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  1. Favo
  2. Motorhead gets mellow...
  3. anyone want to hear Anomaly?
  4. God damn! Now I know why =VH= was kicking sabbath's ass during the 1978 tour.
  5. Anyone got the new Beatles remasters yet ?
  6. Former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor flat broke...
  7. Halford Does Christmas
  8. Eric Mongrain
  9. Kanye West - KING OF SHIT
  10. Jim Carroll dead at 60
  11. Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary dead.
  12. North Mississippi Allstars.
  13. Rammstein's Pussy
  14. Radio Moscow
  15. How about some STYX?
  16. Stupid Post Dealing With LAME MUSIC
  17. Musicians Institute Awards Honorary Degree to Guitar Legend Steve Vai
  18. God DAM! The Beatles Are STILL the 900-pound Gorilla Of The Music Industry
  19. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 2010 !
  20. F*ckin GWAR is comin to town
  21. R.I.P. Arthur Ferrante 1921-2009
  22. Before the Music
  23. Eddie Lange jazz guitar
  24. Alice n' Chains
  25. The Wrong Hole
  26. New AC/DC Box Set
  27. Bono Goofs on The Edge during "Party Girl"
  28. AC/DC Postpones Tour
  29. KI$$ vs Rolling Stones
  30. Sammy hagar
  31. Sammy's "Supergroup"....
  32. OZZY Says He Was Mistakenly Diagnosed As Being HIV Positive
  33. Ozzy on chat show
  34. Mike Patton - A perfect place
  35. Album Reviews
  36. John Lennon
  37. Ace Frehley - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, December 17th!
  38. Laura Branigan 2010 fest info
  39. Faster freaking Pussycat!
  40. Manic Hispanic - WTF??
  41. Hardcore worldclass guitar player documentary
  43. Alice Cooper - Special Forces Era
  44. The Covers thread
  45. Guns N’ Roses CD Tour continues in Canada!!
  46. If you dig Queensryche and will be near Indy this Saturday
  47. Songs that sound like other songs
  48. Speaking of Sweet Songs
  49. Happy Birthday: Led Zeppelin II Is 40 Years Old!
  50. Peter Criss - Breast Cancer
  51. U2 - streaming live on You Tube RIGHT NOW
  52. Girl Missing After Metallica Concert
  53. DIO: 'I Had A Guitar Player Who Had A Crooked Cock'
  54. Rory Gallagher fantastic slide guitar
  55. The Halloween Rock Song Thread
  56. George Clinton teaches Class
  57. E-coli Infected With Elton...
  58. Lennon & McCartney on Tonight Show 1968
  59. I Saw This Poster And Knew What I Must Do
  60. Just Fuck Off
  61. Ozzy: I play fair with my bands
  62. chickenfoot best album!
  63. Unknown Hinson
  64. What David Lee Roth Could've Taught Steven Tyler
  65. Rush To Discuss Future
  66. Hulk Hogan tried to get into Metallica?
  67. Ozzy Manilli
  68. Aerosmith: Perry Announces Search For New Singer!
  69. Who would win in a fight between Kings Of Leon & Coldplay?
  70. It`s time for some JETHRO TULL
  71. Electric Eel Shock is Back!!
  72. Steve Vai on That Metal Show
  73. The Saga Of The Randy Rhoads Movie
  74. Aynsley Dunbar - Warning
  75. Lennon and McCartney VS Lenin and Marx, Tonight on PBS
  76. Yngwie Records Michael Jackson Cover
  77. Green Haze
  78. Srv srv srv srv !!
  79. Mallet Finger. Crap.
  80. Officials to restore birthplace of Robert Johnson
  81. Hanson!
  82. That Smell.
  83. Swampp Gass
  84. Hendrix Interviews
  85. Fucking rammstein
  86. Nazareth underated Scottish band
  87. The Neal Schon @ Jan Hammer Thread
  88. Spike Jones
  89. Britney Mimes !!!!! Warning Warning
  90. KANSAS - Live At The Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA 12/2/75
  91. Rick James Interviews...
  92. Sting Thinks Simon Cowell is a Douche
  93. Mutant Speed
  94. Looks like there's a hair metal resurgence coming up...
  95. Lou Rawls - DLR Connection
  96. Looks like there's a hair in my Crawfish Etouffee...
  97. John Fogerty live.
  98. Jackson Five Medley
  99. Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio
  100. Rush Plays Rock Band
  101. Sammy Hagar as a bird
  102. Check out this older Yngwie song!
  103. Gordon Lightfoot
  104. CATO master of the bass guitar
  105. When did Music "Change" for you?
  106. Metallica - (Anesthesia) Pulling teeth
  107. Pic of Gene Simmons after hearing the sales for Sonic Boom
  108. Who are your three greatest rock bands/artists of all time?
  109. Finnish music
  110. Adam Lambert goes uber-gay at American Music Awards
  111. 'The Muppets' Cover Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
  112. Another Great 2009 Christmas Single
  113. Favorite band that came out in the last 10 years?
  114. Good Metallica interview.
  115. I drank the Ki$$ Kool-aid!
  116. megadeth kicks off "endgame" tour
  117. Performing @ the Super Bowl Halftime this year is...
  118. Dee Snider Campaigning to "Claim Back" the Horns
  119. Grammy Awards still clueless
  120. Ronnie Wood arrested on suspicion of assault
  121. Six-String Heroes: Iconic Photographer Neil Zlozower
  122. Billy Joel's daughter with attempted suicide, O.D.
  123. Kill Me Now
  124. The obligatory Mr. Walker Christmas Music Thread
  125. Emerson, Lake & Palmer Reuniting for Classic Rock Magazine
  126. Beatles Remasters!
  127. Randy Rhoads-era Quiet Riot
  128. Evene a worse version of JUMP
  129. Which bands have you seen most often?
  130. iPhone guitar
  131. What ever happened too ??
  132. Slightly damaged chickenfoot drum kit for sale
  133. rock can be good for you!
