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  1. Bush Shifting Public Focus to Terrorism and Iraq War
  2. GOP Congressman Flip-flops, Calls for Withdrawl Date
  3. Mike Malloy fired !!!!!!!!!!
  4. FOX News Ratings Down
  5. There Is Fascism, Indeed
  6. Bush: U.S. [b]Must[/b] Win in Iraq
  7. British Ministry Of Truth Wants To Prosecute American Bloggers
  8. Today is the two-year anniversary of the Beslan massacre.
  9. Pentagon Report on Iraq Grim
  10. And BTW, Bin Laden Still at Large...
  11. Is Ford a Screenplay Writer Now?
  12. Proposal that Calls for Rumsfeld's Ouster Coming
  13. 14 UK-Servicemembers Die in Afghan Plane Crash
  14. Bush Denies Pentagon's Iraq Assessment
  15. GOP's Hold on House Shakier
  16. Iraqi Forces Arrest No. 2 al-Qaida Leader in Iraq
  17. Rove's Vision for GOP Falling Apart
  18. Afghan Opium Crop Aiding Taliban
  19. Study finds steep drop in prosecution of cases linked to terrorism
  20. NATO says it killed 200 Taliban
  21. Getting out of Iraq won't be simple
  22. Medicare Chief to Resign
  23. FIASCO: The American Military Adventure in Iraq
  24. August in Baghdad Ends With Flurry of Violence
  25. Anti-incumbent Fervor Growing in America
  26. Rummy 1966: Anti-Cronyism & Anti-Haliburton
  27. What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA
  28. The Plame Blame Game's Real Culprits
  29. Bush and wordplay
  30. Bush's War On History
  31. Bush Lied - And Jon Benet Died
  32. Iraq For Sale
  33. It's Official: Florida Inhabited by Fucking Loons
  34. Pakistan-Taliban Sign Peace Agreement
  35. How does she do it?
  36. What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA
  37. Blair Today, Gone Tomorrow?
  38. Is The New ABC "911-Docu-drama" Complete Bullpoopy?
  39. Pentagon to Spend More on ISR Aircraft
  40. Monday, September 11, 2006
  41. Chimpy Acknowledges Secret CIA Prisons Publicaly For The First Time
  42. Bush finally admits to secret CIA Prisons
  43. Tricky Dicky and his treasonous clan!
  44. Bush Reminded of Bin Laden in Time For Mid-Terms
  45. 'Idol' Singer Clay Aiken May Serve Bush
  46. Confess Your Sins, You Liberal SOB's!!!!
  47. EAT MY ASSHOLE has achieved "Full MEMBER Status"
  48. Blair resigns
  49. New oil field
  50. Another $68 Billion for Bin Laden, Taliban, and Rummy
  51. Anniversary Video of Bin Laden & Hijackers
  52. Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?
  53. Armitage Says He Was Source in CIA Leak
  54. U.S. Senate Says: No prewar Saddam-al-Qaida ties
  55. Conservative Group Airs Pro-Bush(War) Ad
  56. The media keeps missing the boat on Iraq
  57. The return of lethal fascism
  58. Again, Republicans running scared!
  59. World Trade Center
  60. Is the U.S. Winning or Losing the War on Terror?
  61. The Pentagon is Lying About Iraq
  62. The Bush Admin. is Reclassifying Documents from 1971???
  63. At a Secret Interrogation, Dispute Flared Over Tactics
  64. In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal
  65. Cheney on Meet The Press
  66. Abu Ghraib horrors re-emerge
  67. What if 9/11 had not happened?
  68. At a Secret CIA Interrogation, Dispute Flared Over Tactics
  69. Rockefeller: Bush Duped Public On Iraq
  70. For Democrats’ Hopes, Less Promise in New York
  71. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #259
  72. http://www.cagle.com//news/9115years/images/sherffius21.jpg (Bad Steve. No.)
