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  1. Beware FAKE Vintage Guitar Auctions
  2. Legendary producer/engineer Andy Johns shares his recording techniques...
  3. Upgrades & Modifications: How have you "personalized" your guitars?
  4. I'm The One - Van Halen Boogie!
  5. Some of my Van Halen gear
  6. Van Halen 1982 Diver Down Tour Shirt
  7. Need help Wiring Epiphone Goth Explorer
  8. The Recording Thread
  9. Space Brother Riffs using a Destroyer
  10. WTF Gibson?? Single pickup Les Paul??
  11. Gus G Interview and Lesson
  12. Anyone heard of this site before?
  13. Elmwood Modena90 demo with strat
  14. Bi-amp clip Plexi and Elmwood
  15. Grab your Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee and Vee Wee Zakk Pakks!
  16. Drumtracker....
  17. Spoon Guitar
  18. Paul Stanley gear whoring "amp"ing up
  19. Pickup Selection
  20. Time to re-tube my amp... any advice?
  21. EVH '78 and ClinchFX EP-PRE clip
  22. Couple guitar questions.
  23. Old Bill Lawrence Pickup?
  24. 6534 Amp
  25. This guy isn't half bad
  26. Dimebag loved the BROWN sound.
  27. Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarist
  28. The Randy Rhoads Legacy
  29. DIME amp by DEAN
  30. 50 Cal Ammo Can Amp
  31. Gibson.com has compiled a list of the 10 greatest guitar riffs of the Eighties
  32. Edward Van Halen Talks about his classic tone & amp
  33. 15 Speaker Shootout! Celestion vs. EV vs. Eminence vs. JBL
  34. drumming in high heels
  35. Retro Channel Retro Wreck amp head
  36. Paul Stanleys son jams with KI$$
  37. Neil Young lead guitar instructional DVD !
  38. Compressor Pedals
  39. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Answers Fan-Submitted Questions
  40. Blackstar HT1 Amp Demo----1 watt tube amp
  41. Phase Inverter tubes: 12AX7 vs 12AT7
  42. Sup Y'all, It's been a while
  43. EVH Wolfgang Special Electric Guitar Review
  44. The Great Johnny Hiland layin down some slow Blues...
  45. Anyone using Logic Express 9?
  46. Semie Moseley and his guitar shop
  47. Great Ty Tabor (Kings X) interview...
  48. What To Learn from the VH Guitar Hero Isolated Tracks
  49. Marshall YJM100: An Yngwie signature Marshall?? Seriously!!
  50. David Bray Plexi
  51. EVH mini replica's....
  52. Pete Thorns guide to Eruption
  53. NAMM 2011 (EVH Booth content)
  54. My new musicvideo with some nice guitar
  55. Videos of my band
  56. My New Baby
  57. VH1 Destroyer tone
  58. got pics or vids of your gear? well post them here!
