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  1. George Lynch and Don Dokken on That Metal Show
  2. Worst Gig Ever? Hole - 9:30 Club - Washibgton, DC 6/27/10
  3. Bob Daisley Q&A
  4. RATT Guitarist Answers Fan-Submitted Questions
  5. OZZY This is STUPID!
  6. Neat scanned articles! My upload.
  7. For ted nugent fans
  8. North Korean girl jams on the acoustic guitar
  9. Fair Warning "Unchained" tone demo.
  10. Weird Al Shreds
  11. Prince: the internet's completely over
  12. Ozzy Osbourne 2010 Tour Thead (and other shit...)
  13. A Film About The Doors
  14. Mountain Guitar Maker Enjoys World-Wide Acclaim
  15. At 70, Ringo Starr looks for peace and love
  16. Talk About the Passion - R.E.M.'s Discography Reviewed
  17. World's Greatest Drummer?
  18. Have you guys ever Heard this? Hmmm for that matter ED?!
  19. vibefest 2 with bleeding through
  20. Interesting Thought About Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years"..
  21. Aerosmith's Perry Injured in Motorcycle Accident
  22. Gilmour Will Join Waters for One Date on The Wall Tour
  23. Ozzy And Iommi Issue Statement About Sabbath Trademark
  24. Turbonegro
  25. girl directions
  26. Teaze - worth checking out?
  27. Pleasant Treats & Lost Cookies
  28. More Rush Stuff
  29. Chickenfoots New Album is Good News for VH fans.
  30. Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger Developing Rock Drama for HBO
  31. The singer that lost her figure and gained on one of the best voices in rock
  32. Rock In America
  33. Motorhead: 1916
  34. If KI$$ stopped wearing the wigs, do you think they would have white slap heads?
  35. Should we give the Samster a break now?
  36. New Avenged Sevenfold, It's good.
  37. Carrie Underwood - Fucking Hot
  38. Who first used the Devil Horns HM Salute?
  39. Grand Funk Railroad - LA Forum Vid 6/2/74 KICKASS!
  40. Early release for Ozzy remasters in Japan...
  41. Heavy Metal Monk
  42. New age instrumental hardcore band: Animals As Leaders
  43. Goddammit!!! Frank Sinatra Fucking Rules!!!!
  44. The best jazz guitarist ever, in my opinion
  45. ZAKK WYLDE On Egg-Throwing OZZFEST Incident: 'If I Was IRON MAIDEN, I'd F**k Some Peo
  46. I could see Van Halen covering this..
  47. Former QUIET RIOT Drummer Discusses Upcoming Documentary In New Audio Interview
  48. Awesome cover of Zep's "Whole Lotta Love"
  49. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience
  50. Several guitar lessons I have posted. Check them out and let me know what you think!
  51. ATTN: All Cheap Trick fans!
  52. Smells Like Rockin' Robin
  53. Brian May on NPR. In case you missed it.
  54. Richie Hayward dies
  55. The Big Four - Am I Evil ?
  56. That Bieber Kids a Little CROOK
  57. Tila Tequila gets her ass kicked at an ICP concert.
  58. What Has Been Your Road to Heavy Metal?
  59. Halford - Made Of Metal
  60. Paul Stanley Stalker
  61. Axl Rose Continues To Be An Anal, Self-Centered Knucklehead
  62. New DEEP PURPLE documentary on the way, focus on 70`s split.
  63. Aero Assault -- Perry Shoves Steven Tyler Off Stage
  64. "New" Soundgarden single "Black Rain"
  65. Ray Bradbury
  66. Ozzy Osbourne Plans 'Killer Black Sabbath Album' Before Retiring
  67. Top Ten disapointing moments in the music industry
  68. Stephen Pearcy "I’m looking forward to a break from Ratt."
  69. RAINBOW: Rare 'Long Live Rock 'N' Roll'-Era Performance Clips
  70. 20 Years Ago Today...the death of SRV :(
  71. Blackmore/Gillan battle of words 1993
  72. Monster Magnet - Mastermind
  73. The Black Crowes " Croweology "
  74. Album Leftovers / Bonus Tracks Thread
  75. Let me hear ya zellers!!!
  76. QUEENSRŸCHE Performs Acoustically, Answers Fan Questions At 'Empire' Anniversary Part
  77. Tom Petty 6-3-10 on Dime
  78. Here's some Schenker that Does Not Suck!
  79. Giant hay bale crushes ex-ELO star to death
  80. Some Fun!
  81. More Trouble In Aerosmith?
  82. WTF is a birthday deathbed?
  83. JIMMY PAGE Discusses Pictorial Autobiography With THE NEW YORK TIMES
  84. what a bullshit list.
