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  1. DC Gays Say Hastert Had Sex With Young 'Men For Hire'?
  2. Oops, FAUX did it again!!
  3. Poll: GOP Put Politics Over Safety
  4. Hollyweird Hypocrite!
  5. "Dude, where's my cross?" Another 'Hollywierd' Baldwin brother gets politcal
  6. Pervez Musharraf on the Daily Show
  7. Study: 655,000 Iraqis Died Due to War
  8. McCain Blames Clinton For North Korea Test Blast
  9. A Meeting In The Middle
  10. Stupid laws....
  11. Stupid laws....
  12. Preliminary Uniform Crime Report 2005
  13. Another example of those who disagree with this admin....
  14. Here is Keith's comment on Habeas Corpus
  15. GOP Leaders Seek Probe of Berger Papers
  16. Solving the Korean Stalemate, One Step at a Time
  17. AP Exclusive: Reid Got $1M in Land Sale
  18. Military Commissions Act Shames the Constitution and Weakens America
  19. UW Instructor Makes 9/11-Hoax Essay Required Reading
  20. bush / extreme regime
  21. Voters Vanish in U.S.
  22. DLC posterboy Mark Warner drops out of 2008 Presidential race
  23. U.K. Army Head Said to Seek Iraq Pullout
  24. Mel Gibson Acquires Nuclear Weapon
  25. Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center
  26. A Soldier Hoped to Do Good, but Was Changed by War
  27. Air America Radio Files Chapter 11
  28. Rep. Bob Ney (R, OH) Pleads Guilty to Bribery
  29. Nobel prize links poverty reduction to peace
  30. SEAL falls on grenade to save comrades
  31. North Korean Nuke: Fake or Fizzle?
  32. John Asscrotch admits.... "I'm an Unkind, Selfish Sinner"
  33. All The Presidents Wives As Dogs!
  34. Sen. Ted Kennedy on "Net Neutrality."
  35. "Out of Iraq" book
  36. Bush Keeps Revising War Justification
  37. Teen Questioned Over Bush Threats on MySpace
  38. Clinton sings...
  39. Another Corrupt Repuke, another Plead deal and Disgrace
  40. British Pulling 1/2 Out of Iraq?
  41. Video: Torture In American Prisons Under Bush's Watch In Texas
  42. Discuss
  43. There's a "new Sherriff" in talk radio town: Nova M Radio!!
  44. I think this seems honest
  45. Colorado right wingers BLASPHEMOUSLY imply that GOD opposes a minimum wage increase
  46. Video: Princeton Researchers demonstrate how to change votes in diebold machine
  47. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #264
  48. Liberal attacks on free speech?? Who would have thought.
  49. Wal-Mart encourages politics
  50. Right wing sexual perversion not limited to US Republican party
  51. US Confirms North Korean Nuclear Test
  52. More Republicans are going to vote Democrat to burn the backstabbing GOP
  53. Blimp-shaped lawyer jailed for treason
  54. China erects barbed wire fence along border with North Korea
  55. How difficult can it be to take out Kim Jong-il
  56. FBI Searches GOP daughter's House
  57. Where Did Your Money Go?
  58. provication
  59. Gay blogger says he will "out" a Republican senator on Tuesday
  60. Look at All The Sheeple Here Tonight!!
  61. Likely NY Congressman will Question Free Trade...
  62. Republican Senators Call For New Iraq Strategy
  63. "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" Opens in NYC
  64. Seoul Can Build A-Bombs Within 1 Year
  65. American Hero John Murtha Blasts Namecalling and Liars
  66. Book Excerpt: David Kuo's 'Tempting Faith'
  67. Did you know this was "National Character Counts Week"???
  68. Baker Report: Urges Bush to Withdraw
  69. Desperate Chimpy summons Hate Radio hosts to the White House
  70. 10 US Servicemen die to "Stay the Course."
