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  1. Tiny purple bossypants
  2. Will Ferrel / Chad Smith drumoff...
  3. This tickles my old FAT techno bone
  4. What in the.......
  5. Still good..
  6. Red House
  7. Led Zeppelin Remasters Thread
  8. Kristy Reviews The Remastered Zep II
  9. Worst band name ever?
  10. Worse than 'How Many Say I'?
  11. Dancing in the street no music
  12. Went to see Aerosmith yesterday
  13. Eddie Cochran
  14. Don't be Denied ~ Neil Young
  15. Brian Johnson says it's likely AC/DC will tour this year
  16. Overrated guitarist acts like dickhole
  17. What was your first band t-shirt
  18. Paul Stanley Banter
  19. Best Music Video Ever!
  20. Krusty.....I love you.....
  21. Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone dies age 65
  22. My Apologies To FORD
  23. Johnny Winter RIP
  24. Purdy Gee Tar
  25. Dick Wagner dead at 71
  26. What album popped your cherry?
  27. What bands would you love to see live that you've yet to?
  28. Who made the best 'comeback' album?
  29. We need Beavis and Butthead
  30. Vogue all dead
  31. New Ted Nugent with Derek St Holmes...
  32. Webster's Musical Definition Of A Douche
  33. Evil Scarecrow Crabulon
  34. The Voice Of...........
  35. Iron Maiden - Rock in Lego
  36. Survivor: Real Man of Genius
  37. The Led Zeppelin II Album Cover - SOLVED!
  38. Billy Idol Has A New Album Coming Out October 21st
  39. I think Kristy actually wrote this article
  40. Paul Westerberg Don't Fuck With Me!
  41. Listener...all right rock critics....
  42. Courtney Love’s isolated guitar and vocals sound about like you’d expect
  43. Krusty's Led Zep Fangurl Thread
  44. The Jaggermeryx
  45. Rush to Celebrate 40th Anniversary With Massive 'R40' Live Box Set
  46. Apple Users Quietly Tell U2 To Go Fuck Themselves
  47. AC\DC announce new album
  48. Overrated and Overplayed
  49. Underrated and Underplayed
  50. How well do you know your 1984 albums?
  51. Jimmy Page Still Wants To Rock and Roll
  52. Butt Drums!
  53. Polyphonic Singing
  54. And your nominees for Rock Hall induction 2015 are...
  55. Rodrigo y Gabriela
  56. Robin Trower
  57. Sammy Hagar - Unchedded??
  58. Paul Stanley on JRE
  59. The worst fucking cover you will ever hear in your goddamned life
  60. Jack Bruce...dead
  61. "Listen To This Eddie" & Other Top Led Zeppelin Bootlegs
  62. Slash On Direct TV Tonight
  63. Guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover quit Megadeth
  64. So Michael Sweet from Stryper made a record with that dude who used to be in Dokken..
  65. Spammy Hagar officially makes the worse beatles cover I ever heard.
  66. Christopher Lee: Age 92 releases another holiday heavy metal single.
  67. Kristy Reviews Kingdom Come
  68. Highest Paid Musicians 2014
  69. Steven Tyler & Nuno - More than words - Nobel Peace Prize Concert Oslo 2014
  70. The who..
  71. Sing Along With Fat Axl Rose - presented by WARF
  72. When Music Gets The Be Pretty Fucking Retarded
  73. WARF Presents: The Weird Al Top 20 Video Countdown
  74. Jan Terri: Ave Maria (World Premiere)
  75. Paul Stanley Folgers Coffee Commercial
  76. Joe Cocker dies at 70
  77. You Are So Dead To Me
  78. Argentinian Jason Becker? Damian Salazar, guitarrista urbano
  79. Stevietalica
  80. Who checks out there local music scene
  81. Kim Fowley dead at 75
  82. People, I've Been To Hell And Now Know what It's Like
  83. Lemmy with the Foo Fighters
  84. Botswana's Cowboy Metalheads
  85. Geezer Butler arrested for a bar brawl! LOL
  86. Hagar, Anthony Cover Sabbath...
  87. Quiet Riot Well now you're here There's no way back
