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  1. Why wasn't there another DLR Band album?
  2. CVH/ DLR songs to play when you're down.
  3. VH 81 Sinners swing live video!
  4. Fair Warning LP just arrived in the mail!
  5. Rhino's EEAS (and Skyscraper?) remaster
  6. Best Cover Song
  7. Favorite VH songs
  8. Favorite VH member
  9. I Need Some Cvh Lyrics
  10. Pick Ten of your favorite Roth solo songs in order.
  11. Van Halen II's "You're No Good" Resurrect a Forgotten Classic or Keep it Buried?
  12. Some Vh Lyrics
  13. Just Like Paradise...why is Dave such a fan of this cut and are you?Well well well...
  14. Cool Video Set To Hot For Teacher...
  15. Happy Birthday to Loons
  16. Experience
  17. what kind of music do you expect...
  18. 1984 minus jump and I'll Wait
  19. Mississippi Power
  20. VH most underrated songs??
  21. What VH/DLR tune do ya'll want to be played at yer funeral?? WELLA WELLA WELLA...Yez!
  22. Sinner's Swing Vs. Full Bug
  23. Could This Be Magic?
  24. CVH Largo '82 vids...
  25. Your Filthy Litte Mouth
  26. Fair Warning's "Dirty Movies" so Underrated!!
  27. A music Video For Drop Dead Legs?
  28. Hang em High
  29. Don't Piss Me Off a Dave leftover
  30. VH wedding songs?
  31. Voodoo Queen Lyrics
  32. What Van Halen/Dave songs would you choose to play at poolside?
  33. DLR Remasters
  34. Dave never forgot the words
  35. Violin Halen
  36. Push Comes To shove Is Fuckin Awesome
  37. Any of y'all got anything new VH/DLR song/albums/video wise nah nah yez yez
  38. Favorite CVH songs
  39. DLRBand
  40. Favorite unreleased song
  41. Review of DLR Remasters
  42. can't find the words!
  43. Help with VH cover
  44. The Bands That Classic Van Halen Influenced Thread..
  45. Scott Weiland fronted The Stone Temple Pilots and now fronts Velvet Revolver...Wellah
  46. Where did I go wrong?
  47. Sinner Swing!
  48. Did the synth on "Drop In The Bucket" kinda ruin the song?
  49. I'm concerned for Dave's voice!
  50. What is your favourite Roth line or lyric??
  51. Best album to get drunk too?
  52. Whazzup wid all 'is crapola in VH/DLR Songs And Albums??????
  53. Eruption performed on the Electric Cello
  54. Which is the greates' video of VH/DLR??
  55. Dave's worst lyrical song?
  56. what if
  57. Cover of Jump by The Mighty Van Halen
  58. DLR/CVH Tribute Album Download
  59. Somebody Get Me A Doctor!
  60. Extended intro to "Simple Rhyme"
  61. A Little Ain't Enough Cover Art
  62. Van Halen - Anthology PDF Book
  63. How would you like the next VH album to be like?
  64. New Album Titles
  65. Most UnderratedVH song
  66. Worst VH Song Ever
  67. I made a video for Van Halen's "Romeos Delight"
  68. Video I made for "Mean Street"
  69. Gazzari's '74
  70. "Darkest" CVH song...
  71. 1980 Demo of Everybody Wants Some
  72. Sinners Swing
  73. 'If you want to hear it just like the record, then play the record,,,
  74. Which Van Halen album did Eddie have the 'best' tone?
  75. Any internet radio sites...
  76. The Really, Really Bad VH Covers Thread
  77. Damn Good - from Skyscraper, ever performed live ?
  78. Hear About It Later
  79. Shut The Hell Up About The Setlist Already
  80. The Dance The Night Away riff,,,was it inspired by
  81. Ever heard Eruption backwards?
  82. fun little video demonstrating how "Wild Thing" was sampled from "Jamie's Crying"
