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  1. Over Processed High Gain Tone
  2. Mics and mixers
  3. Univox U-1226 Head
  4. Frehley painted
  5. Active & Passive
  6. 5150 III Specs
  7. Poor man's Ampeg
  8. 50th Anniversary strat
  9. Something Different
  10. My New Guitar Project !!
  11. 5150 III Release date
  12. Guitar world EVH frankenstein creation vids
  13. I gotta share this with you...
  14. Zakk Wylde Lessons...
  15. Guitar to computer solution
  16. Lipstick Humbucker
  17. Engraved Guitar Neck Plate !!
  18. Your opinion on digital guitars
  19. Fooling around with my new toy, Behringer Audio Interface.
  20. synth axes
  21. ESP Sword Angel- crazy guitar at a crazy price
  22. Nashville Guitar Show June 16, 2007
  23. Big trouble solo....my version !!
  24. Norman Nut File Gauge System
  25. Bambambam!!!! Turn That Crap Down Or I'm Calling The Police!!!
  26. Floyd rose on a strat body?
  27. Check out the Fender Frankenstein
  28. Zachary Guitars
  29. How I built my Frankenstrat
  30. Old yella's gonna be pissed!!!
  31. Adobe Audition (Formerly Cool Edit Pro)
  32. Whammy Bar, or No Whammy Bar
  33. Dave's 5150 head
  34. Tuner replacement 101
  35. Humbuckers
  36. 5150 III Head In Action
  37. Amps and Cell Phones
  38. Marshall JVM 410
  39. VH Fools through a stock Epiphone amp and a Weber attentuator
  40. I got a new head!!!
  41. Jimi Hendrix playing an SG
  42. Show off your broken Guitars
  43. Steve Morse talks with Sterling Ball
  44. John Frusciante's pedalboard
  45. Bass tube preamps
  46. Anymore Jack Cassidy bass fans in here?
  47. Cool 5150 mods
  48. Who's toying around with Epiphone Valve Jr.'s in here?
  49. Sitar Effects Pedals
  50. Yamaha SG1000
  51. I you designed your own amp what would it be like?
  52. This BOSS dude seems coked up.
  53. Boutique Amplifiers
  54. Hilarious joke for musicians...
  55. The most perfect guitar, in your opinion
  56. the Bill Laswell sound
  57. Jackson Flying V advice
  58. Keef with a raincoat on backwards, indoors, brandishing guitars.
  59. Easy metal songs on guitar?
  60. Any Tele Players here???
  61. Any reason 200 watts RMS solid state isn't as loud as 50 watts RMS tube?
  62. strat building advice
  63. Show ur homestudio pic
  64. Guitar Wall Mount Advice
  65. My new Frankenstrat LIVES!
  66. My Original Songsssssss Please Look
  67. The VG Strat
  68. I just blew my Peavey Windsor
  69. my guitar pick collection
  70. dorian modes on the guitar like vanhalen
  71. What the hell ????
  72. FrankenBASS???
  73. Check out this old guitar
  74. Terry Bozzio setup
  75. One kewl thing for Fender lovers
  76. My Original Songs Please Look :)
  77. funky custom guitar site
  78. Marshall Powerbrake ?
  79. Have Gibson lost it? 'The Reverse Flying V'
  80. Some good info on eddie's brown sound...
  81. Marshall ATV Valvestate Combos
  82. I bought a guitar last week
  83. Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM301
  84. seymour duncan jb bridge pickup
  85. Refurb of old guitar - Time to paint!
  86. I bought a strat body yesterday
  87. 1969 Marshall RED Super Bass Stack
  88. Anyone else have a drummer who's kit is held together by JB Weld?
  89. Old amps can take a pissing, and keep on ticking.
  90. Neck thru strat
  91. The Les Pauls Grow Out Of The Ground Overnight
  92. Anyone know what bass rig Wolfie is playing through
  93. Ever been told there would be a PA and there is not one?
  94. Panamark's Birthday Present?
  95. Howard Leese collection
  96. The EVH Art Series returns
  97. I finally tried a 5150 III half stack today
  98. Les Paul Classic vs. Les Paul Standard
  99. I need some advice about playing "Little Guitars"....
  100. Guitar Help?
  101. Bass strings
  102. I turned my Peavey Windsor into a bass amp using a Metro Bass board
  103. Ed's Wah ...
  104. Floyd Rose Tremolo - History & Tribute
  105. Yngwie!
  106. How the fuck do strings stray sharp ?
  107. Replacement guitar decals
  108. Yngwie Malmsteen Interview
  109. YouTube Guitar Wankery...
  110. Guitar Center Sucks
  111. I bought a Firebird yesterday
  112. Jimi blowing through some Fender amps in 69
  113. The Bif Muff USA
  114. The Carvin Legacy Amp can get a pretty good EVH classic tone
  115. Building a beast!
  116. Some new youtubes are out on the Frankenstien
  117. Wanna buy an EVH standee from an independent guitar store?
  118. This is Awesome.....I'm buying one.
  119. Germanium, Tubes, and LSD
  120. Electro Harmonix Pedals
  121. The 2007 evh art series Edds been playing are on ebay 6 of them so far
  122. Changing a Nut
  123. This is how a BASS Solo should sound.
  124. Mods to a 5150?
  125. Priceless Comment My Best Friend Made About Playing Guitar
  126. Check This Out A:slkdjas:ldkjas:ldk
  127. Gibson Robot Guitar
  128. Yngwie Malmsteen with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
  129. Shimming a neck
  130. Paul $tanley launches new Signature guitar..
  131. Anyone played the 3/4 sized Squiers ?
  132. Jazz Bass Replacement Pickups
  133. Blues loops?
  134. The jack daniels Bass guitar for 300 on ebay
  135. I bought a strat neck today
  136. Cool Documentary on Les Paul
  137. who here has the coolest strap?