  59. Fender Japan is cooler than Fender US (Bass Content) Cato Chime in!
  60. THEE pedal every guitarist should own!
  61. New Pedal Day: Neunaber Technology: Wet Reverb
  62. Hi Guys, I got some software for ya
  63. recording drums questions
  64. I want to learn to play slide...
  65. How To Give Drums On Old Demos Some Definition When They Are Muddy Sacks Of Shit...
  66. The Show Your Work Thread
  67. National Museum of American History Receives EDDIE VAN HALEN's 'Frankenstein Replic
  68. Eurotubes.com - awesome!
  69. Millennium Music Conference teaches musicians about rapidly changing industry
  70. Need a fast guitar with awsome whammybar!!
  71. Eddie shows you the Beat it solo
  72. Linkin Park Assessment
  73. Never mind - please delete this thread.
  74. No CNC machines here. They are doing it the old fashioned way.
  75. HELP!! I need some help/advice here with my amp
  76. New line of MXR pedals.... Custom Badass '78 Distortion
  77. Korg SOS
  78. Happy birthday mr. Telecaster
  79. Some Cool Gear And Recording Info I Found......
  80. Monster Cables Have A Grudge Against The World Apparently....
  81. The Best of Nuno Tennis Court
  82. Black and Red Bumblebee
  83. Line 6 Wireless for guitar.
  84. Pro Fuck Ups
  85. Birthday Guitar/s
  86. For us recording geeks: The Loudness War. (No NOT the band)
  87. Scumback Speaker demo
  88. the pick thread '11
  89. anybody played on this "axe"
  90. Strings - Who Can Use 'Em?
  91. Mandolin
  92. HOW TO: Get Your Fans To Use Their Phone for Good During Concerts
  93. Wow man! Check out this dude's amp stacks!!!
  94. Demo of Celestions and different cabs
  95. Teleblaster
  96. DJ's "Scores" Thread
  97. Ray Luzier
  98. Pro/Artist Studio Sites (lookin' for ideas)
  99. Worst/Ulgliest/Dumbest "Signature" models thread.
  100. Coolest "Signature" Models thread.
  101. Saw Alice Cooper on Leno last night...
  102. Alex Lifeson Interview: His Complete Gear Setup For Rush's "Time Machine Tour 2011"
  103. I've got some bad G.A.S.
  104. The Roth Army All Star Band Jams thread..
  105. TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal
  106. If You Or Anyone You Know Ever Played In A Band In Denver You MUST READ THIS!!
  107. Fractal Audio Systems presents Axe-Fx II
  108. RedTeletronix Custom Effects .... Like nothing you've ever seen before!!!
  109. Rickenbacker bass strings.
  110. Earbud 'Listener Fatigue' Solved
  111. Do Musicians Have Better Brains?
  112. The 2009 version of the 1983 Akira Takasaki guitar solo
  113. Ever see something that makes you go re-learn a riff?
  114. Billy Gibbons rig rundown
  115. Into the light - original rockin tune with Elmwood amp and MXR flanger!
  116. Google's Guitar Doodle - Tribute to Lester Paul
  117. Ok all you Ultra-Gearheads.....this is for YOU! :D
  118. Jeff Beck's guitars....
  119. Play the new Sammy Hagar Gibson Explorer
  120. Guthrie Govan Model Suhr Guitar
  121. Not Only Is This Odd, It Looks Bizarrely Un-Playable
  123. Blackstar v. Marshall
  124. I know what do you do with a 1971 quarter. BUT what to do with TWO 1971 quarters??
  125. A Relic From Days Gone By....
  126. Anything for a Les Paul? (Hilarious!!!)
  127. RIP Travis Bean
  128. How To Clean The Footswitch In Your Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
  129. Well, I thought I was done buying guitars....
  130. Peavey Wolfgang
  131. VH tunes for covers?
  132. New instrumental by Emile
  133. Pickup mods: Magnet-Swaps and the "Half-Air" mod demystified
  134. The nylon string Stratocaster!
  135. My band covering Runnin' with the Devil
  136. Anyone like this Gibson Les Paul
  137. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie: Ghostnotes
  138. midi sequencing for live bands
  139. Angry Guitarist
  140. Just to let you guys know...the long-awaited Reaper v4 Multi-track Software is out
  141. Hmmmmm....possible new cabinet in the works....
  142. Holy krap!!! Read this thread now! Robin trower gear auction tomorrow night!!!!
  143. Guitar pick maker
  144. Build/Pickup questions
  145. When Are You Too Old To Rock ‘N Roll?
  146. The science of sound
  147. Mesa's new MINI RECTIFIER
  148. Imagine the possibilities......
  149. Really interesting forum.....
  150. This For All Of You Who Are Selling Your Music On The Net - Current Info....
  151. Easy on the eye drumming
  152. Gibson releases the Pete Townsend SG....
  153. Would you pay $1200 for a set of these Duncans?
  154. advanced lead techniques
  155. Plugin: Two Notes Torpedo PI-Free
  156. Very old stuff
  157. New Clapton Signature amps
  158. Lame solo Pwnage!
  159. Free Reverb Plugin
  160. Guitar amp recommendation?
  161. Jeff Waters (Annihilator) picking style
  162. Isolated Randy Rhoads Guitar Tracks Surface Online?
  163. Need advice on putting guitar together!
  164. Tom Murphy Aging And Distressing Gibson Guitars
  165. Rick Nielsen's Guitars
  166. electro-harmonix ravish sitar
  167. Good explanation on how flangers work and what the knobs really do.
  168. Some cool fender history as told by Dick Dale.
  169. Duncan CCJ Pickup
  170. AmpliTube iRig
  171. Seven-year-old drummer ROCKS
  172. FAIL, lol.....
  173. Kustom is making some good amps these days.
  174. The fight for vacuum tubes
  175. and so the adventure begins....
