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  1. Where's Sarge?
  2. MAN, I'm so grateful to Sarge and the DLR Army!
  3. who the fucking hell stickied katydid's crap in the dump ?
  4. I've Got an Idea! Let's Make a New Forum
  5. Why is Denny Spamming the Main?
  6. katydid : the problem
  7. Katydid Spamming
  8. the worst dlr army member
  9. The Sheep Pen Does not Belong in Main
  10. Roth Army Shirt:
  11. Hey Ford What Does It Mean To Exceed Ones Bandwith?
  12. just testing my sig
  13. Sheep Pen Belongs In The Main
  14. main or not main???
  15. Thanks Sarge for everything
  16. Bible Bootcamp
  17. email notification error
  18. Remove the star system
  19. IS there anyone else sending out t-shirts
  20. Xmas idea
  21. When can I ban and edit?
  22. Finally!!!
  23. So The Board Goes Up And Down And Nobody Says What The Fucks Wrong With The Board?
  24. List of Votes Order
  25. some rather sad news to tell everyone about katydid
  26. Who is RothArmy Member 5150?
  27. New User Rankings?
  28. petition to ban katydid
  29. phildo, horseshit, and flappo
  30. What Webbies and Mods do in their spare time
  31. Ban Pedophile Gar Stories
  32. so , is that cunt katydid gonna get banned ?
  33. NightPrwoler is a Fed , are YOU happy having him read your posts ?
  34. Super Moderator status
  35. I'll never post in either thread again
  36. Joe Blunder Returns
  37. member status
  38. VHLinks.com Destroyed - The Lesson Learned?
  39. first pictures of brett in his new job
  40. What are bannable offenses here??
  41. katydid slags off classic van halen
  42. Who is a PM guy?
  43. Why can´t I attach any pics??
  44. Pics
  45. My new avatar
  46. gays in the army
  47. Banner ads on the front page?
  48. Something in Flappo's drinking water?
  49. Picture blocking?
  50. Buddy List
  51. larger avatars
  52. how about a room to just house
  53. Joe Thunder = Dickless Wonder
  54. Stoopid question.....voting?
  55. GAR aka ImapusSylicker
  56. katydid : pay up or fuck off
  57. Mr Grimsdale for mod !?
  58. Asstrailia is a Fucking Bitch Bann It.
  59. De-mod Lou!
  60. This is Dump stuff, so I won't post it here.
  61. What the fuck is wrong with the site?
  62. dlr army opening page
  63. I would like to donate
  64. Why is everyone on this site so god damn uptight?
  65. Chat feature?
  66. roth army donor
  67. Fix The Damn Site, Sheesh!
  68. I have a solution for the Joe and Katydid problem!
  69. DUMP needs a new mod Mmmmmkreyyy..
  70. Site's DB's down again? I blame Katydid!
  71. Posts Are Being Chaged And Pictures Are Being Edited!!!!!!!
  72. dave solo vs Van hagar
  73. Post number cut down
  74. personal feedback = reputation
  75. This should probably be removed
  76. Sarge, Katydid is screwing up Arielle!
  77. I want all threads trashing me edited
  78. Why must FORD edit other people's posts?
  79. Why i should mod the dump with Grimsdale
  80. Who?
  81. why the fuck is katydid still here ?
  82. Joe is one or two OWNED pile/piles of dookie
  83. Why the fuck do people still believe Katydid is real ?
  84. DO NOT make me a Mod
  85. A bug on the website?
  86. Malfunction
  87. I would like to donate $50,000
  88. they just modded that cunt lou at von's
  89. EVERYBODY is a better poster than DENNY.
  90. Nckdfresh for Mod
  91. does hitch1969 deserve a sticky?
  92. What Happened to some of the Pics Here-They're Gone?,
  93. ip address
  94. Rev and golden awe for mods .
  95. What's this shit about sticky shit?
  96. The Feds and their misuse of Privacy Issues on the WWW
  97. ALL Roth Army Posters for MOD
  98. Three Lock Rock
  99. I'm Leaving The Front Line
  100. Ford is a Dipshit Mod. He's locking threads of Relevence.
  101. DeMOD Ford and replace him with Nitro Express
  102. How Long F4or A Webmaster Answer To De-Mod A Real Jerk
  103. Calling Three Lock Rock???
  104. Reinstate MAX!
  105. wtf is this?
  106. All Mod's For De-Mod!!
  107. Are the Webmasters allowing Flappo to do this?
  108. Cathedral...
  109. Rumor
  110. Downloading Audio Clips?
  111. Bullshit Bitch Posting
  112. Katydid is posting horse genitalia in the Dump.
  113. Ban Every Fat Woman Here.
  114. Debate
  115. Alae Premiere Not Working
  116. how do i get my "roth army" status up
  117. Why is Dave canceling gigs?
  118. Warham is fucking Out of Control
  119. Funny Post which was closed
  120. Why is Dr.MaddVibe Spamming the FRONTLINE?
  121. The Main is Way Elongated and Shit!
  122. Grate way to make money for the site?
  123. stars, voting
  124. If only one of the following could ever happen...which would you pray for?
  125. We ladies want to see some endowed dicks in this forum
  126. Someone is logged in as me.
  127. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I gave it a trial run @ WebMD first.
