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  1. Dead heat for Romney and Obama in latest Michigan poll
  2. Delphi retirees say Obama administration betrayed them
  3. Main-Stream Media Still Believes They Aren't Biased
  4. Combat Cops Evict Homeowner in Colorado
  5. Religious Nuts In Texas Seek To Ban Book About Book Banning!
  6. "The Economist" Endorses Obama For President
  7. Obama wins re-election
  8. Why we should name hurricanes after fossil fuel corporations
  9. British have invaded nine out of ten countries
  10. A question for those who voted FOR Obama
  11. Let's help President Obama pick a better cabinet for Round Two
  12. Diane The Quaalude Queen Mocked For Election Coverage
  13. Who do you think Dave voted for?
  14. Hours After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
  15. During Obama's Second Term, Will He...
  16. House panel to hold hearing on Libya attack with top Obama intelligence advisers
  17. Pew Study: MSNBC far more biased than Fox News
  18. Jesse Jackson Jr. in plea deal talks with Feds
  19. The Hurricane Insurance, WMD Fight Thread!
  20. White People Mourning Romney
  21. Charles Darwin gets 4,000 write-in votes in Athens GA
  22. Florida Can't Run an Election
  23. Racial Segregation is Alive and Flourishing in the US
  24. Generals, CIA Dir's, and Sex Scandals
  25. Willard Mittens Romney's Clear Channel Kills Talk Radio in Portland
  26. Ashley Judd for Senate 2014!
  27. KKKoch funded "Heritage Foundation" declares WAR on America
  28. Haley Barbour admits "We had Shitty Candidates"
  29. Who is the leader of the Republican party
  30. Pat Robertson SHOCKED that women like Porn!
  31. A Fresh Update on the Veterans Administration
  32. Fix the filibuster NOW!
  33. Ohioans’ food stamp aid to be reduced
  34. Indiana Explosion Possible Drone Strike
  35. Joe Muto, a FOX News Mole: Network Producers of FOX Know ‘This Is All A Farce’
  36. BCE's Karen Hughes has a message for the RapePublicans
  37. Attention Sore Loser Secessionist Teabaggers: Move to Canada!!
  38. Who will be the Repuke nominee for 2016?
  39. Ron Paul Gives Farewell Speech: We Have Reached the Point of No Return
  40. This week's Repuke Sex Scandal - with a side of waffles
  41. Six Strikes And Comcast Slowly Fucks You Over
  42. Nation Reels as Rush Limbaugh Revealed to Be 30 Year Long Andy Kaufman Prank
  43. Mitt Romney: Sour Grapes Loser Bitch!
  44. Unions Killed the Twinkie, Ding Dong, and Ho Ho
  45. Wal-Mart workers plan Black Friday walkout
  46. The Whore Of Babylon Risies
  47. Israel takes steps to call up 75,000 reserves
  48. Did "Anonymous" stop KKKarl Rove from stealing Ohio, like he did in 2004?
  49. Who will the democRATS nominate in 2016
  50. Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream
  51. Why the "Death Tax" Should be Abandoned
  52. CNN retracts fake Palestinian Injury Segment
  53. Barack Obama blunders AGAIN on world stage
  54. Gifts to ILLEGALS for votes
  55. Fox News Cunt Claims She'd Look Fabulous on $133 Food Stamps
  56. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to announce resignation
  57. ORCA: The Great White Beached Whale
  58. Breaking News! Obama Turkey Pardon Mishap!
  59. Predator Drone "Kill List Rule Book" On The Way
  60. Zbigniew Brzezinski: Rise in “populist activism” a threat to “external control”
  61. The Fiscal Cliff talks: a framework emerges
  62. Fox & Friends Hits A New Low
  63. Sorry Teacher, But My Dog Just Eaten 6 Bullets
  64. Here is a story and a quote that Fox News will never air.....
  65. Ten Year Ban on Genetically Modified Seeds and Foods Takes Force Thursday
  66. The war on Christmas??
  67. Pat Robertson admits that he misinterpreted his election message from God
  68. The Black Mind Controlling Devil
  69. Toronto kicks Rob Ford to the curb!
  70. US Department of Defence honored
  71. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un is Sexiest Man Alive
  72. Slippery Slope
  73. Glenn Beck Pisses All Over Himself - Literally
  74. Is Gold Mansacks Licking their Chops at Global Takeover?
  75. Democratic Rep: Amend Constitution to Restrict Freedom of Speech
  76. U.N. Set to Vote on Palestinian State Recognition
  77. Message for women opposed to gay marriage
  78. We Live in an Age where Everyone is for Sale
  79. Brent BOZO threatens Repuke party if they don't save tax "cuts" for rich tax dodgers
  80. Money
  81. The End Fate of Useful Idiots
  82. Another Bridge Collapse, This Time in Jersey
  83. ‘Enormously insensitive’ to hurt God’s feelings by NOT using oil
  84. Farewell Big "E"
  85. The Republican Christmas Song
  86. Mush Limpdick nominates himself for Time's "Person of the Year"
  87. Porn Star punks John "Fat Bastard" Hagee
  88. George H W Bush hospitalized.
  89. Stop Media Consolidation NOW!!!
  90. Tax the Rich
  91. Escape From Camp 14
  92. DWS to Remain in Driver's Seat for the DNC
  93. TSA Seeks Permission to Conduct “Security Assessments” on Highways
  94. Obama Hosts His Propaganda Team (MSNBC) at the White House
  95. The United Nations is ___________ (fill in the blank)
  96. Six Million Teens and Young Adults Are Out of Work and Not In School
  97. Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out
  98. Turd Blossom and the Toe Sucker on their way out at FAUX Noise??
  99. I Have Mentioned Before That It IS Legal To Own Machine Guns......
  100. U.S. Commandos’ New Landlord in Afghanistan: Blackwater
  101. Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.
