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  1. Welfare Drug Testing Bill Withdrawn After Amended To Include Testing Lawmakers
  2. Romney Failed to Disclose Swiss Bank Account Income, admits Ron Paul is awesome
  3. More money goes missing from the defense budget.
  4. Why The Obama Recovery Has Been Much More Impressive Than Reagan's
  5. NewsHit - Rock the Caucuses
  6. Mittens Romney baptized his dead atheist father in law into the Mormon church
  7. Fox News on top: Cable net celebrates 10 years at #1 in ratings
  8. Presidential sing-off 2012: Barack Obama vs Willard Mittens Romney
  10. Leon Pannetta says NuttyYahoo is planning to attack Iran
  11. Our Youth
  12. World's last known World War I veteran dies
  13. Congress' Approval Rating at All Time Low, 10%
  14. Kim Jong-Un Dead? That's The Rumor
  15. The Syrian Crackdown/Civil War
  16. Adele Sings about Newt at the Grammys
  17. John F. Kennedy's Teen Mistress Says He Pressured Her To Perform Sex Acts On Others..
  18. Poor America
  19. Another Closeted Repuke Exposed
  20. History of Iran and the US
  21. Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss ACLU Challenge to Warrantless Wire
  22. Seriously... Are you Paying Your "Fair" Share?
  23. Santorum's satan warning
  24. How would you reform National election campaign finance?
  25. Some amazing banking fraud starting to surface.
  26. Bill Maher Live Special on Yahoo
  27. Creepy Fucking Cultish Mormon Douchebags
  28. FOX 'News' is a disgrace
  29. Pentagon Says U.S. Citizens With Terrorism Ties Can Be Targeted in Strikes
  30. U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb
  31. Which Repuke will win Michigan and Arizona
  32. I fucking hate self-fulling prophecies! Gas $5.00 a gal!
  33. Andrew Breitbart dies at age 43
  34. Grand Ayatollah or Grand Old Party?
  35. A Really Good Mainsteam News Expose on the Federal Reserve Bank and it's fraud.
  36. Carbonite
  37. George W. Bush impersonator dies at 48
  38. Congress passes anti-protest law allowing them to imprison you for up to 10 years
  39. Who says capitalism doesn't work anymore?
  40. Happy Super Repuke Tuesday: Who's out after today?
  41. 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions
  42. Govt. sets record deficit in February
  43. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex
  44. US Soldier kills 16 Civilians in Afghanistan
  45. Health Care in the United States
  46. Cruising for women in Iran
  47. Biden would act to impeach Obama if Obama goes to war with Iran without approval.
  48. Darth Chenney fears Canada
  49. CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs
  50. Chris Rock Attacks Conservative Author Over Tea Party Question
  51. "Why I'm Leaving Gold Mansacks"
  52. Real Time in Mississippi
  53. Frothy-mix wants to ban porn?!?!?!
  54. Kony Scamming Douchebag Arrested For Jerking Off To Automobiles
  55. The $8 billion iPod
  56. The US spends $1 Trillion a year processing income tax paperwork.
  57. Hey Afghanistan, Where's Our Apology: New Case of Afghan Killing U.S. Marine
  58. Presidential Nomination Re-do
  59. Government Explained
  60. Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school
  61. The RIAA again, proves it's evil
  62. ~Paranoia~Utah To Initiate The New World Order~Paranoia~
  63. Oh Know:Israel’s skinny model ban: New law requires body mass index of 18.5
  64. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?(with Eminen)
  65. Stand Your Ground Doesn't Equal Neighborhood (Death Squad) Watch
  66. Nepotism Reigns Supreme in Washington
  67. Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still on Waiting List for Brain
