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  1. kwame k gets pulled over in Tennessee
  2. White House Wants to Turn Interstates Into Toll Roads
  3. The Amazing Racism
  4. Botched Execution????
  5. Another son of Obama
  6. How sick do you have to be to crucify a little child for being a Christian ??
  7. Hompohobic NC Repuke Candidate Was Once A Drag Queen
  8. FAUX Noize Invites Science Writer on, Tells Him NOT to Discuss Climate Change
  9. Obomba Bombs at the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner
  10. Demon on Religion: 'Not the Way I Think Most People Want to Live'
  11. How to spank your teen
  12. Oh boy ELVIS! 1500 year old bible says Christ not crucified.
  13. Why is American internet so slow?
  14. Elizabeth Warren Gains a Surprising Endorsement.
  15. Tennessee Teabagger compares Obamacare registration to Nazi "train rides for Jews"
  16. A Message From Clint Eastwood
  17. The Economic Recovery: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Created.
  18. FEC warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation
  19. Putin passes totally fucked up new law
  20. Son of Fat Bastard calls for "Spiritual Violence"
  21. Harvard Will Host 'Reenactment' of Satanic Mass
  22. Adam & Eve were stoners!
  23. More Police Have Now Died From 9/11 Caused Illness Than From 9/11 Itself
  24. Jesse Ventura & Cenk Uygur - Off The Grid
  25. Louie GOMER compares reality TV show cancellation to female genital mutilation
  26. Ironic Ending to NC Primary as candidate named "Crisco" slips and falls to his death
  27. John BONER doesn't think 6 BCE Presidencies is enough damage to America, endorses Jeb
  28. Bernie Sanders Calls Out BCE Puppet Marco Rubio For Embarrassing The Nation
  29. Antarctic Sea Ice Coverage Continues To Break Records
  30. Hunter Biden...C'mon Down!
  31. L Harvey You Are A Madman
  32. The Truth about Randtardism and Scientology
  33. For You Gun Control Freaks
  34. Asscrackasmr/Smellvis Run For Office
  35. "Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver" on HBO
  36. Swiss to vote on $25 an hour minimum wage
  37. Health Insurance Executives Destroy House Teabaggers "Repeal Obamacare" Hysteria
  38. No Trust In The Supreme Court
  39. ‘A lot more terror attacks coming our way’
