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Don Corleone
11-06-2004, 11:18 AM

m. = masculine f. = feminine ~=a person or thing [literal meaning]

bocchino - m. blow job, fellatio [mouthpiece, cigarette holder]
Lei gli ha fatto un bocchino. She gave him a blow job.

cacadubbi - m. & f. wishy-washy, indecisive person [one who shits doubts]

cacare - to shit

cacarella - f. 1. the runs, diarrhea. 2. fright

cacarsi - to shit oneself
cacarsi sotto - 1. to shit one's pants. 2. to be a coward
[to shit on oneself underneath]
Mi sono cacato sotto. 1. I shit my pants. 2. I was scared shitless.

cacasangue - m. smart aleck [one who shits wisdom]

cacasenno - m. & f. conceited person [one who shits hard]

cacasotto - m. 1. coward. 2. clumsy person [one who shits underneath]

cacastecchi - m. miser [one who shits twigs]

cacata - f. (act of) shitting
fare una cacata 1. to take a shit. 2. to fuck up, bungle
Ho fatto una cacata 1. I took a shit. 2. I fucked up

cacatoio - m. latrine

cacatura - 1. shit 2. (var. of) cacata

cacca - f. 1. shit 2. dirt (in general) 3. arrogance, pride
aver la cacca al culo. To be scared shitless, be terrified
[to have shit on the ass]
Cacca! Oh, Shit! (expresses anger, annoyance)

cacchiata - f. 1. fuck-up, mistake 2. (euph. for) cazzata

cacchio - m. (euph. for) cazzo
Cacchio! Shit! Damn it! (expresses anger, annoyance)

caccola - f. 1. "sleep" mucus in eyes. 2. snot, nasal mucus

cacone - m. 1. person who shits frequently. 2. coward

cagare - (var. of) cacare
Non mi caga meanche. She doesn't give a shit about me.
[she doesn't even shit (on) me]

cavolo - m. (euph. for) cazzo [cabbage]
Non capisco un cavolo! I don't understand a frigging thing!

cazzata - f. 1. stupidity, foolishness. 2. chewing-out, scolding
3. dirty trick [from cazzo]
Ha fatto una cazzata. 1. He really chewed my ass out.
2. He played a dirty fucking trick on me.

cazzo - m. 1. prick. 2. affair, matter
Fatti i cazzi tuoi! Mind you own fucking business!
[make your own pricks!]
Non rompermi il cazzo! Don't fuck around with me!
[don't break my prick]
Chi cazzo se ne frega? Who the fuck gives a shit?
Non ha detto un cazzo! He didn't say a fucking thing!
testa di cazzo. ass-hole, bastard [prick head]
del cazzo. worthless, no-good [of the prick]
col cazzo! {or} un cazzo! Fuck no! (expr. surprise, anger)
Cazzo! Shit! (expr. anger, annoyance)
cazzo duro. hard-on, erection [hard prick]
avere il cazzo duro. to have a hard-on
What are the most necessary things in life?
"Acqua fresca, vino puro "Fresh water, pure wine
fica stretta, cazzo duro" tight cunt, hard cock"

cazzomatto - m. stupid person [prick-crazy]

cazzottarsi (or: scazzottarsi) - to (get into a) fight;
Si sono scazzottati per le vie.
They were beating the shit out of each other on the street.

cazzottare - to beat up (from cazzo)

cazzottata (or: scazzottata) - f. (var. of) beating

cazzottatura - f. (act of) beating
Ha ricevuto una solenne cazzattatura.
He got the holy fucking shit beat out of him.

cazzotto - m. a hard punch/blow
L'ho preso a cazzotti. I knocked the shit out of him.

chiappa - f. cheek, buttock [from acchiappare 'to grab, seize']
Lei ha della belle chiappe! She's got a nice ass!

chiavare - to screw, copulate with [to nail, pierce]

clitoride - clitoris

coglione - f. 1. scrotum, balls. 2. fop, fancy dresser

coglionata - f. boastful remark

coglionaggine - f. stupidity, foolishness

coglionare - to ridicule, mock

coglionata - f. (var. of) coglioneria

coglionatore - m. person who ridicules

coglionatura - f. mockery, ridicule

coglione - m. 1. ball, testicle. 2. stupid person
Non prompermi i coglioni! Don't fuck around with me!
[don't break my balls!]
Questo tizio ha i coglioni duri {or: quadrati}
That guy is a tough motherfucker.
[that guy has hard {or: square} balls]
levarsi ~ dai coglioni. to get rid of ~
[to lift ~ off one's balls]
Mi sono levato Giovanni dai coglioni!
I got rid of that fucking John!
[I lifted John off my balls]
Levati dai coglioni! Get the fuck out of here!
[lift yourself off my balls]
Quel coglioni di tuo padre! Your father's a fucking idiot! (general)
Mi sta sui coglioni. He's a real pain in the ass.
[He's standing on my balls]
Me ne sbatto i coglioni! I don't give a flying fuck about it!
[I don't break my balls over it!]