  128. Who's moderate mods here??
  129. My Friend is a Lawyer.
  130. That Jackass DLR7884 is abusing his job description.
  131. Why does 3 Inch come here
  132. To Fucking Jackass Mezro!!!
  133. What up with this?
  134. How about a member only forum?
  135. Warham is a prude
  136. new Sheep?
  137. killer
  138. my avatar stolen
  139. What's up with that?
  140. What Up with the Other?
  141. RA Front Page Triggers Virus Warning
  142. Signatures
  143. This Asshole Should Be Gone!
  144. DLR7884 hands over his Mod keys
  145. Might be an old topic, but...
  146. I cooked a Good Bird tonight.
  147. I Nominate MYSELF For the "No STUPIDS" Forum
  148. FOR THE LAST TIME: Where's my FUCKEENG img's???
  149. I seriously just fucked up bigtime.
  150. Stop Fighting
  151. Banned
  152. Letter I sent to SARGE about some people at the Army.
  153. Fabulous Shadow
  154. New Forum
  155. GUNT-The definition
  156. Verrrry strange...
  157. Campaign Posters
  158. get rid of the political forum
  159. a motion to bring back the Mojo Dojo, Roth's Romper Room and the dump!
  160. smilie
  161. Ford Hypocrite
  162. Idea for a forum
  163. how come my "im calling matt white out!" thread was deleted??
  164. Goodbye Everyone!
  165. Mattie's Law
  166. Threads of very poor taste on the main forum.
  167. If people don't stop whining about threads on this board...
  168. in all my years at the army..
  169. Is there a...............
  170. Why Am I still A recruit
  171. Lack of Mathew23m threads in the main.
  172. Has anyone had problems accessing the Army?
  173. Update the Tour Page
  174. You have PUNKS but NO ROCK.
  175. Site Update
  176. Why has my name been changed back?
  177. Why did pete get banned?
  178. Journal
  179. user = telefunkinu47
  180. Hey! What happened to my name?
  181. about my sig
  182. How on earth can DLR78320 still be a mod?
  183. Aliases 101
  184. Who should be mod?
  185. Now that YOU can't sleep . . .
  186. Carmine Raguzza for moderator.
  187. This 20-minute Time Limit On Post Edits Has Got To Go!!!
  188. Nothing beats the army
  189. The next person who starts a "so-and-so" for Mod should be BANNED
  190. Should Rev and Golden AWe be webmasters at the Army?
  191. Why is jizzystool a webmaster?
  192. dave and sammy?? do they ?
  193. *
  194. Should Rev an Golden AWe lead the EU, UN and the US of A?
  195. The DLR Army Forums Lay Out should change
  196. Server problems
  197. GAR has been banned
  198. The Women Of This Board Deserve A Forum Where They Can See Dicks!!!!!!!!
  199. Votes
  200. [B][SIZE=3]DLR 7884[/SIZE][/B]
  201. DLR 7884 is out of control...
  202. streaming
  203. Trouble
  204. ???
  206. problem with downloads
  207. Minor Complaint, but probably a valid one...
  208. My pussy itches...
  209. mp3 downloads not working
  210. problem with MP3 downloads
  211. No Matter How Hard You Try I'm NOT Leaving!
  212. Until Tommorrow, See Ya
  213. arcade
  214. Itakenoshit
  215. webmasters and moderators
  216. Sarges Diary
  217. I have decided to become a mod
  218. Sugguestion For A new part of the forums or Site.
  219. The Roth Crusaders
  220. Kitty who?
  221. Problems
  222. Uhh?
  223. whats wrong with the mp3's?
  224. Cannot see photos on the front page.
  225. De-Mod flappo
  226. becoming a mod
  227. downloads won`t work
  228. Wtf????
  229. why the webmasters...
  230. Dave Rocks Redding Ca!
  231. Spellcheck?
  232. Feedback To Webmaster My Ass
  233. How do I add a custom picture to my posts?
  234. How many Posts?
  235. Dave's Bar and Grill
  236. [b]Rikk…He’s committed the most serious violation a mod could[/b]
  237. [b] We Ladies Need " HOT DOG STAND" or "BUM CAFE"...[/b]
  238. MAX's new status bar
  239. Why did you bastards delete his threads?
  240. why was my thread about rothtards deleeted?
  241. The Alias Report
  242. Why "HeadFluffer" ?
  243. 15,000 registered???
  244. Ford Is A Nazi Sarge ...please Do Something
  245. An Apology To My Friends Here At The Army
  246. HA! Banned at the Guitars101!!!
  247. Sorry to Roth staff
  248. post problems
  249. Downloads: Still not working!
  250. Respect the Army Webbies