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  1. Tonight on Sundance Channel!!!! Nov 1st....
  2. Give Bush a Brain Game!!!!!
  3. A contest with Ford
  4. Litigate or Concede?
  5. **first Election Results In**
  6. Call It...
  7. The Right to Remain Silent
  8. 9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero
  9. Remember FORD if Jnr. wins.....
  10. Get Out And VoteToday
  11. Electoral College Vs Popular Vote
  12. Votes Found On Machines In Philly, Before Polls Open
  13. Where's the terrorist attack?
  14. 1 Million Kerry Votes Already Stolen
  15. South Park's vote or die song
  16. election day fun
  17. GOP Complains About School Voting Over Alleged Ice Cream Bribe
  18. Refugees of Communist Takeover Won't Forget Kerry's Past
  19. Bush was wrong John Kerry has done much more in the senate in 20 years
  20. what the hell...
  21. Ford's "Paranoia"
  22. anti-Bush statement by Scott Weiland---check this out
  23. I voted for Kerry today and I'm proud of it
  24. Massive Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania on the part of the Democrats
  25. Massive Voter Turnout Reported on Election Day
  26. 'Things you have to believe to vote Republican': A response
  27. The Ultimate John Kerry Ad
  28. Kerry Wins Ohio
  29. Kim Clement Prophecy
  30. Seriously someone needs to do something
  31. 2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All
  32. This Election is Getting Ugly
  33. You heard it here first.
  34. Florida!
  35. Cleveland Votes For Kerry
  36. Ford ..repeat After Me!
  37. Kerry wins Cali
  38. Bush Is Your President
  39. Ford What Say You Now!!!!?
  40. Republicans Extend Decade of House Control
  41. And Now We Take You Back To The Year 2000...
  42. I don't want a recount right off the bat...
  43. Kerry Loses Ohio
  44. Bush will get a few Supreme Court appointments
  45. Democrats: Who Do You Want as Your New Senate Minority Leader?
  46. Who will leave the Bush Administration?
  47. Ford's MIA
  48. Stocks Surge on Presumed Bush Victory
  49. Is That You, Senator Kerry?
  50. Bush Wins The Presidency!
  51. Kerry to Concede at 1:00 PM
  52. Kerry Concedes!
  53. Bush won the Election
  54. R.I.P. The United States of America
  55. Can't We All Just Get Along?
  56. Insurgents Blow Up an Iraqi Oil Pipeline
  57. Hey Kerry...
  58. Looking Forward
  59. Kerry Speech
  60. Bush Wins
  61. FORD needs some support so I am going to help him!!!!
  62. The Gore Losers
  63. The word "impeach" now immediately comes to mind.
  64. Ah, what a victory for the forces of infernal darkness!
  65. Faggotry Will Never Be Accepted By America, Thank Goodness
  66. Satan Is A Fag
  67. Satan Is Chickenshit Of Free Speech
  68. Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada
  69. John Kerry
  70. Name one good thing Bush did for the country
  71. Explain the problem with gay marriage
  72. what will happen to united states now?
  73. Bush: Not My President
  74. Bush Revolution
  75. Shame on you America
  76. Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada
  77. Mexico stocks hit record high after Bush victory
  78. Bush's Victory Speech
  79. The Monkeys Have Assumed Control
  80. The Map!!!!!!!!!
  81. Bush's Reply to Kerry Concession Phonecall
  82. Tom Daschle Booted By Thune
  83. Dow Up On Bush Victory
  84. Election Leaves Liberal New Yorkers In Dark Mood
  85. Why Democrats Must Change
  86. Arafat In Intensive Care Due To Sudden Deterioration In Health
  87. Teresa Heinz Files For Divorce?
  88. Bookies Say The Hildabeast The Favorite For 2008
  89. Dick Morris Calls for Probe Into Exit Poll 'Scandal'
  90. GOP Increases Senate Majority By At Least Four
  91. World Leaders Hail Bush's Re-election, Call For Healing Of Global Divisions Over Iraq
  92. A perfect Election Day
  93. From Slate Mag: How To Move to Canada-Will They Take Us In?
  94. The Official 'Where's FORD?' Thread
  95. Four More Beers
  96. Kerry's Reaction Today
  97. Ed Koch
  98. Liberal Fucking Crybabies
  99. The When "w" Whens I'm Leaving The Country Bus
  100. Ford , Cock ,spider Repeat After Me
  103. Impeachment How Long Did That Fucking Take?
  104. How Long Till The Libs Say Bush Should Reach Across The Aisle?
  105. Your TRUE President.
  106. Liberal Fucking Pussy Crybabies The People Have Spoken
  107. Hey Libs. How About Telling Us That The People Have Not Spoken?
  108. arafat breaking news!
  109. The twins apparantly got pretty excited during the acceptance speech!
  110. Defense stocks surge after Bush win
  111. Does Arafat have AIDS?
  112. A Dark Day in America: Bush wins
  113. election for the army?????
  114. Exposing The Myths Of The Liberal Lie Machine
  115. For the Moment, Mrs. Clinton Looks Like the Candidate to Beat
  116. Big News!!! Important As Hell!!!
  117. F**k
  118. John Edward's Wife Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
  119. You might be a LIBERAL If...
  120. Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported
  121. To all Republicans: my concession speech
  122. Arafat...
  123. In an effort to heal...
  124. The Guardian's Efforts Flop
  125. OMG F-16 Shoots up a school IN NEW JERSEY
  126. Iraqi's Looted Arms Dump
  127. Suicide attack kills UK soldiers
  128. Tone it down Canada...
  129. New Map?
  130. Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives
  131. Ratherisms on Election Day
  132. Ashcroft Likely to Leave Post
  133. Hey FORD, maybe this will make you feel better!
  134. Wouldn't It Be Funny If.......
  135. Suprised no one brought this up
  136. Caution: Specter says President has no mandate
  137. 'How He Did It'
  138. 34 countries from around the world find no secret election conspiracy.
