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  1. It's the 21st Century, and they are still banning books in Missouri??
  2. Obama's a moderate conservative and Repukes are stupid, crazy, ignorant cowards.
  3. Heaven Knows I'm an Idiot Hole Now
  4. Our Social Security money is going to foreigners
  5. The wilful ignorance that has dragged the US to the brink
  6. Holy Joe: Fuck Social Security, we need the money to INVADE IRAN!!
  7. Debt Plan Cheat Sheet
  8. Barack Obama is a chump
  9. Former President Gore tells Keith Olbermann the system is BROKEN
  10. Just in case you were wondering what the Huckster was up to these days......
  11. Did Willard Mittens Romney form a fake corporation to fund his own campaign??
  12. 30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died
  13. 31 U.S. Servicemen, Mostly Navy SEAL Team-6 Members, Die in Afghanistan
  14. The Rick Perry Thread
  15. S&P Downgrades US to AA+
  16. What happened to Obama?
  17. London's Burning
  18. Contract for the American Dream
  19. Wisconsin to Unions; "Get lost!"
  20. Republicans reveal picks for debt "super committee"
  21. New CNN Poll: Majority want tax increase for wealthy and deep spending cuts
  22. Any Dylan Ratigan fans in the house?
  23. So where do House TeaBaggers go after crashing the budget? Zionist Summer Camp
  24. Romney: "Corporations are people"
  25. Cornography
  26. 11th Circuit Court says NO to Corporate Insurance Mandate. SC Ruling Inevitable.
  27. I watched the Republican debate last night, and I feel... dirty.
  28. Fuck all this economic crisis shit, it's time for another Gay Republican Scandal!
  29. This Is Just So Wrong On So Many Levels....
  30. John Stewart Blasts Newsweek Bachmann Pic
  31. "Doomsday" Defense Cuts?
  32. The New Tax Havens
  33. Stop Coddling the Super-Rich - by super rich guy Warren Buffett
  34. Bachmann today: "Happy Birthday to Elvis"
  35. Why is the Whore Media trying to "disappear" Ron Paul?
  36. Just in case you were wondering what happened to Chrissie O'Donnell......
  37. New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy
  38. TV Tricks of the trade
  39. Libyan rebels closing in on Tripoli
  40. Rove Owned
  41. Dude Say What?? FLASH BACK
  42. Education.
  43. Republicans v Science
  44. Wisconsin unions ban Republican politicians from Labor Day parade
  45. Who creates the problem is rarely who gets you out of it.
  46. Politicians are fucking idiots - it's official.
  47. Shots Fired at Texas Democratic Congressman's Office
  48. Hey Ford, if you're into collecting coins...
  49. Classic! Ms. Maxy
  50. So, Mitt Romney is now a Teabagger?
  51. Western US Has More Radiation From Fukishima Than Some Areas Of Japan...
  52. Do Republicans Ideas Lead to Job Growth?
  53. Ed Schultz was being interviewed by our local television station
  54. 9/11 - What do you think?
  55. Former Secretary of Labor Admits Publicly That He "Didn't Inhale" With Bill Clinton.
  56. CIA rendition flights exposed in mundane billing lawsuit
  57. Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event: "Take These Son Of Bitches Out"
