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  1. The Modern Music Scene
  2. rolling stones : the immortals
  3. Beck
  5. best guitarist ever?
  6. GENESIS thread...
  7. Metallica - Some Kind of Monster
  8. New AC/DC album ALMOST completed
  9. what are your favorite musical guilty pleasures?
  10. Dead Can Dance on tour this year!
  11. So I Just Spent $30 on a CD...
  12. Scorpions News
  13. Black Betty!!!
  14. Allan Holdsworth
  15. How many of you have this album?
  16. Wow....not only is Robert Plant coming to Gnashville on June 29th
  17. Robert Plant Thanks Bath Echo For Unique Sound
  18. Free Special Promotion - Get a Photo MP3 Player !
  19. Free iPod in your choice of Colors !
  20. Hollywood Tease
  21. Finish the lyrics...
  22. Jacko Must Sell Off The Beatles Catalog!!!!!
  23. Get MTV UK? Love Sabbath?
  24. Free Olympus m:robe 500i Photo/Music Device !
  25. 4 Movie Tickets Instantly Free from Fandango !
  26. Favorite One Hit Wonder Tune
  27. New Hagar song - I'll take you there.
  28. I saw King Diamond™ earlier yesterday.
  29. Reading Festival
  30. Just got home from a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal convention
  31. 80's rock rules
  32. metallica or megadeth
  33. Greatest Frontman ever(besides DLR)
  34. DIO,is he any good?
  35. German Rock Music.
  36. Fuck
  37. Stone Temple Pilots
  38. VAN ZANT: Donnie & Johnnie get together
  39. Blue Oyster Cult
  40. Went to the Billy Idol show tonight!
  41. SPRINGSTEEN DETROIT/Anyone going or from Detroit/
  42. lisa mary presley
  43. Paul McCartney to tour US
  44. Should the Money man get in the rock n roll hall of fame?
  45. Favourite Guitar Solo or riff?
  46. Judas Priest or Iron Maiden
  47. Motlet Cru Last Night
  48. how great wood van halen with dlr have fucking been
  49. Van Halen In The 80,s
  50. Free Audiovox Portable DVD Player !
  51. "Talk of the devil" VS "Live evil"
  52. Lqqk!! Manowar Tour!!!
  53. Flac
  54. The king..John Entwistle
  55. More Motley 2005 Vid Clips!
  56. Best Sammy solo album
  57. WooooooOOOoOooOo....Expanded Reissue of Deep Purple's "Burn"
  58. New Michael Schenker DVD release date June 22
  59. TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS Announces Drummer For BEYOND FEAR Project
  60. Concept Albums
  61. The Death of Hard Rock
  62. Most Powerful Singers In Rock
  63. Alex Lifeson's Assault Case Concludes
  64. Dee Snider performs at Pa. high school
  65. Besides Hagar, who is the biggest candy ass lead singer of all time?
  66. Album image in Kill Bill
  67. Billy Idol rumored to be performing Jump in his live shows
  68. Springsteen
  69. Ronny Wood: Rod's house made me uncomfortable.
  70. New British Bands
  71. Best Looking Dudes in R & R bands..
  72. The most famous Rock guitar in History ?
  73. Does anyone besides me find Bono annoying?
  74. Billy Idol singing jump
  75. steve vai the best!
  76. Aldo Nova
  77. Billy Idol does Jump.
  78. Most Overated and Most Underated Guitarist
  79. Sam's Tour Dates!
  80. Top Notch Albums not everyone knows about?
  81. Big Audio Dynamite
  82. The Pretenders
  83. New Ajalon CD available for Pre Orders
  84. Coolest guitar you have ever seen
  85. Suggest my next QUEEN album to buy.
  86. Hottest Babes In Rock And Roll
  87. Something Weird about Iron Maiden and Hawaii
  88. DUB Side of the Moon??
  89. Anthrax Reunion Setlist
  90. Billy Idol 4/37/05 orlando show
  91. Snoop Dog at Syracuse University Sunday!
  92. Other "Must Have" Rock Cd's other than Classic VH!
  93. Another great Cali band!
  94. Great Minneapolis Rock!
  95. Justin Hawkins to do solo album
  96. New Tony Iommi Album coming this JULY!
  97. Any INXS fans in the house?
  98. Great albums the critics tell you to hate
  99. Tommy Lee's new blond "girlfriend"
  100. Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
  101. Joss Stone
  102. does anybody know about the new york dolls?
