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  1. Top 10 funniest songs on Eurovision 2000-10
  2. Video of Judas Priest secret warmup gig for final tour.....
  3. Soundgarden Reunion News - 2011
  4. Blizzard and Diary Expanded Vinyl in April??
  5. Excellent Daltrey Interview
  6. Steven Tyler talks Idol, Perry, conversation degenerates into hookers and substances.
  7. Concert for George
  8. Jake Cinninger channels David Lee Roth
  9. Meshuggah
  10. Rick Rolled Nirvana
  11. Poison & Motley Crue to tour.
  12. Worst albums in rock history?
  13. Elvis Presley's greatest backup group.
  14. The FORD Country Dance Party Remix thread
  15. The New Rush Album
  16. Madonna - Ray Of Light
  17. A Conversation with Steve Vai
  18. Watville Primary School Sing Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus
  20. Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart working on new album...... (slowly)
  21. Was Starcastle progressive rock?
  22. The "WHAT IF?" thread.
  23. Tour for 35th Anniversary of Frampton Comes Alive - Complete Performance
  24. Mike Starr of Alice in Chains Dead at 44
  25. NEW ROBERT JOHNSON Discovies!
  26. James Durbin
  27. King's X
  28. The Darkness - Back For More!
  29. Dinner with Paul
  30. Cuttin heads
  31. Freddie Mercury/Michael Jackson collaborations being readied for possible release.
  32. What's John Sykes' best material ?
  33. The Complete Rolling Stones Audio Recordings (@ demonoid)
  34. new Foo Fighters
  35. Dissect.
  36. Warrior Soul
  37. This is Spinal Tap
  38. We could use a little Soul around here
  39. Brawl backstage at San Diego Poison show
  40. RIP Pinetop Perkins
  41. ... and another stupid "top 50" metal tunes...
  42. Music is dead.../Rebecca Black's "Friday"
  43. Tommy Chong playing guitar.
  44. David Gilmour
  45. Neu 2 U
  46. The 8-bit Thread!
  47. I've seen the future of Pop music, and it's a dog named Mishka!
  48. This May Have Been Posted Before - Parody Of Uncle Dave Auditioning For Slash
  49. Coverdale/Whitesnake - Forevermore
  50. Cool Article On Mixing The Led Zep Reunion Concert
  51. Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Book
  52. Displaying More Dignity And Poise Than Hagar, Billy Joel Scraps Plans to Release Book
  53. April Fools - DEEP PURPLE: 'Made In Japan Complete' Due In August Not For Real
  54. Aerosmith To Release Yet Another Pointless Consumer Rip-Off May 10, 2011
  55. Kill Devil Hill
  56. Angry pissed off songs.
  57. Back when Rap was fun. Please no songs past 1990.
  58. Mastodon
  59. Prince to play 21-night residency in Los Angeles
  60. Metallica Covers "YRGM" - Predictable Disaster & Suckage Ensues
  61. General Hospital..... the band??
  62. AC/DC "Live At River Plate", "Let There Be Rock" Coming In May & June 2011
  63. Rush at MSG
  64. What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You.
  65. "Mayor Of The Sunset Strip" a documentary about Rodney Biggenheimer.
