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  1. Trump Asked Comey To Back Off Flynn
  2. Legally Orange
  3. Meet The Trump Beatles
  4. Roger Ailes...dead
  5. BREAKING: Trump Gloated to Russians over Comey Firing!
  6. Hit the road, Trump
  7. Nation Favors Travel Ban on Person Who Has Recently Visited Muslim Country
  8. Green House effect
  9. Rahm Emanuel: Still a Right Wing, Clinton loving Asshole
  10. Jared Kushner: Lord of War
  11. 5 Countries That Kick Ass When It Comes to Health Care!
  12. LieberDouche to run the FBI
  13. The Political Sideshow Is Giving Republicans Cover To Destroy America
  14. Mike Pence Eats Notre Dame Dick
  15. Illegal Dreamer Arrested
  16. 'Community member' Seattle suspect
  17. Trump Touches Magic Saudi Orb
  18. Trump's anti-Iran aggression couldn't come at a worse time
  19. Manchester Terror Attack.
  20. Republicans voice opposition to Trump's budget: 'Dead on arrival'
  21. GOP Victory in Montana Means Dem Landslide in Next Elections?
  22. Z-Big - Dead at 89
  23. Corporate Insider Whistleblowers Are Saving Democracy
  24. Will Schools Now Force Kids to take ANTI-Science Classes??
  25. Even John BONER thinks Cheeto has been a complete disaster
  26. America needs VIOLENT CHRISTIANITY!!
  27. Muslims need to be "eradicated from pretty much everywhere"
  28. Bernie Sanders Gets Things Done
  29. Quid Pro Traiter Quo Kushner
  30. Old Pineapple Face...dead
  31. China's $350 million Bridge To Nowhere
  32. Jerry Springer Urged to Run for Governor of Ohio
  33. Washed up Right Wing Asshole Ex Game Show Host Goes on Jew Bashing Twitter Spree
  34. The Trump Doctrine Explained
  35. Democraticcratat guv dude hair on fire
  36. Debbie Scatterbrained Lush Uses Electronic Voice Changer to Call Law Firm Suing DNC
  37. Trump got climate change almost entirely wrong in his Paris speech
  38. Why Conservative Women Should Have Babies
  39. God's Hollowed-Out Tree
  40. Nuclear Weapons Test Footage Declassified
  41. Trump's NATO Puppet
  42. Grand Wizard Sessions Wants out of the Cheeto Circus?
  43. "Things that have Britain Reeling!"
  44. Eric Trump: scumbag skofflaw piece of shit!
  45. Ex-FBI Dir. Comey Releases Pre-Testimoney Statement
  46. Terrorist Nazi Stormtrumper attempts the Zimmerman defense
  47. Why Trump's So-Called Infrastructure Plan Is Good for Wall Street But Bad for America
  48. The Sanders Institute
  49. ComeyPalooza LIVE
  50. Elvis, is that You? Sandy Hook Denier Given Prison Time
  51. The League of Fake News Purveyors
  52. Official UK Election 2017 Thread
  53. Kirsten Gillibrand For Pressie in 2020
  54. Edde Munster's excuse for Cheeto? "He's Just New To This"
  55. Another Racist Trailer Trash Moronic Trumpsucker Loses His Mind In Public.
  56. The GOP Just Laid the Foundation for the Next Financial Crisis
  57. Trump's Dirty Little Secret War
  58. Donald Trump's state visit to Britain put on hold
  59. Trump Appointees Take Turns Praising Him in Bizarre Cabinet Meeting
  60. Bernie Brats Rejoice
  61. We Must Reevaluate Our Relationship With Saudi Arabia
  62. “The current model of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure"