  68. Could it happen in the US? France makes it illegal to visit internet hate sites
  69. Ha...Birthers Want Proof Romney Is a U.S. Citizen.....
  70. ObamaCare at Supreme Court hearing
  71. Newly Found Reagan Journal Reveals the Former President Regretted Becoming Republican
  72. Tax Free Mall
  73. How to give FORD a brain haemorrhage.
  74. Biden: "We Want To Create A Global Minimum Tax"
  75. Who says Canadian politics are boring?
  76. Who do you side with?
  77. Arizona Passes Sweeping Internet Censorship Bill
  78. Green Fascism: The Growing Threat of Eco-Tyranny
  79. The Founding Fathers on Religion
  80. Frothy "suspends" campaign. Mormon hating fundie wackjob heads explode everywhere
  81. Chimpy still shilling for tax dodging rich
  82. Smart 12 year old explains what is wrong with the banking system.
  83. Bush Trained Iranian Terrorists
  84. Summit of the Americas: Drug War Will Be On The Table
  85. North Korea's Viagra Rocket Fails To Get Hard
  86. Indiana Repukes say FUCK THA POLICE!
  87. George was sure right on this one.
  88. Who will Willard Mittens Romney choose as a running mate for his failed ticket?
  89. Looks like Kucinich is considering running for congress in Washington State.
  90. Caption This!
  91. Ted Nugent: Domestic Terrorist!
  92. Court Says Arizona Can Demand Voter Identification
  93. "Family Research Council" dumbass blames the gays for Colombian prostitution scandal
  94. Whatever happened to the "Axis of Evil" anyway?
  95. Gomer Pyle USMC
  96. Bankers Manifesto of 1892
  97. War is a racket
  98. North Carolina homophobe fucks up her own hate letter
  99. What does Nitro always say? Follow the money...
  100. Iraq war
  101. Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD
  102. Olling stone & obama: Stewart, krugman good! Limbaugh, boehner bad!
  103. EPA video reveals Team Obama's scary crusade against affordable, reliable energy
  104. Jailed for $280: The Return of Debtors' Prisons
  105. Mitt romney announces vice presidential candidate in norfolk saturday
  106. Jimmy Kimmel Rips Obama
  107. Barrack does look a lot like Frank Marshall Davis
  108. SEALs Slam Obama
  109. Wall Street Journal: The War on Drugs Itself Is Causing Most of the Damage....
  110. Rupert Murdoch not fit to run business, UK lawmakers rule
  111. Republicans, Get in My Vagina !!
  112. Time for more Al Qaeda BULLSHIT !!!
  113. Ok, you Canadians who live in Toronto have some explaining to do.
  114. WTF Michigan?
  115. Batshit Bachmann granted Swiss citizenship? WTF??
  116. President Obama finally "evolves" in his views on marriage equality.
  117. Obama the Obstructionist
  118. The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why Obama is a Failure
  119. Willard Mittens Romney is a homophobic bully!
  120. The Adventures of Kim Jong Un
  121. Bachman continues to make a fool of herself
  122. An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America
  123. Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate
  124. Gene Simmons has a higher net worth than Mitt Romney.
  125. The Chimp LIED when he said there was "no war on Islam"!!
  126. Watch out for the Muslamic Ray Guns!
  127. Former US Officials now paid by terrorists
  128. Political Blues number "Tea Party" performed by Jagger & Jeff Beck on SNL...
  129. NC Pastor: Put queers and lesbians in electrified pens to kill them off....
  130. I just walked into a full on military exercise in my own front yard...
  131. Penn's Obama Rant
  132. Thank God for Larry Flynt
  133. Teacher Yells at Student Because of a Question he Asked About Obama!
  134. OhhhhhhhHHHHHHH YEeeeaaaaahhhhh! The Big Dog in Action...
  135. Panetta: U.S. is Ready to Stop Iran from Creating Nuclear Weapons
  136. Why the Job Numbers Are So Bad
  137. Holder to Brief Black Pastors on Campaign 2012
  138. Trump Could Help Romney Win Elusive Billionaire Asshole Vote
  139. Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America
  140. Will the BCE steal the 2012 election for Mittens in (where else) Florida??
  141. Project asks: Is Satan such a bad guy?
  142. Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
  143. Syria: A Line in the Sand
  144. The Difference Between You And A Corporation
  145. Shittyzens United Unleashed In Wisconsin Recall
  146. Canadians, meet your future Prime Minister!
  147. Former Pa. skinhead wins GOP post with single vote
  148. Know the Issues: What are the real choices in 2012?
  149. Right Wing Homophobe Douchebag says equal rights is a "threat" to the first amendment
  150. Seven super-rich men, five SuperPACs, $40 million
  151. Did Young Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes
  152. What is the biggest threat to America in 2012?
  153. Ralph nader throws his support behind rocky anderson
  154. If the 2012 US Presidential Election Were Held Today, Who Would You Vote For?
  155. Out of touch with America
  156. Watergate: The Hidden History
  157. Mass. judge upholds Pledge of Allegiance’s ‘under God’
  158. Stop the Flow of Dirty Money
  159. Joe Walsh vs. Rep. Joe Walsh
  160. Health Panel Talks About A Wider Food Ban
  161. Time for a war on furniture?
  162. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!
