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  1. thunder thunder thudercats..ho!!!!! blunder video
  2. The Official Beer Drinkers' Dictionary
  3. Worst wig?
  4. Amber Frey Shut The Fuck Up!
  5. Sounds like a DLR Army Woman Ad
  6. Doc, I was minding my own business when...
  7. Woman charged with slaying mom, taking baby
  8. Michael Jackson Hosts a Party for 200 Kids
  9. Just in time for Christmas
  10. Diarrhea...
  11. The Kids in the Hall
  12. Salvation Army Gets Gold Coins
  13. Toronto Police to Get 'Gay' Sensitivity Training
  14. Ck this out!
  15. Lets talk about SEX!
  16. Whoops
  17. Parachuting Guinea Pig Prankster Caught
  18. I just almost got into a fist fight...lmao
  19. Turbo Folds!!!
  20. Happy Belated B-day Angel Baby!
  21. New computer worm attacks bulletin boards
  22. I almost just cacked my pants
  23. Musicans Strike
  24. Which female body part do u like the best?
  25. Which female body part do u like the best?
  26. Which female body part do u like the best?
  27. Record $39M Robbed From N. Ireland Bank
  28. Attn MEN!
  29. The Circle Of Life...
  30. Another Red Rocker...
  31. On the 7th Day of Christmas - Santa Gets 5 Bullet Holes
  32. yahoo mail users
  33. What's Wrong With Packing Fudge?
  34. Tramp O Claus
  35. Hmmmm... Now what do I do...
  36. So, what are you giving?
  37. Levitra Warning ...boyyoyyoying
  38. If You Could Have One Thing For Christmas ......
  39. Cloned Cat Sale Generates Ethics Debate
  40. 'Festivus' Shares Space With Fla. Nativity
  41. Merry Christmas to YOU ALL!
  42. Merry Christmas
  43. Marry Christmas from Fab~
  44. Norad Santa Tracker
  45. Fritu kace
  46. New Year's Resolutions!!!
  47. Merry Christmas from Don Corleone
  48. a belated happy hanukkah from Teamaa104
  49. happy b-day big j.
  50. Fuck!...What happened?!?!?
  51. Happy 21st Ally_Kat!
  52. About.com's Sexy Guide to New Year's Eve
  53. this tsunami thing is getting nasty
  54. My kids were UP at 2:52am to open em' up!
  55. Where's Your Fuckin' Faith?
  56. Alright, You Degenerates........Wha'd Ya Get For Christmas?
  57. Theres A Fucking Rat In My Wall!!
  58. Katydid's Going Away Party
  59. Mod And Webbies Pasttimes....
  60. "GREASE" Reunion
  61. Another Revenge of the Sith Image (spoiler)
  62. Jerry Orbach died
  63. favourite cartoons
  64. Somebody Made the Bad List This Year
  65. New Images: Mace, Yoda and some ass kicking evil! (Spoilers)
  66. Court Strips Anna Nicole Smith of Millions
  67. Anna Nicole Smith Loses $88.5M Inheritance
  68. Happy New Year's from Kiwi Dan
  69. Happy New Year
  70. owww...i need a hangover cure
  71. Just what those of us who are enjoying hangovers need
  72. First time laid in '05
  73. Look at all the birthdays here tonight!
  74. the comedian's comedian
  75. New Screen Names For 2005
  76. Celebrity Encounters Thread
  77. I Need Your Advice!!!
  78. Any Idol fans here?
  79. Happy Birthday Max!!!!
  80. Leave it to Vince Neil
  81. American Spelndor Fan?
  82. SPORTS INJURY Risk: Cockfisting invalidated, reports Surgeon General
  83. Some of our finest...
  84. Star Wars (Past & Present) Vanity Fair Cover
  85. Are any of you property owners, besides your home?
  86. F, Marry or Kill (Part one)
  87. Happy Birthday Max ! Chapter Two
  88. Nickdfresh is a posting maniac!!
  89. Wayne L. was banned? What the Fuck?
  91. Tremble at the terror of....THE EXPLODING PENIS!!!!
  92. Who Should Be Banned NEXT??
  93. Alias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. Happy Birthday bueno bob!!!
  95. Who are you gonna give money to Tsunami victims?
  96. I am here to speak for Dr Penis
  97. Wayne's Greatest Hits
  98. Wayne's Greatest Hits
  99. Wayne's Greatest Hits
  100. Bullies
  101. Who remember New Romantic?
  102. New JOE THUNDER post available on the wall this evening.
  103. Nursing More Pleasurable Than Cocaine
  104. OCD: Fab fixation
  105. Uhhh.... get your own lake, Fartknocker! huh-huh huh huh
  106. Ally_Kat?
  107. Norton internet securty 2005 issue
  108. Holy CRAP!
  109. I love guwapo_rocker!
  110. Need opinions
  111. Thanks Army
  112. I Love Bueno Bob!!!
  113. Is Anyone Modding Here Anymore?
  114. Shut The Fuck Up Jesteretard and EXPLAIN THIS NOW!
  115. Dr. Satan!
  116. I Love Rev !!
  117. Sleepless in Seattle!
  118. 1974 vs. 2004
  119. Happy Birthday ALinChainz!!!
  120. 3000!