  138. What would you do if you owned this guitar?
  139. Leo Fender's Laboratory
  140. This is a fucking Steal......
  141. A question the musicians here about playing e flat
  142. I just bought this...
  143. Tone Tubby Ceramic and AlNiCo "Hempcone" Speakers
  144. GE Smith says screwing the pickup directly into the wood gives a fatter sound
  145. "It's in the fingers not in the equipment"
  146. Check out this cheap ebay guitar...
  147. Mexican Fenders
  148. selling one of my guitars
  149. Dave Murray RIR Solo ('85)
  150. it's all about EVH guitars!
  151. What all do i need fopr my explorer?
  152. Question about ADA Mp1's
  153. Anyone know a good inexpensive site to buy a Jackson neck?
  154. Heading with Gift Certificate in search of Brown Sound...
  155. Learn to Play Guitar Software
  156. Van Halen Logo Guitar on Ebay
  157. Kramer Focus?
  158. Home recording question
  159. my new guitar
  160. Guitar Fix Up
  161. I thought we had an Ugly Guitar Thread...
  162. Christopher Godin
  163. Carl Verheyen
  164. G3
  165. VH logo guitar
  166. How should I decorate my new foot switch?
  167. New Peavey hp custom shop online- put you photo on a guitar
  168. Marshall introduces Randy Rhoads sig. Amp
  169. The Brown Sound Explained
  170. The Pink Spiders Jon Teenage Graffiti Lefty Fender Bass
  171. Lmao!
  172. The Doors
  173. Ahhhahahahahaa!!!
  174. Z Vex Effects
  175. This is the amp I lust for.
  176. Floyd Rose Big Blocks
  177. Eds variac
  178. Everyone needs a Scrotum Smasher to give their sound more balls.
  179. gibson les paul axcess
  180. Eventide Timefactor delay pedal
  181. BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal: ROLAND SPACE ECHO
  182. I nailed the VH II tone with a Metroamp 67 and Alembic preamp
  183. The gayest EVH Charvel yet
  184. Cool shred moves
  185. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest MoFo's around here
  186. Here's a new guitar
  187. Soldano
  188. Super Realistic Skull Knobs
  189. One piece bodies or 2?
  190. Just bought myslef a Fernandes Ravelle sustainer guitar
  191. Van Halen's secret guitar TONE FILTER Capacitor REALLY!
  192. Tommy Thayer New Signature Edition Amplifier
  193. HAO Rust Driver
  194. Ed at the 2003 NAMM show
  195. Unk Guitars, Ed's new guitar
  196. KRAMER 5150 Replica coming soon!!
  197. I like the way this guy plays.
  198. I decided to build an aesthetically acceptible stack!
  199. Electric banjo through a RAT 2 distortion pedal
  200. [img]http://www.rothfans.com/forum/image.php?u=4&dateline=1206549523[/img]
  201. while the army was dead....
  202. A Farewell to Arms
  203. New Fender Wolfgang
  204. Amp Mods
  205. The "DON'T BUY" Thread
  206. Namm 2009 Thread
  207. New design Strat from Fender
  208. Fender Road Worn Series
  209. Pics of the new EJ Rosewood strat
  210. Cool forum for anyone interested in building their own EVH replica's
  211. Fender's Dave Murray Stratocaster
  212. Stainless steel guitar frets?
  213. So who's in a band?
  214. Check out this Les Paul
  215. New EVH Frankie pickups
  216. LA amp tech shout out.
  217. R.I.P. Don Randall - the man who named the Stratocaster
  218. This Pre-NAMM Concert Showcasing continues!
  219. NAMM 2009: Ibanez: Paul Gilbert Iceman Fireman
  220. Moderator needed for this forum...
  221. Well, last spring I got my Marshall Super Lead fixed
  222. NAMM 2009: PRS Amps
  223. Namm 2009: Ritchie Blackmore strat
  224. Sx guitars
  225. Namm 2009 EVH
  226. Hands down ,THEE Worst guitarist to ever play at NAMM !
  227. My latest Warmoth Build
  228. Ice Cream Man "Davesickle" Acoustic Guitar
  229. The Inevitable Bugera Hate-Thread
  230. Deanless Dean Guitar
  231. Evh wolfgang
  232. Crash Course Metal Guitar Instructional DVD
  233. Relic Esquire Build Started
  234. Best way to tell your wife you spent $4000 on a guitar amp
  235. I Found it on the CL !!! - Thread
  236. Should I be concerned about this?
  237. A Real PRICK Teaches "Chicken-Picking" Technique
  238. The Guitar and Amp Gas Thread!
  239. "Stainless steel frets"
  240. Watch CNN Today! Segment On Sped & His Wolfgang Guitar
  241. Mighty Mite Bodies
  242. Would anyone like to see deep within the ROTH ARMY World Headquarters?
  243. My Gear - Past and Present
  244. Has anyone Tried an Egnater Rebel?
  245. Anyone know anything about in-ear monitors?
  246. Check out this youtube clip
  247. Shipping Damage or Foul Play?
  248. Loud! Technologies in twubble..
  249. The Pedal Board Thread
  250. Best Guitar Store Front EVER!!!