  63. Known Bernie Sanders Supporter Takes Pot Shots at the GOP
  64. Trump Formally Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice
  65. How To Spot a Stoner
  66. Republican "Health Care" Bill: A Steaming Pile of Turtle Shit
  67. Trump Bullshits His Way Through "Citizen Kane" Review
  68. Huckster's F A T Daughter shills for Pimpy O'Queefe bullshit in White House briefing.
  69. Bakker: God Told Me Trump Will Oversee ‘Golden Age’ of Racial Harmony
  70. Sean Hannity Gargles Piss!
  71. Catherine Cortez Masto
  72. US Senate Has Lost Its God Damn Mind
  73. Did Trump Just Try to Blackmail Morning Joe?????
  74. I Have Nothing To Say To You
  75. Trump really taking the piss now
  76. Trump to kill one million people
  77. To the Shores of Tripoli
  78. Dear CrimNals Drug are still illegals
  79. Liberals With...Guns?
  80. McCain Has a Brain Tumor
  81. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology is a joke
  82. The Investigation of Donald Trump
  83. July 22 Attacks Norway
  84. Last Doolittle Raider remembers historic mission
  85. Why the scariest nuclear threat may be coming from inside the white house
  87. Neonazis Love Trumps uncomdemnation
  88. Mike Pence Hacked!
  89. He joined a white supremacist gang for protection. It led to his gruesome death
  90. Irma set to give South Florida a Major Blowjob!
  91. Trump Sides with Dems on Debt Ceiling
  92. The BOOB Tube
  93. White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners
  94. “i hate everyone in the white house!”: Trump seethes
  95. Is Alex Jones pushing lead-tainted products?
  96. Even Chimpy W. Bush is sick of Cheeto the Rabid Orange Assclown!!
  97. Is Cheeto bringing a Fake Melania to photo ops now?
  98. Jim Bakker Says 'Unsaved People Are Going Insane' Because Of Trump's Love Of God
  99. Corporate "Democrats" Purge Bernie Backers From DNC
  100. Did John McCain Call Trump a Draft Dodging Pussy-bitch?
  101. Bill O'Reilly 'mad at God' over sexual misconduct allegations
  102. Chickenshit Cheeto Changes His Mind at the last minute about JFK files.
  103. Poppy Bush, Serial Ass Grabber
  104. CNN Reports First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation
  105. Harvey Weinstein is the result of taking prayer out of schools
  106. Cheeto Only Does Interviews with Ass Kissers
  107. Russia-backed Facebook posts 'reached 126m Americans' during US election
  108. Dead People Mysteriously Support The FCC's Attack On Net Neutrality
  109. Antifa "Super-Soldiers" Fake News
  110. Liberals are still obsessed by Trump's victory
  111. Donald Trump face found in Jarrow dog's ears
  112. First in 25 years: Automaker plans Detroit area plant
  113. Conspiracy Theorists Are More Likely To Be "Losers"
  114. Poll: Views of Democratic Party hit lowest mark in 25 years
  115. US Election 2017
  116. Roy "10 Commandments" Moore (R - Alabama) : Pedophile pervert!!
  117. How To Fix The Democratic Party
