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  1. Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Attack
  2. Angry Truck Driver vs. Migrants at Calais
  3. A glimpse inside a Politically Correct mind
  4. Allahu Quackbar!!
  5. Guy legally open carries rifle, other guy gets upset
  6. Hey Americans! Suck on THIS act of terrorism.
  7. Here's what Anerica is gonna look like in a few years...
  8. Ralph Peters calls Obama "a total pussy" on live television.
  9. Darth Trump
  10. Roth Army Proudly Presents: Hillary Clinton EXPOSED!
  11. How Mice Turned Their Private Paradise Into A Terrifying Dystopia
  12. Koch Xmas
  13. Trickle down is a fucking trickle
  14. The Radicalization of Luke Skywalker: A Jedi’s Path to Jihad
  15. THEY GOT HIM! They busted the motherfucker!
  16. FactChecking the Third Democratic Debate
  17. Stoner Sloth PSA.
  18. Rape Fantasy
  19. Yuleapalooza 2015!
  20. How the Koch Brothers helped dismantle the Demoncratic Party
  21. Koch Brothers release new single to benefit Climate Change Denial
  22. The Ultimate Alex Jones Conspiracy
  23. Vanilla ISIS declares YeeHawd on Oregon
  24. Why preachers need private planes.
  25. Crying Oompa Loompa Refers to Himself 76 Times
  26. Ontario's Nipigon River bridge fails, severing Trans-Canada Highway
  27. Ed Schultz Returns to Prime Time TV
  28. Smartest Black Man On The Planet!
  29. Sarah Palin Somehow Links Son's Domestic Violence Arrest To Obama
  30. Nothing on the Canadian school shooting?
  31. Rafael Edward CruzJr (666) - groomed since childhood for Theocratic Domionism
  32. Some Great Videos For You Apologists
  33. How the 1% Reshaped "Democracy" In Their Image
  34. Official 2016 Iowa Caucus Thread
  35. Ron Paul's Dumbass Kid bails out of the Clown Car
  36. Malloy Hall of Fame: Right Wing Mike & the Disney World "Gay Days"
  37. This weeks best news story
  38. Only A Fag Would Hate This Gun Video
  39. Hey, America! You're spilling over into Canada...
  40. Filthy Lying Murderous Cunt
  41. New Hampshire Primary 2016
  42. In Defence of Recklessness
  43. Hey Odumba, The Super Strict Gun Laws In YOUR City Aren't Working!
  44. Trump Frump
  45. Judge Scalia Dead at 79
  47. Marco Rubio's Attempt to ripoff old Reagan slogan backfires in his arrogant face
  48. Democratic Town Halls vs Republican Town Halls
  49. Nevada Caucus (D) & South Carolina Primary (R) 2016 thread
  50. This is like something from an Omen movie
  51. Trump goes with Van Hagar
  52. Treasonous PNAC founding criminal Robert Kagan endorses HILLARY for President
  53. Miss Lindsey Graham, stand up comedian
  54. Ford Ex-Girlfriend Charged
  55. Oh for fucks sake! Now we've got French wannabe fascists supporting Trump.
  56. Sanders Broad gets Skooled
  57. Political Compass 2016
  58. John Oliver Destroys Donald Trump
  59. "Super Tuesday" Primary Thread 3/1/2016
  60. Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice - Donald Trump Edition
  61. Vote Canada
  62. Bill O'Reilly is a nasty cunt shock!
  63. Rafael Cruz-Buchanan leading the Roaring Rug by 2:1 margins in Kansas & Maine??
  64. Nancy Reagan Dies at 94
  65. Muslim Babysitter decapitates 4 year old girl
  66. Hi! Welcome to Kenya!
  67. Liberia: "The love of liberty brought us here"
  68. Look people, it's all perfectly simple...
  69. Are donnie and izzy cray racists or just crazy bat shit ... A question for the ages
  70. Why Penn Jillette Is Terrified of a President Trump
  71. Michigan & Mississippi Primaries - 3-8-2016
  72. Is Rafael Cruz-Buchanan about to become the BCE's candidate for 2016?
  73. Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupts
  74. Air Jordans killer
  75. Christianity Doesn´t Make People Do Good Things
  76. Rubio heckler
  77. Deja vu 68
  78. Se habla sexually assaulting 13-year-old
  79. "Mega Tuesday" primary results - March 15, 2016
  80. Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam shot and arrested in Brussels