  73. US Embassy In Syria Attacked
  74. Are Neocons literally MENTAL??
  75. "Death of a President" makes debut
  76. Al Qaeda agrees to cooperate With BushCO
  77. Bush's Hard Job
  78. Anbar a Lost Cause according to Marine Intel Report
  79. George W. Bush is the Greatest #1 President of all times!
  80. Bush Senses Third Awakening
  81. Hollyweird stikes again!!!!!
  82. Air AIPAC about to get a kick in the ass from Karma?
  83. School Shooting In Montreal
  84. Little Richard interprets Chimpy's 9-11-06 speech
  85. Bush’s last stand: turning the war on its head
  86. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards dead at 73
  87. Mitt Romney for President????
  88. Our Iraqi "Allies!"
  89. Bush Gets Owned by His Own Party
  90. Escape From New York Before It Goes Pink!!!
  91. Karl Rove's Gay Father
  92. Attack Kills 2 U.S. soldiers, 25 wounded
  93. IAEA Says BushCO LYING [AGAIN]...this time it's IRAN
  94. John Edwards for President????
  95. Rep. Ney...a TRUE American Hero
  96. Wisconsin farm produces third white buffalo
  97. A Laughable Press Conference With Bush In The Oval Office
  98. Republicans benefit from falling gas prices
  99. Republicans gain from Bush focus on war on terror
  100. Wow, now even the Pope is talking shit about Islam!
  101. Caption this Chimpy picture
  102. Now a TRENCH to surround Baghdad?!?!
  103. Is CIA "Interrogation" Now Illegal?
  104. Is NYS/NYC Finally Getting Their Ass Moving on "Freedom Towers?"
  105. AP Photog Held in Iraq 5 Months, no Hearing, No Charges
  106. The REAL Reason Republicans Went Into Iraq
  107. Nazis making a comeback?
  108. Bush assassination film wins an award at Toronto film festival
  109. What would Barry Goldwater think of today's Republican party?
  110. AP: US War Prisons Legal Vacuum for 14,000
  111. Princeton Scientists Create Vote-Stealing Program for Diebold
  112. Pat Buchanan wants Bush Impeached
  113. US Imprisons 14,000 Detainees
  114. FUCK the pussy Muslim motherfuckers!!!
  115. Bush to promote NEW strategy in the Mid-East.
  116. A Coup in Thailand.
  117. Diebold Voting Machines can be opened with Mini-Bar Keys !!!!!!!
  118. There's more to life than gas folks!
  119. U.S. Commander Sees No Troop Cuts in Iraq This Year
  120. Thom Hartmann Beats O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh
  121. George Allen discovers his Jewish Roots
  122. OMG! We're Doomed!
  123. Personal hygiene in Islam
  124. So the President isn't the only one to make a mess in Crawford.
  125. Chavez compares Chimpy to .........ME!!
  126. Big Dog's Appearance on Daily Show!
  127. FCC Crazy Fucked up Madness
  128. At least 7 of the 911 hijackers are still alive
  129. Papers show Bush allies' inside access
  130. Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?
  131. Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval
  132. SHOCKING video from Al-Jazeera.
  133. Who's the better President?
  134. All Things Pakistani
  135. Exxon misleads on climate change: UK Royal Society
  136. Take the day off. Go home and fuck!
  137. Evangelicals Jaded Towards Republicans
  138. Deal to End Seizure of Pills Bought in Canada
  139. Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam'
  140. Bin Laden Dead? French Intell Report Says
  141. Wars' Death Tolls Now Match 9/11
  142. NIE tells Bush Iraq War CREATED a FLOOD of new Terrorists
  143. The October Surprise
  144. Bush Successful at Bringing Peace.
  145. Clinton Owns Mike Wallace and the Fox Spinners!
  146. Why Many Republicans Are Lying Phonies in "The War on Terr'ah."
  147. Go figure! The Taliban with its own pocket country inside Afghanistan
  148. How to Get Out of Iraq?
  149. U.S. Army Generals in Minor Rebellion Against Rumsfeld?
  150. George Felix MaKKKaKKKa Allen - Racist piece of shit!!
  151. Bush Seeks Immunity For Violating War Crimes Act
  152. It's official: The BCE has FAILED in the "war on terra"
  153. Boys Gone Wild!!
  154. Global Temperature Highest in Millennia
  155. Bush's Terror Double Standard
  156. A Textbook Definition of Cowardice
  157. When You Have Nothing to Offer, Sling Mud
  158. What did the Bush Admin do about Bin Laden/Al Qaeda during those first 8 months?
  159. Are people pointing the fingers at one another...
  160. Thom Hartmann Comes to the Defense of the Embattled, and Shrinking, Middle Class
  161. Those who know Bush best worry he will go to war with Iran regardless of what we want
  162. Election 2006
  163. 2008 Presidential Candidates
  164. Lying sack of shit that Bush Is!
  165. BCE blocked hurricane report's release
  166. Rice Lied !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Matt Lauer and Bush
  168. the retarded word fucks of Bush
  169. Another prime example of the idiocy that runs this country
  170. Bush Administration rewriting US Law without the consent of congress
  171. CENTCOM Sergeant Details Traitorous Stand Down Orders On 9/11
  172. More Alike than Bush Would Want to Admit !!!!!!!!!
  173. Torture by any other name is just as vile
  174. Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion
  175. "They Just Killed 'Im!!"