  40. The Life And Crimes of Dick Cheney
  41. Federal funds earmarked to offset Affordable Care Act insurer losses
  42. 27 Huge Red Flags For The U.S. Economy
  43. Lincoln Didn't Fight The Civil War To Free The Corporations
  44. Hospitals Look to Health Law, Cutting Charity
  45. Can't blame Bush on this
  46. David Cross destroying W (4 months after 9/11)
  47. Carney Out!
  48. General Shinseki Resigns
  49. Drones have arrived
  50. Meet our fuckwit of a Prime Minister!
  51. Holder vows fight against 'homegrown extremists'
  52. Last of the Navajo Code Talkers Dies
  53. How many dead kids can you fit in a septic tank?
  54. ECB imposes negative interest rate
  55. Citizen KKKoch
  56. Honeybee Death Rate is Currently too High for Survival of the Species
  57. 8 conservatives who hated Obama for not releasing Bergdahl
  58. D-Day Veteran Politely Declines Obama Invitation
  59. Obama publicly ignores Putin at state leaders' photo
  60. Ronald Reagan Dedicates The Space Shuttle to Terrorists
  61. What if FAUX Noize Had Covered D-Day??
  62. New Medical Law Mandates “Private” Conversation With Child Before Every Doctor Visit
  63. UK Parents Arrested Because Their Child Is Obese
  64. Rice Admits U.S. Giving Arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria
  65. Piyush Jindal Signs Bill Blocking Lawsuits Against Oil and Gas Companies
  66. The Texas GOP Platform, 2014 Edition. YEEEEHAAAAAW!
  67. Obomba and Little Eric Holder to Provide Lawyers for Illegals
  68. The Kenyan Workout
  69. Illegal Immigrant Lawyer: Children Complaining Eggs are too cold
  70. Obama To Remove “In God We Trust” From All Currency Beginning July 1st
  71. Dinesh D’Souza Breaks His Silence Over Obama Persecution
  72. Alex Jones is a false flag
  73. Buh-Bye, Eric Cantor !!!
  74. Buh-Bye Chuck Hagel!!!
  75. Black On Black Crime
  76. Hillary Clinton 2016 - A Recipie For Endless War
  77. I Like This Girl!
  78. Baghdad Falling
  79. The Illuminati Take One Of Their Own
  80. Bernie Sanders Puts His Foot Down on the "Federal" Reserve
  81. Nestle CEO This guy is a fucking psychopath
  82. Destruction of Iraq Provides Stage for Bush Neocons
  83. Caption this...
  84. American IT workers forced to train 'guest workers' hired to replace them!
  85. Lindsey Faggot says Iraq and Syria are going to be the staging area for the next 911
  86. Alex Jones Speech: Humanity’s Unfolding Destiny
  87. Hundreds of Thousands to Be Questioned on Eligibility for Obamacare Subsidies...
  88. 48 Killed in Terror Attack in Kenya - Gunmen spared Muslims
  89. ‘Border Patrol Is Too Busy Changing Diapers’ To Go After Illegal Immigrants
  90. Absolutely Nothing
  91. Dinosaur Farts: Cretaceous Thermal Maximum
  92. Washington Is Beating The War Drums
  93. President Obama Smacks Down Climate Denial Idiocy At Commencement Address
  94. It's all a goddamned fuckin' CUNTSPIRACY!
  95. Exclusive: Inside the KKKoch Brothers’ Secret Billionaire Summit
  96. U.S. says government lab workers possibly exposed to anthrax
  97. Texan Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s A “Threat to Muslims”
  98. New creationist museum explains how Noah managed to fit dinosaurs on the ark
  99. Paul Ryan Obliterates IRS Official
  100. America’s expanding police state
  101. Russia Puts Troops on Alert as U.S. Broadens Sanctions
  102. Transgender priest to preach at National Cathedral
  103. "Wake Up Sheeple" A Song by Alex Jones
  104. Duck Dynasty Cast Receives $70,000 from Louisiana Taxpayers PER EPISODE
  105. US student is rescued from giant vagina
  106. The scandal of fiddled global warming data
  107. Elizabeth Warren vs Chris "Tweety" Matthews - calls out 32 year BCEconomic bullshit
  108. Caption time
  109. New sensors will scoop up "big data" in Chicago
  110. Dr Oz and the great nutritional supplements scam
  111. Nigerian atheist Bala 'deemed mentally ill in Kano state'
  112. Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones
  113. Brand Exploits Himself
  114. Ann Coulter the stupid Cuntasaurus Rex.
  115. All Employment Growth Since 1492 Went to Immigrants
  116. Oklahoma Teabagger Challenges Election, Claims Opponent is a Ukranian "Body Double"
  117. Cavuto vs Batshit Bachmann
  118. Why do we have to pay taxes when they just print money from nothing?
  119. The Pitchforks Are Coming…
  120. "Christian" fascists are Focused on Body Parts
  121. The EPA creates it's own biohazards
  122. Weekly Schedule for ELVIS' church
  123. President Crack Head...
  124. Obama Security Force Takes Control of Internment Camps: "Abide By Brown Shirts Law"
  125. Burger King Sells Gay Pride Whopper
  126. What abortion looks like
  127. Chicago 4th weekend gun deaths
  128. U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia
  129. No Israel in Ten Years?
  130. Glenn BecKKK's Teabagging Wackjob Audience Turns On Him For Doing Something RIGHT!
  131. How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza
  132. Still Campaigning
  133. TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID, Says Border Patrol Union
  134. "Obamacare" Is Conditioning People to Accept the Mark of the Beast!!!
  135. Bushisms
  136. LBJ Orders Pants
  137. Chicago Blacks Love Obomba
  138. OKC Bombing Surveillance Tapes May Be Released
  139. Yellowstone Melts Down - Literally!
  140. U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia to Smear Independent Media Personalities?
  141. WH: We've ‘Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community’
  142. America: No longer 1 nation, 1 people
  143. Liberals Want Elizabeth Warren On Supreme Court
  144. The Myth of Bernie Sanders
  145. Illegals to be sheltered in L.A. while homeless remain on street
  146. Did The Russians or Russian Rebels Shoot Down a Malaysian Airliner?
  147. Zionists start Gaza ground invasion
  148. Anti-Israel protesters rally across France, defying ban imposed after synagogue clash
  149. Big Oil & Dark Money
  150. Shoot Their Ass and Take Their Gas.
  151. Fed appeals court panel says Obamacare subsidies illegal
  152. Stop Funding NASA, Because The Aliens Are All Going to HELL Anyway!!
  153. Dancin' With Lil' Kim
  154. Psychotic Gun Nut Bastards Stage Ammosexual Orgy At Fucking DEALEY PLAZA
  155. Obomba Calls For Collectivized New World Order
  156. Michelle GMObomba's mission too poison your children
  157. I Don't Particularly Agree With The Israeli Gov't Policies
  159. The Government Is Cracking Down on School Bake Sales
  160. American Nukes
  161. KKKoch Libertarian Randtard Holocaust Denial Exposed!
  162. As Russia's economy is on the brink of a technical recession ....OOPS
  163. OBAMA: Muslims built 'the very fabric of our nation'...
  164. Guess What NuttyYahoo's Genocidal Assault on Gaza is REALLY About?
  165. Australian airline passengers told to flush drugs
  166. Fuck The EU
  167. Barack Ubama Wants Ugandans To Eat Da Poo Poo!
  168. Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories
  169. Mosquito?
  170. The Bullshit Corporate Tax Dodgers
  171. Nigerian Spam goes Religious??
  172. The Wealthiest Person In Each State
  173. Somebody Pissed Off the Government! Seized Classic Cars Being Auctioned!
  174. No Labels..... No Results..... No Good
  175. “The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.”