coglioneria - f. 1. foolish act. 2. stupidity. 3. trifle

culo - m. 1. ass, buttock. 2. ass-hole, anus. 3. good luck
Vai a fare in culo! {often pronounced: va fa 'n culo}
Go get fucked! [go get yourself fucked in the ass!]
Vai a fartelo mettere in culo! Go get fucked!
[to get it put to you in the ass]
Che culo! What luck!
fare il culo rosso {or: nero} a ~. to beat the shit out of ~.
[to make ~'s ass red {or: black}]
prendere ~ per il culo. 1. to make a fool of ~. 2. to cheat
[to take ~ by the ass(-hole)]
L'ho presso per il culo. I fooled the hell out of him.
In culo alla balena! Good luck! [up the wale's ass!]
{used among students to wish success on exams.
The popular reply: Speriamo che non caghi! I hope it doesn't shit on me!}

ditalino - m. (female) masturbation [little thimble]
farsi un ditalino. to masturbate [to do a little thimble on oneself]

fica - f. pussy, cunt 2. woman (derogatory)
Che fica! What a piece of ass!
fare le fiche. to flip off, give the finger

ficona - f. 1. whore. 2. sexy woman [big cunt]

figa - f. 1. "nice piece of ass", sexy girl

finocchio - m. fag, homosexual [fennel]

fottere - 1. to fuck. 2. to fuck (over), cheat, swindle
Vai a farti fottere! Go get fucked! Go to hell!

fottersi - not to care
fottersi di ~. not to care about ~.
Me ne fotto di lui! I don't give a fuck about him!
Me ne fotto dei soldi. I don't give a fuck about money.

fottio - m. large amount, large number [from: fottere]
C'era un fottio di gente.
There was a helluva fucking lot of people there.
Ha un fottio di soldi. He's got a shitload of money.

fottuto - 1. fucked (past part. of: fottere). 2. god-damned, fucking, no
good. 3. ruined, lost.
Sono fottuto! I'm done for, ruined! [I'm fucked!]

fregare - 1. to hump, copulate with. 2. to screw (over), cheat. 3. to
swipe, steal [to rub]

fregarsi - not to care
fregarsi di ~. not to care about ~.
Che te ne fregai? What the fuck do you care?
Me ne frego dei suoi ordini! I don't give a shit about your orders!
Chi se ne frega? Who gives a shit?
Non me ne frega niente! I don't give a flying fuck!

fregata - f. 1. (act of) screwing, copulating. 2. swindle, cheat
Ti hanno dato una fregatura. You've been screwed (cheated)

fregatura - f. 1. swindle, cheat. 2. wash-out, failure. 3. nuisance
E una bella frugatura! This is a fine fucking mess!
Questa pioggia e una grossa fregatura!
This rain is a royal fucking pain in the ass!

fregna - f. 1. cunt. 2. gossip, lies. 3. trouble, nuissance
Non raccontar fregne! Dont give me that bullshit!
[don't tell cunts!]
avere le fregne. to be worried, depressed [to have the cunts]
La regna di tua sorella! 1. (insulting remark). 2. God-dammit!
(expresses anger) [your sister's cunt]

fregnacciaro - m. bullshitter, liar (from fregna)

frigna - f. (var. of) fregna

froselo (or: frocio) - m. fag, homosexual

grilletto - m. clit, clitoris [trigger]

guanto - m. rubber, condom [glove]

incazzarsi - to get pissed off, become angry (from cazzo)

incazzato - adj. pissed off, angry

leccaculi - m. & f. (var. of) leccaculo

leccaculo - m. & f. ass-kisser, sycophant [one who licks ass],
Someone who wants to profit from someone else by praising him

leccata - f. cunnilingus [licking]
Le ha fatto una leccata. He ate her out.
Al direttore ha fatto una leccata di culo. He brown-nosed the director.
[he gave the director a licking on the ass]

loffa - f. (noiseless) fart

merda - f. 1. to shit. 2. dirt (in general). 3. shitass, bastard
Lui e una merda! He's a real shit(ass)!
Merda! Shit! (expresses annoyance, anger, refusal)

merdaio - m. 1. pile of shit. 2. filthy place

merdata - f. 1. stupidity. 2. fucked-up, failure, mess

merdone - m. 1. sloppy person. 2. person who shits frequently. 3. coward

merdoso - adj. 1. covered with shit. 2. filthy. 3. damned, no-good

mignotta - f. whore
figlio d'una signotta. son of a bitch.

minchia - f. 1. cock, penis. 2. fool. 3. cunt

minchionaggine - f. stupidity, foolishness

minchionare - to trick, fool

minchione - 1.(m.) ball, testicle. 2.(m.) fool. 3.(adj) foolish
Minchione! Damn it!
rompere i minchioni. to bug, be a pest. [to break the balls]

mona - f. pussy, vagina
Vai in mona! Fuck off! Get out of here! [go to (a) cunt!]
Vai in mona di tua sorella! Get the fuck outta here!
[go to your sister's cunt!]

