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  1. Earliest Metallica Demo found
  2. Your first gig
  3. I FIGHT TO SURVIIIIIVE!!! Kumite kumite kumite
  4. When the video is better than the song
  5. MC Tommy Lee
  6. An intersting article on Manowar. Read it even if you don't like 'em.
  7. Poor Vince Neil. LMAO!
  8. Billy Corgan has no Love for Courtney
  9. earth to andy?
  10. Jimi Hendrix "Valleys of Neptune"
  11. Upcoming Stryper Cover Album to include VH, KISS, UFO tunes
  12. Chris Broderick of Megadeath
  13. Pink Floyd win EMI court battle
  14. Crazy or not?
  15. Heavy Metal Sign Flipper
  16. Blu-Ray owners! Something NOT to buy.
  17. The Stooges gain entry into Rock Hall — finally
  18. stooges are in
  19. Dreams
  20. Cool cover of Panama by Ricky M'coy
  21. Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Go Metal
  22. New RATT Single
  23. RIP Alex Chilton
  24. Journey on Oprah
  25. Finally! What every Stone fan has been waiting for!!!
  26. New Slash Single "By the Sword"
  27. 3-19-1982
  28. 30 Second Previews Of The Entire New SLASH Album...
  29. Alice In Chains "Would" Live Jools Holland 1993
  30. John Mayer destroying Panama
  31. Shipping up to Boston... Dropkick Murphys Thread!!!
  32. Here is another singer from the Pre-Perry era of Journey.
  33. Another great Dutch musician
  34. Enter Sandman
  35. Steve Perry... Racist?
  36. Brett Michaels touring with Skynyrd...wtf?
  37. Miley Cyrus = Mentor,WTF?
  38. "Ya dig?" on John 5's new album
  39. Ian Anderson: Prog-Rock Douche Or Prolific Genius
  40. jim marshall passes away
  41. Glenn Hughes
  42. Eddie's Alcoholic Days (or Daze)?
  43. Another bass player into the myst
  44. Your Top 3 PINK FLOYD Albums
  45. Finally! What every AC/DC fan has been waiting for!
  46. Wouldn't this be cool?
  47. Metallica jams with a fan
  48. New-old Alcatrazz tune
  49. HOLY FUCKING KRAP!!!!! I saw DRI Last Night!
  50. James Montgomery still rocks
  51. World Series and World Cup of Rock and Roll
  52. Which POP STAR would you like to bang???
  53. stihlraiser any love at all
  54. you let me know i exist
  55. Robin Zander goes Country
  56. IOMMI, GILLAN/IOMMI's Book/Born Again Reissue
  57. LOVE Forever Changes
  58. Breaking News: Original KISS members reunite for USA Summer Tour!!!
  59. Jazztallica?
  60. Detroit Reggae City
  61. ELVIS ON TOUR Concert Film Coming to Blu-Ray
  62. Anyone Picking Up The New SLASH CD?
  63. Reb Beach says Kirk Hammett Sucks
  64. Meet The Beatallica
  65. Soundgarden
  66. Submission in Atlanta
  67. 4 minute Rube Goldberg machine!
  68. Forty years on, Vatican tells Beatles: We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah
  69. Who the hell buys this SHIT?
  70. First Chinese singers fined for lip-synching
  71. Bad Company/Burnin' Sky/Guitar Question
  72. Sharon Osbourne strikes again!
  73. Type O Negative's Pete Steele Dead from Heart Failure?
  74. Any Deep Purple Fans Here?
  75. Turtles fucking in a Motorhead video.
  76. John Lennon enthusiasts uncover singer's hidden LSD stash
  77. Your Top 3 Songs That Can Bring You To Tears
  78. Jeff Beck's New Album Is Entitled "Emotion & Commotion....
  79. Sharon Osbourne is cutting off her tits !
  80. Adventures in Lip-syncing
  81. Battle of the Album Covers
  82. has anyone heard the new ozzy single?
  83. Bikini Baristas
  84. Wordless Choruses (Songs Without Lyrics)
  85. The Top-12 (somewhat atypically) Sexiest Songs Ever Recorded
  86. 3 Songs that make you say, FUCK YEEAAAAAAAH!!
