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  1. Mmmkay...Idiot Tea Party Moron Says Obama Is Gay....
  2. The US Government has spied on its citizens 'gazillions' of times
  3. Tax Policies for the Rich Thread
  4. Are The Feds And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?
  5. Biden on Romney: ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains’
  6. Russian attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks
  7. If you're fed up with the two major parties, you need to listen to Norman Goldman
  8. Devo to release song about Mitt Romney's dog
  9. "I side with....."
  10. Hungarian Anti-Semite Finds Out He's Jewish!
  11. Julian Assange: Ecuador grants Wikileaks founder asylum
  12. Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot Sentenced to 2 Years
  13. Did Mittens Break The Law By Raising Money From Foreign Donors?
  14. Congressional Reform Act of 2012
  15. Retardlican Fools - Medicaire Savings By Obama = Bad? By Republicans = Good? Not
  16. Republican Senate Nominee Says Women Don't Really Get Pregnant From Rape
  17. US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan
  18. Family Research Council Head Blames President Obama For Shooting.....
  19. Once Again
  20. It is time for a post-drug war Marshall Plan
  21. Who really unchained Wall Street?
  22. Southern Poverty Law Center - Not So Much Civil Rights Advocate As Cash Machine????
  23. Do Subpoenaed Documents Contain Information on U.S./Drug Cartel Deal?
  24. Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November?