  71. Man on Dog Santorum has seen "Lord of the Rings" one too many times
  72. FEAR!!! NFL FANS!!! October Surprise includes Dirty Bombs
  73. 'Beginning of the end of America'
  74. Gay congressmanís spouse denied benefits
  75. This is scary...
  76. Democrats going in debt to try to win the Senate
  77. Clinton urges Dems to question criticism
  78. How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy
  79. Valid questions...
  80. Osama loves VH!!!
  81. Malloy is kicking ass!
  82. Lowest Support for Iraq "War" Yet....
  83. The Beginning Of The End Of America
  84. Bush Finally Admits Iraq-Vietnam Parallels
  85. Bush's Bellicose Iran Rhetoric May Be Causing More US Casualties!
  86. Union Targets Wal-Mart in Election Push
  87. The Absolute Failure That Is "Stay The Course"
  88. Hollywood Heroes of WWII
  89. Shortage of Immigrant Workers Causing Food to Rot on the Vine.
  90. General: Iraq strategy "failing."
  91. Coming soon : The REPUBLICAN Bible!!
  92. GOP Tells Orange County Candidate to Withdraw
  93. After Patís Birthday
  94. What's worse than ports being run by Arabs? How about ports run by the BCE themselves
  95. HA! Republicans couldn't even handle tough questions back in the early 90's.
  96. Judge orders release of Cheney visiting logs
  97. Iraqi Mahdi Army Militia Takes Over Town
  98. Watch this political ad, BUSHEEP
  99. Fearless Leader Won't Change "the Course"
  100. Iraq rushes troops to control street battles
  101. Hilarious! David Gregory Tells Bush In Paris Story On Leno
  102. Referendum I in Colorado
  103. BCE top general says Rummy the Dummy is inspired by GOD
  104. Bush to Iraq: YOU TAKE OVER
  105. Iraqi Police All Bent Cops?
  106. Democrats Strengthen Chances For Senate
  107. VIRGINIANS: Vote YES on Ballot Question #1
  108. So if the Taliban offered up ol Binnie, what would you do????
  109. Hundred$ of Million$ $tolen by Iraqi Defense Ministry Members
  110. Pelosi: "Chimpeachment is off the table!"
  111. When does a drunk driving cop killer get away with murder??
  112. DIEBOLD Source Code Leaked AGAIN
  113. Flags of our Fathers
  114. New Deal for U.S. Manufacturers
  115. "made in russia - the holocaust"
  116. Independents Prefer Dems over Repubes in '06 Midterm
  117. Bush "We've never been 'stay the course', George"
  118. GOP Senator Says Iraq Is Near Chaos
  119. The Official Barack Obama 2008 Thread
  120. The Don't Show Me State
  121. ENRON criminal Jeff Skilling gets 24 years
  122. House GOP officials likely to be at odds
  123. Britain to restrict jobs for Romania, Bulgaria
  124. Homer Simpson's October Surprise??
  125. Democrats: Maybe Next Election
  126. Just In Time: Magical One Year Plan For Iraq!
  127. "The Worst Congress Ever"
  128. Limbaugh Says Fox Exploited Disease
  129. Conservative-Libertarian from Cato Inst. Says "Vote Democrat?" Huh?!
  130. Republicans losing everywhere.
  131. Servicemen Petition Congress To End Iraq Occupation
  132. Bush uses The Google
  133. MonkeyBoy Tries To Make "Explanations"
  134. Some REAL Suggestions for Republicans
  135. The Root of all Evil
  136. New Jersey high court opens the "back door" to gay marriage
  137. Rush Limbaugh: Sexual Tourist?
  138. How BushCO Lied to his Religious Base
  139. Poll: Most feel civil liberties not harmed by war on terror
  140. [i]"Oh no he didn't"[/i] yup..he went there.