  83. Ice Cream Man
  84. The Bottom Line Vs. Going Places
  85. Yankee Rose Vs, Soul Kitchen
  86. Tell The Truth Vs. Slam Dunk!
  87. Little Texas Vs. Elephant Gun
  88. Easy Street Vs. Big Train
  89. Coconut Groove Vs. Weekend With The Babysitter
  90. Big Trouble Vs. Knucklebones
  91. Just Like Paradise Vs. Thug Pop
  92. A Little Ain't Enough Vs. Ladies Night In Buffalo
  93. Damn Good Vs. You're Breathin It
  94. Bump N' Grind Vs. Black Sand
  95. Sensible Shoes Vs. Bad Habits
  96. Hina Vs. Shoo Bop
  97. Stand Up Vs. Lady Luck
  98. It's Showtime Vs. No Big Ting
  99. Drop In The Bucket Vs. Experience
  100. Coconut Groove Vs. Damn Good
  101. Slam Dunk! Vs. Sensible Shoes
  102. Ladies Night In Buffalo Vs. Bump N' Grind
  103. Thug Pop Vs. Lady Luck
  104. Drop In The Bucket Vs. Big Train
  105. Big Trouble Vs. Hina
  106. Yankee Rose Vs, Elephant Gun
  107. It's Showtime Vs. Going Places...
  108. Damn Good Vs. Drop In The Bucket
  109. Yankee Rose Vs. Lady Luck
  110. Ladies Night In Buffalo Vs. Slam Dunk!
  111. Going Places... Vs. Big Trouble
  112. Yankee Rose Vs. Slam Dunk
  113. Big Trouble Vs. Damn Good
  114. Slam Dunk! Vs. Damn Good
  115. Yankee Rose Vs. Damn Good
  116. Fair Warning
  117. It's Showtime!!
  118. I remember how scared I was when I first saw this:
  119. Diamond Dave Supporters
  120. The "still play =VH= albums on Vinyl" thread.
  121. Take Sarava
  122. I know this is an old topic... but list your top ten favorite Van Halen songs!
  123. Roth plagiarized
  124. Got It Bad Got It Bad I'm HOT FO TEACHAHHHH!! 45rpm
  125. David Lee Roth was in the Beatles?
  126. How many minutes of Classic Van Halen so far ??
  127. DLR Solo Songs Live..
  128. Chickenfoot covering Van Hagar tracks
  129. a kick ass version of VH's ON FIRE
  130. VH On Fire - Live 1981 boot
  131. the full bug,drop dead legs,house of pain..live 2009?