  81. Mustur Burnee Refuses To Give Up His Slave Plantation
  82. Why Neither Party Can Survive the Downfall of the Working Class
  83. FORD has died.
  84. Mountain Time Zone Primaries 3/22/2016
  85. Clinton condemns Trump's plans for Nato
  86. Is wannabe religious dictator Rafael Cruz-Buchanan really an adulterous horndog?
  87. Things we "can't afford"
  88. The Great Wall of Trump
  89. Cascadia Caucus Day 3/26/2016
  90. Just in case there are any primary voters out there who are still undecided
  91. Sing along with Hillary
  92. Straight Outta Options
  93. Wisconsin Primary - 4/5/2016
  94. Slick handles up BLM
  95. Check out the latest addition to Hell's torment toolbox
  96. Eddie Munster says he's not running for President, then releases a campaign video
  97. BCE admits that "war on drugs" was political dragonshit against Blacks & Hippies
  98. 28 Pages Later
  99. X Hamster Porn Site cuts off access to North Carolina IP addresses
  100. Glenn Beck: The Gates of Hell Are Coming to Major Cities on Satan Day
  101. Bill Burr on Clinton
  102. Nearly Half Of All Super-PAC Money Comes From Fifty People
  103. GOP official: The party chooses the nominee, not the voters
  104. What Hillary Clinton Really Represents
  105. Charlie Ted and Beef on Weck
  106. New York Primary 4/19/2016
  107. HT sex tape
  108. How to debate Hillbots
  109. Sriracha Gate
  110. You'll never guess who the Stalin-funded treasonous Kochs are endorsing for President
  111. The New York Election Theft IS Just the Beginning
  112. Voter ID Law
  113. Mid-Atlantic Primary Clusterfuck 4/26/2016
  114. Team HillCUNT Caught in the Act of STEALING the Delaware Primary
  115. Here's your delegate counts as of 4/27/2016
  116. HillCunt Groupie distributes CHILD PORN to attack Bernie's Farcebook pages
  117. John BONER compares Rafael Cruz-Buchanan to....... ME!!
  118. America First: Trump & the New American Fascist Movement
  119. TTIP...New Docs Reveal It's Worse Than You Know
  120. Unholy shit! There's a primary in Indiana tonight??
  121. Who will be Trump's Running Mate?
  122. Alex Jones tells George Will to kill himself (because of Drumpf, of course)
  123. The Conservative Lorax
  124. Trans ShitIn Target
  125. Homicide Rates Jump
  126. Nevada Dempons Conv Debate fight
  127. Let’s Call Establishment Dems What They Are: REPUBLICANS
  128. P.J. O’Rourke: I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton, the Devil We Know
  129. Wow just Wow. As a fat fuck her same age with no accomplishmemnts....she rocks.
  130. Oregon & Kentucky Primaries 5-17-2016
  131. Alex Jones Jumps the Shark of Insanity: "Michelle Obama is a MAN, baby"
  132. Is Your Rental Car Company Spying on You and Your Driving?
  133. Hillary Clinton May Have Compromised Counterterror Ops with ‘Sloppy’ Communications
  134. Sanders vs Trump debate likely before the California primary.
  135. Camp Weathervane Ad Epic FAIL
  136. Gays in SPAAAAAACE!!1111!!
  137. Emails Show TPP 'Collusion' Between Big Banks & Obama Administration
  138. Bundy Bunch Upset That They Can't Have Guns...... IN JAIL!!!
  139. Why So Many People Dislike Hillary Clinton
  140. Obama, Get The Fuck Lost
  141. Shaft-eh??
  142. Purple Wigged Wife of Con Artist Relocates to Hell
  143. Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee
  144. Capitalism Eats Everything
  145. MSNBC now openly admits they have become a right wing network
  146. Fuck You, You Fucking Limeys!
  147. D-Day Anniversary
  148. The End of The Primary Road
  149. The War Room
  150. President Slow Jam
  151. Ballroom Blitz
  152. ISIS Goes FABULOUS!!!
  153. Does Wikileaks have the dirt on Hillcunt? And did they just release it.
  154. Brexit - Will the UK tell the EU to fuck off or not?
  155. Supreme Court Tells Obama Immigrants To Fuck Off
  156. When did ELVIS get elected Sheriff?
  157. Sexual orientation: True to what you are
  158. Meantime USA July 4
  159. Gretchen Carlson suit
  160. Dallas sniper attack
  161. Bernie Sanders Just Bent Over to Recieve Hillary's Strap-On
  162. Philippines president says kill drug users
  163. vote anonymous
  164. How Blair may face both criminal and civil actions
  165. A Green New Deal Will Save our Environment, Revive our Economy
  166. There’s a war on its way?
  167. Many dead as lorry hits crowd in Nice
  168. Xenophobic killing in South Africa
  169. Cheap Trick Says NO THANKS to playing at Repuke Convention