  85. OldSchool Pantera from 1988
  86. Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater
  87. Music Releases, Memoirs Planned for Ronnie James Dio
  88. Questions For Long-time Roth Fans...
  89. Quiet Riot To Return With New Singer
  90. Nice Yngwie - Ripper performance
  91. Mustaine / Ozzy books
  92. Vince Neil Book and thoughts on Sharon
  93. Chad Smith back to Chile'
  95. Dream Theater covers Zebra's Take Your Fingers from my Hair
  96. Rush.
  97. Lemmy: The Movie
  98. Greg Howe
  99. Phil x and the drills
  100. Tourette's Karaoke
  101. Scott Weiland Up To His Old Tricks?
  102. Frank Zappa honoured in Baltimore
  103. The Black Metal thread
  104. 'Sex Tips From Rock Stars' Author PAUL MILES Speaks
  105. Rock Stars Who Aged A Lot Worse Than Dave!!
  106. The real Leonard Skinner Dies
  107. WBCN Jocks reflect back
  108. Bands that need to hang it up..
  109. Ronnie James Dio's Encino Home For Sale - $3.33 Million
  110. Beatles pics Los angeles 1974
  111. Look what I dug up!
  112. The Call's Michael Been, dead at 60
  113. Van Halen on Tube Dubber
  114. The Mother Truckers
  115. New Blackmore track
  116. Top Five **Official** Live albums of all time.
  117. Jamie's Cryin' in Uncle Buck!
  118. "The Wall" Live Tour 2010/2011
  119. Whole Lotta Sabbath
  120. 24 years ago today, Metal lost it's greatest bass player.. Cliff Burton R.I.P.
  121. HomeEntertainment Music Bon Jovi up for hall of fame induction
  122. Seperated At Birth?
  123. Another list.... 10 Songs most likely to make a man cry
  124. Rush on CNN
  125. Tourettes Karaoke
  126. Justin Bieber Arrested!
  127. Rolling Stone To Publish Excerpt From Keith Richards Autobiography
  128. All-Girl AC/DC Tribute Band AC/DSHE
  129. If this doesn't move you....
  130. Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon!!