  58. Blair godfather of satanic offspring
  59. Pima County AZ Repukes (Gabby Giffords' district) auction off Glock handgun
  60. Sound Familiar?
  61. Tea Party Zombies Must Die
  62. Flowchart to help Repukes pick a candidate
  63. Repuke debate/circus act 9-7-11
  64. Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult
  65. Jobs speech....OK Obama grow a pair!
  66. US Debt put into perspective
  67. Republican Debate on CNN
  68. Cherokee Indians say they will not be dictated to by U.S.
  69. Why the Dems lost Weiner's seat
  70. Michael Moore debates Dumb Republican Hasselcunt RE: killing Bin Laden
  71. Moosealini snorted coke off an oil drum, fucked Todd's business partner and Glen Rice
  72. Robert Reich debunks the 6 Big Repuke lies about the economy
  73. Always be polite to Amadinnerjacker!
  74. In Rare Public Statement, God Tells Pat Robertson to Shut the Fuck Up
  75. So, a moral majority right wing whack job is claiming intolerance?
  76. What should the White House do? Panic! - by James "Snake" Carville
  77. KKKoch Brothers puppet Scott Walker under Federal investigation -Impeach the bastard!
  78. Putin = Total fucking dickhole.
  79. Canadian rock band The Tea Party may make millions selling domain name
  80. Yeah, Lets Cut Millitary Benefits Instead of Medicare, Medicaid, and Unemployment
  81. Young Turks to join Current TV
  82. Are you for, or against the death penalty?
  83. Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate
  84. Filthy Santorum
  85. Repuke Debate 9-22-01: Fuckwit Freaks on FAUX
  86. Federal Reserve audit exposes major securities fraud & embezzlement of $16 trilllion.
  87. A picture graph so simple even a teabagger can understand it.
  88. Why "job creators" fear Obama
  89. Occupy ROTH Army
  90. Funny. I don't remember Timothy Geihtner being elected president.
  91. Damn: Obama's Stimulus Was a Bargain At Only $200,000 a Job
  92. Another case of the Catholic church hitting the skids.
  93. Guess this should put an end to the "Obama is a MUSLIM" horseshit.....
  94. Teabagger Insanity on parade at "The Freedom Blog"
  95. Pastors to IRS: Come and get us
  96. Drunken Washed Up Hasbeen compares Obama to Hitler
  97. National Anthem TV Signoff reveals subliminal messaging
  98. Moosealini finally admits shes NOT running in 2012
  99. Slopping Gore
  100. Ironic that Obama is now the Mexican Cartel's Enforcer.
  101. OK Repukes, Here's your field of 2012 Candidates. Who's the nominee?
  102. Herman Cain PWNS Bill Clinton - 1994
  103. NFL Political Donations Show the League Leans Right
  104. Which Mitt?
  105. Which Obama?
  106. Inside Job
  107. Bloomberg Republican Debate
  108. Teabagging wackjob goes postal in Seal Beach CA, murders 8 people.
  109. How to catch a Pig?
  110. The Three Things You Need To Know About Pizza Guy’s 999 Plan
  111. The Vietnam Syndrome
  112. FreakRepublic Teabagger in chief Jim "RimJob" Robinson has meltdown over Mittens
  113. A little reality check regarding the Tea Party and Wall Street protests.
  114. U.S. to Completely Withdraw from Iraq by January
  115. Running the War (in Afghanistan): by 60 Minutes
  116. "I Called You a Liberal Nut bar not a Nut case"
  117. Heil-ly Shit! Did Hitler Fake His Death And Move to South America??
  118. Herman Cain sings Lennon & Was "Framed"
  119. Viva Repuke Vegas! (How many goddamn debates are these idiots gonna do anyway??)
  120. Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'
  121. first-degree murder?