  66. Robin Trower - Definitely for Old People
  67. COMPLETE: Behind The Music.....
  68. Rolling Stones At Hyde Park.....July 5, 1969
  69. Metallica's "Creeping Death" Video - Soundtrack To "The 10 Commandments"
  70. Downing quits Priest!
  71. Zakk Wylde on American Idol doing Heavy Metal Hagar
  72. Phil Collen married a Tranvestite?
  73. The New, Not-Quite-So-Awesome Def Leppard Single "Undefeated"
  74. Rock Stars..... Then & Now.
  75. I Wish I Were Talented Like This Dude
  76. Nirvana/Final Countdown Mash-Up - Believe it or not, it works
  77. Redneck.
  78. Christian Punk - Somebody Please Shoot Me
  79. Regarding Bob Daisley's forthcoming book...
  80. Hans Zimmer Is One Kickass Motherfucking Composer!!!
  81. R.I.P. Phoebe Snow
  82. Happy Birthday Ace Frehley!!
  83. New Documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne To Premiere This Weekend
  84. Julia Fischer- The God Damn Eddie Van Halen Of Classical
  85. Mike Mangini joins Dream Theatre
  86. For Kristy on the topic of Led Zep....
  87. Steve Savicki's Fun-O-Rama Musical Thread
  88. The Bret Michaels Vocalizer
  89. Headcat- wtf is this going to sound like????
  90. Paul McCartney to wed for third time!
  91. RIAA figures reveal US music revenues for 2010
  92. Steven Tyler's '(It) Feels So Good' Solo Single...
  93. Feds raid Gig Harbor home in search of rock star's cyberattacker
  94. Did anybody know The Cars were back together?
  95. Satan's Most Unholy Soundwave Revolution thread.
  96. Parkway Drive
  97. Scorpions Box Set
  98. For Kristy on the topic of Jack White....
  99. Video Footage of Slipknot' drummer's audition ...
  100. Now THIS is fucking cool! Paul Simon Invites Fan Onstage To Play!
  101. This Fucking Cure Box Set
  102. BUCKCHERRY: 'It's A Party' Video Released
  103. DIO DISCIPLES To Embark On 'Full U.S. Tour' In September - May 19, 2011
  104. Mick Forms New Band - Keef's gonna be pissed!
  105. GEORGE LYNCH: DON DOKKEN 'Is Just A Piece Of S**t' - May 20, 2011
  106. Here's another famous guitarist named Eddie.
  107. Bride plays Master of Puppets at her reception
  108. KISS Creatures stage animated
  109. HA! Vinnie Vincent Arrested For Domestic Violence....
  110. Here's another famous guitarist named Eddie.
  111. How to play like a celebrity who can't play guitar! LOL
  112. Happy 70th Birthday, Robert Zimmerman!
  113. The Alarm
  114. Another eBay auction goes viral
  115. So I Read Steven Tyler's New Book Over The Weekend...
  116. Black Sabbath at the 1974 California Jam.
  117. Neil Peart To Guest On June 9ths 'The Late Show With David Letterman'
  118. Rocklahoma 2011
  119. Former Van Halen Singers To Share The Stage
  120. If Def Leppard hadn't already killed whatever legitimacy they once had, this will....
  121. Thomas Edison Was Not The Inventor Of The First Recording Device....
  122. New Schenker album release late July in Japan
  123. ZZ Top Live In Germany 1980 Rockpalast DVD
  124. Attn cube dwellers- now you can listen to a whole Stones concert at your desk
  125. clarence clemons suffers stroke
  126. Lou Reed/Metallica: Yep, It's Friggin' Ghastly
  127. Foo Fighters - Memphis 05-20-11
  128. RIP Clarence Clemons
  129. Weird Al Yankovic 'Alpocalypse' (album stream)
  130. Queen concert bloopers!
  131. Leslie West recovering after lower right leg amputated
  132. Lady Judas
  133. Holy Crap! Glen Campbell Has Alzheimers......
  134. Ernie and Bert Speedcore
  135. Shake that booty!
  136. What is considered risque in music these days
  137. KFC Black Metal Commercial
  138. Oldest Rocker In Town
  139. Heart ~ Little Queen photo shoot and live
  140. Happy Birthday Everyone!
  141. McCartney Owns Great White
  142. Madonna Gives Props To Dimebag
  143. Ratt...most underrated 80's hard rock group?
  144. Crue ,Poison show
  145. JOURNEY Passing On Performing 'Escape' For 30th Anniversary
  146. Ok You guys owe me big time for this. :)
  147. Tommy Shaw Of Styx On Reunions And Touring With New Material
  148. Slayer mellowing with age?
  149. Würzel from Motorhead dead
  150. Coheed and Cambria Bassist Arrested Before Gig
  151. Been looking for this Album of Covers forever....lost it like on a raft while...
  152. Ex-Queens of the Stone Age Guy -- S.W.A.T. Standoff
  153. Save The Date! 11-11-11
  154. Well, the Stones finally released a box set...
  155. Massive live show archive ! (Here is the REAL Ozzy/Randy Rhoads King Biscuit show)
  156. This is where my Forum name comes from
  157. "X", Loudness bassist Taiji Sawada dead after suicide