  87. The Trials And Tribulations Of Brett Michaels Thread
  88. Ed Van Fleet vs. Eddie Van Halen
  89. The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street
  90. Anyone know of any good music festival directories on the web?
  91. Rejected Cover For Halford's Live Insurrection CD
  92. New Rush documentary to be released this summer!
  93. Happy Birthday Ace Frehley!!
  94. Cheap Trick Planning to release new version of 'In Color'
  95. Have you ever been to a concert and when they play FREE BIRD over the P.A. system...
  96. Kenny Rogers never sounded so good
  97. What band is breaking up after 30 years together???
  98. METALLICA's Master Of Puppets Named
  99. Now this might get you wet...
  100. Fred Durst going ballistic during the 2003 Summer Sanitarium concert in Chicago.
  101. OZZFEST 2010 - Ozzy, Crue, Halford and a big surprise on the second stage...
  102. Chaim Witz is willing to take the blame for "Lady" Gaga. (no, seriously)
  103. Nikki Sixx on Godsmack: "Fuck 'em!"
  104. UFO Bassist Forced To Leave Tour
  105. Paul Stanley of KISS answers fans questions!
  106. Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins Forever
  107. Three Questions about Chickenfoot- Blast away or be serious
  108. favorite Plasmatics album
  109. Priest "British Steel" 30th Anniversary edition is fucking great!
  110. Jani Lane Dead
  111. Joey Belladonna Rejoins ANTHRAX...again.
  112. Accept Teutonic Terror
  113. TWISTED SISTER Will Never Tour Again - May 10, 2010
  114. Great White night club fire - reloaded
  115. Dean Davidson Update
  116. Wtf?
  117. The Ballad Of David Lee
  118. Exclusive: OZZY OSBOURNE 'Scream' EPK Available - May 12, 2010
  119. How Bad Can The Economy Be
  120. BUCKCHERRY: New Album Release Date Confirmed
  121. LimeWire loses copyright case
  122. Thin Lizzy is back with new line up...
  123. Bill Ward Has An "Open Mind" About Black Sabbath Reunion
  124. Rare Vid Of Slayer Performing "Angel Of Death" At Southern Baptist Churches
  125. Previously Unknown Video Of Hitler Singing Motorhead!
  126. Song of Janis
  127. ACE FREHLEY Working On Memoir Of His Time In KISS
  128. Rolling Stones: Mick and Keith remember making 'Exile on Main St.'
  129. JACKYL: 'When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide' First-Week Sales Revealed
  130. Some of you may find this news worthy.
  131. Science Faxtion - Lookin' For Eden
  132. Crazy Train...... Smooth Jazz style!
  133. Well, look who's back in circulation.
  134. PEARL JAM Covering VAN HALEN's 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love'
  135. Gene Simmons faces potential sex assault lawsuit from make up arist.
  136. The Loudness War Rages On: Jack White vs Holier Than Thou Audiophiles
  137. $haron finally smartens up?!
