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  1. Do You Approve of Bush's SURGE/ESCALATION???
  2. A Surge of Constitutionalism
  3. Democrats Plan Symbolic Votes Against Bush’s Iraq Troop Plan
  4. Vandals hit Shi'a stores
  5. MI5 rejected suicide mission That Could Have Killed Hitler
  6. Would you vote for a person who smokes?
  7. Bush's New Plan: Do The Same Fucking Thing Hes' Been Doing
  8. A new license for illegal aliens
  9. CIA Accused Of Printing Counterfeit 'Supernotes'
  10. Bush Junyor admitted a mistake? He accepted responsibility?
  11. Paypal Are A Bunch Of Unpatriotic Commic Cocksucking Motherfucking Assholes!!!!
  12. Bush to VETO Lower Drug Prices
  13. 176,00 Disability Claims from Iraq, Afghanistan Vets
  14. A thought on Iraq
  15. Bush's legacy: The president who cried wolf
  16. Partnership Not Partisanship...Riiight! [WarPIG the Hypocrite's Favorite Thread]]
  17. How Sandy Berger Stole State Secrets, Destroyed Evidence and Then Got Off
  18. 2/3 of America Opposes Bush's "Surge" Plan for Iraq
  19. Great Sacrifice
  20. How Would You Prefer To Leave Iraq?
  21. Do These THUGS Have ANY Credibility Left?
  22. "Sorry, Charlie. You don't get a raise"
  23. US Deficit Drops By a Third
  24. U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, experts say
  25. Military Expands Domestic Surveillance
  26. Bush: "If you don't like my Iraq plan, tell me yours."
  27. The Splintering of The GOP
  28. Another "Decider" moment
  29. More BULLSHIT from The Smirking Idiot
  30. Two More Swinging Saddamites
  31. France Wanted 1956 Union with Britain?
  32. The Ballad of the Yellow Beret
  33. Commie Bastard..oops I mean PRESIDENT Castro in Grave condition
  34. Former CIA Man Latest To Connect LBJ To JFK Assassination
  35. It's The Scooter Show, Co-Starring Dick and Condi
  36. 34,000 Iraqi Dead in 2006
  37. Wish we still had an Anti-Iran Iraqi Regime
  38. Jim Webb, who BEAT G. Allen, & the ONLY Senator w/ a Son in Iraq, to give SOTU REPLY
  39. Obama Mama Drama
  40. BushCO Selling Pentagon Military Surplus to Iran & China
  41. Pentagon Official Calls For Boycott of Gitmo Lawyers
  42. Rooting for Failure
  43. Invasion Usa
  44. Lawmaker Under Fire for Slavery Comment
  45. Weapons of Mass Deception
  46. FISA Court to Now Oversee Domestic Spying
  47. Showdown Over Iraq Coming...
  48. the Doomsday Clock
  49. Maliki Calls Out Bush & Condi
  50. China Blasts Satellite, USA Gets Pissy
  51. More Generals Blast Bush's "Strategy"
  52. N. Korea Claims Nuke Agreement with US
  53. Dems Drag Repukes Kicking and Screaming into Ethics Reform
  54. Israeli Nuclear Strike on Iran turned back by United States
  55. themonkey Continues His Consolodation Of Power
  57. Maliki says US Troops need to leave
  58. Northrop Grumman Tooling Up First Ray Gun Production Line
  59. Big government could fatten up more
  60. Why I'm proud to be a Log Cabin Republican
  61. Ashley
  62. Ex-Rep. Ney gets 30-months in jail, $6000 fine
  63. Judge Can't Find 12 People Who Don't Hate BushCO
  64. Top Sadr Aide Arrested
  65. Baltimore Sun Hates The Daily Show
  66. Hillary Clinton: 'I'm In'
  67. 18 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Today!!
