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  1. Dennis Kucinich reminds us It's All About the Infrastructure, damn it!!
  2. FOX and MSNBC would never show this.
  3. Karen Crozier Political Rant
  4. Rebooting the American Dream - 11 Ways to Rebuld Our Country
  5. Chinese Sub Launches 8 mi. Off My CARDBOARD BOX
  6. George W... What a peice of work
  7. Israel needs to tell Obama to go fuck himself
  8. Deepest Thanks To Those Who Have Served...Veteran's Day 2010
  9. WTF Is "$600M Quantitative Easing"?
  10. How do politicians get rich?
  11. Rangel recuses himself from his ethics hearing
  12. Bush seems to run daddy's boat like he ran the country.
  13. California, No Wonder Your Dumbass State Is In Financial Trouble
  14. So Who's Buying GM Stock?
  15. Palin says she can beat President Obama in 2012
  16. Coffee, Tea, or TSA groin grope?
  17. Eric Cantor is a TRAITOR!
  18. Rachel Maddow interviews Jon Stewart. (Full interview)
  19. Unemployment Extension Defeated In House
  20. Obama honors the Bush Criminal Empire
  21. Pope Calls Health Care An ‘Inalienable Right,’ Urges Universal Coverage
  22. Joe Scarborough suspended from MSNBC for campaign donations
  23. The Billionaires Want More, More, More - by Senator Bernie Sanders
  24. Millionaires to Obama: TAX US!!
  25. Pew Research News IQ Quiz - What's Your Political News IQ?
  26. What ever happened to defending free speech?
  27. Interesting
  28. Lowest Ever: Obama Job Approval Sinks To 39% As Even Democratic Support Melts Away
  29. What if Chimpy wrote a letter to Obama?
  30. Justice finally served: The BugBastard DeLay convicted of money laundering!
  31. This is the person you want for President..
  32. China-Russia To Drop US Dollar in Bilateral trade
  33. Rachel Maddow, Class of 1990
  34. Republicans say the darndest things
  35. Bomb factory
  36. Thom Hartmann: Why Tax Increases Would Boost Our Wages
  37. How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff
  38. So...What Crawled Up South Korea's Asshole And Tickled It Pink?
  39. Perfect example of what the Reps are about!!
  40. This wikileaks guy should be "taken out" of the picture.
  41. Chia Obama
  42. US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
  43. Dean tells AP Obama must reclaim progressive base
  44. Republicans are a JOKE and have no clue!!
  45. Open mic picks up US Senator admitting openly that the S.510 bill is all rigged.
  46. Why is Glenn Beck wearing a Navy SEAL Trident ??
  47. The Republican Party can't pay it's bills.
  48. The (Con)Federated States of America?
  49. Frosty the Klansman??
  50. Af'Nam'istan? Our Corrupt Afghan Overlords...
  51. Nigeria agency says to charge Dick Cheney over Halliburton
  52. Genius Plan To Fix California Economy
  53. Not only is Sarah Palin a fake, she's dangerous
  54. Tax Cut Lies: The Day The News Died
  55. Time to Think the Unthinkable: A Democratic Primary Challenge To Obama's Reelection
  56. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  57. Ralph Nader said in 2008. Be prepared to be very dissapointed with Barrack Obama.