  88. RANT: Getting Rush tickets was torture.
  89. RIP Andy Johns
  90. Biopics
  91. Katy Perry's Own Mudshark Legal Battle
  92. Smooth Intentions (Power Trio) - New Music Video Single
  93. Steve Strange Fades to Grey
  94. TMZ Post Of The Day: Is Slash "Fucking" Supermodel Alexandra Ford?
  95. Kurt Cobain's credit card goes on auction.
  96. When Are You Too Old To Rock ‘N Roll? Signs And Reasons It’s Not Gonna Happen
  97. Kristy Reviews The Remastered Physical Graffiti
  98. Paul Stanley impression
  99. KXM - World of awesome
  100. Dimebag's grave robbed and desecrated!
  101. Oh LOAD!! Questions Questions...
  102. Paul Stanley's vocal transformation
  103. Man I really, really think, really think that I think....
  104. More No Faith: The Faith No More Thread
  105. Obscure 80's Pop
  106. Toto XIV
  107. Some Popular 70's Bands I Find To Either Ghey, Stupid Or Both
  108. B Movie Box Car Blues
  109. Eddie Trunk - Humorless Oaf?
  110. Rolling Stones 2015 American tour: Sticky Fingers in it's entirety?
  111. Paul Gilbert - Stone Pushing Uphill Man
  112. Peter Frampton - Blackhole Sun on Guitar Center Sessions
  113. Michael Anthony All Access 360
  114. Watch "John 5 - Tip of the Day - Behind the Nut Love" on YouTube
  115. 33 Years Ago Today
  116. R.I.P. A.J. Pero
  117. Cover of Jamie's Cryin'
  118. Chicken On The Bone
  119. Give me your "best band nobody's heard of"...
  120. This Should Kick Yer Ass...15 Year Old Girl Monster Guitarist...
  121. Stevie Ray Steps Out Of Bed For A Soundcheck..And Blows Your Fucking Mind.
  122. Vote for my sons band....or not...
  123. Band Maid
  124. Master of Rush Puppets
  125. Your summer concert plans?
  126. How Genre Affects Popular Musicians' Life Expectancy
  127. Malibu Kristy's Ghey Thread: NSFW : How Gay Is Binne (And The Rest Of You)
  128. Scott (wtf!?) Weiland
  129. Interest in new music dies at 33
  130. How to make Katy Perry Almost Listenable
  131. RIP Beale Street Blues Boy
  132. Producers who sing.
  133. RIP Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson)
  134. Van Hagar Idiot of the Week
  135. Steel panther exclusive interview - solo album, tv, david lee roth and nicki minaj
  136. Kristy Reviews The VH 1 2015 Remaster
  137. Sweet Baby Jesus, This Stinks...Stephen Tyler Goes Taylor Swift
  138. Rush fucked
  139. Bring It On, Bitch
  140. HBO Shooting Series about the US Festival
  141. Stephen Pearcy - I Can't Take It
  142. Dave Grohl broke his leg falling off stage
  143. Long Before David Lee Roth!
  144. Time for some Stevie
  145. Chromeo
  146. For Kristy...... Big Data "Jam of the year"
  147. Han Valen by ex Evile Ole Drake
  148. Soaked In Bleach
  149. New Maiden Album - Book Of Souls
  150. Lady Gaga covers Panama...
  151. Cool gift guitar picks
  152. Somebody Get Me a Doctor - New fun cover!!
  153. AIDS now second worst thing that happened to Freddie Mercury
  154. Albums hated by fans
  155. R.I.P. Chris Squire (1948-2015)
  156. Savatage reunion 2015..
  157. Police Videos
  158. Here's what Tantric Sex eventually results in....
  159. Pete Willis - The only REAL Def Leppard
  160. Icon (self titled 1984 album)
  161. Steel Panther Close House of Blues
  162. Back When Limeys Were Actually Pretty Cool
  163. Nope, I didn't Believe It Either, But Country Bumkin Paisley Kicks Satriano's Ass...
  164. The Band - Live in Winterland 1976
  165. Keith Richards discusses the Stones, drugs and his new solo album on Marc Maron’s WTF
  166. N.W.A., Cheap Trick, Yes, Smiths, Steve Miller among Rock Hall nominees
  167. R.I.P. Gail Zappa (1945-2015)
  168. Bette - 'If I Joined Van Halen Right Now, I'd Feel Like a Hypocrite'