  102. Pot comes out of the closet.......hopefully not a dupe dude.
  103. Jim DeMented to resign from Senate and work DIRECTLY for the KKKoch Brothers
  104. When will John BONER sober up?
  105. Michigan to be Right-To-Work State
  106. Breaking the Taboo
  107. Nurse from prank call found dead
  108. Bitch McTurtle Filibusters HIMSELF!
  109. If at first you don't succeed, bribe, bribe again
  110. For Our UK Friends....Interactive Map Showing Where Bombs Fell In London....
  111. Ann the Man tells Hannazi "We LOST the Election"
  112. George Will: ‘Quite Literally, The Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Dying’
  113. End the War on Terror
  114. The Memo That Started a Corporate Heist of Our Government
  115. Stephen Colbert Is Actually Leading the Polls to Be Picked as SC's Next US Senator!
  116. Gold, golden, gilded, glittering
  117. Official Roth Army 2012 Faith/Belief/Religion poll
  118. My All-Time Scizotypal Fucknut Is Back
  119. Jesus wants you to be a gun nut!!
  120. Republicans Lie
  121. Mainstream (Corporate) Media Fails Again in 2012
  122. Pat Robertson says Obama's a "socialist"
  123. Son of Fat Bastard says that marriage equality "divorces society from God"
  124. Another Shooting, This Time at ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Connecticut....
  125. Mike Huckabee: Complete Asshole!
  126. Nikki Haley to Appoint Rep. Tim Scott to Senate
  127. R.I.P. Sen. Daniel Inouye (D, HI)
  128. The Alex Jones InfoWhores Conspiracies Thread
  130. China Does Not Fuck Around!
  131. Breaking News: Judas IsKerryot nominated for Secretary of State.
  132. Interesting Post About News Anchors As Mind-Controlled Puppets.....
  133. Time to throw Netflix into Boston Harbor?
  134. Tea Party Purge Could Save the Republican Party
  135. CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit
  136. Idaho Republican Sen. Michael Crapo Busted for DUI
  137. Tagg Now Sez Mittens Did NOT Want To Be President....
  138. Now We're Killing Fire Fighters ?!?!
  139. The Big Picture's Christmas Carol
  140. The Queen James Bible
  141. Seal Commander Commits Suicide?
  142. RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf
  143. Fascist Facebook Is Now Purging Any Pro-Gun Accounts.....
  144. Ban the Billionaires!
  145. The Front Line Music Thread...
  146. Hitler-esque Deportation Alive and Well for Germany's Seniors
  147. Three Things You Need To Know About "The Debt Ceiling"
  148. The Ruling Party of Billionaireistan
  149. What Could Have Been and What Was
  150. The Statute of Limitations should NOT be put in place for child abuse
  151. Italy To Tax Catholic Church Property
  152. Ron Paul’s New Year’s Message to Congress
  153. Who's Rich And How'd They Get It?
  154. Hypocritical Repblcunts Fucking Over Their Own
  155. BecKKK's New Years Resolution: Anyone Who Mentions Obama is Fired
  156. Al-Jazeera Buys Current TV From Al Gore
  157. Indonesia's killing fields
  158. Will John BONER be re-elected Speaker of the Teabagging House?
  159. Attack of the Killer Drones
  160. Rep. Grayson: Republicans using debt ceiling as ‘legislative terrorism’
  161. You won't fucking believe what I'm being blamed for now!!
  162. Michael Wiener Calls For "Nationalist" Third Party
  163. Sec. of Defense Nominee Hagel Stirring Tough Fight
  164. Obama, Spending like a Sailor on Payday, and the Debt Ceiling
  165. Assault Weapon For Sale On eBay.....
  166. Congressional Budget Office Finds GOP Corporate Tax Proposal Would Push Jobs Overseas
  167. Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack
  168. Obama White House proves itself weak on defense yet again
  169. Bin Laden death photos might not see the light of day
  170. Obama Phone Lady meets Alex Jones
  171. French Military Now Fighting Islamic Extremists In Mali Enclave
  172. New pay-per-mile scheme would boost taxes 250 percent
  173. Americans should be more worried about the First Amendment...
  174. Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths
  175. SYRIA Is Using Chemical Weapons On It's Own People......It Is The Next Theater Of Ops
