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  1. predictions thread
  2. Promo : Buy 5units Get 1 Fre
  3. Meet The New Boss
  4. Is Meatloaf the new Senator from Montana?
  5. Big Oil Loses it's welcome in Washington DC
  6. Thank You America!
  7. **BREAKING NEWS** AP calls Virginia for Webb
  8. Youth Turnout In Election Biggest In 20 Years
  9. Chimpeachment Now!!!!!!!!
  10. Nancy Pelosi
  11. We need an independant energy program that's the caliber of the Apollo space project
  12. Do you think the policy in Iraq will change now?
  13. Will our policy in Iraq change now?
  14. The monkey in the White House
  15. Who will replace Darth Cheney when he steps down for "Health Reasons" this year?
  16. Liberals Did **NOT** Win On Tuesday
  17. Why Warham is a MAN and NickD is a ****PUSSY****
  18. Sen. Allen concedes defeat in Virginia
  19. First Dem To File for 2008
  20. Meet the Blue Dogs: pro-gun, anti-abortion - and Democrat
  21. Is EAT MY ASSHOLE the stupidest bastard to ever post in this forum?
  22. If they televise Saddam's execution will you watch it?
  23. take a few minutes
  24. Chafee Considers Leaving GOP
  25. The Marijuana Referendums: Good news & Bad
  26. Happy Veterans' Day to Those Who Served
  27. AP: Mehlman to Step Down From RNC Post
  28. Come To Daddy
  29. Fixing Social Security
  30. Guess the Germans Didn't Learn Their Lesson
  31. Bolton to be the next to go down?
  32. A partisan tilt, but no ideological change
  33. It's all about the body language
  34. Our Long National Nightmare Has Just Begun
  35. TIME: Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse
  36. Diamond Dean
  37. The Mann Coulter Show
  38. Heeeeere's Johnnie
  39. Bush Approval at New All-Time Low
  40. Past War Games Foresaw Iraq Problems
  41. How bad has it gotten? Even Repubs are Pissed at Chimpy Now
  42. Busheep arrested for Anthrax mail threat!
  43. Marine to Receive Medal of Honor
  44. Martin Luther King honored in memorial groundbreaking ceremony
  45. The Ultramangina VH Reminder
  46. The rich get poorer
  47. From Mayor of NYC to Mayor of America?
  48. JFK conspiracy revisited
  49. Damn, another Deadline
  50. So just what IS the Dems platform on Iraq???
  51. Barbara "Tonic" Bush Displays Remarkable Commitment to Drinking
  52. Mel Martinez to become new RNC chair?
  53. Widows Sue Over Wicca Symbol
  54. 150 Kidnapped In Iraq
  55. Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany
  56. Let's Meet Your New Leaders
  57. Here Comes English Al Jazeera
  58. Nancy Pelosi's tough new rules
  59. Canadian troops raid Taliban/Al Queda compound
  60. Pelosi draws fire for backing Murtha
  61. Jack Abramoff reports to Md. prison
  62. That way son
  63. Trent Lott? What, are you guys Desperate?
  64. Some Americans Forget What Year 9/11 Happened
  65. America
  66. CIA Acknowledges 2 Interrogation Memos
  67. Nevada Town Fines For Flying a Foreign Flag Alone
  68. Is the media really the "Liberal Media?"
  69. Chimpy Screws the Country
  70. "We'll succeed unless we quit."
  71. Americans Kidnapped in Iraq
  72. The Bush Sr. Team taking over???
  73. The Case of The Supreme Killer Cookies
  74. Israel developing anti-militant "bionic hornet"
  75. Democrat (Rep. Charles Rangel wants) to reinstate military draft
  76. Rep. Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate Draft
  77. GOP Rank and File Blast Bush
  78. [size=3]Kissinger Says Victory in Iraq Is Not Possible[/size]