  103. Mazzy Star
  104. Jim DeRogatis talks with U2's Larry Mullen Jr.
  105. Queen US confirmation
  106. GEORGE LYNCH And JOHN SYKES To Team Up For U.S. Tour
  108. Female Guitarists
  109. JANET JACKSON Thought MARILYN MANSON Was 'The Devil'
  110. Reviewers Hail CREAM REUNION CONCERT...
  111. Just Seen Queen
  112. NIN "With Teeth" Japanese Bonus Tracks
  113. Jane's Extreme?? Porno For Nuno?? WTF????
  114. Hi Guys.. if anyone here likes Bob Seger
  115. One Line...
  116. Any Foreigner fans here?
  117. Allan Holdsworth question
  118. JUDAS PRIEST 'In Concert' To Air On VH1 CLASSIC This Friday
  119. Slash or eddie or randy rhoads???
  120. The stupidest stage names in rock?!
  121. My Essential Black Sabbath
  122. **AUDIOSLAVE** 05/01/05
  123. Old school rock lyrics
  124. Who do you prefer?
  125. Rolling Stones Tour Announcement
  126. Two Eras of The Beatles
  127. Robert Plant
  128. Schenker pulls out of Malmsteen tour
  129. Seventh Star - Black Sabbath
  130. How's your taste in music?
  131. I Was Offered A Free Ticket to See....
  132. Stupidest Band Names in Rock
  133. Motley Crue Aussie tour
  134. Earliest known live Black Sabbath tape discovered!!!
  135. Rolling Stones 2005 World Tour
  136. QUEEN and Paul Rogers Review!!
  137. dont ya think Dio and Maiden are alot alike
  138. audio slave
  139. The state of today´s rock music!
  140. Must have,what do ya think?
  141. Interesting Interview With roy Z - Producer
  142. Oh grate...yet ANOTHER fucking Iron Maiden live album
  143. Geezer Butler: New Iommi Album "Brilliant"
  144. Wal-Mart & Molly Hatchet: A Match Made in Heaven!
  145. Billy Idol Turns Down Reality TV Show
  146. Suzi Quatro
  147. Anyone see this show?
  148. Queen + Paul Rodgers Dvd
  149. Gayest. Fucking. Thing. Ever.
  150. April Wine
  151. Anybody been to any Grateful Dead shows?
  152. Rolling Stones
  153. Who Do You Prefer out of THESE?
  154. Robert Plant on David Letterman - video
  155. CBS Elvis Special
  156. RIP Peter Steele
  157. Robert Plant Radio Concert Reminder
  158. old school bon jovi or aerosmith?
  159. best ozzy cd?
  160. The Who Vs. Led Zeppelin
  161. VH Club Days
  162. Ozzy Vs DIO
  163. Tommy Iommi: I'm not underrated.
  164. Crue on AMW?
  165. Shredders or One note magicians ?
  166. The ultimate sleeve...
  167. I'm back(like you give a shit)
  168. Saw Velvet Revolver tonight
  169. Good News For REAL Whitesnake Fans
  170. Very Early Dio Stuff
  171. What is it with old rock stars begging for things these days?
  172. [B]Michael Sweet's(Stryper) the most embarrass moment on the stage. [/B]
  173. Rollings Stones/ACDC concert for Toronto SarsStock
  174. Kylie Minogue has Cancer !
  175. Rolling Stones presale password?
  176. Audioslave-Out Of Exile (Listen Here!)
  177. American Idol~ The final 3
  178. Billy Idol's new CD
  179. This guy is pretty good.
  180. Celtic Frost is back???
  181. The Rolling Stones Ticket Prices
  182. Best Rock Love Songs
  183. Eric Clapton Fishes For a Longer Life
  184. Another Maiden Archive Release Scheduled
  185. Pink Floyd reunion rumours persist
  186. Queen + To Play Madison Square Garden
  187. Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio to reform Rainbow.
  188. Joe Perry says one more studio album from Aerosmith.
  189. Wayne L. Cranks Up Skin Flute Tour 2005
  190. Your one song
  191. Lollapalooza
  192. [COLOR=skyblue][B]Rock band or musician went Bad.[/B][/COLOR]
  193. do you know.......?
  194. Lead Belly link
  195. stairway to heaven ? slide to hell?
  196. Steve Vai
  197. Rolling Stone 100 greatest guitarists
  198. Up Coming Must Have Dvds
  199. What music legend performed under the nickname or psuedonym of Blind Boy Grunt?
  200. Top 5 Bob Dylan toons
  201. I Cant Take It Anymore ! Ahhhh
  202. Nikki Sixx Thrilled by Johnny Knoxville Role
  203. Dream Theater / Megadeth US Tour!!!
  204. We Didn't Start The Fire
  205. When I was flicking through a few guitar magazines...
  206. Uhhh...another Dead Rock Star is really alive?
  207. Clapton or Hendrix
  208. Judas Priest to release DVD from Japanese shows
  209. Wow...kool tour...Vanilla Fudge, Pat Traver,
  210. Who looks worse? Phil Spector or Steve Miller
  211. NOW Who Do You Prefer?
  212. Can YOU rewrite a classic rock song with Jesus lyrics??
  213. Just received this email
  214. The "I FRIGGIN' HATE PROG ROCK" thread
  215. Winger Question
  216. You can own a guitar strap once owned by Jimi Hendrix!
  217. Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne
  218. motley crue...and sorry
  219. most overated bands
  220. THIN LIZZY to release greatest hits DVD July 4th.
  221. Man....William Shatner album kicks ass!!!
  222. This makes me laugh..
  223. [COLOR=skyblue][B]High is Heavy?[/B] [/COLOR]
  224. Anybody here like the New York Dolls?
  225. New Who movie..
  226. Robbie 'is best solo live act ever'
  227. W.A.S.P. : An apology
  228. Would you have signed this....?
  229. an 8 year old....
  230. [FONT=times new roman][B] SMOKIE[/B] [/FONT]
  231. The Rap Star Killed The Rock Star
  232. Favotie Videos Of All Time.
  233. Alice Cooper Longs For Keith Richards Horror Movie
  234. Bruce Dickinson "Tyranny of souls" CD
  235. AC/DC - Girl's Got Rhythm LIVE!!!
  236. Lars or AVH
  237. Alice Cooper Fan?
  238. Bon Scott Era - Dog Eat Dog- Rare Video!!!
  239. classic rock trivia
  240. Lynyrd Skynyrd on American Idol?
  241. Bob Seger Reissues
  242. Worst Guitarist Changes Ever
  243. Guess the lyric
  244. Hypothetical Pink Floyd reunion set for the "Live 8" concert
  245. Drummer JAMES KOTTAK Says He Is 'Lucky' To Be In The SCORPIONS
  246. LIVE 8 Concerts Announced
  247. JUDAS PRIEST Kick Off U.S. Tour: Setlist Revealed
  248. Who's the better guitarist steve via or eddie van halen?
  249. Who originally did "Spooky"
  250. Any Guns N Roses fans?