  131. RIP Solomon Burke
  132. Alice Cooper
  133. Ozzy v. Synth
  134. Back again goin crazy demo
  135. El Guincho
  136. Unpopular music opinions
  137. Duff jams with GNR in London
  138. Metallica should hire King!
  139. Ozzy is a neanderthal
  140. Chickendick (WARNING: Stomach Wrenching Hagar Content Included)
  141. White Lion.
  142. Guitargasm...
  143. Pat Benatar
  144. Satan's Most Unholy HELLoween video thread
  145. Ozzy Osbourne Voodoo Festival
  146. Most annoying current song
  147. This Kid Rules!
  148. Maiden announces new tour dates
  149. This is the most annoying song in the world!
  150. Blizzard Of Ozz or Holy Diver?
  151. Worst ever lines in a rock song
  152. Fuck You
  153. BRET MICHAELS Says POISON And MÖTLEY CRÜE Will Join Forces For North American Tour
  154. Sebastian Bach Arrested After Bar Biting Incident in Canada
  155. New Michael Jackson Song
  156. Metallica Fail
  157. How about some Molly Hatchet?
  158. Favorite live music dvds.
  159. About time we had another random Stones thread up in here, just for the Hell of it!
  160. You Tube Spams Thread
  161. New Movie Unveils Lost Jimi Hendrix - Royal Albert Hall Footage
  162. Justin Bieber is such a douche
  163. Say Goodbye to the Spectrum
  164. Eddie Trunk Suckfest Last Night
  165. Armored Saint - A TRUE METAL BAND
  166. 10 Musical Turkeys that should have got the hatchet
  167. New Mr. Big Single Sounds like Van hagar
  168. My new musicvideo shot in Portugal
  169. Melissa Auf der Maur
  170. New Red State Update song: "I Don't feel like f***in this christmas"
  172. SAMMY HAGAR Says His Autobiography Is 'Basically Done'
  173. Bert Michaels "singing" the national anthem... WORST RENDITION OF ALL TIME>>>
  174. Deconstructing 'Gimmie Shelter'
  175. AC/DC drummerPhil Rudd busted for pot possession...
  176. Someone's gonna post a Holiday video thread in here. Might as well be me.
  177. Time For The Annual Rubbish Awar....I mean GRAMMY awards.....
  178. Hey Ed you got some comp....
  179. Map of Metal
  180. Queensryche bombed in Iraq
  181. Ronnie James Dio's Former Home In Encino Is For Sale -
  182. I Stood Directly Behind Lounge Machine This Evening At A Club In Gnashville
  183. Had To Happen Someday - Judas Priest Is Calling It Quits
  184. Yet Another Stupid Poll:AXL ROSE Is 'Greatest Lead Singer Of All Time,' According To
  185. 30th anniversary of Lennon assassination
  186. Jim Morrison to Be Pardoned for Indecent Exposure
  187. KING DIAMOND Undergoes Triple-Bypass Heart Surgery
  188. Best band name is? in a non-too-serious way
  189. Leaked Source Confirms Alice Cooper Is In
  190. A Pete Way sighting...
  191. Columbia House closes its doors in Canada due to ‘obsolete’ media...
  192. New Motorhead album...
  193. This is what happens 10 years after Michael schenker got laid in Bangkok
  194. Captain Beefheart Passes Away At 69
  195. Happy 65th Birthday To The Original Catman, Peter Criss!
  196. Another reason I wish I was born 10-20 years earlier.
  197. Tina Marie Dead at 54
  198. Steve Perry snaps...
  199. Litigations of interest - Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly.
  200. Bands that kicked ass that got slammed by the critics
  201. CBGB's tour
  202. "...and he shall be Levon. And he shall be a good man....."
  203. Eric Johnson drummer Bill Maddox murdered in home invasion...
  204. 5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2011
  205. Sebastian Bach FUCKING SUCKS !!
  206. 25 years gone. The Phillip Parris Lynott Tribute thread
  207. Another one gone - Gerry Rafferty
  208. Summer Lovin’: The Top 10 Songs to Cure the Winter Blues
  209. Kiss Alive III (Drunken Nonsense Rant)
  210. Pink - Bohemian Rhapsody
  211. Seriously, who buys Nickelback and Daughtery?
  212. Y&T bassist Phil Kennemore Dead
  213. Iraqi metal band
  214. Maiden Goes To Bollywood
  215. Supreme Court won't review music download antitrust case
  216. Beatles being paid directly by iTunes in deal
  217. Universal Donates 200,000 Master Recordings to Library of Congress
  218. 'Homophobic' Dire Straits hit Money For Nothing banned from radio
  219. Cracker musician Lowery to teach UGA music class
  220. Don Kirshner, Rock Producer and Promoter, Dies at 76
  221. Flogging Molly
  222. Parenting fail...
  223. Buckcherry's Todd vibes Dave...
  224. Neil Diamond Thinks Of Himself As A Rock Star
  225. American Idol 2011
  226. Holy krap! Big 4 us tour dates announced tomorrow morning!
  227. Jimmy Buffett's Frightening Fall -- Caught on Tape
  228. OZZY OSBOURNE Teams Up With JUSTIN BIEBER For Best Buy Super Bowl Commercial
  229. James Hetfield is a tool
  230. Your favorite album thread.
  231. Holy Crass! GANG OF FOUR Are Back!
  232. Toto
  233. William Shatner - Honorary Metalhead
  234. Distortion accordian
  235. Iron Maiden News
  236. Footage of my band playing Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat"
  237. RUSH's 'Moving Pictures' Album Being Remixed In 5.1 Surround Sound
  238. Thin Lizzy Guitarist Gary Moore Passes Away
  239. Slash would consider rejoining GNR if Axl apologizes
  240. Billy Sheehan Intervew
  241. College classrooms replace stages for rock stars
  242. The worst music-related movie you'll ever see in your fuckin life!
  243. Grammys 2011
  244. Geezer Butler Says No/41 years ago today...Feb. 13
  245. Slayer's Jeff Hanneman contracts flesh eating disease...
  246. Oh, And Fuck You, Jeff Beck Fan.
  247. JUDAS PRIEST's HALFORD Discusses 30th Anniversary Of 'British Steel' On 'In The Studi
  248. Schenker outro solos
  249. Told You The Biz Was A Dead Man Walking
  250. People showing off their talent on Youtube.