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01-29-2004, 03:27 PM
Thu Jan 29, 2:10 AM ET

By Sarah Hall, E! Online

Probably not coming to a pay-per-view channel near you: Paris Hilton's sex tape.

Rick Salomon, Hilton's partner in the now infamous infrared mattress romp, has offered to settle his $10 million slander suit against the Hilton family--but the terms of the settlement are unlikely to tempt the high-rolling hotel clan.

Salomon reportedly contacted Paris Hilton's father, Rick, through a third party, and proposed to drop the suit if Daddy Hilton, in turn, lets Salomon distribute the sex tape on a pay-per-view basis.

Right--because that's just what every proud papa wants for his daughter.

In a document filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on January 15, Hilton lawyer Heather McCloskey called both Salomon's offer and slander suit "beneath contempt" and accused Salomon of trying to profit from the notoriety he has gained as a result of the scandal. (The document is available online at the Smoking Gun Website.)

Salomon filed suit against the Hiltons and their publicist, Siri Garber, in November 2003, alleging that he had been slandered by the family's accusations that he had somehow taken advantage of an innocent Paris.

He also emphatically denied any connection with the leaking of the tape to Internet porn distributor Marvad Corp. The company had planned to hawk the tape online at its SexBrat.com site, but changed its mind after learning it had obtained the video illegally from a man who allegedly did not have permission to sell it.

Nonetheless, a brief "teaser" excerpt of the encounter has been circulating the Web since November.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton's celebutante high life was not long fettered by the X-rated footage seen round the world.

With the help of less controversial footage, the hotel heiress is slowly, but surely distancing herself from her sex scandal.

Hilton enjoyed successful ratings for the Fox reality hit The Simple Life, in which she endured a month on an Arkansas farm alongside wealthy sidekick Nicole Richie.

Fox has already released the DVD of the show for viewers who didn't get their fill of spoiled inanities such as: "What's Wal-Mart?" and "What's a Laundromat?"

Hilton is continuing her thesp quest with a February 2 guest appearance on NBC's Las Vegas.

01-29-2004, 03:59 PM
dude, of course he let it out. How else did we all get to see it? And that pay-per-view thing ain't helping me think otherwise.

And Paris was boinking a guy with the same name as her dad? Did I read that right? That would freak me out a lil n stuff.

01-29-2004, 04:08 PM
Dude she is one fine chick!
THat video is bad though...
They should have at least had the lights on..

01-29-2004, 07:43 PM
Oh yeah, of the two, she is way finer. The show really revolved around her, I think that's why Nicole Ritchie would do all the outrageous shit and Paris would be the one laughing. The only way she would get any tv time. The little rock song they would play on there mentions "Miss Hilton, you must be worth a jillion bucks". No mention of the other at all.

01-29-2004, 08:11 PM
yeah. i mean, to you and me, being Lionel Ritchie's kid sounds cool, money-wise (we'll forget about having to listen to that shitty music at home). but to be a heir to the Hilton fortune...what is it, $362 million? no WAY Lionel Ritchie made that kind of scratch.