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Dave's PA Rental
01-29-2004, 09:01 PM
just uploaded this gem...

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Van Halen
Mix Tape (Live and Demos)

Conversion: ? > Maxell XLII 90 > GoldWave (.WAV) > mkw Audio Compression Tool (.SHN)
Recorded by: Daves PA rental
Quality: Good/Very Good/Excellent

This is another tape I have had kicking around a box in my attic for 15-20 years. Unfortunately, I can't remember how or where I got all of these different tracks onto one cassette tape.
Tracks 1-10 are from the Van Halen demo called "Blueprint". They are very good versions of those songs. I know that there are better versions out there, but these are the best non-mp3 sourced that I have.
Tracks 11-15 were recorded at the Pasadena Hilton in 1976. VHboots.com lists the bootleg "Pasadena Hilton" as being released in March of 2003. I have no idea how these ended up on this tape. Very Good versions.
Track 16 is an LA radio spot from prior to the release of Van Halen's first record. Dave is talking to a DJ and he mentions recording some demos for Gene Simmons in NYC. This demo later became known as "Zero". Dave intros the song "Runnin With The Devil", but "House Of Pain/RWD" is played. Good version.
Tracks 17-19 are Excellent live recordings (SB) from the US Festival. On the first track, the "I give you...the Mighty...Van Halen" intro fades into "Runnin With The Devil" instead of "Romeo Delight". This might be from a radio broadcast, because the sound drops out as Dave stops the show and says "F-the concert, lets go across..." you know the rest.
Excellent US Festival recording, maybe the best I have ever heard. Too bad its only three songs.

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01 Show Your Love (I'm The One)
02 Voodo Queen
03 Little Dreamer
04 Last Night
05 Get The Show On The Road
06 Babe Don't Leave Me Alone
07 Big Trouble
08 She's The Woman
09 Put Out The Lights
10 Happy Trails
11 Dave Rap I/unknown Stones song (cut off)
12 Dave Rap II/Jean Genie
13 Dave Rap III/Women In Love
14 Dave Rap IV/Rock Steady (cut off)
15 Dave Rap V/Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo
16 Radio Spot/House Of Pain/Runnin With The Devil
17 Runnin With The Devil (US Festival)
18 Pretty Woman (US Festival)
19 You Really Got Me/Happy Trails (US Festival)

Dave's PA Rental
01-29-2004, 09:02 PM
again, if any of my info is wrong on this, I hope the VH experts will correct me...