  134. Ozzy....one funny old Dude!
  135. Beat it solo
  136. Go To Her and Get Some!
  137. Youtube mashups
  138. Rage Against the Machine outselling the X Factor
  139. Brian Setzer hospitalised
  140. ThEm CrOoKeD VuLtUrEs live on "Rockpalast"
  141. Ram Jam -Black Betty
  142. FINALLY!!! The box set YOU have been waiting for!
  143. Alicia Keys
  144. Tommy
  145. The Runaways
  146. Best Albums of the "Noughties" (as thick people call it)
  147. What In The Hell Ever Happened To...
  148. kiss works at wal-mart.....
  149. A Very Perry Christmas
  150. Smile
  151. Cost Of War by Sgt Dunson - American Soldier
  152. Steven Tyler: They made him go to rehab, oh no no!
  153. I just heard the worst band ever!
  154. Bogus Bands Thread
  155. Underrated Guitarists Thread
  156. john frusciante leaves rhcp..again
  157. Gene Simmons sued..( good fuckin luck)
  158. avenged sevenfold drummer found dead in his home...."natural causes" -*cough*-
  159. Catherine Video
  160. Nuno Bettencourt and...
  161. Is Soundgarden back together?
  162. Dancing with Myself - Generation X
  163. Underrated bass players thread
  164. The MAking of CP
  165. Please Come Home For Christmas
  166. Underrated Songwriters
  167. Who the fack are you?!
  168. Ac/dc
  169. 75 Years...................
  170. Pagey turns 66 today
  171. Underrated Guitar Solos
  172. DIO makin us happy.
  173. Jimmy Page launches new classic rock stamp collection
  174. Underrated New Arrangements Of Hits....
  175. The Guilty Pleasures Thread
  176. Most Prolific Ghost - New Hendrix Album Coming
  177. Post Christmas Blu-ray Shopping Spree
  178. Neil Peart records new version of "Hockey Night in Canada" theme.
  179. Black Country Communion
  180. I hate American Idol.
  181. Redneck Bohemian Rhapsody.
  182. Ten Years Gone
  183. Jimmy Page's first band
  185. battle of the bands-ugly fat fuck edition
  186. Charlie Daniels Recovering After Mild Stroke
  187. happy birthday starchild!
  188. So Eric Clapton Finally Sold His Soul
  189. Has footage of Rhoads finally surfaced?
  190. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Talks About Returning To The Stage Tonight
  191. Beware The Evil Concert Scammer
  192. Happy birthday Django Reinhardt! 100th!
  193. China pop stars face fine for lip-syncing
  194. The Scorpions To Retire
  195. MySpace bids to pay musicians 'lost' royalties
  196. ticketmaster merge
  197. Hell is freezing over... Keef is on the wagon!
  198. Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp 2010 - You Can Jam Wif Lemmy!
  199. I am ozzy
  200. AC/DC - Download 2010 & Iron Man 2 Soundtrack
  201. Ozzy Says "No Sabbath Reunion Soon"
  202. Orianthi "Highly Strung"
  203. FINALLY! The Beatles and William Shatner sing "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
  204. Will Taylor Swift Please Get Permanent Laryngitis?
  205. Ac/dc and judas priest win at the grammy awards
  206. What free online music stations do you listen to?
  207. 'We are the World' remake 2010
  208. AC/DC singer Brian Johnson blasts Bob Geldof, Bono
  209. Kelly Osbourne Loves The Mommy
  210. Gene Simmons: ‘Jacko Was An Abuser’
  211. Slash plots solo cd/tour, gets Myles Kennedy from AlterBridge
  212. men at work are thieves?
  214. My Debut Album
  215. This Is It
  216. Nikki Sixx To Attempt to Fail at Radio
  217. Guess Who's Back in Megadeth!!!!!
  218. Stone Temple Pilots new album is finished
  219. Time for a 77s thread
  220. We Are The World II
  221. Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies of cancer
  222. Bit Torrent sites similar to demoniod? any good ones?
  223. Rating Neil Schon
  224. Rock Star dead pool
  225. Susie Q your man has died!
  226. Some Jeff Beck News - New Album, Tour With Clapton
  227. new johnny cash release
  228. crazy talented guitarist
  229. Today (2/19/10) marks the 30th anniversary of Bon Scott's passing
  230. Happy Birthday,Tony Iommi!
  231. Jake E Lee photos
  232. Another great publicity stunt by $haron O$bourne
  233. No Rotten Pink...
  234. Is this Ry Cooder on slide guitar?
  235. Cooper/Zombie Gruesome Twosome Tour
  236. I've heard some bad ideas before, but...
  237. Jimi Loved Marshmallows
  238. Happy birthday George..
  239. Rolling Stones unearth 10 new tracks for reissue
  240. Queensryche: post 'Empire'
  241. Thread Idea
  242. Brett Michaels Undressin' Miley Cyrus
  243. Who do you prefer from these Van Halen wannabes?
  244. Soundgarden to re-release their first single
  245. Concerts Tickets!
  246. Any fans of Pantera here?
  247. Strangest/Dumbest/Most Crazy Shit You've Ever Seen at a Concert...
  248. The dumbest videoclips ever!
  249. Iron Maiden announce "The Final Frontier"
  250. Megadeth/Dave Mustaine 2010 Thread