  158. Cheap Trick blows the roof off...literally!
  159. Fuck Panera Bread! Try PANTERA BREAD!!!
  160. I though I was done with Queensryche....Now I am sure of it....
  161. What's your audio system?
  162. Saw the scab Judas Priest the other night.
  163. Jimmie Vaughan anyone?
  164. The Joy Formidable ...
  165. Johnny Hiland ROCKS
  166. A Message To Metallica
  167. MIKE PORTNOY, JOHN SYKES Join Forces In New Project - July 25, 2011
  168. ACE FREHLEY: 'No Regrets' Memoir Due In November;
  169. The Top 25 Tours Of 2011 So Far
  170. Was just reminded of the "Bands with Masks" syndrome.
  171. Lemmy & Phil Hanging Out In Hollywood.....
  172. MTV's 30th Anniversary on VH-1 Classic all weekend
  173. And Classic Van Halen Hadn't Broken Up: U2's Record Breaking 360 Tour??????
  174. Enemy Territory - Cabo Wabo Cantina
  175. Riff Recycling
  176. Rolling Stone fucks up another list: GREEN DAY "Best Punk Rock Band of All Time" ??
  177. New King Diamond interview (audio)
  179. This Brody Guy is fooking grate
  180. Johnny Cash Bassist Marshall Grant Dies at Age 83
  181. VAN-SHAKEUP!!! Wolfgang Van Halen Leaves Group, Says Dad is a “Dick”
  182. y&t in tempe this friday
  183. Ex-Deep Purple Keyboardist Jon Lord Suffering From Cancer
  184. Baby Animals..Suzi DeMarchi
  185. Original line-up of Black Sabbath have reformed
  186. The Ballad Of The Color Red's Ruinification
  187. NEW Official Jimmy Page site
  188. The riaa is trying to screw all musicians yet again - they are anti-artist....
  189. Does the Cover of Rolling Stone Mean Anything Anymore?
  190. Gun, 'Better Days' and 'Money'
  191. Eddie from Iron Maiden on Goalie Mask - Cool
  192. Steel Panther
  193. This mix tape puts the "Black" back in Black Sabbath
  194. The Rotharmy Presents: The People's Rock Hall
  195. 30 Years Of The Music Industry...
  196. it's come to this
  197. Ronnie Got Some Cool Stuff At His Grave.....
  198. Todd in the Shadows on the 2011 MTV VMA's
  199. THE ROLLING STONES - Some Girls Live & Re-Issue News
  200. The Arthur Brown thread.
  201. RAINBOW - The good and the bad?
  202. Alice in Chains - Rooster
  203. REM is breaking up.
  204. Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  205. 31 years ago today.....
  206. We Are Not The Only Peeps Who Laugh At Chickenshit.....
  207. The Stones and the Dead waiting for the helicopter to Altimont
  208. Musician Sly Stone homeless, living in a van...
  209. Top 10 Worst Metal Albums - From Yahoo (VH reference too)
  210. Goats Head Soup
  211. Priest Go Spinal Tap
  212. Greatest three albums back to back by one glam/hard rock artist
  213. Musicians... What turned you on to play the rock n roll music?
  214. Texxas Jam '78 Documentary
  215. The Lurch
  216. Freddie Mercury singing ass..vocals only
  217. Occupy Cheddar Street? (New Chickenshit single)
  218. Journey Live March 30 & May 26, 1974 Winterland Arena
  219. Pink Floyd - Another Sign Of The End Times
  220. U2 enters the "megadeluxe remaster sweepstakes" with 20th Anniversary of Achtung Baby
  221. Clueless, Overweight Dolt Blabs About VH Backing Tapes In 2007, Wants To Manage GNR
  222. Sony - 100 Years of Disaster
  223. Colorado band fights over loading gear, guitarist ends up dead.
  224. Meatloaf's Aussie Rules Football Meltdown
  225. Happy HELLoween from all of us in Hell!
  226. Duff McKagan's Loaded
  227. Megadeth gets into the Halloween spirit...
  228. LAFF MY FUCKING ASS OFF! Chickenshit On Jimmy Kimmel.....
  229. Nickelback Absolutely Sucks
  230. Caption this Video!
  231. An Oral History of Grunge by Mark Yarm "Everybody Loves Our Town"
  232. Another LAFF MY ASS OFF..This Is One Of The Dumbest Craigslist Ads I Have Ever Seen..
  233. Ace Frehley's book No Regrets is a good read.
  234. That Ron Wood Solo Effort
  235. What In The Fuck Is Up With Duran Duran?
  236. Yngwie Malmsteen
  238. EMI sale ends 80 years of independence
  239. Tremendously Useful Website
  240. Best Christmas album ever!
  241. Black Metal = Funny Metal
  242. Songbook new Chris Cornell Solo acoustic effort.
  243. HOLY CRAP! Rammstein Announce North American 2012 Tour!
  244. Oh Fuck Yeah, You Motherfuckers!
  245. Brian May To Work With Dappy
  246. The Stones FINALLY release "Brussels Affair" legitimately (about fucking time!)
  247. Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison singing "Reading Rainbow"
  248. Brian Setzer (I'm So Behind On The Times)
  249. Rolling Stones - Place Pigale Volumes 1-6 (yes, all of it goddamn it!)
  250. Miles Davis Amnesty International Performance 86