  118. Happy Veterans Day Sarge!
  119. More evidence that Russia owns Trump
  120. Fox News viewers outraged after Shepard Smith debunks Clinton uranium ‘scandal'
  121. Gene Simmons banned for life from Fox News over his behavior
  122. Get Shorty!!! Trump's Campaign Coordinator Arrested for Kiddie Porn!
  123. Dazed and accused
  124. The End of Net Neutrality is the Beginnng of Fascism
  125. North Korean Defector Footage Released
  126. MAGA Trolls Prove They're Not Only Racists But Also Idiots
  127. North Korean Defector Escapes After Getting Shot 5 Times
  128. Cheeto's Reverse Robin Hood "Tax plan" : Even Worse Than You Thought.
  129. R.I.P. Time Magazine 1923 - 2017
  130. Twelve Days of Trumpness
  131. Trump Tweeting Himself to Death...
  132. Sorkin on West Wing Return Nails Trump
  133. Trump Slurs Words at Jerusalem Announcement.
  134. Vaccines are making you QUEER!1!!!1!
  135. Make America Stupid Again!!
  136. Christmas With The Palin KKKlan
  137. Who Wants War with Iran — and Why?
  138. The Horrifying Animatronic Donald Trump
  139. Nobody Kisses Ass Like Mike Pence
  140. Trump Displays Pure Stupidity On Climate Change
  141. Christmas Day In Liberal L.A.
  142. Progressive Teacher To Knock Off Feinstein For Senate Seat
  143. Nancy Pelosi Repels Young People On CNN Town Hall
  144. Dave Chappelle: Trump's 'Fighting For Me', Not Broke White People
  145. A New Year's Resolution for 2018
  146. Steve Bannon Called Russian 'Adoption' Meeting "Treasonous"
  147. Trump Angrily Throws Steve Bannon’s Signed Copy of “Mein Kampf” in Trash
  148. Would Republicans Support Hitler Before The Social Safety Net?
  149. America was Birthed in Opposition to Corporate Monopoly
  150. I Am In Love
  151. Cheeto's Wall? Not so bigly after all.
  152. Cheeto Doesn't Know the National Anthem??
  153. Cheeto Holds Public Meeting On Immigration To Prove He's Stable
  154. Trump's "Spiritual Advisor" wants You to send Her Your Pay
  155. ‘Stable genius’ Donald Trump doesn’t actually have an MBA from Wharton
  156. Congressman Trolls Trump With Introduction Of 'Stable Genius Act'
  157. Oprah 2020? Lesbians, Prostitutes, and Human Dildos... oh my!
  158. 85 year old convicted felon, racist birther, and Nazi running for the US Senate
  159. Something Is Rotten in the State of Florida
  160. Anti-Pot Ad Brought To You By Big Alcohol
  161. The Real American Dream
  162. Worse Than Idiocracy
  163. Would Cheeto use the BCE Playbook to Steal the 2018 Midterm Elections?
  164. ‘Goodbye lunch’: Internet barfs after Stormy Daniels claims Trump told her she was...
  165. US Congress - Oh, They're Coming For You
  166. Too Racist for the Cheeto Administration??
  167. Why did Kenneth Copeland ask Jesus to buy him a Gulfstream Jet?
  168. Dan Rather returns to the Nightly News business
  169. Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Town Hall - 1/23/18 7:00 PM (Eastern) - TYT Network