  138. Is Axl Rose Going To War With Ticketmaster & Live Nation??
  139. VH1 Commercial
  140. Joe Bonamassa is the shit!
  141. Pete Townshend discusses filming 'Tommy'
  142. U2 Cancels Tour
  143. This guy gets it.
  144. Loudness
  145. KISS: New U.S. Tour Dates Announced - May 24, 2010
  146. SlipKnot Bassist Paul Gray Found Dead
  147. Led Zeppelin to headline 2010 Glastonbury Festival?
  148. Wing Sings!
  149. What if Sammy....
  150. Randy Rhoads Commemorative-Edition Wine Coming In August
  151. The Cult fail to pull a crowd
  152. Woodstock: A Moment of Muddy Grace
  153. Creepiest cover of all time
  154. Chickenfoot
  155. Meat Loaf
  156. Ellen DeGeneres starts
  157. Oh, Swell...Faces To Reunite Without Rod Stewart, Yet With Sex Pistol On Bass
  158. KISS To Take Part In Online Chat
  159. Faces, without Rod Stewart, have big tour hopes
  160. the big 4 live sonisphere broadcast
  161. Was BOSTON always a fraud?
  162. Goddammit! Another prospective country music artist who will never get signed!!!
  163. Creed Shreds 4: A Thousand Yasseahs!
  164. Alice Cooper Working On Nightmare 2
  165. Craig Gruber: ‘I Played On The Heaven & Hell Album’
  166. What kind of fucking rubbish is THIS? Queensryche Cabaret.....
  167. Joe Walsh and His Crazy Neighbor
  168. Slash on His Five Favorite Guitar Solos of All Time
  169. A Celebration Of Les Paul
  170. Six Degrees of Black Sabbath
  171. Paul McCartney
  172. Scorpions w Michael Schenker (last time)
  173. Me and my guitar class, performing Santana's Oye Como Va
  174. Grateful Dead's Essential Bootlegs
  175. Inquirer: Michael Anthony
  176. President Obama Honors Paul McCartney
  177. Jesus not Sting.
  178. Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward
  179. Judas Priest singer Rob Halford
  180. Aerosmith Reborn: "It Feels Like 1971 Again"
  181. Phil Lewis appears on "WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks.
  182. Ozzy Osbourne & Tony Iommi Lawsuit Settled
  183. Hot and kewl vampire aerobics pop video? Goldfrapp "Alive"
  184. Dr Ozzy
  185. Cum to my fiesta - Puta music by blueretard
  186. This drummer is at the wrong gig!!!
  187. Little Richard - The TRUE King Of Rock And Roll - Was NOT The Originator Of His Image
  188. KROKUS: 'Too Hot' Video Released
  189. Pearcy's has a SMALL problem with his sack
  190. VIVIAN CAMPBELL Performs DEF LEPPARD, THIN LIZZY Classics At California Club
  191. Marvin Isley of Isley Brothers dies at age 56
  192. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN To Release 'Raw Live' DVD
  193. RAINBOW Albums To Be Reissued On Vinyl
  194. Sebastian Bach says hes got major label interest.
  195. If I'm late my apologies!
  196. I'm going to take a real ribing for this
  197. Thom Yorke: Major Labels Are a "Sinking Ship"
  198. Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" played on violin
  199. VINCE NEIL Interviewed By NIKKI SIXX
  200. From Whitney to Fatney
  201. Sunday Morning Music
  202. Factbox: Abbey Road studios -- recording history
  203. This must be the new trendy thing.
  204. Randy rhoads
  205. Scientists to map Ozzy Osbourne's genetic code
  206. Prince to get BET Lifetime Achievement Award
  207. Bachman-Turner Overdrive's Tim Bachman Charged With Sexual Assault of a Minor
  208. Vince Neil covers Elton, Elvis on solo album
  209. Love/Hate
  210. Ratt Drummer Discusses Band's 'Control' Issues
  211. Garry Marshall Shider R.I.P. Parliament of funk
  212. Bingo!
  213. The concert business is facing what could be its worst summer
  214. Def Leppard Frontman Launches Mott the Hoople Cover Band
  215. Rihanna's toilet must be 'DEEP CLEAN' and her other tour rider demands
  216. Wolfsbane...is...BACK!!!!
  217. TRIUMPH Bassist Interviewed On 'Hard Rock Nights'
  218. WHITESNAKE Parts Ways With DUFFY, FRAZIER; New Drummer Announced
  219. KISS Check This Out!
  220. It's enough to make Stevie Ray turn in his grave...
  221. 1st New DEVO in 39 years!
  222. Live review: Miley Cyrus shows she doesn't need taming at the House of Blues
  223. Crystal Bowersox, 'American Idol' runner-up, signs recording deal with 19 Recordings
  224. It's time for Great White to call it a day...
  225. Sandra Bullock Plays Deep Purple
  226. The Big 4 Satellite Broadcast
  227. My cover of Top Gun Anthem
  228. Jerry Seinfeld Calls Lady Gaga A 'Jerk' After Mets Game Behavior
  229. Gregg Allman has sucessful liver transplant.
  230. Scorpions, Cinderella Rock M3 Festival
  231. Turn That Thing Down?
  232. Phil Anselmo speaking at Layola University
  233. Santana recruits Nas and Daughtry for covers album
  234. EXTREME: New Audio Interview With GARY CHERONE
  235. Original Kinks Bassist Pete Quaife Has Left The Building....He Was 66....
  236. Drummer Contest
  237. Rush receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  238. Into the labarynth
  239. Alestorm
  240. Vince Neil Arrested on Suspicion of DUI
  241. Former Kiss manager Bill Aucoin. RIP
  242. BRET MICHAELS: 'Custom Built' Audio Samples Available
  243. Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival
  244. SCORPIONS Forced To Cancel Columbus Show
  245. Led Zeppelin's Plagiarism
  246. An hours worth of Paul Stanley's Onstage banter
  247. 20Ten Prince
  248. Should I record some covers?
  249. Skid Row's Sebastian Bach to Appear on 'SpongeBob SquarePants'
  250. Bret Michaels Pursues 'Idol' Job Despite Health Woes