  141. Jesus Christ, Is There a SINGLE Con in here who can Bring it?
  142. Cheney Endorses Waterboarding
  143. Political TV ads by the Right-Wing Nutjobs in Tennessee are backfiring
  144. Death of a President
  145. Good artlcle on racism & the Liberal agenda that I didn't write & Have No Opinion on
  146. G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage
  147. Democrats: Stick to the Issues
  148. GOP incumbents use tough underdog tactics
  149. Michael J. Fox on stem-cell research.
  150. Ted Kennedy speaks
  151. BCE/Carlyle trying to buy LA Times, Chicago Tribune
  152. "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing" Movie Trailer
  153. Why Iraqi Leader Balking at US Demands
  154. BCE Hires Lee "QuatroChin" Raymond to solve America's Energy Crisis?!?
  155. Thoughts
  156. America's Bloody October in Iraq
  157. Halliburton Corners The African Third World Orphan Market
  158. When Lynn Cheney Attacks Video
  159. Climate Change 'Brings Huge Cost'
  160. Girls Gone Wild: Tennessee Right Wing Hypocrisy Edition
  161. Rummy ADMITS Flight 93 was shot down over Pa
  162. Does Iraq = Vietnam?
  163. Thousands Of US Weapons Missing In Iraq
  164. Voting "glitches" Already Reported In FLA
  165. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #266
  166. Brits Contract with Gore on Global Warming
  167. Duncan Hunter to Run in '08
  168. Zawahiri Was Target
  169. Rove's 72 Hour Plan
  170. Things that make you go boom
  171. US Probes Voting Machine Firms w/ Ties to Chavez?
  172. Just a reminder for all those who seek the Truth
  173. Ford are you moonlighting???
  174. Chimpy shows sneak previews of new GOP attack ads
  175. Clinton Got A Blowjob
  176. Republicans See Edge From Early Voting
  177. Dead voters continue to cast ballots in New York
  178. Anti-war Democrat fighting a losing battle
  179. Clinton Is Gone, But His Policies Carry On
  180. British to evacuate consulate in Basra after mortar attacks
  181. John Kerry just can't keep his foot out of his mouth
  182. What's at stake in this election
  183. Blair Fighting Off Iraq Inquiry
  184. Bush Brother Gets No Child Left Behind Contracts
  185. How all of this could've been avoided
  186. AlMo's Manifesto
  187. Allen Supporters Tackle Heckler at Event
  188. George F. Will
  189. Abstinence message goes beyond teens
  190. When Will the Neo Con Pussyhawks Enlist?
  191. Why did he disrespect the Troops This way??????
  192. There are four boxes used in the defense of freedom
  193. Bechtel Cuts and Runs.....
  194. Who Should Apologize?
  195. Poll: Dems Carry Big Pre-Election Lead
  196. Bush: Cheney, Rumsfeld will stay through '08
  197. Blogger Attacked by "Macaca" Allen's Stormtroopers!
  198. What if We're to Blame?
  199. John Kerry's First Purple Heart
  200. Pentagon Charts Iraq's Transition Toward Chaos
  201. Bush Owes Troops Apology, Not Kerry
  202. 3 more years in Iraq?
  203. Clinton at ASU
  204. The Real Story : Iraq Video
  205. Another week, another gay Republican scandal......
  206. Key Evangelical quits amid gay sex claim
  207. Chimpy finally admits that Iraq was all about OIL and Israel
  208. Brits Think Bush more Dangerous than Kim Jong Il
  209. Fired for Flipping Off Bush
  210. Fired for Exposing FRAUD in Iraq
  211. All Conservatives VOTE DEMOCRATIC ON TUESDAY!!
  212. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! BCE Publishes Iraqi "How to Build A Nuclear Bomb" guide online...
  213. Why Democrats Are Worried
  214. Conservative" Murdoch Endorses Hillary
  215. The Murphys Shake the GOP
  216. Nancy Pelosi 3rd in line for Presidency?
  217. Convicted Abu Graihb Dog Handler Makes it as Far as Kuwait
  218. Limbaugh Kicks It Old School.
  219. Cameras Show Army Recruiters Misleading Students
  220. Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear
  221. Facts Are Stubborn Things
  222. Why Democrats Are Worried
  223. Nuclear Lab Breach Could Be 'Devastating'
  224. Pro-Pot Ad Targets Bush, Cheney
  225. Army Times says: Dump Rummy the Dummy!
  226. Awaiting the OJ, I mean Saddam Verdict
  227. Newseeek (liberal rag) declares Kerry unfit to command
  228. GOP Pallor & Defeatism
  229. Vote 'em Out!
  230. Get ready for Cons to lose it again...
  231. Possible Iraq Deployments Would Stretch Reserve Force
  232. Supreme Court to Hear Major Abortion Case Next Week
  233. As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare for Legal Fights
  234. Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh slams Bush
  235. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #267
  236. gaul vs. gall
  237. Make a decision, Joe.
  238. Another GOP snub of Chimpy
  239. God Damn, you Busheep are PATHETIC
  240. RePUKES reach new LOW
  241. So how did you vote today?
  242. New rules, machines frazzle poll workers
  243. Female suicide bomber in Gaza attacks Israeli troops
  244. Official 2006 Mid Term Election Results thread
  245. Just Remember,: BUSH IS ***STILL** our President!!!
  246. Saddam Calls For Hugs All Around
  247. Democrats Take House AND Senate
  248. Arizona holds new record of being the first.
  249. Breaking: Useless Prick Rumsfeld Sacked...
  250. Dummy resigns