  170. Wonder What Micro$oft Has Been Collecting On You?
  171. Cheeto’s State of the Union theme: ‘A safe, strong and proud America’
  172. Harley Davidson Says "Fuck You' To 120 Aussie Workers
  173. Malaria The Duck
  174. Our Cartoon President
  175. BASTA! Motherfuckers
  176. Cheeto's going to wish this camera wasn't rolling
  177. Cheeto wants his own military parade.. just like Pooty and Lil Kim have
  178. I STILL Hate Illinois Nazis!
  179. How #ReleaseTheMemo Goes Viral
  180. Melania Demanded White House Be Exorcised After Obama Left, Right-wing Pastor Claims
  181. Why are Police working with "Alt Reich" Treasonous Nazi Shitbags??
  182. FAUX "News": Olympic Motto Should Be "Darker, Gayer, Different"
  183. Congratulations on Your Enormous Goddamn Tax Cut, Wyatt Ingraham Koch!
  184. Marco Rubio Florida School Shooting
  185. How an Alt-Reich Bot Network Took Down Al Franken
  186. Ruskies Blackmailing Trump?
  187. Meanwhile in Nova Scotia Thick ice 'catastrophic'
  188. Conservative Twitter Users Lose Thousands of Followers, Mass Purge of Bots Suspected
  189. 2018 CPAC Stand Up Comedy Festival
  190. Cheeto's new North Korean sanctions target countries involved in illicit shipping.
  191. Why I Love The Gateway Pundit
  192. More Whites Coming to your neighborhoods
  193. Great video about useful idiots
  194. Some Real Trump Dirt
  195. Canada unveils new vertical $10 bill with first Canadian woman featured
  196. The "Radical Left Wing" Polices Most Americans Want Right Now
  197. Democratic Ignorance defined and displayed
  198. Rexxon Drillerson OUT at State Department - Cheeto names Pompeo as his replacement
  199. Trump's Call For A 'Space Force' Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The Galaxy
  200. UK Media Calls Tory Health Secretary by his proper name
  201. Robert Mueller All Up In Trump's Asshole
  202. NYU Professor Says Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook Should be Broken Up
  203. Sweden becoming a shithole
  204. Senator Bernie Sanders takes on the Morbidly Rich
  205. Even the Corporatist "Democrats" are FINALLY getting sick of Hillary Clinton.
  206. Domestic Terrorist Blows Himself Up In Austin.
  207. Cheeto just appointed a Treasonous Fucking Terrorist to his cabinet.
  208. No Money For Mexico Wall In Sight
  209. Did somone say trade?
  210. EPA Head Travels World Spreading Joy Of Fracking
  211. Bill O'Reilly Returns With New Show, Immediately Embarrasses Himself
  212. Next time take a knee off the street
  213. Cheeto's America has it's official State Media
  214. Did a Trumpsucking NRA Terrorist just shoot up YouTube headquarters?
  215. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy
  216. Jim Bakker Says Attacks On Trump Are A Sign That 'America Is In A War Against God'
  217. Cheeto called Trump Tower fire victim a "crazy Jew"
  218. F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen
  219. Eddie Munster Quitting The Job He Never Wanted
  220. Impeach The Motherfucker!
  221. SHAFTA still sucks, but apparently Cheeto likes it now.
  222. You goddamned treasonous orange nazi fuck
  223. Alexi Jone$ is being Sued by "Crisis Actor" Sandy Hook Parents
  224. Alert to Satan! Prepare the BCE Wing for a new occupant - Babs Crowley Bush dead @ 92
  225. Trump In An Ireland Pub
  226. master bernie Pushes For State Fascism
  227. Kristy Goes Back To Where It All Started
  228. Malaria Trump finally smiles
  229. Goddamn it, now MonSatan is fucking up beer??
  230. MSNBC Ordered Ed Schultz Not To Cover Bernie Sanders, Then Fired Him
  231. Google Always Advancing Better Ways Of Spying On You
  232. Scumcast Outbids Murdoch for Sky News With $31B Cash Offer
  233. White House defends Ronny Jackson against "candy man" accusations
  234. Trumps Disastrous Fox News Interview
  235. Trump’s tournament of corruption: Mick Mulvaney and Scott Pruitt still in the lead
  236. Michelle Wolf - White House Correspondents Dinner 2018
  237. Chimpy W. Cokespoon's "ethics lawyer" runs for Al Franken's Senate Seat ...
  238. Cheeto Is a Big Fucking Orange Liar
  239. Cheeto loses another lawyer... and replaces him with Clinton's IMPEACHMENT LAWYER
  240. Cheeto tells Ammosexual Convention "We Have The Worst Immigration Laws"
  241. GOP Candidate Has The Most Awkward, Low IQ Campaign Ad Of All Time
  242. Orange Imbecile & Russian Asshole say : Bring On World War Three!!
  243. Primary Election Coverage 5/8/2018
  244. Trump Angers Scotland Ahead of Visit by Banning National Drink
  245. Being a MAGA hat wearing Trumpsucker is just like being gay in the 1950s
  246. Why the Massacre of Palestinians at the Border is Terrible for Israel
  247. Breaking the Deal: A Town Hall on Trump's Iran Decision
  248. New Spike Lee Film at Cannes: Box Office Poison
  249. Gun Owners And Non-Gun Owners Actually Agree On A Lot Of Gun Reforms
  250. The Forrest Gump of NYC Racism