bad luck, curse, random, determinism ?
  82. Satan, Make sure this fucker BURNS when he dies.
  83. The Grinch: Organized Christian Fascism &
  84. The Best Holiday Website, Ever!
  85. Life really is a precious thing...
  86. Just a Month Away Now...
  87. Paul Crouch opens up new Trinity Broadcasting affiliate..... in HELL!
  88. Paul Walker & Fagroc's House of unemployment and fiery auto crashes.
  89. DLRFags updates
  90. Toys For Tots Can Fuck Right Off
  91. Sir Reginald's Marvellous Organ
  92. Sexy Xmas Treat
  93. Peru....the new Nigeria. Senior scam alert
  94. The official Kwanzaa is bullshit thread
  95. Hungry lion has a bad day.
  96. Brian Boitano Skates Out Of The Closet
  97. BTW Duck Dynasty is FAKE as FUCK!
  98. Does Anyone Miss Fragile Cock?
  99. The annual holy fuck it's cold thread
  100. Ghost in Masung Tunnel
  101. Pregnant Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Vaccine
  102. Kristy's Top 5 Roth Army Closet Homosexuals of 2013
  103. If a movie is ever made about Derek & Clive...
  104. Become a F A T fuck at home
  105. The Bourbon thread
  106. Global Warming Map
  107. Is over after 50?
  108. American Hustle
  109. Whatever happened to this CUNT?
  110. I'm Going to Start Writing Erotic Fiction
  111. For You Porn Addicts
  112. " The Professor" has died..
  113. Wolf of Wall Street
  114. Cadaverdog sleeps on a couch and it's not even his.
  115. Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball
  116. Here's one ad you will NOT be seeing on Super Bowl Sunday
  117. Da plane, Da plane!!!
  118. I have never seen such sheer amounts of butthurt in my life.
  119. True Detective
  120. Set Yourself Free
  121. I Miss You Guys :(
  122. Stern's Birthday Show
  123. Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead of Drug Overdose
  124. Worlds most evil driver
  125. For the cult of Alex Jones, this just adds more fuel to the fire
  126. Intel i5
  127. What are your favourite films?
  128. If you HAD to hit one of these women, who would it be?
  129. Hannah Kearney - Just Shut The Fuck Up, Already!
  130. Sid Makes Three
  131. Roach Coach Cuisine.
  132. Anyone playing clash of clans?
  133. Arizona Border fence is musician's wall of sounds
  134. Ellen Page has come out
  135. Hagar campaigns for quack conman
  136. Live Telescope Feed To See Asteroid Flyby Is On Now
  137. Tom Tancredo is a Xenophobic/Racist Piece of Shit!
  138. Harold Ramis 1944-2014
  139. Van Halen immortalized on Mars.....AntiPodal Sammy on the Dark Side......
  140. Oscars 2014
  141. Fooking tv rubbish......
  142. It's Like a real life "Corvette Summer"..... only worse.
  143. Dictionary News
  144. Banging Behind the Dumpsters
  145. Self induced pain
  146. Shout out the my brothers at ROTHARMY
  147. Official 'Star Trek' beer lets you drink like a Klingon
  148. WTC 1 Base jump..
  149. Demonoid Is Back!
  150. Why If YOU Own A iPhone You Are A Fucking Asshole
  151. Now appearing at Starfucks........ ME!
  152. Shoes' blog starring DLR
  153. David Letterman to Announce Retirement Tonight
  154. Talk about lucky....
  155. Heisenberg vs. Godzilla!
  156. Bob Geldof's 25-year-old daughter found dead
  157. The biggest cunt in the universe returns.
  158. How Lending A Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life Prison Sentence
  159. Powdered Alcohol Available Soon
  160. Detroit, y'all!!
  161. Happy Birthday Mr Walker
  162. How To Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk...
  163. Cosmos : A Space time odyssey
  164. Giant Jesus Squashes Italian
  165. The Christian's Guide To Detecting Demonic Music
  166. If You Still Use Micro$oft Internet Explorer, STOP RIGHT NOW!!
  167. New Godzilla movie
  168. Why gun control is so strict in Japan?
  169. Official Star Wars VII Thread
  170. What the hell do you all mean by having plans on a Friday night?
  171. WTF is This??? Johnny Rotten in Jesus Christ Superstar??
  172. 24: Fuck Me For Another Day
  173. New planet of the apes movie trailer
  174. Walt vs Rick .... Rap battle
  175. Blazing Saddles
  176. Mother's Day Causes Women To Cheat?
  177. Game of thrones
  178. Good news for the rapper who cut off his penis.
  179. Silicon Valley
  180. H.R. Giger dead at 74
  181. Haunted old doll - Need gone asap
  182. 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  183. Edge of tomorrow / al you need is kill
  184. Alice From The Brady Bunch Died
  185. University of Chicago students offended by gay activist's "transphobic slur"
  186. Young Ones' Rik Mayall Dead at 56
  187. Dumb and Dumber To
  188. Man Arrested For Having Sex With Pool Float
  189. Fer Bill Hicks...
  190. When Pigs Fly
  191. I Am More Than Convinced: Germans Are Fucking WeIRd
  192. Danger Mouse Returns!
  193. Want some Tail ??
  194. The (New) Monty Python Last Tour
  195. Sexy?
  196. ClickHole - Because all content deserves to go viral
  197. This summer's "Sharknado"
  198. Housewife on Acid
  199. World record attempt. Jumping through 10 panes of glass.
  200. Tortoise Porn
  201. Tuco dead at 98
  202. The "Why The Fuck" Thread
  203. Lesbian Sex!
  204. Oh Hai! Sensibre Shooos!
  205. A disheartening thought....
  206. Happy birthday, Lesfunk!
  207. Happy Birthday, Von Halen!
  208. Happy Birthday America.
  209. 2045: The Rise of the Machines?
  210. Gene & Paul starting a Football Team LA KISS...LOL
  211. Remembering Yankee Rose
  212. Bruce Dickinson flies in dogfight before sonisphere show
  213. An internet date for Shoes
  214. Under The Dome
  215. How Redneck Are You?
  216. Happy Birthday Pojo!
  217. So, I talked to a black man for the first time since last year
  218. A nice one
  219. Police: Fla. father beats accused child abuser
  220. Benny Hinn (Street Fighter Edition)
  221. James Garner Has Passed Away....
  222. The Leftovers
  223. Weird Al's Word Crimes
  224. One more reason to shit on walmart
  225. My Faith In America Is Restored! (Almost)
  226. Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer...
  227. Questions for Karl
  228. Dan Ricc's Monte Carlo lap.
  229. What Kind of FUCKING IDIOT Hauls a Giraffe on a Freeway in a Trailer Without A Top??
  230. Bless this child
  231. Is NASA On The Verge Of A New Propulsion System?
  232. Latest Smartest Man In The World Podacst
  233. We're Hot for Teacher
  234. Boating
  235. My two favourite roth army things this week
  236. Guardians of the galaxy
  237. James Randi: Homeopathy, quackery and fraud
  238. Robin Williams commits Suicide
  239. Arab Jackass
  240. The only FAUX News anchor with a functioning brain is still a fucking arrogant cunt
  241. Gene Simmons Tells People With Depression: 'Kill Yourself'
  242. How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth
  243. Common-Woll Games
  244. Judy Murray confirms her place on TV's favourite ballroom show
  245. My lovestruck nunís been a gift from God, says TV star Laura Main
  246. SeaWorld park to redesign controversial whale tank
  247. Don Pardo, dead
  248. Trollvis Makes A YouTube Video
  249. Wyoming Obiturary
  250. Where's WALL-E?