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  1. F-15 Crashes in England
  2. So We Get Into The Home Stretch.....The Ignorant Advertising On TV
  3. John BONER finally releases the GOP jobs plan
  4. North Korean Government Reassures Citizens It Has Deep Bench of Brutal Madmen
  5. How did George W Bush delay a diabetes cure by eight years?
  6. Has Elbow Been Threatening The Neighbors Again?
  7. Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward
  8. Paul Harvey 1965
  9. Obama's Accomplishments
  10. Army Apache's vs ISIS
  11. Terror In The Great White North!
  12. View On Islam
  13. Sears Closing Over 100 Stores
  14. Blackwater Mercenaries Found Guilty in 2007 Iraq Massacre
  15. Oklahoma is OK?
  16. So the KKKoch Brothers are advertising on The Daily Show now
  17. One SuperPAC For The People, By The People!
  18. Florida Satanic Church To Pass Out Children's Coloring Books In Public Schools
  19. Satan's official 2014 Election Thread
  20. Why Elections Never Really Change Politics
  21. CNN must be hiring their graphics people from FAUX now
  22. It's Admitted in their own words. Obamacare is fraud.
  23. Republicans Celebrate Veterans Day By Dishonoring Veterans In Word And Deed
  24. Fuckabee
  25. Ah'ma Start Mah Own Religion.....
  26. Ted Cruz: Confused About Cicero
  27. 'We Will Not Engage': Michele Bachmann Reveals GOP Plans to Ignore Executive Amnesty