  121. swearing is for hard men
  122. REAL reason for Jen & Pitt split!
  123. Hey Rougesgirl!
  124. Single again
  125. Senior citizens rant!
  126. Yay!
  127. Lounge Machine: a JESTERSTAR investigation.
  128. For My Beloved Ally...
  129. Happy Birthday To Ladytudor
  130. Happy Birthday Scottydabodi!!
  131. Play. Don't Ask Questions...Just Play!
  132. How many evenings a week
  133. What, no 'Napoleon Dynamite' thread?
  134. Cocoa Beach to ban thongs
  135. i bet this mom and daughter are going to need some therapy
  136. Any computer experts here??
  137. Apple Macintosh releases an affordable computer
  138. My second sunny daze posting here!!!!
  139. Jesterstar's Word of the Day
  140. What Kind of Girl Are You/ Is She?
  141. Ghost Hunters
  142. Men, don´t make babies in Germany!
  143. Microsoft Issues 'Critical' SECURITY Patches
  144. Penn & Teller Bullshit!
  145. Would some one please shove a hand granade up Bill Gate´s ass for me!
  146. 'If I was going to die, I wanted to make it home to Mama's'
  147. I Just Had A Personal Conversation With Hitch1969™
  148. La Conchita man loses family
  149. The i-pod
  150. Anybody ever have an MRI?
  151. What the fuck happened to Kirstie Alley?
  152. Happy Birthday to me!
  153. Fish Discovered with Human Face
  154. Holy Shit! Ever see a vasectomy?
  155. Jesterstar gets mention in tomentedvafans interveiw with Sensible Shoes
  156. Come A Dog Little Longie....
  157. As if the people of Sri Lanka haven't suffered enough!
  158. Top Gun's "Gayness"
  159. Understanding the Phenominom that is JESTERSTAR
  160. DaveIsKing© presents...Roth Army SURVIVOR
  161. Happy Birthday distortion9!!!
  162. Human Ad Space
  163. Gibbo: Trainer To The Stars
  164. Tsunami Aid
  165. Just kill this evil bitch.
  166. A Real Life Scooby Doo Case!
  167. Romanian Woman Gives Birth To Twin Girls at age 67!
  168. A comment on Internet Forums
  169. Clean your monitor.
  170. Everything About Episode III
  171. Are you kidding me?
  172. Thai's Fear Ghosts of Foreigners Killed By Tsunami
  173. So, when you get your photos developed....
  174. upcoming Mac Tiger OS
  175. time to say 'ello
  176. Gay Hagar Poetry Contest Ends In Two Fucking Days!!!
  177. Arny denies clemency to killer
  178. That's Not a Toothache!
  179. Stoooopid People Tricks!!
  180. At last a pyramid scheme worth doing - A MUST READ!
  181. Hmm I caught a glimpse of American Idol
  182. Why are Americans so afraid of sex??
  183. What´s the cheesiest character in Seventh Heaven?
  184. Wayne L's X-Girlfriend is getting fucked by a Much Larger cock.
  185. Darth Tater: The dark side of Mr. Potato Head
  186. "Friday Night Lights" book/dvd
  187. Amazon Help Line???
  188. White Noise
  189. Any history buffs here?
  190. post your favorite PM!
  191. Christian Group says Spongebob and Bob The Builder Promote Queer Love!
  192. potty-trained elephants
  193. POT POT POT! pics incl.
  194. SpongeBob Square Pants is Gay???
  195. Wheres my baby boy?
  196. Me and WEapon X are eating mushrooms.
  197. Check out this shit. WTF?
  198. I woke up in FUNLAND!!!!
  199. Hilarious Jean-Claude Van Damme's ravings
  200. Intel or AMD?
  201. Pope Reaffirms No Condom Stand
  202. New Indiana Jones in 2005
  203. Posting huge photos
  204. Yo Harry
  205. Rip Johnny Carson
  206. All my mom did was make me eat my damn vegetables
  207. The NECRO White alvery Video
  208. Ron Sexsmith Play Brampton Indie Festival
  209. What is a coctard?
  210. How do you take a SCREEN SHOT???
  211. it was 21 years ago today
  212. Rotten Wood anyone???
  213. Report: Global warming near critical point
  214. My Roth Army Dream...
  215. Rock Stars Playing Rock Stars
  216. Just a big thank!!!
  217. What good British Comedies are on DVD?
  218. Fancy throwing a young cheerleader around??
  219. Gene Simmons on American Idol!!
  220. Is it really so awsome being JESTERSTAR?!?!?!?!?
  221. Ragoo's Words to Live By!
  222. Homebrew: There's just something about getting drunk on alcohol you made...
  223. Debbie Does "Playboy"
  224. Every time I see a Budweiser "King of Beers" ad......
  225. me and DOA
  226. The Films of John Waters
  227. Motherfucking Computers Suck!!!
  228. Only in CALI
  229. MTV should change their name to RTV
  230. where's it at on a sunny day?
  231. Good News For Guwapo_Rocker!
  232. A book about pot for kids
  233. ONETIMEJOE is a gay loser.
  234. Reasons why JESTERSTAR will never be stopped by anyone.
  235. Jesterstar's Speedo Thong Leaking Office Party!!!!!!!!!
  236. Have you ever woke up "ASHAMED"
  237. my pal , big troubles
  238. Face morphing online tool.
  239. Starwood's new gig - MULLETUDE
  240. Do you pee in the shower?
  241. Happy Birthday Flappo you fuckin' twat!
  242. a quote from Bob Rooney
  243. Which is a better clenser?
  244. Penny's A Natural Woman
  245. for cato : scat dollies !
  246. The CD will soon disappear
  247. Proper English
  248. Rotten?
  249. How Do You Remove Vomit From The T.v. Screen?
  250. Bachelorette parties