  170. Attempted military coup in Turkey
  171. New IDF Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women To Boost Morale
  172. Glenn BecKKK And The Dilemma Of The Gay Bulls
  173. AntiSemite StormTrumpers force RNC to close down online convention chat.
  174. Alex Jones vs KKKarl Rove
  175. Scatterbrained Lush Booed By Florida Delegation at DNC convention
  176. Michael Moore: 5 reasons Trump will be president
  177. Hillary vs Trump: A Choice of Cancer or Polio
  178. Mike Pence’s Bizarre Beliefs
  179. Kentucky bee attack
  180. George Zimmerklansman Punched In The Face
  181. BCE appointed judge rules against third party candidates in presidential debates
  182. Evan McMullin: Independent candidate launches presidential bid
  183. The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS
  184. A Redneck Perspective on "Black Lives Matter"
  185. Longtime political show host John McLaughlin dead at 89
  186. When Ronald Reagan met George W. Bush
  187. Flood Destroys Home Of Hate
  188. Mush Limpdick Is Afraid that "Lesbian Farmers" Are Taking Over America.
  189. 'Good News,' Says Sanders, as McConnell Signals No Lame-Duck Vote on SHAFTA
  190. Teabagging Racist Maine Governor's Drunken Meltdown
  191. Cocks Not Glocks
  192. Better start calling her Hillary Henry Harrison
  193. Musical Tastes of Trump and Clinton Voters: Led Zeppelin or Linkin Park?
  194. Why Isn’t It a Bigger Deal That Trump Is Being Advised by Sadistic Pervert Roger Aile
  195. WalMart Pays Tribute to Ground (Coke) Zero, just in time for 9/11 Anniversary
  196. Alex Jones and the Fish People
  197. Trump finally admits it: 'President Barack Obama was born in the United States'
  198. Jim Bakker - GOD Told Me The Polls Are WRONG!111!!!
  199. The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails
  200. It's Official: Hillary is the BCE Candidate for 2016.
  201. Prince killers bankrolling the opposition to legal marijuana in Arizona
  202. 1st Presidential Debate
  203. Esa wtf?
  204. Gary Johnson Says His Favorite Foreign Leader Is Obi-Wan Kenobi
  205. Top 5 Friends of Hillary Who Avoided Paying Taxes
  206. Vice Presidential Debate
  207. If this doesn't motivate Kristy to vote for Jill Stein...
  208. (Only) Black Lives Matter
  209. 2nd Presidential Debate
  210. Ford Motor Company Buys Black Lives Matter
  211. Hillary Clinton is a Demon From Hell and she stinks like sulfur!
  212. A fucking moronic idiot speaks
  213. TMZ: NBC Planned to Use Trump Audio to Influence Debate, Election
  214. Australia passes Trump motion
  215. Right Wing AZ Newspaper Gets Death Threats after NOT Endorsing Cheeto Hitler
  216. Limey Rips Apart Jilly Jew Stein
  217. Trump FAILED in his own attempts to commit "voter fraud"
  218. Hypernormalisation
  219. Madonna says "Vote for Hillary and I'll blow you"
  220. Final Presidential Debate
  221. Dwayne The Rock Johnson Serenades Hillary Clinton
  222. It's a Cyber Sex Attack!
  223. Part Jew, Part Neo-Nazi Steals Lemonade
  224. Sam Seder vs Pimpy O'Queefe
  225. Trump Dick Waving In The Wind Rally
  226. Jill Stein's energy policy - circa 1999
  227. Pence Palin
  228. Former drug dealer Jay Z to headline "get out the vote" concert for Hilary Clinton
  229. Black Jesus Saves the Day
  230. How to spot a fake US election claim
  231. White Racist Kills Two Cops In Iowa Ambush And FAUX Noize Goes Quiet
  232. Bill Maher: Barry Obama - the Full Interview
  233. No criminality in Clinton emails - FBI
  234. ‘Donald Trump is not a patriot,’ says former acting CIA chief Michael Morell
  235. Janet Reno...dead
  236. M.A.M.O.N. - Latinos VS. Donald Trump short film cortometraje
  237. By this time tomorrow
  238. What happens when you run the two shittiest candidates in history against each other?
  239. "Drain the Swamp"?? BULLSHIT
  240. Hillcunt Jr. for Congress??
  241. The Next Female Prez Of Da States
  242. Full Metal Jackoff
  243. Donald Trump makes 'extreme right' Stephen Bannon his chief strategist
  244. Goodbye, American neoliberalism. A new era is here
  245. Welcome to The Resistance - with Keith Olbermann
  246. US President Elect Admits to being a Fraudster
  247. Stormtrumper calls Christian woman a "terrorist" for speaking the same language as JC
  248. Donald Trump Building Team of Racists
  249. John McCain Warns Trump Not to Bring Back Torture
  250. Model Chrissy Teigen Calls Trump a Pussy