  58. London Daily Telegraph editor calls Obama an idiot.
  59. In Latest Compromise with GOP, Obama Agrees He is a Muslim
  60. Elizabeth Edwards dies
  61. Top Obama aide defends tax deal as Democrats fume
  62. Senator tells it how it is shock!
  63. Is Obama's strange behavior due to his cronic narcissism?
  64. Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine
  65. Obama is just using tax breaks as bait.
  66. Bush Aides Admit The Tax Cuts Were A "Trap" For Obama
  67. Off With Their Heads!
  68. Bill Clinton does press conference as Obama runs out for a Christmas party.
  69. A Psychiatric Evaluation of Obama
  70. Conspiracy Theory of the Week
  71. Anyone catch this on CNN.. Life among U.S. enemies Embedded with the Taliban
  72. U n c o n s t i t u t i o n a l
  73. Larry Flynt Flames Obama
  74. Police brutality, the handicapped, and the shameless BBC.
  75. GOP Senators Invoke Christmas In Order To Pointlessly Obstruct The START Treaty
  76. Barrack Obama's interesting dilema.
  77. The iRack
  78. Michele bachmann to the intelligence committee
  79. Stewart Spends Last Show Of 2010 ENTIRELY On 9/11 First Responders Bill
  80. To all the Fox news I mean Fix news viewers...
  81. Big Brother Monitoring Citizens Accused of No Crimes
  82. Obama NBA Jam
  83. 200 Million Million Jesus's
  84. 200 Million Million Jesus's
  85. Lindsey Graham: Senate owes Jon Kyl an apology for moving forward with New START
  86. Tom Coburn To Block 9/11 Responders Bill
  87. Is Hell Freezing Over? 700 Club's Pat Robertson Comes Out In Favor Of Pot Decrim...
  88. Who gets paid to touch your junk?
  89. Top Five WTF moments of 2010
  90. Wall St's 10 Biggest Lies of 2010
  91. Outgoing Congressman John Hall Warns Shitizens United Could Lead To Fascism
  92. Top Five Smackdowns of 2010
  93. What the Lame Stream Media doesn't want you to know.
  94. Is Obama trying to give the US back to Native Americans???
  95. 2010 - the year of the predator drones?
  96. Bombing opens vein of Christian anger in Egypt
  97. Gay Conservatives
  98. They're Back! The Return of the Death Panels
  99. Buh bye Nancy... Your services are no longer needed...
  100. Former Bush Aide Found Dead in Landfill
  101. So the Repukes in the House are going to read the Constitution out loud??
  102. Did Harry Reid fuck Turtle McChineless's wife in 1986?
  103. Things really haven't changed that much since 1988.
  104. GET LAID NOW! (You have until October)
  105. Can someone tell me how this happened??
  106. First Day In Office, Republicans Fail To Keep Campaign Lies...er...'Promises'
  107. Vaccine-Autism Link Total Bullshit and Intentional Fraud!
  108. AZ Rep Gabrielle Giffords SHOT
  109. U.S./West Startled by Chinese Military Tech Advances
  110. Bwaaahaaahaaaa...Tom Delay headed to prison for money laundering
  111. RI Governor bans state employees from speaking on talk radio...
  112. President FBHO Arizona speech leaked
  113. Palin.. no words to describe this idoit!!
  114. I'm Just A Bill - 2011 version
  115. Idiot on Leno
  116. The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010
  117. Attend memorial service get a free T-Shirt
  118. Witch Hunt: FBI Visiting Conservative Bloggers After Tucson Shootings
  119. In honor of Martin Luther King
  120. 50 years ago today, we were warned.
  121. Hehe....Satan....Time To Rev Up Your Furnaces - Dickless Cheney Will Be There Shortly
  122. Palin..I'm the victim..WTFE
  123. Sargent Shriver is dead at age 95
  124. Well, there will be at least one less corrupt piece of shit in the Senate after 2012.
  125. Battle Hymn of the Moosealini (sung by two old fart teabaggers)
  126. GE Sells advanced avionic technology to China to compete with Boeing
  127. What Congress Should Cut- Wall Street Journal
  128. Beer drinkers have the right idea
  129. Glenn BecKKK told his teabagging followers to SHOOT LIBERALS IN THE HEAD
  130. Last night of Countdown w/Keith Obermann
  131. BREAKING: FOXNEWS Hires Keith Olbermann!!!
  132. Mormon church meeting canceled because other Mormons threatened Harry Reid
  133. Puts the Clinton BJ in proportion...
  134. State of The Union tomorrow..
  135. Gun control + drugs
  136. Palin's snail trail - a brutal Alaska reality
  137. I reiterate Michelle Bachmann is a Dumb Ass!!
  138. Take A Bath End Up In Prison
  139. Palin has no clue, a 3rd response to the Presidents speech.. wow
  140. Asian-American lawmakers demand Limbaugh apology
  141. Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia,
  142. Fox News through history
  143. Kissinger wanted to seize control of arab oil in 1975
  144. Some States Claim They're On The Verge Of Bankruptcy. It May Not Be That True...
  145. Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters
  146. Federal Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional
  147. Barbara "Tonic" Bush Jr. supports marriage equality (no comment from Jenna)
  148. Chuck Schumer Gives Us A Civics Lesson...Names Three Branches of Government
  149. Hundreds Gather To Protest Global Warming!
  150. Houston we have a problem
  151. 'Terrorists' kidnap Ronald McDonald in Helsinki
  152. Has John BONER been a naughty little Oompa Loompa?
  153. One of my cousins escaped Egypt. This is his account.
  154. We've strayed from the Declaration of Independence.
  155. The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe
  156. Government Accountability - happy hunting
  157. Some End Of The World Hokey Pokey
  158. George Bush is put on house arrest
  159. Bill O'Reilly's interview with President Obama
  160. America's Top 50 Loathsome
  161. SkyNet has arrived folks!
  162. Republicans and Democrats revolt against Patriot Act extension.
  163. NY Congressman Resigns After Craigslist Hook-up Blunder
  164. Sen Jim Webb D-VA) Won't Run Again
  165. Chelsae Clinton's husband quits job to become Wyoming ski bum
  166. These people are straight Brain washed by Fix News & the tea party
  167. i think nitro is right..