  122. Teabaggers Urge Small Businesses 'Not To Hire A Single Person’ To Hurt Obama
  123. Bye Bye Batshit
  124. Uh-Oh, break out the tinfoil, mortals. US government plans nationwide "test" of EAS
  125. BP allowed to drill again in the gulf, still hasn't paid fines from last disaster
  126. Would you hit it? Gadaffi Edition
  127. Global Warming is Real (Get over it corporate Fossil Fuel Shitheads)
  128. Hahaha Fuck you Karzai, I hope you get your shit blown up when we leave
  129. Yo, Repukes: Even PAT FUCKING ROBERTSON thinks your candidates are extremist nutcases
  130. What if I prove scientifically that 147 corporations run the world?
  131. You would never see this covered on MSNBC or FOX NEWS
  132. Hey Kids! Turn In Your Drugs To The DEA (Paranoid Rant)
  133. The Blatantly Unconstitutional "SuperCongress" Gets a Reality Check.
  134. For the Liberals
  135. A response to an asshole senator.
  136. MTV- The First To Rape The Occupiers With A Cold Reality
  137. Do Crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights” of Muslims?
  138. Pizza Wars
  139. Willard Mittens Romney & son involved in $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme
  140. GE Moves X-ray division to China
  141. Steve Jobs: "FAUX News is a Destructive Force"
  142. Are the Repukes committing TREASON??
  143. The Secret List of 14 Words
  144. Identification Cards in Order to Vote...Is It the Thing to Do?
  145. Thirty companies paid no income tax 2008-2010: report
  146. I smell Koch
  147. When you are used to fleecing the stupid, it's hard to stop.
  148. Electronic Democracy
  149. Russia issues stark warning against attack on Iran
  150. Who's Paying for the GOP's Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election?
  151. Hit the road, Mitt!
  152. Joe Walsh hates hearing the truth more than he hates paying child support.
  153. Official 2011 Election Results thread.
  154. EAS first Nationwide Activation
  155. Mush Limpdick finally admits that the Corporate Media is NOT "Liberal"
  156. Lizzie Hasseltwit: Complete fucking mental case
  157. Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts
  158. Congress Reaps Pizza Harvest
  159. Newt Gingrich: Total Lying Two-Faced Scumbag!
  160. Stop Online Piracy Bill
  161. Shooting the family pet: The War on Drugs in action
  162. The rise and fall of the Tea Party
  163. Canada's new plastic money.
  164. The next time you hear somebody call Obama a "communist", show them this video.....
  165. The Repuke Primary candidates' theme songs....
  166. New Company Policy: We Are Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone
  167. Unbelievably these wanna be Rep Presidential clowns want to start a war with Iran??!!
  168. Bigger threat? Muslim terraists,or right wing extremists??
  169. Police Brutality now located at your local WalMart "Black Friday" sale
  170. J. Edna Hoover: Was he in TWO closets, not just one?
  171. SEIG HEIL!!! Senate Bill Would LITERALLY Turn The US Into A Fascist Kamp State.....
  172. SWAT team's shooting of Marine causes outrage
  173. Iranian students storm the British Embassy
  174. Trump on Obama: "You are doing one hell of a lousy job!
  175. The Collapse of Financial Regulation Since 1980 and Its Consequences
  176. Decline of American Exceptionalism
  177. Holy Underwear!! A THIRD Mormon Presidential candidate (Rocky Anderson) for 2012??
  178. How to take Occupy Wall Street to the next level.
  179. A second Iranian nuclear facility has exploded
  180. FDR Warned Of Possible Pearl Harbor Several Days Before It Happened....
  181. The Clown Moderates the Circus: Trump and his rug to host NewsHax Repuke Debate.
  182. My Tram Experience: Racism Gone Viral
  183. Strange Bedfellows in the War on Drungs: DEA Launders Drug Monies
  184. Mittens Romney's Fear Channel kills decent talk radio in "Liberal" San Francisco
  185. War on Christmas 2011: "Gay Apparel" edition
  186. 18 Newt Gingrich Quotes That Disqualify Him From Ever Being President.....
  187. Ooopsie.....Palin Guilty of Campaign Ethics Violation
  188. AG Argues Definition Of Lying W/Congress - Says Guns Are Allowed To Walk....
  189. Woman says she performed sexual acts on married Newt in 1977.............
  190. Right wing media whores tell us what TV shows "Liberals" and "Conservatives" like
  191. Solved or unresolved?
  192. Less than a month to go -- who wins the Iowa Caucuses?
  193. Trump throws a debate and nobody comes.
  194. Sarah Palin : You Betcha
  195. ‘Punks’ Arrested for ‘Re-education’
  196. Oops, FAUX did it AGAIN!
  197. Oh Christ? Another Repuke Debate?? (Live from the MonSatan "corn" fields on FAUX)
  198. Christopher Hitchens dead at 62
  199. Russian Oil Rig Capsizes.....
  200. Why FOX is faux
  201. North Korea's Kim Jong Il Dead
  202. Iowa Man Tells Newt He Is A Fucking Asshole In Grocery Store..Cleanup On Aisle 4!!!
  203. The Boehner Can't Even Hang On To Turd Blossom
  204. Jesus responds to pRick Perry ad
  205. Santa Claus gave me a REAL TV News channel for Christmas
  206. Batshit Bachmann goes "Gaga"
  207. Willard Mittens Romney endorsed by the BCE??
  208. God hates the broncos
  209. ron paul=awesome/kickass?
  210. In up and down year for cable news, Fox dominates
  211. Rachel Maddow seems to be the only media figure that is decent to Ron Paul
  212. Iran...
  213. So who will be the next Repuke to drop out?
  214. Which Repuke will take New Hampshire?
  215. Santorum pledges to ban Dr. Love's signature, LoungeMachine's pending "civil service"
  216. War with Iran? Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel
  217. Gingrich to black people: paychecks, not food aid
  218. I Ran an Ad and nobody came.
  219. I thought killing witches ended in the 1600's.
  220. Pebble Mine: Alaska Voters Weigh In On Copper And Gold Mine
  221. Can Congress Reform.....Itself??
  222. Would the Repukelican Party of Mitt, Newt, and Man-on-Dog live by these words?
  223. Republicans turn their back on the Enlightenment
  224. Two Mormons walk into a bar.....
  225. Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary
  226. U.S. Marines To Investigate Video of Soldiers Urinating on Corpses GRAPHIC CONTENT
  227. Obama defies GOP lawmakers with recess appointments
  228. Obama and the troops...
  229. Colbert SuperPAC: If Corporations are people, then Mitt Romney is a serial killer
  230. Which Repuke is out after South Carolina?
  231. Marky Mark is a Pricky Prick
  232. The Newt's Second Wife to Speak Night Before Primary
  233. Newt Gingrich commits a crime on CNN!
  234. Why Can't Republicans Get an Election Right?
  235. Food Stamp Use By State
  236. The new president of Finland
  237. John Boehner talks jobs, State of the Union
  238. Boston Bruins visit White House: Tim Thomas skips due to political differences
  239. Who's the cuntservative torch-bearer around here?
  240. Ha! A ray of sunshine from George Soros....we're all doomed!
  241. Anyone want to buy Obama's Chrysler 300?
  242. STOCK Act: Insider Trading Bill To Receive Senate Vote Next Week
  243. Enough With The Hopeful Wishing Already
  244. The clown car comes to Florida: Repuke Debate #8,675.309
  245. One of these days Alice......
  246. Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice
  247. LMFAO! Newt Money Man Tied To The Chinese Mafia.....
  248. About Time....Subpoenas issued to financial firms in expanded probe
  249. Aussie politician caught using lines from The American President in speech
  250. Canada's military drops stress ball contract