  169. Rolling Stone 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time
  170. Joe Cocker...Has Left Us, 10/22/2015
  171. NEW ELO Lyric video
  172. Flashback 1990
  173. DONNIEP gets an autograph
  174. Worst fucking Halftime Performance Ever
  175. Christopher Romero and George Lynch - Phoenix Rising
  176. New Sammy Hagar Movie
  177. Ritchie Blackmore Open Letter
  178. Review: John Fogerty's Unfortunate Son Life Story.
  179. Seahawk Fans Get Godsmacked!
  180. New Zealand Local Government far worse than Nazi Germany
  181. The Circle Jerks cringe worthy performance a couple days ago!
  182. R.I.P. Philthy Animal Taylor of Motorhead
  183. Guns N Roses 2016??
  184. This Should Piss Off A few Roth Fans.
  185. Van Hagar song without CheeseMaster
  186. Would I still be here if I was blind?
  187. Welcome to the fuck shop!
  188. Scott Weiland...dead
  189. Neil Peart Says He's Retired From Music
  190. I can't get this song out of my head!
  191. AC/DC Announce 2016 U.S. Tour Dates
  192. If you thought Van Hagar sounded like Air Supply, listen to Spam's FIRST band!
  193. Lemmy Dead at 70
  194. David Robert Jones 1947-2016
  195. Smugmeister exposed - Exclusive LIVE audience recording of his band!
  196. Those Uncool Millennials
  197. Glenn Frey Dead At 67
  198. VH1 Classic Cancels "That Metal Show"
  199. The "Kristy's Wet Dream" Tour: Sting and Peter Gabriel!
  200. The "I died on stage" thread
  201. Jimmy Bain, former Rainbow/Dio bassist, dead at 68
  202. Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner dies at 74
  203. The Astonishing
  204. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler sings so powerfully that he smashes camera
  205. RothArmy JukeBox
  206. Ac/bg
  207. Rocket Queen
  208. Dan or another Kiwi poster
  209. Henry Rollins - Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath
  210. Terrestrial radio...awful
  211. The Alarm - Spirit of 86
  212. Joe Walsh and Bad Company tour
  213. Foo fighters split video
  214. George Martin...dead at 90
  215. March Madness on WMMR
  216. Best Rock Drummer
  217. BABYMETAL - Colbert Show
  218. Merle Haggard 1937 - 2016
  219. The music behind the worst album covers ever
  220. Van Hagar - I want some action
  221. Acoustic Fight
  222. Steve Vai Announces 'Passion and Warfare' 25th Anniversary World Tour
  223. Prince is dead
  224. Desert Trip
  225. SHARON!! Ozzy Leaves Compound to Get Away From Cunt
  226. Misfits to Reunite for First Time in 33 Years
  227. A Ghey Winger Thread For Donnie P
  228. Taylor Swift Worshipped by Neo-Nazis - "pure Aryan goddess of bubblegum"
  229. Guns n roses tix
  230. Turkish Radiohead fans attacked at listening party in Istanbul
  231. Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's guitarist, dead at 84
  232. What bands are you going to see this summer?
  233. Possibly the best music video ever...
  234. Kristy's Favorite Album Ever - Now in Excrutiatingly Repetitive Detail!
  235. Led Zeppelin announce BBC Sessions remasters
  236. Lars Adams
  237. Ozzy TV Interview 1997
  238. Bond Rejects
  239. The Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Commercial
  240. Ghost
  241. The Alan Parsons Project
  242. New Metallica
  243. David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails. Live 1995
  244. This week 25 years ago
  245. The 20 greatest producer band pairings of all time
  246. Major Bob Dylan boxset coming in November.
  247. New Kansas Album: The Prelude Implicit
  248. Son of a Bitch!
  249. What do you want to hear The Stones play at the "Desert Trip" shows?
  250. Slayer Vs. Hurricane!