  163. Economy is Bush's Fault More Americans Say
  164. Well, it looks like the Egyptians got American style "Democracy" after all
  165. Rodney and his impact.
  166. Bette is hosting the G20 summit
  167. Enjoy your Facebook: People that are now just somebody I used to know....
  168. Drones in U.S. Skies?
  169. Can't this birther shit stop already?
  170. Ha Ha....Republican Governors Refuse To Help Mittens By Proclaiming Recovery....
  171. Montana Governor opposes Shittyzens United
  172. What Keeps Nuclear Weapons from Proliferating
  173. An End To Authoritarianism and Plutocracy in the United States: It's Up to Us
  174. Why some politicians are more dangerous than others
  175. A Cruel and Unusual Record
  176. Texas Taliban
  177. Britain's queen shakes hands with ex-IRA chief
  178. The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal
  179. Supremes Uphold Health Care Law
  180. William Shatner's Pants Fall During TSA Check
  181. Dreams From My Real Father
  182. What the fuck happened to the US of A
  183. Mean Jean Schmidt has her first orgasm in decades!
  184. How Dick Morris is Toe Sucking the Economy...
  185. Willard Mittens Romney Burns Dead Babies!!
  186. As GM shares near record low, taxpayer loss on bailout rises to $35 billion
  187. Arafat poisioned?
  188. Michelle Obama Cites Jesus as Model for Citizenship
  189. Guarding Opium Plants “For Our Freedom”
  190. Alan West
  191. A voter in Amherst, Ohio, offered to arm wrestle President Obama in exchange for his
  192. Unemployment Up, Very Few Jobs Added, Dow Takes a Nose Dive
  193. Broke California OKs funding for high-speed rail line
  194. Is Pennsylvania going to be the site of the next stolen election?
  195. 47,000 UFO Sightings and 13-Cases of Voter Fraud
  196. Layoffs
  197. Why is there no maximum wage?
  198. Why I'm voting for Obama in November
  199. CNN Catches Obama & Co. Lying in Campaign Ads
  200. Even Flush Dimbulb Is Going After Mittens Now...
  201. Mitt Romney: Tax Dodger
  202. Regressive vs Progressive
  203. Bain Capital, GST Steel, and the Obama Campaign Ad (Obama Lie Alert!!!)
  204. The 5-hour Alex Jones Paranoia compilation!
  205. Egyptians pelt Clinton with tomatoes, and chant ‘Monica’
  206. God How I Love Sarah Silverman
  207. This is why Obama must go
  208. "Jesus Take The Wheel Day" : March 31, 2013???
  209. DNC Chair swiss bank account
  210. Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years
  211. If you've got a business — you didn't build that!
  212. Michele Bachmann's Letters from Dumbfuckistan
  213. Why Rocky Road Anderson Sucks
  214. Did Benji NuttyYahoo try to murder Hillary Clinton, to start a war with Iran??
  215. 12 Dead 58 Wounded at Premiere of Dark Knight
  216. Willard Mittens Romney financed Bain Capital with help from CIA backed DEATH SQUADS??
  217. The Gun Control & Ballistics Thread
  218. The Batman Psyop thread
  219. The ELVIS Psyop Thread
  220. look at this pig
  221. Skype "Wire-Tapping"
  222. Greenland And Antartica Are Melting into The Seas....Anyone Care?
  223. Kim Jong Un finds His Eva BrUn
  224. There was a time when banksters couldn't buy politicians
  225. House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill To Audit Federal Reserve
  226. Guns, Money, and Koch
  227. The Romney European Tour 2012 - How Many Can He Piss Off?
  228. Two Men Are HIV-Free After Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplants
  229. Rahm Emanuel persecutes Christian run Chick-Fil-A
  230. Second Amendment: It’s Not About Hunting, It’s About Tyranny
  231. Atleast the House has it right.
  232. GM Ramps Up Risky Subprime Auto Loans To Drive Sales
  233. Forget all this bull politics
  234. CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says
  235. The Whores of Wars
  236. How Glass Steagal saved America (and why it needs to be restored)
  237. Portrait of a Drone Killer: ‘I Have a Duty, and I Execute My Duty’
  238. Obama scores all important endorsement, says Romney is "a good man"
  239. Hacks net worth
  240. Another mass shooting, this time at a Wisconsin Sikh temple
  241. Controversial TheOnion Video Pisses People off
  242. The RePuke National CUNTvention Thread
  243. If corporations are "people" too, they should cough up interest when they pay late...
  244. French Government Plans 75% Tax Rate on the Rich
  245. FBI: Right Wing Terror a Real Threat
  246. Papa John’s Founder To Raise Price Of Pizza Due To ‘Obamacare’
  247. Obamacare starting early
  248. Anonymous hacks IRS database, publishes 25 years Wrongney's tax returns!
  249. "Willard Mittens Romney Killed My Wife"
  250. “I Would Like To Extend You A Counter-Offer To Suck My Dick”