  176. Bent pickguard
  177. Ugh....Chickenshit in new Guitar Player magazine....
  178. Ed Roman, Las Vegas guitar builder dies at age 61
  179. Golden Retriever Likes Guitar Music...
  180. Dude electrocutes himself while talking about amp safety.
  181. Mesa/Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five Amp.......I WANT ONE!!!!
  182. My Van Halen Tribute Band FAN HALEN on the Cover & Featured in Guitarist Magazine
  183. Peter Frampton Reunited with his Legendary Les Paul
  184. My first vinyl album
  185. For the second time in a week, Unchained " the mighty Van Halen tribute "
  186. New evhgear.com coming...
  187. EVH Cafe Wha? Guitar rig
  188. NAMM Show 2012
  189. Ash's new band
  190. STOLEN GEAR ALERT: Seattle Area - Lounge? Pay attention.....
  191. Eruption Section 1
  192. Satchel/Russ Parrish
  193. Picking challenges
  194. Locking Nuts
  195. Marshall Amp Plugin Hybrit For Free
  196. I wonder....? Thoughts On Brian Young
  197. GOOD LORD! Mary Ford's PERSONAL 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom For Sale on eBay!
  198. Guitars, guitars and ...more guitars...
  199. Les Paul Award to Steve Vai
  200. Small-Time Music Industry Assholes.....
  201. Bricasti M7 Reverb For Free (Donationware)
  202. Check out my new Tele!
  203. Ed's 2012 TONE...Wow!
  204. Question: Edward Van Halen's Greatest Guitar?
  205. Kemper Profiling Amplifier
  206. EVH breaks out the Charvels in Louisville
  207. Neck got all shifty on me...
  208. Marshall's 50th anniversary... 1W amps?
  209. I am diggin this new Fender Jaguar
  210. VH I Guitar On Craigslist
  211. Replacement Wolfgang body?
  212. Old EVH Clinic !!
  213. Any drummers, bassists and vocalists want to cover VH?
  214. Kramer Frankie #28 for sale?
  216. Acquaintance Of Mine Just Bought A 1967 Transition JTM45 to 50-watt JMP head....
  217. Peavey tnt 150 bass amp
  218. Learn How To Become a Total Bad-Ass In Under 4 Minutes - Jeff Beck, Live 1974
  219. New Marshall - I SOOOOO want this!!
  220. A Strat is born...
  221. Jim Marshall dies
  222. Rubens Tube
  223. Stomp Box Addiction? Compulsive FX Disorder? You decide......
  224. NPD! Catalinbread RAH
  225. Ed & Al's 1969 invoice for Les Paul and drums
  226. Marshall Amp Serial Number Question
  227. Dear Abby: a musicians dilema.
  228. A Different Kind of Truth Tab Book
  229. 5150 Kramer unfurnished ...
  230. For ELVIS...
  231. Alex Snare Tone //This Dude Rips!
  232. Tought wireless headsets were introduced by Pop Dance
  233. Some questions from a first-time build/mod
  234. System rebuild....aw yeah.
  235. Ed Roman.....wow....and Gibson Custom Shop Is Hiring.....ahem....*koff koff*
  236. Vocalist equipment advice
  237. Holy Crap-Any Info On this? Jason Becker - Yankee Rose - Session Demo
  238. Is this not cool as fuck?!
  239. The Guitar PR0N thread
  240. Albums on a budget
  241. Ed's amps sound great.....
  242. RIP George Marino - Mastering God......
  243. Korina = Finish, NOT Wood....
  244. for your old floppy drive based gear...floppy disk emulator
  245. Saw something interesting...Wolfy using a capo on his bass....
  246. my 30th present- Gibson les paul custom classic - with burnt maple fret board
  247. What's da fucks the best cassette to CD/MP3 file coversion out there????
  248. Akira Takasaki Demos
  249. OOOO....This Drummer is BADASS! Me is SOOOO IMPRESSED!
  250. Eddie Van Halen: The complete 1978 Guitar Player interviews. UN-EDITED!!