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John Ashcroft
01-26-2004, 12:49 PM
More and more facts are surfacing about the untrue claims John Kerry made as an anti-war activist (http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2004/1/20/131219.shtml) after returning as a hero from Vietnam.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Kerry came home to Massachusetts, the one state George McGovern carried in 1972. He joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and emceed the Winter Soldier Investigation (both financed by Jane Fonda)," Stephen Sherman, who was a first lieutenant with the U.S. Army Fifth Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Vietnam in 1967-68, writes in today's Wall Street Journal.

"Many veterans believe these protests led to more American deaths, and to the enslavement of the people on whose behalf the protests were ostensibly being undertaken. But being a take-charge kind of guy, Mr. Kerry became a leader in the VVAW and even testified before Congress on the findings of the Investigation, which he accepted at face value.

"In his book 'Stolen Valor,' B.G. Burkett points out that Mr. Kerry liberally used phony veterans to testify to atrocities they could not possibly have committed. ...

"Mr. Kerry hasn't given me any reason to trust his judgment. As co-chairman of the Senate investigating committee, he quashed a revealing inquiry into the POW/MIA issue, and he supports trade initiatives with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam while blocking any legislation requiring Hanoi to adhere to basic human rights. ...

"Just as Mr. Kerry threw away medals only to claim them back again, Sen. Kerry voted to take action against Iraq, but claims to take that vote back by voting against funding the result. So I can understand my former comrade-in-arms hugging the man who saved his life, but not the act of choosing him for president out of gratitude. And I would hate to see anyone giving Mr. Kerry a sympathy vote for president just because being a Vietnam veteran is 'back in style,'" Sherman concludes.

Link: here (http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2004/1/26/124222.shtml)

01-26-2004, 12:56 PM
I posted this before and I'll post it again:

Here is a little inside info on Kerry that I got from a member in my yahoo! club; AO SHACK:

Forwarded by a friend............

Got this from my ex-brother-in-law, who was a gunner (quad 50s) on a Swift
Boat in IV Corps.


Subj: RE: Kerry
Date: 1/21/2004 7:32:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: seadoggmg1@msn.com

This guy Kerry is an ex-Swift Boat driver OIC, he was one of the types we
had over there who was medal hungry, he'd do anything to get into a
firefight & didn't give a damn who got hurt, just out for the glory. He even
went up river & canal systems he was told to stay out of.

After all the smoke cleared because of who he was related to, the Navy had
no choice but to ante up & give him the medals.

A lot of our crews refused to sail or go on patrol with the sob.