  176. 60% of Iraqis Approve of Killing US Soldiers
  177. White House Spokesmonkey Snow to Campaign for RePukes
  178. Saudis To Build Fence Along Iraq Border
  179. WTF is Going on in Iraq?
  180. Interesting article on The Big Dog!
  181. Am I an Asshole?
  182. NY's version of Katherine Harris Vows to Stay In Race
  183. Keith Olbermann Receives Anthrax Scare....NYP thinks it's Funny
  184. China fires lazers at US spy satelites and Bush tries to keep it under raps.
  185. Comparing Bush & Co. to a disease
  186. Bob Woodward on Bush's "State of Denial"
  187. Foley resigns from Congress over e-mails
  188. Corruption Scandal Star Abramoff Had Extensive White House Contacts!
  189. An Interesting Quote From Dubya: August 29, 2001
  190. Woodward's book
  191. "America" - New Lyrics for A New Dark Age
  192. Iraqi Gov't Shields Shia Death Squad Militias says US Military
  193. Is this why WARPIG has been "MIA" lately??
  194. NY Republican Congressman may fall with Foley.
  195. Contrary to a recent Frontline thread, Fox News still dominates CNN AND MSNBC.
  196. 2 9/11 Hijackers Appear in 2000 Video
  197. The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 262
  198. Journalist Bob Woodward believes the White House has not been honest with the America
  199. Enjoy You Tube while you still can
  200. Rumsfeld Trial to Begin 10/07
  201. Mob Ties to Al Qaeda?
  202. Let's Review The Exit Strategy Of Your REPUBLCAN Congress
  203. Let's Review What BushCO doesn't want to Talk About
  204. Roth For Congress
  205. Fascist Nut Daily DUMPS the Republican Party!!
  206. Time for the Bush Amendment
  207. Moonie Times calls for Hastert to Resign
  208. Rice Denies She Ignored 9/11 Terror Warnings
  209. Bill Frist Wants to "Cunt & Run" from Afghanistan?
  210. Ernest Gaines makes gay bashers think.
  211. The Draft
  212. Dubya Defends Hastert In Foley Scandal
  213. No, Neo-Cons, you won't like this poll either...
  214. The century of drought
  215. Unions bully Congress again!!!
  216. AMERICA needs a third Party!!!
  217. Rumsfeld, Ashcroft Received Warning of al-Qaida Attack Before 9/11
  218. Mad Libs
  219. This is some funny bushit
  220. What do you think of Harold Ford Jr.?
  221. Gingrich: Dems' Sex Scandals Are Worse
  222. Don't talk!
  223. Ever Ask Yourself About Christians, and Christianity in Iraq???
  224. One Thing I'm sure NeoCons and Libs willl agree on..
  225. "State Of Emergency"- A must read!!!!
  226. Man Files Lawsuit After Being Arrested By Cheney's Gestapo For Telling Cheney Off!
  227. 1,200 Iraqi Police Suspended For Murder, Kidnapping
  228. Khameini: Don't masturbate during Ramadan
  229. Yo, Neo-Cons...Republican Senator Warner can't find any "Good News" in Iraq Either
  230. Don't Worry, Dr. Rice...Iraq is perfectly safe to land in
  231. King George at it AGAIN
  232. A special comment about lying
  233. Caption This! Pic of President Feckless and Former CongressManBoyLove
  234. Biden: GOP to Split Over Iraq after Election
  235. The "Embarrassed Republican" Effect
  236. So Many Republican Scandals....So Little Ethics
  237. Shots Fired along the DMZ
  238. White House aide to Karl Rove resigns
  239. Christianity's War on the American Political System
  240. A Terrorist that Lives Under U.S. Protection
  241. Protesters Corner Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
  242. Chimpy may be left with only Barney & Laura after all
  243. Embassy Attack in Syria Planned in Saudi Arabia
  244. Iraqi Police fall sick, die from Food Poisoning
  245. Diebold Memory Cards Stolen, Midterms in Trouble
  246. Time To Go On The Record
  247. National Coming Out Day
  248. We're Fucked..
  249. Rummy Sold Nuclear Reactors To North Korea
  250. Abramoff knew about war on Iraq a year before it happened