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  1. Senate panel Oks measure defining a journalist
  2. Christmas spirit dies at White House
  3. Gun Nuts want to CELEBRATE the Anniversary of 20 Children Slaughtered by a Gun Nut
  4. Now You Can Drunk Dial Congress!
  5. Last Hours of Humanity
  6. CA Governor Moonbeam – Holy Crap, he sided with Gun Owners
  7. Eureka! Tea partiers know science
  8. Guess what libs – Conservatives are winning everywhere but inside the beltway
  9. Randtard Ryan's Worst Nightmare: Bernie Sanders Is On The Budget Conference Committee
  10. JPMorgan's Big Fine
  11. KKKoch Brothers Spend Millions to Keep Health Care Away from Poor People
  12. Glenn Beck audiobook!
  13. KKKoch Brothers Could Make $100 Billion From Toxic KKKeystone XL Pipeline
  14. Let the Dysfunctional Red(neck) Plantation-based States Secede
  15. California Sheriff's deputies shoot, kill 13-year-old
  16. Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Docs, 'Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct
  17. Herman "999" Cain blames ME for his failed presidential campaign!
  18. Just Look Behind the Curtain
  19. Elizabeth Warren to Wall Street Regulators: Put Big Bank CEOs in Jail
  20. I officially apologize for supporting Obama...
  21. How America Could Be The Happiest Country On Earth
  22. Stop Treating Capitalists As If They're Gods
  23. Sebelius failed at government website projects prior to serving Obomba administration
  24. NSA website down, due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.
  25. The beginning of the end!
  26. Unmarked Military Gunboats Patrol The Louisiana Bayou
  27. Sodomites
  28. Scotland Bans Gas Vehicles, Adopts Electric by 2050
  29. Feel the Pain - Bitches - You voted for it!
  30. NSA denies discussing Merkel phone surveillance with Obama
  31. Silly Democrats laws have consequences
  32. The latest info on the ObummerCare Website from Mother Jones
  33. More from Mother Jones - ObummerCare Website and how it could be hacked
  34. It never ends...Pres. Ego's ability to piss off our allies never seems to end
  35. Bitch McTurtle: Burning Down The House
  36. Dems drinking from the Fountain of Power too long -
  37. Obummer loves to kill Grandmas!
  38. Westboro Mingle
  39. Silly Democrats laws have consequences Part II
  40. "Conservative" Shitholes Trying To Prevent People From Getting Heath Insurance!
  41. Judge saves Sriracha hot sauce
  42. Two U.S. commandos fought in Benghazi rescue, privately honored for valor
  43. Millions of people will starve in the allegedly richest country on Earth
  44. Top Hospitals Not Covered By Obombascare...
  45. Remember when Spineless Harry said Mittens dodged his taxes for 10 years?
  46. Nightmare On Hagee Street!
  47. Did Joe Biden Nearly Get Dumped For Hillary?
  48. Good News: Religious Reich finally admits that Global Warming is real
  49. Hillary Clinton gets big paycheck from Gold ManSacks
  50. Televangelist Joel Osteen's advice: Rub It Out!
  51. Million Mask March
  52. Official 2013 Election Night Thread
  53. Moonie Times Dumps Randtard Paul column
  54. "I Smoke Rock" — The Ballad of Rob Ford
  55. New Mexico Sherriffs All Up In Your Ass
  56. Even Alex Jone$ Couldn't Make This Shit Up
  57. 3 IT Guys In their 20's and in less than 72 hours did what Sebelius Couldn't
  58. Blueprint 2nd amendment
  59. NuttyYahoo re-appoints "worst foreign minister in Israel's history"
  60. Randi Fuckerberg Tweets and Shits All Over Veterans Day
  61. Wal-Mart - One of the Reasons Why I Enjoy Spending Money There
  62. Obombascare Navigators Caught On Tape
  63. Obummercare and yet Another Way to Screw Doctors!
  64. John McCain (R-Panama) tells Ted Cruz (R-Cuba) that he's "Crazy"
  65. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies he wants strange pussy