  25. Paul Ryan Praised Stimulus Spending In Letter To Obama Official....idiot...
  26. Outbreak Of Retardlican Idiocy.....WTF????
  27. Mexico chalks up success in health-care reforms
  28. The GOP Abortion Platform & Todd Aiken
  29. $1B in Marijuana Destroyed by Feds in Raids Over Two-Months
  30. DNC Plans On Killing Cancer Patients
  31. ObamaCare Death Panel starts
  32. Romney’s Medicare Chart Comes Up Blank
  33. Best Buy CEO to Get $32M Pay Package For Future Failure
  34. Two Dead, 9 Wounded at Empire State Building
  35. Romney: I'm not just entitled to my own opinions, I'm entitled to my own facts
  36. "Idiot Joe" Compares Working on Wall Street to Slavery
  37. Corporate Medicine Kills Neil Armstrong
  38. Elvis's 'Pastor', Anti-Gay Crusader, Convicted Of Masturbating In Public...
  39. More Evidence Romney Outsourced Jobs To China, Yet Is Denying It.....
  40. Another Hurricane for New Orleans?
  41. Matthews and Priebus go at it....
  42. Paul Ryan Said Something That Should Force Him Off the Ticket, But You Probably Didn'
  43. Most Americans say the rich don't pay enough taxes
  44. Chuck Woolery is a teabagging Repuke??
  45. Secret tape of mitt romney talking about buying a slave labor camp back in bain
  46. No criticisms...what is your 1 post 1 paragraph manifesto
  47. Boehner Admits GOP Is Hoping Minorities Simply Won’t Vote
  48. Racist Republican At RNC Throws Peanuts At African-American CNN Camera Operator
  49. President Obama is doing an AMA on Reddit (Ask Me Anything)
  50. RNC changes nominating rules on the spot, prevents Ron Paul from being nominated
  51. At Least Two Women in "Republican Women for Obama" Ad Are Actually Democrats
  52. Paul Ryan's Republican Convention Speech (full Text)
  53. The Man With No Name Speaks At RNC...
  54. Pentagon threatens legal action over Bin Laden book
  55. Romney's Speech at the Republican Convention (Full Text)
  56. Gunman kills 2 workers before committing suicide at Old Bridge Pathmark
  57. DNC opening ceremony
  58. How the federal Reserve got their audit
  59. Polls show little to no bump for Romney following Republican National Convention
  60. ICE chief of staff resigns amid discrimination allegations
  61. Final Results Of GAO Audit Of Federal Reserve Bank Published......
  62. Bain Capital Among Private Equity Firms Probed Over Tax Strategy
  63. NY TImes - "Mr. Romney Reinvents History"....
  64. Labor Day cancelled, Empty Chair Day goes viral
  65. Great Website....ChristianityDisproved.com...
  66. Why Blame Obama?
  67. Phil Lynott's mother objects to Mitt Romney using Thin Lizzy's music
  68. No Easy Op: The Navy SEAL & Sp Op Thread
  69. What’s Ron Paul Planning to Announce on the Tonight Show?
  70. Internet Paranoia Bullshit and the Fuckwits at Infowhores...
  71. Obama speech moved indoors
  72. canada has gun laws too
  73. Mumbles Just rocking it at the DNC
  74. KKKoch talk for both men and women.............but ESPECIALLY for Ford.
  75. The Big Dawg.
  76. Romney and the veteran
  77. Private Contracting Firms - Why the US uses them
  78. Chuck Norris has mental breakdown
  79. Those Nutball Democrats
  80. The Little Dawg.
  81. Elizabeth Warren speech from the Democratic Convention
  82. Shooting apps fine, says Apple, just don’t mention the drone attacks
  83. A Blast From 2008 - John McCain....LIAR
  84. Obama: 'Help Us Destroy Jesus And Start A New Age Of Liberal Darkness'
  85. Last Week vs This Week
  86. The Romney-KKKoch moment - replaced by Babes
  87. The true story of the REAL Tea Party
  88. The myth of the political "center" is 100% complete HORSESHIT
  89. 60 Minutes Interview with Bin Laden Raid Author
  90. Eddie Munster is trying to get the stoner vote
  91. Romney Now Says He Is In Favor Of Some Parts Of Obamacare
  92. Challenging Power, Changing Politics
  93. Drug Runner U-boats
  94. Bush Admin/Neocons Ignored Continued Warnings of 9/11 Attacks
  95. Roth Army/HellTronics 2012 Presidential Election Poll
  96. Ex-GOP Primary Hopeful John Huntsman Jr. Says Super-PAC's Suck
  97. U.S. Ambassador Killed by Terrorists in Libya
  98. Protesters storm US Embassy in Yemen
  99. Anti Obama Movie
  100. America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'
  101. Pat Robertson tells a viewer to become a Muslim so he can beat his wife!!
  102. Jennifer Granholm on The Dating Game
  103. The Daily Show Audits the States at the RNC
  104. Half of drugs prescribed in France useless or dangerous, say two specialists
  105. Republicans are finished
  106. What do YOU believe "Al Qaeda" is?
  107. How and Why Other Countries Have Ended the Two Party System
  108. Willard Mittens Romney Finds A New Way To Lie
  109. GM Wants the US Govt to Sell its Stake in the Co; Obama Admin Says NO
  110. Romney Video Leaked, "My job is not to worry about those people"
  111. Zombie Apocalypse Training: HALO Corp. To Train Military, LE On Virus Outbreak
  112. Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press
  113. France to close embassies in fear of cartoon backlash
  114. Millionaires and Billionares Part of Romney's 47%
  115. Republicans Block Veterans' Jobs Bill
  116. Now That My Campaign Is Over, I'd Like To Talk To You All About The LDS Church
  117. Chaos on Bullshit Mountain
  118. Tax Penalty to Hit Nearly 6M Uninsured People
  119. Disgraceful
  120. Willard Mittens Romney and the "White Horse Prophecy"
  121. pRick Perry blames ME for Separation of Church and State!!