  176. HA! Glenn Beck Wants To Create His Own Communist City.......How Ironic!
  177. Is Political Conservatism a mild form of insanity?
  178. A Good Start
  179. Satanists Applaud pRick Scott's "Prayer In Schools" Law
  180. Douchebag claims to have cure for Diabetes - but only for "Christians"
  181. Could we save humanity by ending factory farming?
  182. About fucking time Nagin indicted
  183. Republicans Accuse Obama of Using Position as President to Lead Country....
  184. Ray Nagin Indicted for Bribery
  185. So...Romney WAS correct about Jeeps being Made in China!!!
  186. FL Professor is a Sandy Hook Conspiracy Jackoff
  187. Cenk Uygur vs Alex Jones - Guns, Conspiracies, and Mental Health
  188. Privatization Always Leads To Rampant Corruption
  189. Poverty in America
  190. 2013 Tax Rates
  191. Obama Swears In...
  192. Fix The Senate NOW
  193. Interesting Article About Our Banking System And The Fact It Is Backed By Nothing....
  194. Should you be allowed to vote?
  195. Spineless Fucking Coward Caves again and blows a turtle on the Senate floor
  196. Well now it's official: KKKoch Brothers funding the climate change denial propaganda
  198. California's State of the State address by the Governor 2013.
  199. Obama Recess Appointments Ruled Unconstitutional
  200. Why Obama is Deeply Conservative
  201. "Christian" radio hosts call feminists "Family Destroying Whores"
  202. The NEXT shooting thread...
  203. Another 5.0 Earthquake in Fukishima, Japan
  204. Pentagon Says Women Now Allowed Into Combat Roles
  205. Colbert on Republican Gerrymandering and Electoral College Whoring
  206. This Is The Crap Kids In Schools With Creationist Curriculums Are Taught.....
  207. According to ABC News, Housing Values Have Risen More This Year Than The Previous 6..
  208. Ahh the Fear of God.
  209. Obama's Economy
  210. Occupy Monsanto
  211. U S gunships in Miami ?
  212. Who Runs The World?
  213. How "Christians" Are Often The Biggest Cunts Of All
  214. Sen. Bob Menendez ‘likes the youngest and newest girls’
  215. Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size...
  216. Boy Safe After FBI Storms Psychotic Conspiracy Nuts "Bunker"
  217. Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
  218. Seven million will lose insurance under Obombacare
  219. U.S. Post Office Cuts Saturday Mail Delivery
  220. Well, Well.One Of The Westboro Bitches Has Turned Her Back On The Church Of Assholes
  221. Coach shoots teen
  222. Fuck The American Dream Before It Fucks You
  223. Ex-LAPD Cop Killer Still On The Lam
  224. Failed assasination attempt
  225. BCE gets hacked!
  226. How To Destroy The US Unmanned Drones....
  227. 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
  228. A Photographic Guide to Looking Concerned While Meeting with the President
  229. Elbow Singing For Some Rich Congregation Of Degenerate Bible Thumpers....
  230. NeoNazi Idaho State Senate wants to brainwash children with Randtard bullshit
  231. Benny Boy XVI Calls It Quits
  232. The SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Says He's Been Sold Down The River
  233. State of the union 2013
  234. CIA Drug Ops Conspiracy (Unaired Documentary)
  235. Treasury Department Reports $3 Billion Budget Surplus In January, Shrinking Deficit..
  236. Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal
  237. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Grills Bank Regulators Over Lack of Wall Street Trials
  238. Male Nurses and Healthcare rant thread
  239. Debtors Prisons Have Returned to America??
  240. No Joke: Right-wing group 'made video of Hillary Clinton having sex with panda'...
  241. High taxes force more Americans to renounce their citizenship
  242. Mark Rubio SOTU Response: Water-Gate
  243. Goddamit. Immigration Enforcement Is Non-Existent.
  244. Facebook Paid NO Taxes in 2012!
  245. Hubris: Selling the Iraq War
  246. Good God....The Man In Charge Of Choosing Textbooks In Texas Is NUTS!
  247. So God Made a Banker
  248. Meet the Simpson-Bowlers
  249. The Single Greatest Driver of Income Inequality
  250. Professor bans FAUX noise as a source - and all Hell breaks loose!