  132. "A Little Ain't Enough" Live In Stockholm - 1991
  133. DLR Live At Wembley, UK - 1988
  134. New CVH Album, Fuckit lets make it ?
  135. Dave vs Savoy Brown
  136. Eruption Backwards
  137. Robert Christgau Reviews the 6-Pack
  138. Strummin W/The Devil
  139. Jason Becker playing Hot for Teacher
  140. Re-write some Van Hagar or VDIII lyrics
  141. Thug Pop lyrics
  142. even when evh was drunk he made normal players look .. crap
  143. What is your Favorite CVH Unreleased Song you heard?
  144. DLR B-sides
  145. runnin with the devil
  146. Does Happy Trails indeed "Suck"
  147. Fan Halen vs. The Atomic Punks
  148. KI$$ playing JUMP!
  149. Tracks that Dave played on
  150. Pretty Woman/Shoo bop clip video
  151. David Lee Roth - Jump - Live in Germany 1991
  152. Dan kendrick as david lee roth
  153. David Lee Roth: Shine a LiL More
  154. Hey Remember the Tough Times?
  155. ICE CREAM MAN - Diamond David Lee Roth, Live 7/22/02
  156. upload of eruption from 77
  157. Swedish Tribute band
  158. David Lee Roth - Sunburn - Live 1994
  159. Subliminal sounds
  160. If I'm lame with this...
  161. Dave in Black - David Lee Roth, AC DC, Back in Black Mashup
  162. Girl Friendly VH tunes
  163. Indeedido Fan-made Music Video
  164. never heard that
  165. Substitutes, who was better ? Hagar or Cherone ??
  166. Camp Freddy Performs Ain't Talkin Bout Love - 03.07.10
  167. Dave Performing "Kicks" By Paul Revere & The Raiders
  168. How many times have we seen this?
  169. Van Halen Shreds!!!
  170. DLR Band - a relisten
  171. Runnin with the devil! Great video!
  172. Your Top 3 VH Guitar Intros
  173. David Lee Roth - Mississipi Power. (non LP track)
  174. A Brief MTV Lost Weekend Promo W/Dave From 1984
  175. 1975 VH Cover Of David Bowie's "Jean Genie"
  176. Van Halen Live 78/79
  177. Favorite Classic Van Halen Live Song
  178. Duh...what are people's fav roth/vh songs/albums/whatthefuckever...
  179. Outta Love Again.....tell your gamers this is how you pvp.....
  180. the wit and wisdom of DLR
  181. Two Fools A Minutes
  182. Yankee Rose Video
  183. Van Halen SBGMD Live 1977
  184. Ice Cream Man Solo Vs Outta Love Again Solo
  185. Best and Worst video clip of VH and DLR
  186. Does anyone have that audio clip from the Goldenwest Ballroom gig where Dave says...
  187. Put Out The Lights
  188. DLR EVH The Rover Killer Tune
  189. Glitter
  190. Imagine a Jump
  191. Improving "Diamond Dave" album & "David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que"
  192. Dave's sister to make a Van Halen Lullabye album
  193. A Not Too Awful Live VH Channel At Youtube
  194. Club Era VH Covering Zep's "Hots On For Nowhere"
  195. Let's Get Rockin' & We Die Bold
  196. Wow! Ice Cream Man! Must see Performance!!!
  197. 1984 Tour Stage
  198. 1984 EVH SOLO from Sweden
  199. comedian on 2007 Roth/VH tour
  200. How To Write Rock Songs
  201. I don't think Just Like Paradise is too pop
  202. Pretty Damn Good 2008 footage
  203. give it a try
  204. =VH= "Tora Tora" Backwards.
  205. 17 Years Late I Finally Hear The Full Album "Your Filthy Little Mouth".
  206. The movie Weird Science
  207. Drop Dead Legs tab??
  208. Happy Birthday Fair Warning, 30 Years Old On April 29th
  209. by the ®oth A®my sta® sys ™
  210. Lyrics of unreleased tunes
  211. Back cover of 1984
  212. VAN HALEN – Rare Live ’75 “I Live With Fools” Audio
  213. Yankee Rose video game cover.
  214. Skyscraper on vinyl
  215. Live On Air
  216. I was young & I was far from lonely..
  217. David Lee Roth's Nightlife video
  218. Van Halen Show From 1979
  219. Van HALEN Pop Up Video "Hot For Teacher"
  220. OZZY, ABBA Sing VH's "Jump"
  221. The Dave TV unreleased songs
  222. Romeo Delight - Albuquerque, NM, on 10/6/81
  223. Romeo Delight Cover by Greenhaven
  224. Dave on Siempre en Domingo
  225. big.....?
  226. Hello friends
  227. Eat this
  228. The Official Van Halen, "Tattoo" review thread.
  229. Roth is a great singer, but...
  230. "Tattoo" lyrics
  231. Oldest Gig @ Gazzaris
  232. Your Own, Personal David Lee Roth Mix-Tape
  233. She's the woman (wha version) with clear dlr vocals!!
  234. "House of Pain" Drum Cover, 16 year old
  235. Will this be the first "cover" of an album cover?
  236. During Which Song Will You Go For A Leak and/or Beer Counter During The Show?
  237. Thus far the reviews seem pretty good..
  238. Back to the Future
  239. Van Halen - The Downtown Sessions - "You Really Got Me" Video...
  240. VHND Video: Dave Explains "Tattoo" Lyrics
  241. DLR/Sammy Show in Philly
  242. Guitarists: What's the hardest VH song to play and why?
  243. The Official Van Halen, "Blood and Fire" review thread
  244. The Official Van Halen, "The Trouble With Never" review thread
  245. 3 new VH tunes, Full tracks...
  246. Your favorite new song of the first 3 released
  247. The Official Van Halen, "China Town" review thread.
  248. Entire album - 30 second clips
  249. Van Halen Covered Trower??
  250. Devastating thought then adkot commentary