  176. KKKliven Bundy Says Elohim Told Him To Start A Civil War Against the Feds
  177. As more male bass switch sex, a strange fish story expands
  178. ISIS Captures Largest Christian City in Iraq...
  179. It's all about gas
  180. Obomba bombs Iraq...
  181. Baptist Church Leader Arrested for Soliciting Dog Sex on Craigslist
  182. Caption this, you bunch of crackheads...
  183. African Americans go nuts again...
  184. U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008
  185. PIGS Gas News Crew !!!
  186. Batshit YouTube stuff
  187. Hillary Clinton - The Perfect Republican Candidate
  188. Obama is Infecting Christians with Ebola To Destroy Jesus
  189. Taxpayer-funded film festivals showcase offensive content
  190. ISIS massacres 90 Yazidis in northern Iraq town
  191. Has Weird Al Yankovic been watching Alex Jones?
  192. Woman arrested after dropping f-bomb in grocery store
  193. A Current Affair
  194. What Stores Would White People Loot?
  195. I Am Shocked This Was A Black Dude!
  196. Conspiracy theory kid:Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against “Unarmed Civilians”
  197. Theocracy Watch 2016
  198. Ferguson Cop Points Gun at Journalists: “I’m Going to Fucking Kill You!”
  199. High School Student Suspended For Saying ‘Bless You’
  200. Ferguson is what happens when white suburban cops get weapons of war
  201. A Black Man Telling It Like It Is!
  202. Seems the "Doctor" isn't really a Doctor!
  203. British Jihadist Executes American Reporter
  204. Obama weighs executive action to bring 800,000 foreign workers into USA
  205. Will the Phelps KKKult have the balls to protest ISIS in Iraq?
  206. Obama Orders Review of Militarized Police Depts.
  207. Burger King Wants to Buy Tim Hortons and Become Canadian Tax Cheaters
  208. Gun Instructor Killed By 9 Year Old Girl
  209. Black Cop Kills Unarmed 20 Year Old White Guy?
  210. CT SWAT Team Can Be Sued Says Court
  211. White guilt college
  212. Bitch McTurtle's campaign manager resigns
  213. Bernie Sanders Visits The South
  214. 5 Reasons Why Jesus Probably Never Existed
  215. You Don't Know What "Libertarian" Means
  216. The F-35, the Scam of the Century
  217. Government Motors to launch cars that can pick up on distracted driving
  218. Death Row Guard Has Always Had Soft Spot
  219. Fake Cell Towers Intercepting Your Calls/Texts...
  220. Right-Wingers Flip Out Over Imaginary "Obama Car" Welfare Program
  221. Tricky Dick Nixon Was A Drug Mule!!
  222. So Ben Bernake Is A Genius Who Saved The U.S. Economy
  223. Wood Chips: The Slaughter of The Innocent
  224. Chuck Fraud - Conservative IDIOT
  225. Senate Finally Gets One Right: 79-18 to overturn Shittizens United
  226. You see Hon, This is why we can't have nice things
  227. will there be a 9/11 attack on merika' ...
  228. Elvis' President Is On TV
  229. Alaska's Favorite Family of Inbred Grifters In a Messy Drunken Brawl
  230. ISIS Isn't Much of a Threat at U.S.-Mexico Border
  231. Duck you!
  232. Liberal Senator Bernie Sanders may seek presidency in 2016
  233. Scottish Independence. Good or Bad?
  234. Miss Lindsey's ISIS Meltdown: THEY'RE GONNA KILL US ALL !!11!!!!!
  235. How the BCE Covered Up The Saudi Connection to 9/11
  236. Sweden Said "Good Riddance" to Austerity. When Will America??
  237. The Bombing of ISIS
  238. Why is Assad evil but the Saudi regime "good friends"?
  239. How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics
  240. Holder...out
  241. HAHA....ISIS Got Bombed By A WOMAN! Stupid motherfucking pussies....
  242. Holy shit balls! Move over ISIS....there's a new super group in town!
  243. Bill O'Really? Wants To Create Team America Mercenary Force
  244. So when did the UK get their own teabaggers?
  245. China vs USA
  246. Hong Kong Phooey!
  247. An Elvis Sighting
  248. If You Don't Think This Is Funny, Something Is Wrong With You!!
  249. Kim Jong-un No Longer Runs North Korea
  250. If Legalizing Marijuana Was Supposed To Cause More Crime...