  28. Obama flies faggot fundraiser
  29. Some Christian Art Work For All You Heathen Scum Out There.....
  30. Reason not to trust leftist CNN legit
  31. Where Dave Lee Roth leads, Hillary Clinton follows
  32. An Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps Forward
  33. Stand with Hitlery
  34. Ubama complaining of sore throat
  35. Batshit Bachmann Leaving Congress
  36. Obomba: Racism 'deeply rooted in our society'
  37. Three Easy Ways To Avoid Obamacare
  38. Abortion Advocate Gruber: Killing ‘marginal’ babies ‘saved over $14 billion dollars
  39. Why Much Of The World Considers America To Be The Nazis Of The 21st Century
  40. Obomba quotes nonexistent Bible verse in immigration speech
  41. Watch What Happened When Two Thugs Started a Gunfight With a 74-Year-Old Woman
  42. Why Cheney & Chimpy Are Really Freaking Out About The New Torture Report
  43. Cop Allows Saudis With Dead Baby in Trunk to Drive Away So as Not to Offend Muslims
  44. The Game Is Rigged: Why Americans Keep Losing to the Police State
  45. Caption This !!
  46. White House Press Secretary Grilled On Obama’s Torture Hypocrisy
  47. I don't get it...
  48. University President: All White People Are Racist
  49. Former "Creed" frontman Scott Stapp threatens Obama's life
  50. Selma
  51. Elizabeth Warren
  52. Is the Koch Brothers' Curriculum Coming to Your Kids School?
  53. ISIS Holding hostages in Sydney CBD
  54. Caption this!
  55. 2 Dead NYPD and 1 Deputy in Pinellas County
  56. Boots Back On The Ground In The Middle East?
  57. Ohio teen trying to steal shoes shot by CCW holder
  58. Not Falling for the Divide and Conquer antics
  59. Merry Christmas from Christ hating wackjob Ayn Rand!!
  60. Germany Will Indict the BCE for War Crimes!!
  61. CJ Roberts Rapper Rights?
  62. Right Wing Radio Duck
  63. Fuckhead GOP House Leader Spoke To Nazi Group
  64. Goodbye to One of the Best Years in History!!
  65. Liberal lion Mario Cuomo dies at age 82
  66. Paris is burning!
  67. US lawyer Dershowitz sues in Prince Andrew sex claim case
  68. Dead as Detroit
  69. ISIS Baby Killers
  70. Independents far outnumber Republicans and Democrats
  71. Republicans use your money sense on this....rising tide floats all boats or trickle?
  72. NOAA Claims December 2014 Was The HOTTEST On Record
  73. T2oo Mmmuch POt...
  74. Adolf Hitler just found out that Jeb and Mittens are running in 2016
  75. Shep Smith haz a sad
  76. TPP/SHAFTA-Ross Perot is still right...
  77. Caption Read
  78. Llisten T2o BARRETT BROWN
  79. Leftist Tsipras Euro Man
  80. Frankenmosquitos are coming!!!
  81. The Slow Death Of Toxic Sludge
  82. How the system works
  83. Democomms or Sicklejacks
  84. Put the White Horse back in the stable - Mittens is NOT running in 2016!
  85. How a fake doctor made millions from ‘the Dr. Oz Effect’ and a bogus weight-loss supp
  86. Zimbabwean Cunt Dictator Mugabe Gets Down!
  87. The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
  88. Americans are ignoring the science and spending billions on dietary supplements
  89. 41 Shots
  90. TeaBorggers
  91. 28 Pages and the House of Saud
  92. Rev. Graham: ‘Imagine the Outcry if 21 Muslims Had Been Beheaded by Christians?
  93. Piyush Jindal says "The Muslims are Coming"!11!!!!1
  94. Smartass dumbass
  95. CNN Desperate For Ratings More Than Ever
  96. Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening
  97. Smart young Canadian girl...
  98. Brent BOZO says the BCE ain't right wing enough???
  99. Caption this !!
  100. President Obama: Do you really love America?
  101. Jewish Rabbis Have Now Infected 14 Babies With Herpes After Sucking Their Penis
  102. Fifty percent of Americans believe in some conspiracy theory. Here’s why.
  103. Obomba to ban 5.56 mm ammo by executive action
  104. CPAC Stand Up Comedy Show 2015
  105. Crater Face Russia - Result Of Global Warming..?
  106. Benji NuttyYahoo helped lie the US into Iraq, and he's lying again now
  107. Ann The Mann Coulter to star in Sharknado 3???
  108. ISIS Leader Armed & Funded by U.S.
  109. And That’s the Way It Was: In 1972, Cronkite Warned of ‘New Ice Age’
  110. How Stupid has the GOP Made America?
  111. Mike Malloy joins "The Big Picture"
  112. Murderous RW Nutjob Says that Marriage Equality Really IS the End of The World!
  113. Slave to Vegetables
  114. Bill O' Liellly and the FAUX Noize Agenda
  115. Thought the Soviet Union was anti-American? Try today’s Russia
  116. Obomba declares Venezuela national security threat
  117. Hitlery Clinton - Deleter of the Free World
  118. Judge Napolitano vs Michael Hayden CPAC 2015 Privacy vs Security Debate
  119. Miss Lindsey Graham: Wannabe Military Dictator
  120. Carly Fiorina Shapes Herself as the Republican Foil to Hillary Clinton
  121. Iranian Foriegn Minister Owns Dumb Repubs
  122. Is it Time To Disband The Republican Party?
  123. US Reform Jewish rabbis install 1st openly lesbian leader
  124. Algore: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon'
  125. What Will The Liberal Dipshits Say About What This Columbine Survivor Proposes?
  126. "Obama The Communist Dictator Tried To Nuke Charleston!!!"
  127. Obama P.I.
  128. Crazy Canadian Cuban Dominionazi Teabagging Lunatic Cruz Says He's Running For Prez
  129. The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Imperils Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects
  130. SSRI Drugs Linked to Germanwings Kamikaze Crash?
  131. US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program
  132. Hillary 'wiped her server clean'
  133. Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia.