  68. Ron Paul for President 2008
  69. Our Paki "Allies" Helpin' The Taliban
  70. How Pres. Bouche Is Going to Mindlessly Send More US Troops to Needless Deaths
  71. The Problem With Dick
  72. 48% of Armed Forces rate Bush's Iraq Performance POOR
  73. Dems prefered over Bush 2 to 1 on Iraq Handling
  74. Iraqis Killing Troops by Wearing US Uniforms !!!
  75. Top 10 Conservative Idiots #275
  76. Return of The Taliban School for Boys
  77. Are they killing themselves for 72 fucking raisins?
  78. Chimpy still managing to fool 28% of morons out there
  79. Bush Finally Addresses Global Warming
  80. The Hillary factor
  81. Jesse Jackson: 'All of my heart leans toward Barack'
  82. On The Brink of the SOTU address....
  83. Israeli President Charged with Rape
  84. Watergate plumber & JFK assassin E. Howard Hunt eternally reassigned to Hell
  85. Air Force names 2006 Sijan award recipients
  86. (Air Force News)F-22s set for first overseas deployment
  87. In Obama's Own Words
  88. Russia Delivers Missles to Iran
  89. Libby called White House fall guy, White House sacrificed him to protect Rove
  90. No Judas IsKerryot in 2008
  91. Noriega Getting Out
  92. Soldier admits murdering Iraqi detainees
  93. S.D. Teen Accuses Senator of Fondling
  94. What should Barack Obama change his name to?
  95. Remember Afghanistan? No Mention of THIS in the SOTU Address
  96. BushCO Cuts Cancer Funding.....AGAIN!!!!
  97. Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago
  98. We're ABSOLUTELY Attacking IRAN
  99. Anybody Else have problems with Al Qaeda Keyboards on Insurgent Laptops?
  100. More Lame Rhetoric and Jingoism from BushCO
  101. The Top 18 Barack Obama Campaign Slogans
  102. Will Rove Testify?
  103. Mike Huckabee - Born to be Wild??
  104. Limbaugh Admits Being a Shill for Neo-Cons
  105. Eat Sh*t and Die Desert Boy
  106. Meet "Zak"
  107. LMMFAO Google Miserable Failure no longer links BUSH
  108. China Has the Most Money in the World
  109. State Dept.: Israel likely misused cluster bombs in Lebanon
  110. Israeli Cabinet approves Muslim minister.
  111. Why the recruiting will continue.
  112. Good News :Air America has a new owner
  113. Fleischer Testimony Contradicts Libby Defense
  114. Iraqi army kills leader of Shiite cult
  115. Not This Time
  116. Ari calls Scooter a Big Fat Stinky Liar
  117. Republicans Block Congressional Pay Hike
  118. Here's some "before" pictures of Tehran Iran
  119. Little to Show for US Billion$
  120. A 'Perfect Storm' Is Rising To Oust Dick Cheney
  121. Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair
  122. So much for Joe Biden's campaign
  123. Miers leaves White House with no regrets
  124. Germans order Warrants for CIA Agents
  125. Molly Ivins dead at 62
  126. Day One - The War With Iran
  127. Dangling Saddam Photos at Gitmo
  128. Anti-war protesters spit NEAR wounded veteran, who spits BACK
  129. Real Funny Bush Video
  130. Gore for Nobel Prize
  131. Congress Can Stop Iraq War, Experts Tell Lawmakers
  132. Ever heard of Wiliam Arkin?
  133. Mike Malloy's Ground Hog Day message
  134. BigBadBrian is STILL Waiting for Good News From Iraq People
  135. Bush Flip Flops On Iraq
  136. Why are We Losing So Many Copters Now?
  137. Why is the US press silent on Brzezinski’s warnings of war against Iran?
  138. The 2 main presidential candidates already owned on YouTube...
  139. Baghdad offensive to begin: U.S. officers
  140. $5.8 BILLION for Iraqi Military and Police
  141. LIEberman calls for WAR on TERROR TAX
  142. 911 Conspiracy Theory Finally making local news
  143. Pentagon Sued Over Milblog-Monitoring
  144. OOOOH!!! Show our support by having RED FRIDAY!!!!
  145. More US Troops Killed in Last 4 Months....
  146. Watada Mistrial Declared
  147. What Neo-Con Shitbags Do With $12Billion
  148. GOP Views Clinton As Virtually Unbeatable
  149. Iran tests missiles "able to sink big warships"
  150. Al Qaeda plans “major operations” in the Gulf
  151. Edwards campaign fires bloggers
  152. Is this worth discussing
  153. Rummy the Dummy still has an office at the Pentagon????
  154. US Arrests Iraqi Shia Deputy Minister
  155. What does Hamas Know, That BushCO Doesn't?
  156. The Condi Rice Rap
  157. Report says Pentagon manipulated intel
  158. Iran Propaganda
  159. Its Official Obama Running in 08!!!
  160. Drug czar reports drop in drug use
  161. Man Claims Pat Robertson Threatened to Kill Him!
