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  1. Giuda - some fine glam trash
  2. Soundgarden going Down Under (ticket sale info included here)
  3. (From Cracked.com)101 ways you know you've been a Heavy Metal fan for too long...
  4. American Idol winner Alfred E. Neuman's epic fail at lip syncing
  5. Went to see Prince tonight.
  6. Everyone Who Has Used Ticketmaster In The Last 12 Years Is Getting A Refund
  7. 78 rpm Archive
  8. I Don't Give A Shit
  9. We Need To Find A Cure For This Death Thing That Is Going Around....:-(
  10. Russian Circles
  11. New Van Halen!
  12. Adrenaline Mob - R&R Needs A Kick In The Ass, These Guys Might Just Deliver
  13. TCR "Like" on Facebook
  14. Favorite song intros
  15. Metallica 30th Anniversary concert joined by original members...
  16. Extreme on HD Net concerts
  17. Satan Claus presents the 2011 Helliday Videopalooza!
  18. War on Xmas 2018 Music Video Thread
  19. Satan Claus Presents the 2014 War on Xmas Helliday Music Thread
  20. Australian artist covers 'How Many Say I'
  21. Rock Of Ages
  22. Beardyman Beat box king
  23. Beach Boys Announce 50th Anniversary Reunion .....
  24. Can Science Predict a Hit Song?
  25. Is piracy is killing art?
  26. Ah, Facebook. Jon Bon Jovi, dead at 49
  27. The Sylvester Stallone Song... LMFAO!!!
  28. KISS - May 18, 1990 - Heat In The Shade Tour - Detroit, MI - DVD COMMENT......
  29. Cache Of Up To 700 Thin Lizzy Songs Found.....
  30. The voice of Danzig - without Jerry Only getting in the way
  31. Peter Frampton's Prized Guitar Found Over 30 Years After Plane Crash
  32. RUDY SARZO Talks About 30th Anniversary Of RANDY RHOADS' Death
  33. Steve Perry Won't Stop Recording, but Touring Is Another Story
  34. How are you guys storing your Vinyl
  35. Tony Iommi diagnosed with lymphoma
  36. Songs you originally liked because you thought it was somebody else singing them
  37. Top 20 Tunes Ever
  39. Dick the brusier and the brusier band
  40. Who's next on the RothArmy's crosshairs now that the Spambo's forces are PWNED?
  41. Acoustic///unplugged !!??!!??
  42. Van Halen vs Black Sabbath
  43. Hard rock vs heavy metal
  44. Van Hagar SPOOF Youtube video ... priceless ...
  45. 60 years! Happy Birthday, Starchild, Paul Stanley...
  46. RIP Etta James
  47. Remember The Family? (Prince bandmembers)
  48. Steven Tyler’s Botched National Anthem Not Deemed Golden Ticket-Worthy
  49. Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees -- You Should Be Dancing, official video.
  50. Iron Maiden Final Frontier Tour Documentary And Live Performance DVD Details...
  51. Were the 2000's the worst era for hard rock?
  52. Gamma Jams - (Ronnie Montrose) full show 1979
  53. Riot's Mark Reale, RIP.
  54. (Foxy Shazam) My new favorite song...