  134. Have Faith, We’ll Have an Atheist President
  135. Schools To Parents: If You Let Your Kid Play ‘Call Of Duty’ We’ll Call CPS On You
  136. ‘Dreamers’ despair as Obama, Democrats abandon immigration activists
  137. Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park
  138. Apple CEO Slams Religious Freedom After Doing Deals With Countries that Execute Gays
  139. This Is How TSA Decides if You Might Be Acting Like a Terrorist
  140. Obama plans Executive Order for UN Climate rules...
  141. MSNBC: Police Lives In Danger Because Of Armed Law-Abiding Citizens
  142. Militants Kill 147 In Kenyan University Attack
  143. US Growth Forecast Chopped to Zero
  144. Climate Change Official Says “We Should Make Every Effort” To Depopulate The Planet
  145. Disaster Is Inevitable When The Two Decade-Old Stock Bubble Bursts
  146. Armed Citizen Saves Woman’s Life by Shooting Alleged Carjacker
  147. Three little pigs
  148. Cost of lab-grown burger patty drops from $325,000 to $11.36
  149. More scientists doubt salt is as bad for you as the government says
  150. Obama Criticizes Christians At Easter Breakfast Prayer
  151. Seaborne radiation from Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached North America.
  152. Cop Shoots Fleeing Man 8 Times, Claims His Life Was Endangered
  153. YouTube Removes Rand Paul Presidential Announcement
  154. Dangerous idiot Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of vaccine-linked ‘holocaust’
  155. Guilty: Boston Bombing Attorneys Convict Their Own Client
  156. Spring break 2015: The Gang Rape
  157. Bitch is Back: Rod ham Running
  158. ISIS Launches New Space Program!
  159. Chilling Conspiracy Theory
  160. meanwhile in Chile
  161. Barry Obama's 2015 Stand Up Comedy Routine
  162. meanwhile in Nepal
  163. Did You Hear About The Black Man Killed By Police?
  164. Sanders 2016!!
  165. Anti-Gay North Dakota Rep. Outed Via Dick Pic
  166. Praise the Lord, It's Church Night!
  167. Teabagging Imbecile Blames Baltimore Riots on GAY MARRIAGE???
  168. US strike kills senior al-Qaeda leader in Yemen
  169. NSA Domestic Spying Program Illegal
  170. A Black Guy Shoots And Kills A White Guy
  171. Jesus Christ Files Lawsuit Against GOP For Slander
  172. "I did not have sex with that woman"
  173. The Killing of Osama bin Laden
  174. Anti CCW Detroit politician carries non lethal weapon and shoots
  175. 2015 Global Climate Warming Change Thread
  176. Being Gay Makes Trains Crash
  177. Apple Watches Replacing Obamacare At A Town Near You
  178. Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners
  179. Misery! I mean....really...this is kinda even Apolitical...You are what you Eat!
  180. Memorial Day, 2015
  181. 19 Kid Diddlings and Raping!!
  182. Penn Jillette: What shocked me about the campaign videos
  183. Obama’s New Homosexual Chemtrail Superweapon Tested on Ireland
  184. Fmr. GOP House Speaker Hastert Allegedly Molested Male Student
  185. Union: Hackers Have Personnel Data on Every Federal Employee
  186. God Killed Your Baby Because He Could Have Been The Next Hitler
  187. US airstrike targets al-Qaida-linked militant in Libya
  188. With barbs and bluster, Trump barges into 2016 White House race
  189. SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines
  190. Jeb Bush 2016
  191. Why there has never been a Bond villain called Goldenballs...!!??
  192. Piyush Jindal jumps on the Clown Car
  193. Obama WTF
  194. CNN mistakes Dildos and Buttplugs for ISIS Flag at London Pride Parade
  195. Sanders level with Clinton
  196. John Kasich to announce preidential bid July 21
  197. Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill
  198. Fighting Falcon Vs. Non-fighting Turkey
  199. Independence Day in Chicago
  200. Even FAUX Noize Thinks There Are Too Many Republicans In The Clown Car!
  201. New Home For The Confederate Flag
  202. Car Bowling In East St. Louis
  203. Koch Brothers - It's The Evil Thing
  204. Sometimes, I Miss Elvis
  205. Jabba the Christie says "Everybody Must NOT Get Stoned"
  206. Scott Walker: Could he be DUMBER than the Chimp?
  207. Official Republican Clown Car Circus 2016 - First Debate Thread
  208. Michael Brown's best buddy shooting at police.
  209. Father Arrested For Shooting Down Drone Hovering Over Sun-Bathing Daughters
  210. Ben Carson = Stupid
  211. Bullshitghazi!!!!1!!!
  212. Ford And His Girlfriend Get Arrested!
  213. At least 10 dead in shooting
  214. Kochs Hope to Be First to Pollute Water on Mars
  215. Modern Fundamentalist
  216. Olbermann Back to MSNBC?
  217. Issa for House Speaker?
  218. Bareback Andy Sullivan is NOT "Ready for Hillary"
  219. Corporate Media Whores Caught Lying About Democratic Debate Results
  220. More W?
  221. Elizabeth Warren Would Make the Perfect Running Mate for Bernie Sanders.
  222. Canadian Election Day 2015
  223. "Benghazi Panel" Reveals CIA Asset, Then Tries To Cover It Up!
  224. Brutal Police Assault On Teenage Girl For Using Cell Phone In Class
  225. NASA: Obama Performs ‘Rite of the Dead Skull Comet’ To Hand Satan Control of America
  226. The Sad Truth of Our Politics
  227. Corporate Media Whores for Hillary
  228. US Election Night 2015
  229. Ben Carson says the Pyramids in Egypt were just really big grain silos
  230. Full Text of SHAFTA Finally Released - And As Expected, It's Fucking Horrible!
  231. By Booking Donald Trump, ‘SNL’ Looks Like the Biggest Loser
  232. Now this is a BAD ASS!
  233. When are our shitty governments going to sanction these people?
  234. Clown Bus Downsizes to Clown Mini-Van for next Republican debate
  235. Would you call this TREASON?
  236. Jesus Fucking Christ
  237. Ted Cruz On His Knees Every Morning
  238. G O P Debate 11/10/2015
  239. France to decree state of emergency, shut borders
  240. Why Shouldn't We Deport Illegal Immigrants and Secure our Borders?
  241. New DemoKKKrats Arriving In New Orleans
  242. ‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’
  243. Pooty-Poot Claims 40 countries - including some G20 members - are funding the ISHOLEs
  244. So just how cluless is Debbie Scatterbrained-Lush anyway??
  245. ALEC John Kasich gets his Theocracy on
  246. Would the world be safer if we got rid of religion?
  247. Illegal Immigrants In The Workforce
  248. Christians being Christians.
  249. Keep those Syrian terrorists out of our fucking country!
  250. "Active Shooter" Near Planned Parenthood In Colorado Springs