  162. U.S. weighs divulging Iran-Iraq proof
  163. Bush Demoralizes US Troops
  164. The Mission Can't Be Accomplished -- It's Time for a New Strategy
  165. The Limits Of Sunniness
  166. Reverand Ted Cured of Gayness in 3 Weeks
  167. Bush Budget BULLSHIT
  168. Yo Chimpy, Fear Channel, Toby Keith, and Busheep warmongers everywhere!!!
  169. Treasonous Likud Spy PNAC'er Feith says lying into WAR = "good government"
  170. George W. Clinton
  171. Bagdhad "Security" Plan Already in Trouble
  172. Ronald & Nancy Reagan Were Heavy Drug Users
  173. Bush Admin Lying on Iran-Iraq Arms?
  174. WORLD WAR II Question
  175. Auditors: 10 Billion squandered in Iraq
  176. If Hillary gets elected...
  177. [size=5]SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH!!!!![/size]
  178. BushCO NEGLECTS US Veterans
  179. FORD'S Nightmare?
  180. LOUNGE, clean your PM box
  181. Chimpy's back on top of the polls!
  182. Afghan Copter Crash Kills 8 U.S. Troops
  183. Marine Gets 8 Years in Iraqi Murder
  184. Former Marine owns Bushbot on Faux news!
  185. US Troops Save Sunni Woman From Rape
  186. Chimpy wants Bin Laden's ass............literally
  187. New JFK video
  188. Obama: U.S. must help protect Israel from enemies
  189. New BBC Documentary on 911
  190. Tony Blair: UK to Begin Withdrawal of Troops From Iraq
  191. Brb
  192. Wounded Iraq Vets Treated Like Dogs/Recover in Squalor
  193. Help Me, Somebody Please Help Me!
  194. McCain Slams Rumsfeld
  195. Iran Defence Forum
  196. Group challenges feds on medical pot
  197. Britain's Prince Harry to serve in Iraq
  198. Nova M Radio to Begin Broadcasting on XM Satellite Radio Network, March 01
  199. The troops vs. Anna Nicole Smith
  200. Geffen Ignites Clinton-Obama Feud
  201. • Democrats move to revoke Bush's war authority for Iraq
  202. FrontLine Presidential Straw Poll
  203. Americans Know How Many Troops Have Died in Iraq, but Underestimate Iraqi Death Toll
  204. Darth Cheney Denies any Iraq Failures
  205. Who Said It?
  206. Tomb Of Jesus and His Family Discovered in Israel
  207. Condi Says Congress Shouldn't "Micromanage" Iraq
  208. Iraqi Prez Flown to Jordon for Exhaustion
  209. Judge dismisses juror in Libby trial
  210. al Qaida Rebuilding in Pakistan/Afghanistan
  211. "Al Gores mansion uses 20x the power of the average household..."-Drudge
  212. Henry Kissinger: "The most ruthless man I've ever met."
  213. Kissinger said what?
  214. The Bush Criminal Empire is FUNDING TERRORISTS
  215. BBC reported WTC 7 collapse before it happenned!!
  216. Tricky Dick Gets Bombed in Afghanistan
  217. Group questions level of energy use at Gore home
  218. Clintons' Charity Not Listed On Senate Disclosure Forms
  219. Mush Limpdick nominated for Nobel Peace Prize????
  220. Little Stevie Wonderbush smacked down by Hoser House of Commons
  221. Bush and Rice Flip Flop on Iraq Diplomacy
  222. Italian Granny plays "Hot Potato" with live grenade!
  223. City Approves ‘Carbon Tax’ in Effort to Reduce Gas Emissions
  224. Victims at Walter Reed told to SHUT THE FUCK UP....GENERAL FIRED!!!!
  225. Afghan Opium at Record High..... Well Done Chimpy
  226. The United States Is The Leading Cause Of Terrorist Attacks
  227. Angelina Jolie joins Council on Foreign Relations.
  228. Bush orders review of veterans' hospitals
  229. BushCO Chooses New Nukes
  230. Ann the Man shouts racist and homophobic rants while young republiCONS cheer
  231. Obama calls Iranian regime a 'threat'
  232. Homeless GWOT veterans documentary
  233. Is this for real?
  234. Mass to Offer Health Insurance for $175/Mo.
  235. O peration I mposing L aw
  236. Jerry Falwell blames ME for Global Warming!!
  237. Prisoners in US prisons get better healthcare than returning veterans
  238. Former ACLU VIRGINIA Chapter President charged for child pornography.
  239. Cheney has Blod Clot, Bill Maher says his Death Would Save Lives
  240. For the ACLU Haters...
  241. Southern Mrs Bill Clinton
  242. Serbian vampire hunters prevent Milosevic come-back
  243. Libby is GUILTY except for one count (Count 3)
  244. Bloody Day in Iraq
  245. Tables turned on Fahrenheit 9/11’s maker
  246. Something to think about
  247. DIEBOLD may Dump Voting Machines
  248. NM Impeachment Resolution Passed 5-1 - Floor Vote Next
  249. A Marine's First-Hand Account of Iraq
  250. ACCOUNTABILITY...A Word NOT In Neo-Con Shitbags' Vocabulary, Until Now