  66. Feinstein promotes bill to strengthen NSA's hand on warrantless searches
  67. Dick Cheney: Even bigger monster than you thought
  68. Fucking Xenu-Worshippers Can Get Super Powers In New Building.....
  69. Pres. Ego seems to want the US in Afghanistan FOREVER
  70. Dempon on dempon crime
  71. Ubama diplomacy in action
  72. The Crash of 2016
  73. Harry Reid FINALLY Grows Some Balls!
  74. KKKoch mob ALEC Trying To Abolish the 17th Amendment??
  75. Teabaggers Roots go back to Dallas, 1963
  76. Obama, The Great Economic Leader!
  77. Mush Limpdick punked by one of his own listeners
  78. The West & Iran: On The Verge of Detente?
  79. West media ignore massacre of Christians in Syria
  80. Ted Cruz Gets His Ass Handed To Him By CNN Lightweight
  81. Obummercare even pisses off the Socialist
  82. Pope Frankie calls unbridled capitalism "a new tyranny"
  83. ‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories
  84. McDonalds Offers Financial Advice to their Underpaid Employees
  85. Religious Reich Holding America Hostage
  86. B52 Flyover China.
  87. Meet America's Biggest Welfare Queens
  88. Corporations are RELIGIOUS people, my friends!
  89. Caption this !!
  90. Caption This Too!
  91. More NSA Cellphone Spying Excesses
  92. Climate Change is Bad for Business
  93. Nelson Mandela Dies at 95
  94. Are the teams who worked on this ignorant, stupids, or sociopathic? Or moles?
  95. Wall $treet Steals Detroit
  96. Billo The Clown: War on Christmas Avenger!!!
  97. Tom DeLay is GAY!
  98. De Blasio ran and was elected for his lefty views
  99. America Desperate for a Minimum Wage Increase
  100. The Ted Cruz "Coloring" Book
  101. The Flag Remains the Same
  102. House Speaker Boehner Slams "Conservative Group" Retards
  103. Ayn Rand-loving CEO destroys his empire
  104. FAUX "News" host Megyn Kelly says Jesus & Santa are both white guys
  105. First Amendment only applies to "Christians"
  106. So.... Oklahoma wants to build a monument to me??
  107. "Bipartisan" Budget Deal a Disaster
  108. It's official
  109. Holy Elohim! Federal Judge in UTAH Declares Same Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional!
  110. Satan's Early 2016 Presidential Poll
  111. Socialist education at its finest
  112. The REAL Media Bias?
  113. Obamas other son
  114. Republicans Fear the Teachings of Jesus
  115. Global Elites Terrified by Income Inequality.
  116. Repuke Assault on Voting Rights Continues
  117. Where are all the libtards
  118. Here's the Jim Jones Kool Aid being served by the Teabagging Republicans
  119. 2013: The Year In Crazy!