  79. CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons
  80. Judge won't halt AT&T wiretapping lawsuit
  81. Bush Arrives to Angry Crowds in Indonesia
  82. Iran to hold Summit with Iraq and Syria
  83. Let's say thanks.
  84. Oberman rules!
  85. One trillion US dollars
  86. Should Pologmy be legal?
  87. Bush's Daughter Robbed in Argentina
  88. President Cheney to meet With Saudis
  89. On behalf of a grateful Nation...Thanks
  90. Happy Thanksgiving Frontline!
  91. The year we Had Two Thanksgivings
  92. Largest day of Carnage in Iraq since Invasion
  93. Happy Thanksgiving, Bitches!!
  94. China build up seen aimed at U.S. ships
  95. Police Shoot Groom outside Queens Night Club
  96. Last Ditch GOP Election Ads...
  97. Iraqi Insurgents Have Money
  98. Bush Still in Denial on Iraq
  99. A Profiling In Courage
  100. Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do
  101. Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions
  102. Activist's Fiery Death Prompts Questions
  103. Hardrock69's Political Humor Thread
  104. Speel Chakker
  105. War on Christmas II: Peace is now "Satanic"
  106. Psychotics for Bush
  107. Put a Fork in Him, Kerry's Done
  108. A Case for a Divided Iraq: or "Iraq is BROKEN!!"
  109. Chimp comes damn close to getting his ass kicked
  110. Bush gets even with iPods
  111. Bushfeld: The New Sitcom About Nothing
  112. Iran writes to the US citizens
  113. Jesus Christ Was A Bastard? *Blasphemy Alert!*
  114. A Nation of Chumps and Suckers
  115. Democrats breaking promises already
  116. Kerry Says It's Time to Move On
  117. Anyone buying Jimmy Carter's book
  118. Iranian Weapons Arm Iraqi Militia
  119. Oooo Canada... !!!
  120. I am a raging Pseudo-Christian Hypocrite
  121. Girls Gone Wild: Argentina!!
  122. We need term limits for Senators and Congressmen
  123. Democrats Promise MORE Tax Cuts????
  124. Congressman SHOULD take his Oath on a Quran
  125. LAFF MY ASS OFF.....Jay Leno just now
  126. No Wonder Rummy Was Finally Fired
  127. I'm a sex offender!
  128. Can it Be? Bush Weighing Iraq Options? Flip-Flopping on Withdrawal?
  129. First Private ER Opens in Canada
  130. BushCO's Election Theft Machine Malfunctions Yet Again
  131. US tells banks to shut down Iran operations
  132. Has He Started Talking to the Walls?
  133. Bolton Stepping Down
  134. The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 270
  135. Bloody Weekend for US Personnel in Iraq
  136. NASA Plans Permanent Moon Base
  137. The gun lottery!
  138. Jeb Bush is a leader?
  139. Clinton adds staff
  140. Chickenshit Phelps Cowards chased away from soldier's funeral
  141. USA: Our Nation's best
  142. For Illegal Aliens, Crime Pays - and So Do We
  143. The last of the furniture factories
  144. Mary Cheney is PREGNANT!!
  145. Iraq Panel Warns of Looming "Catastrophe" in Iraq
  146. Al Gore
  147. Dammit! Where Are All The Conservatives!!
  148. Bush Still Refuses To Face Reality
  149. The United States vs. George W. Bush
  150. GOP Sen.: "(Bush's Iraq War) Criminal"
  151. Hey Chimpy, you DUMBASS! We Told You So!!!
  152. Flamethrower Needed
  153. Ed Koch calls Dennis Prager a "bigot" and a "schmuck"
  154. Who Saw THIS Coming????
  155. Craaazy Buffet
  156. President Jim-bwah Cawtuh's Gawna Be On Leno In Fahv Minnits..
  157. Bush to meet with Iraqi vice president
  158. Devil Soybeans will make you GAY!!
  159. Geez, look who has the keys to the car.
  160. Another Gay right wing preacher comes out in Denver
  161. Is classism the new racism?
  162. Saudis Give The U.s. A Grim "what If?"
  163. A Dumb Stat For Dumb People
  164. The Balance of Power
  165. Roadside IED
  166. Merry Christmas from the Bush Criminal Empire!!
  167. Dealing with terrorists New York style.
  168. Barack "Big Ears" Osama is a little insecure