  168. Who will be the Repuke nominee in 2012?
  169. Interesting news story on bio diesel.
  170. Don't mess with a Gurkha
  171. The Fuck China Thread.(---Period.
  172. What Motivates People
  173. Again FBHO supporters dumb racists
  174. Harpo: All Americans should respect Kenyan houseboy
  175. Now Egypt has martial law and no constitution.
  176. Fuck You, Iran
  177. FORD is going to blow a gasket...Bush Sr. receives Medal of Freedom
  178. Why Obama's Budget Sell-Out to Republicans Threatens Our Economy
  179. Justin Bieber Talks Politics
  180. Iraqi: I'm proud my WMD lies led to war in Iraq
  181. In Prison Interview, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’
  182. Russ Feingold - still fighting corporatist corruption!
  183. How the world really works.
  184. Fox News busted for editing over their CPAC coverage.
  185. How Rush Got His Groove Back
  186. When The Going Gets Tough, The Democrats Run Away
  187. Wall Street versus the Poor and the Middle Class: Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of
  188. If Repukes are legislating, it must be chilly in Hell!
  189. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Funded by the KKKoch Bros.
  190. How would you solve the budget?
  191. Time to Topple Corporate Dictators
  192. Here's a Democrat who has the right idea.
  193. Why mainstream news sucks
  194. Wikileaks wins another round of cyber warfare.
  195. Military aircraft fire at Libya crowds
  196. Former CIA analyst dragged out of Hillary Clinton speech and roughed up.
  197. New Zealand Quake: "Dead Bodies Lying Around"
  198. Medvedev sees `fires for decades' in Arab world
  199. Globalists Seek To Hijack Middle East Revolution To Topple Iran
  200. Haley Barbour pledges to veto license plate honoring KKK leader
  201. Koch Brothers: Stalin funded treasonous Commie bastards!!
  203. This Just In!
  204. Democratic Congressman Encourages Unions to Get Violent and Bloody
  205. Rumsfeld: Building What?
  206. The Little Guy Still Can Win
  207. Japanese water powered car
  208. Saudi man charged with plotting terrorist attack
  209. After 9/11, U.S. gave more visas to Saudi students
  210. Gaddafi blames hallucinogenic drugs for the protests.
  211. Anonymous defaces Westboro site during live interview
  212. Scarborough vs BecKKK
  213. At Tunisian border, tales of terror from Libya
  214. Who Needs Food stamps?
  215. John Boehner: NO on Shutdown; YES on Entitlement Reform
  216. Libya: African mercenaries 'immune from prosecution for war crimes'
  217. Would Ron Paul and Ralph Nader make a good team for the presidency?
  218. Alex Jones On The View
  219. Leaving Children Behind
  220. Why Scott Walker Must Win
  221. Stalin-Style U.S. Public Education
  222. Typical Union Protester
  223. What Would Jesus Cut?
  224. Americans for Prosperity starts “Stand Against Spending, Stand With Walker” Bus Tour
  225. Eic Holder: AG of the Department of Discrimination and Injustice
  226. Barbour says Obama cheers for higher gas prices
  227. Americans are LIBERAL (and some of them don't even know it)
  228. FAUX Noize Lies!
  229. Iraqi Patriot Missile Defense System
  230. No high-speed rail for Florida
  231. They walk amongst us....and are in Politics
  232. Oh Goody! Obama and Jeb Bush are going to fix education.
  233. Nazi Paedophile Ring Cult Leader Forgives Jews
  234. America is NOT broke!!
  235. Holy Shit! A Gold Mansacks criminal actually charged with a crime??
  236. 5 Reasons Unions Are Bad For America
  237. Strategy! - Libya Edition
  238. Another lie you liberal pussies believed in...
  239. Fuck NPR !!
  240. New 911 footage shot by NYPD released
  241. ...And democracy dies in Wisconsin.
  242. Muslim American groups, not Rep. Pete King, are the ones fomenting hysteria with hear
  243. Rep. Peter King LOVES TERRORISTS!! (as long ass they're Catholics)
  244. Is Michigan's governor an even worse piece of shit than Hosni Walker?
  245. Heath-care in America the Beautiful as sung by our Elvis.
  246. Grand Larceny at the Gas Pumps (No it is NOT about Libya or Egypt)
  247. Wisconsin Firefighters Hit Bank
  248. Welcome to Democracyville, USA
  249. KKKoch Brothers hiring trolls to rewrite Wikipedia?
  250. When did the FAUX Noize morning show turn into the fucking 700 Club??