  120. Fat Bastard says "If You Don't Like Hearing Merry Christmas, Leave the Country!"
  121. When Lil' Kim starts drinking, look out!
  122. White Privilege
  123. Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues
  124. Is Journalism Dead in America?
  125. Billo The Clown on Income Inequality
  126. To Protect And Infect
  127. The Obamacare We Deserve
  128. Gilligan's Island - Antarctic Style
  129. Rachel Maddow tells KKKoch Brothers "I Don't Play Requests"
  130. Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma
  131. Research ships studying 'global warming' finally break free of ice...
  132. BridgeGate!!
  133. It's About Fucking Time That Butcher Showed Up Here!
  134. The FAUXification of 60 Minutes and CBS News
  135. U.S. Appeals Court kills net neutrality
  136. A Blank Check For War on Iran
  137. OklaHomo!
  138. I have just lost all faith in the justice system.
  139. Cronyism at its best.
  140. NSA Surveillance Has "No Discernible Effect" In Preventing Terrorism
  141. The cost of dope
  142. Anti-vaccination Movement Spreading Preventable Diseases...
  143. Time for a new WPA?
  144. What does each US state want...?
  145. It's Church Night on the Mike Malloy Show!
  146. 2014 Homophobic Olympics
  147. Gov. Rick Perry for decriminalization of pot
  148. Vatican peace doves attacked by crow and seagull seconds after being released
  149. TIA - How government works.
  150. Edward Snowden Nobel nomination
  151. This is just some fucking supreme bullshit.
  152. Dumbing Down America for Political Gain
  153. How Shittizens United Destroyed Politics
  154. Could a Rand Paul Presidential Candidacy be a good thing...... for Democrats?
  155. Corporate Media Scripted Prostitution Exposed
  156. American Dog P.O.W
  157. Protest Pooty in Russia and find a big wooden cock chained to your car
  158. Repuke Blames Satan for Homosexuality, and says Kick Gays out of the GOP
  159. Judas IsKerryot "declares war on God" - according to fundamentalist Israeli rabbis
  160. Mush Limpdick Thinks He Can Travel Through Time on a Talking Horse
  161. To Drone Or Not To Drone? That Is The Question...
  162. Just How Much Out of Our Taxes Go To CORPORATE Welfare?
  163. Mexican tycoon exploited super PACs to influence U.S. elections
  164. WTF Kansas....and Arizona.....and Missouri.....and Georgia....
  165. U.S. Debt Ceiling Nonsense
  166. Cookie Cott 2014: Stupidity at Large
  167. Is the GOP Trying to Hide the Teabagging Lunatics?
  168. The Gap Between The Ultra Wealthy and the Rest of Us
  169. Socky's BCE Conspiracy 9/11 Thread Derailment SpinOff
  170. Do Nothing Republicans Announce They Will Not Be Passing Any Legislation This Year
  171. Brent BOZO - Guess what? He's a complete fucking fraud!
  172. Highly offensive racist email discovered in Scott Walker Investigation.....
  173. Report: Farmers’ Almanac more accurate than government climate scientists
  174. Bugman says that my Former Employer Wrote the Constitution!
  175. Time For White Americans to Wake the HELL Up
  176. The New Fascism: Terms and Conditions
  177. How Obama Could Kill The Demoncratic Party
  178. Judicial Crisis - Let The Confirmations Begin
  179. CNN to dump the Piss Morgan show
  180. Is the Longest Illegal War in US History FINALLY Coming To An End?
  181. What happens when you cross Spinal Tap with teabagging douchebags?
  182. Piyush Jindal Gives Up and Joins The "Stupid" Party
  183. Where Have All the Lobbyists Gone?
  184. America's Corporate Military Industrial Welfare Complex
  185. Wendy Davis Calls out her Repuke Opponent and his friend Ped Nugent!
  186. Enough already------ Corporations are NOT People
  187. Time Is Right for a Populist Movement
  188. So apparently I'm supposed to put a WITCH in the White House?
  189. John "Grandpa Simpson" McCain Wants A War With Russia
  190. While the World focuses on Ukraine, China moves on Zimbabwe
  191. I Fucked Ann Coulter In The Ass Hard
  192. Eddie Munster's solution for Ukraine clusterfuck: Build the Keystone Death Pipeline!
  193. Texas enables another generation of the BCE
  194. Rumsfeld 'helped Iraq get chemical weapons'
  195. Jabba the Christie says "Stop Picking On The KKKoch Brothers"
  196. The Annual CPAC Teabagger Stand Up Comedy Show
  197. Fat Bastard Hagee says Ukraine Clusterfuck is the opening kickoff to Armegeddon
  198. How the post office could save the economy — and change your life
  199. Anybody But Hillary - 2016
  200. Will Thom grow a pair next ??
  201. Who would you go to an all out nuclear war with Russia to save?
  202. Democrooks plan all-nighter to spotlight climate change
  203. Right-Wing Zealots Are Already Freaking Out About The Return Of Cosmos!
  204. Alex Jones going batshit crazy about Satan!
  205. Guess Who's Picking The 2016 Presidential Candidates?
  206. Sen. Mitch McConnell Gets Owned On The Daily Show
  207. Paul Ryan's 'Inner City' Remarks - Racist? No... A Republican? No Way!
  208. Phelps excommunicated and dying
  209. A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet
  210. Former Obama Fan Says It All
  211. NASA Study Says The End Is Nigh...
  212. David Vitter: "God Bless The KKKoch Brothers"
  213. Chick FilHomophoiA now wearing "the mark of the Beast" , says hatemonger Scott Lively
  214. Young Turks Network launches shows on Hulu
  215. Alex Jones Paid By The Koch Brothers?!
  216. Secret Service Partying
  217. DuPont Heir gets "probation" for RAPING A THREE YEAR OLD CHILD
  218. She's Got Balls.... LOTS of 'em!
  219. How Wall St. Is "Rigged" To Screw You
  220. Charles Koch about Freedom
  221. Crackdown ordered on climate-change sceptics
  222. B c e 2016??
  223. 8 Things Mainstream Media Doesn't Have the Courage to Tell You
  224. Christian "Values" and Banging the Intern...
  225. Ronald Reagan - Liberal Democrat
  226. Dumbass Indiana Right Wing Preacher claims Hitler wanted a "fabulous" Third Reich!
  227. Soviet Spetnaz, er, "Russian Patriots" Sieze Ukrainian Police Station
  228. Sharpton was ‘eager to get slice of 1980′s coke deal’
  229. Commie libs exposed
  230. Family to GM: Our Son is Dead. Please, Stop Sending Us Recall Notices
  231. It's the End of The World As We Know It..... at least according to Fat Bastard Hagee
  232. Law and Disorder - Republican Governors Unit
  233. Brain Surgery Patient's Obamacare Plan Denies Meds, Drops Doctors
  234. White House Counterterror Chief: “Confrontational” Children Could be Terrorists
  235. Resurrected!
  236. Right Wing Terrorists a Bigger Threat to the US than semi-fictional Muslims
  237. Bill O'Reilly Is Just Pissing Himself Over Colbert On Latenight
  238. Obama's dealer Gay Ray dead
  239. Single-Payer System Would Be a Boon to the Economy, Public Citizen Report Says
  240. The Bottom Line on Marriage Equality - Because Stone Cold Says So!!
  241. Mark Dice can eat my fucking ass
  242. Obomba Bows to Jap Robot
  243. Did the Middle Class Take Off To The Great White North?
  244. Mississippi Could Soon Shut Down Its Only Abortion Clinic
  245. Russian Spy Ship Operating Near the Gulf of Mexico
  246. Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”
  247. ANOTHER university stops students from handing out Constitution
  248. Occasional TV producer 'claims' Boston bombing was a "false flag attack" - DEBUNKED
  249. China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins
  250. Christian Group Accuses Moosealini of Blasphemy for Comparing TORTURE to Baptism.