  55. The Slayer Bunch
  56. Kid-tallica
  57. Bands who made the most from the least
  58. Don Cornelius Dead Apparent Suicide
  59. WTF is "Cock Rock?"
  60. Props to =VH= in new Darkness Video
  61. Adam Lambert New Singer for Queen
  62. Metal Evolution: Prog rock episode
  63. Question for Aussie members
  64. Young band Smooth Intentions new song
  65. I forget
  66. Rival Sons
  67. Songs that sounded way better live than the studio version
  68. Whitney Houston Dead at 48
  69. Monsters of Rock Fantasy Thread
  70. 54th Grammy Awards Halftime Report
  71. WTF??? Titans of Rock Tour Announced: This looks really bizarre!
  72. Sad Sammy - A screenplay by me
  73. Apparently Dave Grohl Has Heard The New Record....
  74. Please DONT Play It Again.... (Sam)
  75. Rock & Roll Women....Countdowns On TV...
  76. Beyond Magnetic
  77. Is Jan Terri aka Miss Piggy the worst singer? Is this the worst video ever??
  78. Greg Bissonette on playing with the Ringo all-star band.
  79. The Five Finger Death Punch Thread
  80. Our New CD is Done
  81. Ryan Adams Covers Dio
  82. NOISECREEP: Top 10 New-School Hair Metal Bands
  83. Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
  84. wow.... (Halestorm)
  85. What band brought you to "rock" radio?
  86. Dangerous Fuckin' Toys
  87. Guitar World archive: Yngwie Malmsteen Critiques the Playing of His Peers
  88. Former Monkee Davy Jones dies at age 66 in Florida
  89. Important video about Bon Jovi
  90. Vintage Photos Of The Legends Of Jazz
  91. This guy... A David Lee Roth copy
  92. JD McPherson rewls!
  93. Ronnie Montrose Dead at 64
  94. Crazy Band Ideas
  95. Points North
  96. Here's a musician who's interviews are almost as interesting as Dave's.
  97. Best James Bond Theme Song That Never Was...
  98. W.A.S.P. Album Cover Scans
  99. King's X Set Up Donation for Ailing Drummer Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/m
  100. Craptastic music!
  101. For All us Aerosmith Fans
  102. Xfm Names The Greatest Frontman Of All Time
  103. Faith No More - (Full DVD)(Live at the Brixton Academy 1990)(London)
  104. Paul Gilbert tune Scarified got a good write-up from Premier Guitar
  105. Did I ever tell you about the time...?
  106. Honey Cocaine is gonna be OK!
  107. Heavy Metal Holocaust, Port Vale August 81 clips surface:D
  108. Unknown Hinson
  109. Ridiculously Proud!
  110. OH SHIT! Quiet Riot's US Festival performance will be released on DVD/CD!
  111. Movies that should have had a different soundtrack.
  112. Any love for Kim Carnes & the Bangles?
  113. Successful bad songs
  114. Habib Koité - Can Anyone Identify His Guitar?
  115. Hey~~ Drop Me A Line!
  116. Oh shit! Tenacious d has returned!
  117. RIP Earl Scruggs
  118. Nu Metal/MallCore needs to die.
  119. Alter Bridge Live At Wembley
  120. Rock and Roll High School on Epix Drive in
  121. Fred Durst to fire Limp Bizkit members?
  122. Sing along with Jesus 2012
  123. The Beatles 2?
  124. New Rush song "Still No Guitar".
  125. Who the hell edited "En Vivo!" DVD?
  126. New Soundgarden song!!!
  127. Worst Album Covers Of All Time....
  128. The Greatest music ever written
  129. Five on One....Love It
  130. Kristy's Top 3 Modern Psychedelic Garage Guitar Solos - OF ALL TIME! (I'm bored)
  131. Warren Haynes - Who?
  132. BITEYOASS awful music series presents: Before they were The Donna's...
  133. KEITH MOON Invited To Perform At 2012 Olympics....
  134. Levon Helm At Final Stages Of Cancer Battle
  135. Rolling Stones Archive #3: LA Friday 1975
  136. New Elvis Live Concert in the Works
  137. New Rush single previewed
  138. Caribbean queen.. now were sharing the same dream!!!!
  139. The Helix thread
  140. Burt weedon has died
  141. Jack White - Blunderbuss
  142. Eddie Money
  143. Greg Ham just passed away
  144. Miscellaneous Comments About U2
  145. gotye
  146. The Faces 4/1/72 - entire BBC performance
  147. Motley Crue live October 2, 1981 @ Los Angeles, California (Full concert
  148. Sam sits in with bar band and plays Jump
  149. Alice Cooper,Underrated?????
  150. Geddytoons!
  151. Lennon, Zappa, and the musical stylings of Yoko
  152. New Cult Album out May 23rd.
  153. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch AKA "MCA" dead at 47
  154. Full Ozzy concert with Brad Gillis
  155. Holy shit moment @ concert
  156. New Soundgarden : Live to Rise
  157. Beatles
  158. Interesting Theory About Robert Johnson - Grandpa Of Rock n Roll....
  159. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees ...