  122. BREAKING!! Romney to Release Tax Return From 2011
  123. Eddie Munster BOOED at AARP conference
  124. If You Want To Silence A Republican (or any) Critic Of Wall Street, Just Buy Him.....
  125. Obama: Does Romney want ‘to start another war’ in Middle East?
  126. CBS Refuses to Air Obama Admitting Mistakes in Campaign Commercial Ads
  127. Ex-Mossad Spymaster Speaks Out Against Netanyahu, Preemptive Strikes by IDF
  128. Willard Mittens Romney wants to ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS on his fucking airplane!!
  129. Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters
  130. Granholm Debunks Yet Another Romney Bullshit Claim
  131. Nasty campaigns in US History.
  132. Canadian Politics about to get Interesting!!
  133. Yes We Canada:' Comedians encourage Americans to let Canada run the U.S.
  134. Official 2012 Republican Election Fraud Thread
  135. Now that the NFL referrees strike is apparently over, somebody's gotta say this.
  136. Liberal Media
  137. The Republican Platform: Send Jobs Overseas At All Costs.....
  138. Official 2012 Democrat Election Fraud Thread
  139. He gave us a phone, he gonna do more...
  140. U.S. Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance
  141. Why Senior Citizens Should Prefer Ryan's Medicare Plan To Obama's
  142. British Healthcare: Up to 500,000 people have to share one out-of-hours Physician
  143. Youngest and Last Western Detainee leaves Guantanamo
  144. Democracy Now brings Rocky & Jill to the Presidential Debates.....well, sort of......
  145. Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits
  146. The Idiot Akin Opens His Mouth Once Againl.....
  147. The Big Three Myths fabricated by right wing fabulists to frame America's elections
  148. Reality Check
  149. This surely looks like this!
  150. Bill Moyers & Company
  151. The Debates
  152. America's deadly double tap drone attacks
  153. Abortion Rates Plummet With Free Birth Control
  154. Obama's Latest Gaffe: "We Don't Believe Anybody is Entitled to Success...."
  155. O'Reilly vs. Stewart - The Rumble 2012
  156. Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children
  157. Jon Hubbard, Arkansas Legislator, Says Slavery May 'Have Been A Blessing' In New Book
  158. Military Times Poll: Romney 66% Obama 26%
  159. U.S. No Longer Protestant
  160. Vote JESUS 2012!11!!!
  161. CIA May Have Had Mole Inside Al Qaida
  162. More insanity from Arkansas: "Lincoln was a Nazi and a Commie too"
  163. Eddie Munster admits that Obama is NOT trying to take yer guns
  164. Mitten's Emotional Story Remembered Very Differently By Friend Of Fallen SEAL
  165. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson’s supporters are not a “nonfactor” in this election
  166. Abortion Should Be Illegal! …Unless You’re The Mistress Of A GOP Congressman
  167. Uber-Vultures: The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President
  168. Bus Driver uppercuts a female teenage passenger!
  169. Bain Capital Closes Yet Another Factory......Ships Jobs To China
  170. Romney's Stake in Chinese Stocks - Half A Million
  171. Fed actions to reduce mortgage rates may be helping banks more than borrowers
  172. I'll Have a Glazed Donut, and a Bottle of Anything to GO!
  173. KFC Worker Goes Nuts When Asked For Bacon
  174. KKKoch Brothers expand their business practices to include kidnapping and torture.
  175. Here's the results of the first ever audit on the Federal Reserve Bank.
  176. 25 Campaign promises Obama made when being elected to his 1st term he ever kept
  177. Dump Shittizens United!!
  178. Mitt Romney and the Chickenhawk 6
  179. Epic Rap Battle: Romney vs Obama
  180. Rudy Giuliani Calls Out Soledad O'Brien for What She Is: An Obama Shill
  181. Paul Ryan "Ramrods" His Way Into Ohio Soup Kitchen
  182. Romney Tax Plan Details Revealed
  183. Who will be the first woman elected as President of the United States?
  184. Iran: How long can debt-laden US remain world power?
  185. Whiny little inheritance rich brat threatens the President of the United States
  186. Defeat Romney, Without Illusions About Obama
  187. The Al Smith Dinner
  188. The Many Lies, Falsehoods, and Half-Truths of Barack Hussein Obama
  189. Bill Clinton: "The economy is not fixed."
  190. Romnesia
  191. Dinesh D'ouchebag "resigns" from "Christian" college due to scandal
  192. Does anybody really buy this "undecided independent voter" bullshit?
  193. George McGovern, proud liberal, dead at 90
  194. North Carolina Registers Over 583 Democrat Votes Over the Age of 112
  195. Biden: ‘How Many of You Know Someone who Served in Iraq or Iran?’
  196. Who are you voting for?
  197. Chris Christie lays the smackdown on Barack Obama
  198. Sarah Palin's Audiobook
  199. Toss-Up States
  200. The Climate Change Deniers
  201. War on Women: IN Sen. Mourdock Believes God Wants You To Get Raped!
  202. Coulter caper
  203. How about Occuping these 1% ers
  204. I really wish that clown trump go somewhere!!
  205. Get your Obama Jobs Plan and Middle Class Security Booklet HERE
  206. Gen. Colin Powell (ret) Endorses Obama
  207. Bow to Nobody!!!
  208. The Roth Army Disaster Relief Thread
  209. A "Binders" Moment for Barack
  210. Barack can't find his plan. Don't worry Obama, neither can the rest of us!
  211. God Distances Self From Christian Right
  212. A Friendly Reminder About Voter I.D.
  213. Texas Attorney General threatens foreign election observers with arrest
  214. Report: UK denies US access to bases for Gulf buildup
  215. Romney Tax Plan Is "Garbage"
  216. John Sunnunu - Racist asshole
  217. Meat Loaf has lost his fucking mind
  218. If the people could elect a Senate Majority Leader, who would get your vote?
  219. Romney's Latest Bold-Face Lie
  220. The Asshole Award.
  221. Bill Maher warns voters "If you elect Romney"....
  222. Macho Cowboy Texas State Trooper Death Squad From Above
  223. Sarah Palin accuses Obama of shuckin and jiving.
  224. The U.S. Economy is Set to Boom In 2013
  225. Official Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart
  226. Classy Obama Ad by Michael "I Need Donuts" Moore
  227. Sanctions Biting Iran
  228. Meningitis Outbreak Can Be Linked Directly To Mitten's Administration....
  229. Political ad draws Democrats’ ire in Ohio
  230. Romney on FEMA
  231. BREAKING: Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections!
  232. Democrats Already Cheating in Ohio
  233. Uh Oh
  234. Dumbfuckistan 2012
  235. Stupid Obama Supporters
  236. Reid says he can't work with Romney
  237. Gridlock
  238. Feds Lie, People Die in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
  239. In Ohio, Romney speaks to 30,000 while Obama speaks to 2,800
  240. 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You'
  241. Election predictions: Candidate for GMO, bailouts & corporate domination wins!
  242. Chris Rock's Election Message for White Voters
  243. Mitt Romney's Mexican relatives and the drug war
  244. Willard Mittens Romney, Mormonism, and Perpetual War
  245. Romney "rented" Mormon Church's Tax Exemption To Dodge Paying Taxes For 15 Years
  246. Steal the Vote 2012
  247. Vote NIXON 2012 - the Ultimate Third Party Candidate
  248. 500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney
  249. People walk out on obama at virginia rally
  250. Our pick: Mitt Romney [Wisconsin State Journal]