  139. Surely we can all agree on this
  140. Throwin the liberals a frickin bone man...
  141. Bring It On, Ford...pussyboy
  142. Ever notice how the people who complain about the US the most benefit from it most?
  143. Blatant Exit Poll - Final Count Disparities
  144. Should we push Ford into the Clock Tower? What the hell!
  145. Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Web Site
  146. they're sorry
  147. RE: Suprised no one brought this up
  148. I want to take you seriously, seriously...
  149. Edwards Positions Himself for 2008
  150. How to win a seat in the senate
  151. The First Rat Jumps Ship
  152. Leave Ford Alone
  153. Hey Yasser Fucking Die Already!
  154. Here Is An Olive Branch Now Shove It Up Your Ass!
  155. I Respect Both Of These Guys And The Process
  156. Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire
  157. NYC Election Night photos
  158. If Democrats Leave America for Canada...
  159. Maps that tell a more accurate story
  160. The 'Hicks' Bit Back
  161. Therapists feeling the pain of some Kerry voters who despair over the lost election
  162. Full transcirpt of Bin Laden tape from 10/29/04
  163. Machine Error Gave Bush Extra Ohio Votes
  164. Bill Clinton: Why Bush Won
  165. The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy
  166. springsteen,pearl jam and REM
  167. Diebold's Political Machine
  168. The Presidential Quiz
  169. Way to go Bush Voters!
  170. Hold Your Liberal Head Up
  171. Hey Libs You Fucking Lost!
  172. Fallujga
  173. Now this is some funny shit...
  174. What Should Happen To Yasser's Carcass?
  175. Shoulder Fired Surface to Air Missiles Missing
  176. Arlen Specter What A Fucking Joke!
  177. The Lastest on Arafat in this Dupe Thread
  178. Dupe Threads
  179. Battle Near, Iraqi Sunnis Make Offer
  180. Broward Machines Count Backward
  181. Iraq Declares Martial Law, 23 Police Killed
  182. Remember Your Veterans on 11/11
  183. Man Distraught Over Bush Win Commits Suicide At Ground Zero
  184. Wisconsin Schools to bring back Creationism
  185. Bin Laden Handing Baton To Mystery Lieutenants?
  186. Political Poll: Drug Legalization
  187. The Evangelic Church
  188. Kerry Won
  189. Democrats Vow to Protect Social Security
  190. Fuck You Ford ...i Mean Goerring Or Is It Goebells
  191. Clinton to Democrats: Stop Whining
  192. Liberals Deserve What They Get
  193. The Writing's On The Wall
  194. Hundreds arch In Anti-Bush And Anti-War Protest
  195. Retrospective: Blame Democratic Values, Character, Candidates, & Message
  196. Can The Republic Endure This Clash Of Worldviews?
  197. Condescending Dems Still Don't Get It
  198. French Army Clashes with Ivory Coast
  199. Place Your Bets!!!!!!
  200. Blair's call to accept Bush scorned by Chirac
  201. Election 2004: The Big Winners And Losers
  202. Smiles from Iraqi children plentiful during Operation Crayon
  203. Paris Notifies Palestinians Of Arafatís Death
  204. Triumph of Hope
  205. CIA role inside the USA greater
  206. Documents: U.S. had plan to nuke N. Korea
  207. Bush Considers Clarence Thomas For Chief Justice
  208. ABC Reports U.S. Marines are moving into Fallujah
  209. Explosive at Al-Qaqaa Were Taken After U.S. Control
  210. Bush-hemian Rhaps-kerry
  211. Fuck The South!
  212. Dem radicals speak to the Red States
  213. Howard Dean's daughter injured in car wreck
  214. Hate to Ruin Your Parade; Arafat still Alive
  215. Dean calls for return to 'core values'
  216. Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling
  217. "This is no longer George Bush's war...
  218. The Costs of War: Letters From the Home Front
  219. IRA Freedom Fighters.....Brighton Bombing
  220. The Guildford Four
  221. The Birmingham Six
  222. Howard Dean considering bid to chair Democratic Party
  223. Bobby Sands RIP 1954-1981
  224. I'm that ASSHOLE who buttfucks boy Pandas....
  225. No Guiness for you Ford
  226. FORD is a RACIST!!!!!!
  227. Liberal U makes case for W...
  228. I forgot something.....
  229. lesson needed for 2008 election
  230. My score keeps going down! Perhaps this isn't my demographic?
  231. The IRA should go to IRAQ
  232. Hey Ford I You Missed Me .....i'm Back!!!!
  233. Nader Requests Hand Recount
  234. Give Me One Good Reason Why Yasser Should Be Buried In Jerusalem?
  235. Fucking Get Over It You Lost Try Agaian In 08... Please Run Hillary!
  236. Ford ... Stop With The Bullshit Screen Mames
  237. America disappeared
  238. How Michael Moore got Bush elected
  239. It's the people stupid!
  240. Hey W. You Won Now Shut Down The Fucking Boarder!
  241. Yasser I Have A Place To Bury You!
  242. 9/11
  243. Democratic Party must be 'born again,' Carville says
  244. Arafat Dead
  245. Ashcroft "retires"
  246. Remember Your Veterans / Saving Pvt. Ryan
  247. DaveIsKing WAS WRONG!!! Bush Sucks!
  248. Confessions Of A Cultural Elitist
  249. One Last Flip-Flop
  250. Matt Lauer equates U.S. Founders with terrorists