  160. Complimentary Chickenfoot Tickets
  161. Slash appreciation thread.
  162. Jimmy Page - Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks (2012)
  163. Tom Petty: where do I start?
  164. Real oldschool Maiden
  165. Donald "Duck" Dunn Dead at 70
  166. Rush European tour announced
  167. Queensryche planning to fire Geoff Tate? Backstage knife drama!!
  168. Oh the humanity....
  169. Donna Summer dead at 63
  170. Behind scenes 2011 Floyd reunion
  171. Facebook Public Offering 'Friends' Bono
  172. R.I.P. Robin Gibb...
  173. Eric Carr - Tale of the Fox
  174. Billy Talent.
  175. Janes addiction - theater of the escapist tour
  176. Joe Walsh - Analog Man
  177. BLAZE BAYLEY: 'I'm Just A Small, Underground Artist Doing Things My Own Way'
  178. How about a classic Grateful Dead show?
  179. Night Ranger London club show review 2012
  180. New Rush album leaked.
  181. Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch found dead in Nashville at age 65
  182. Ronnie James Dio must be turning in his grave...
  183. Who here listens to Kansas?
  184. Radiohead Cancels Toronto Concert after Fan Killed in Stage Collapse
  185. Megadeth London Club Show 12.06.2012
  186. Ringo & His ALL STARR BAND
  187. Anyone Going To See Iron Maiden On Their Current U.S. Tour?
  188. Another Victim of the Accountant Drive-by
  189. Does anyone remember Grand Funk?
  190. Hells Bells
  191. Queen full Kiev concert with Adam Lambert...
  192. KISS London Show 4th July 2012 review
  193. Hendrix at 70
  194. Are there any queers...
  195. Devin townsend project " by a thread" and many more !!
  196. The Pretenders
  197. Rumored John Lennon 1981 tour..
  198. Internet Radio Stations
  199. My favorite song right now
  200. Any Tim Reynolds Fans In The House?
  201. R.I.P. Jon Lord
  202. Bob Babbitt Legendary Motown Bassist R.I.P.
  203. Great Aussie Music
  204. THE WHO ANNOUNCE North American TOUR.....
  205. Record store posts ultimate "Do not NEVER EVER buy list".
  206. Kix
  207. 39 worst Metal band tattoo's...
  208. Diff'rent Strokes theme backwards.
  209. Anthrax drummer's wife beats the living shit out of him....
  210. What did they ever do with Rick Allen's arm?
  211. Lets get retawded this weekend!
  212. Songs that sync well with cartoons.
  213. It's Eddie Trunk's Birthday! uh ya', guess who is special guests for the show?
  214. Mike Nesmith to tour with remaining Monkees......
  215. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  216. Unknown Hinson Concert
  217. Guess who?
  218. Hows about a game?
  219. Arch Enemy: Imagine the "Final Countdown" With a Female Cookie Monster Singing
  220. Cool, crazy Slipknot story!
  221. Number 1 albums - FUCK review.
  222. New Darkness Single
  223. Beautiful guitar and beautiful song
  224. 35 Years Ago Today - The Death of Elvis
  225. Chad Kroeger from Nicklehacks to marry Avril Lavigne.
  226. Randy Rhoads Book finally gets released!
  227. Guitar Center's Battle of the Blues Winner
  228. ZZ TOP on tour
  229. Will.I.am’s Latest Track Still Sounds Shit on Mars, say scientists
  230. BCC Preview Video For Their Third Album Hitting Stores October 30!!!
  231. James Lomenzo on new season of "The Amazing Race"
  232. Hey Satan, You Been In The Studio Recording A New CD, Eh?????
  233. What is it about drummers...?
  234. Couple cool guitar lessons I posted on Youtube!
  235. Mark Knopfler European Tour
  236. FUCK !!! This is AWESOME !!
  237. MAD SICK 10 String technical progressive guitar player from Germany!
  238. Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance 30th Anniversary Edition....
  239. Adam Levine Receives Promotion To Senior Lead Singer Of Maroon 5
  240. Led Zeppelin Soon to Announce '07 Concert on DVD
  241. Saw Hall and Oates last night
  242. You gotta see this Ozzy and Randy clip !!
  243. Since we're talkin' Rhoads footage...
  244. Iommi and Ozzy interview - 1987
  245. The Richest Lead Singers
  246. Mike Anthony to be part of another new "Supergroup"...
  247. Pete Townsend Autobiography Due Out Oct. 8
  248. Today's generation of music
  249. Michael Schenker Tour Dates.....Oct. to Nov. 2012....
  250. Green Day Billie Joe freaks out at the I Heart Radio Music Festival