  169. Chimpy gives out MOF to BB King, others...
  170. The Unregulated Offensive
  171. Coming Out Of The Closet..............to declare my Humanity
  172. Want to Impeach the monkey Yourself? Here is how you can do it...
  173. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #272
  174. **Mike Malloy update**
  175. The Buzz at Hunter for Hillary
  176. Gotta question
  177. Plenty of summejobs for ethinopian kids
  178. Just send over more troops, of course!
  179. Iranian Voters Reject Ahmadinejad's Extremism
  180. Holy Shit! ANOTHER Sexually Immorral Colorado Preacher!!
  181. Salon Person of the Year: S.R. Sidarth
  182. Ahmadinejad Opponents Win Elections
  183. McCain to move
  184. Winning Their Hearts And Minds...
  185. Robots to replace Mexicans in the future?
  186. John McCain on 9/11 Conspiracy Myths
  187. US to Boost Size of Army/USMC
  188. The (Whores) on Christmas!
  189. US Death Toll in Iraq Surpasses That of 9/11
  190. **Breaking News: Former President Gerald Ford dead at 93**
  191. Saddam Hussein to Hang out with Paris, Lindsay
  192. rupture of gas line kills at least 260 in Nigeria
  193. Ford Reagan's running mate in 80!!!
  194. Saddam's Sentence to be carried out by Sunday
  195. Dixie Chicks' "Shut Up & Sing" documentary
  196. Ancient ice shelf breaks free from Canadian Arctic
  197. they hung saddam
  198. Hey!! Did you guys hear they hanged Saddam?!?!?!
  199. Do you feel safer now that Saddam Hussein is dead?
  200. Do you agree with hanging and capital punishment in general?
  201. Deadly December: The Highest Death Toll of Troops In Iraq of the Year
  202. World War III
  203. I am doing it right..paying my respects
  204. "Santa and the States" (TV Funhouse)
  205. Iran gives Iraq $1 Billion in Reconstruction Loans
  206. Hussein the Rabbit
  207. Gerald Ford was Well Hung
  208. If we are really seriouse about global warming, we should boycot Chinese goods.
  209. Time to Reflect As Iraq Toll Hits 3,000
  210. Troops Disapprove of Com. in Chief Chimp
  211. Who Killed Lincoln?
  212. Bush Ranch Buzzed by Small Aircraft
  213. Yes! Another Saddam Hanging Thread!
  214. CNN Pulls a FOX, offers apology
  215. Who's The Most Useless, Annoying Canadian, eh?
  216. Can You Hear Me Now? It's Another 9/11
  217. Sacrifice??
  218. Global 3-D Wifi SpySat Project Provokes NRO Crisis
  219. Pat Robertson Predicts Deadly Attack on U.S.
  220. Bush pushes balanced budget on Democrats
  221. Dems get their asses shouted down on DAY ONE!
  222. Negroponte The Butcher gets a Promotion
  223. the monkey says feds can open mail without warrant
  224. Third in line
  225. How are George HW Bush and Eddie V alike?
  226. Hanging/Tragic
  227. Bombing Runs in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
  228. Stay out of my Mail, you Fucking Chimp
  229. Gerald Ford?
  230. Bush Quietly Closed Records Of White House Visitors Last Spring
  231. BushCO's New Tact = Enlist The Dead
  232. **Major BCE hypocrisy alert!!**
  233. Holy Krap! Invasion Of The Psychedelic Republicans!!!
  234. Please sign this petition.
  235. BushCO Gets Ready For Subpoenas
  236. Biden: "(The Administration) believes Iraq is lost!"
  237. Israel Denies Plot to Nuke Iran
  238. Iranians Critcal of Ahmadinejad
  239. No More Free Passes For BushCO
  240. Democrats: Congress May Not Fund Iraq Troop Surge
  241. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #273
  242. 100 Hours...Starting...Soon
  243. Holy Krap! Samsung Robot Machine Gun Sentries Available Soon
  244. US Strikes al Qaida Targets in Somalia
  245. What America must not do now
  246. US Sub Hits Japanese Tanker in Arabian Sea
  247. Way To Go Arnie!!!
  248. U.S. launches airstrike in Somalia
  249. Your 2007 Iraq debate thread
  250. Millions Fewer Jobs Created Under Bush