palla - f. ball, testicle [ball]
Non rompersi le palle! Stop fucking around with me!
[don't break my balls!]
L'esame mi ha rotto le palle. I really fucked up on the exam.
[the exam broke my balls]
Palle! Shit! Balls! (expr. anger, surprise)

patacca - f. pussy, vagina [a coin of little value]

peto - m. fart

pipi - f. {child language} 1. pee, urine. 2. peter, penis.
fare pipi. to wee-wee, urinate.
Il piccolo deve fare pipi. The child has to pee.
Mi scappa la pipi. I'm dying to pee.

pippa - f. 1. masturbation. 2. blow job, fellatio [pipa = pipe]
si e' fatto una pipa. to beat off, masturbate
[to do a pipe on oneself]
Lui ai e fatto una pipa tre volte. He jacked off three times yesterday.
Lei gli ha fatto una bella pipa. She have him a terrific blow job.
Vatti a fare una pipa! Fuck off! Get out of here! [go jack off]

piscella (?) - f. pussy

pisciadura - f. (var. of) pisciatura

pisciagione - m. piss, urine

pisciala - f. insignificant affair
E una pisciata. It doesn't amount to (a crock of) shit.

piscialetto - m. & f. little kid, child [one who pisses in the bed]

pisciare - 1. to piss. 2. to leak. 3. to spout, spurt. 4. to waste, spend
una recipiente che piscia acqua da ogni parte. a container that
leaks everywhere.
pisciare denari. to waste money [to piss money]
Questo tizio li ha pisciati via. That guy pissed it all away.
Mi scappa di pisciare. I can't wait to take a piss.
pisciare sangue. 1. to piss blood. 2. to sweat blood, work hard.
Tu parla quando pisciano le galline! Keep your damn mouth shut!
[Talk when the chickens piss!]
pisciarci sopra. to despise, scorn. [to piss on]
A ~ non importano buoni volti. Ci piscia sopra.
[~ doesn't care about good grades. He pisses on them.]

pisciarsi - to piss on oneself
pisciarsi addosso. to piss one's pants [to piss on oneself]
pisciarsi sotto. to piss one's pants (from fear) [...underneath]

pisciasotto - m. 1. one who pisses his pants. 2. coward. [...under self]

pisciatoio - m. 1. public urinal. 2. smelly place.

pisciata - f. 1. (act of) pissing. 2. volume of urine excreted on one
occasion. 3. long, drawn-out speech.
fare una pisciata. to take a piss.

piscio - m. (var. of) piscia

piscione - m. 1. one who pisses his pants. 2. baby, child

piscioso - adj. covered with piss

pisciatella - f. pussy, vagina

pisello - m. cock

pomiciare - to pet, feel up

pompiciare - (var. of) pomiciare

pompino - m. blow job, fellatio (from pompare 'to pump')
Lei gli ha fatto un pompino. She gave him a blow job.

pucchiacca - f. cunt
(as heard in The Sopranos)

puttana - f. whore
Madonna puttana! (expr. anger, surprise)

quaglia - f. box, pussy, vagina [quail]; animal; boss

ricchione - m. fag, homosexual [big cars]

rincoglionirsi - 1. to become senile. 2. to become stupid. (from coglione)
Quel rincoglionito di tuo nonno! (insult)
[What an old fool your grandfather is!]

rizzarsi - to have a hard-on, erection
Mi si e rizzato. I have a hard on. [mine is standing erect]

rompipalle - m. 1. ball-buster, cruel person. 2. pain in the ass

sbattere - to screw, fuck [to knock, bang]

sbattersi - not to care
Me la sbatto. I don't give a shit. [I screw it]

sburro - m. cum, semen (from: sburrare 'to skim milk')

scopare - to ball, copulate with [to sweep]
Chi scopa bene, trova buon marito.
She who knows how to ball (sweep), finds a good husband.

scopata - f. (act of) balling, sexual intercourse
fare una scopata. to (get a) fuck.
Ho fatto una scopata. I got laid.

scoreggia - f. (noisy) fart
fare una scoreggia. to let a fart.

scoreggiare - to fart (noisily)

sega - f. jacking off, masturbation [saw]
farsi una sega (or) fare le sega. to beat off.
[to do a saw on oneself]
Si e fatto una sega. He beats his meat.
Non ne sa una sega. He doesn't know a fucking thing.

segaiolo - m. jerk-off, person who masturbates to excess

segata - f. fuck-up, mistake, mess
Ha fatto una segata. He really fucked up.

sfaccimma - cum, semen, sperm

stronzetto - m. (dim. of) stronzo

stronzino - m. (dim. of) stronzo

stronzo - m. 1. turd, piece of shit. 2. stupid, inept person.
Non voglio piu sentir parlare di quello stronzo!
[I don't wanna hear anymore talk about that stupid asshole!]

stronzolo - m. turd, piece of shit

succhiotto - m. blow job, fellatio [pacifier]; love bite

sveltina - f. quick lay; a "quickie" (from: svelto 'quick')
Si e fatto uno sveltino. He did a 'quickie' on himself.

tette - f. (pl.) tits

uccellino - m. (var. of) uccello

uccello - m. dick, penis [bird]

vaffanculo - [see "culo"]

venire - (said of men and women) to cum, have orgasm
Sono venuto tre volte. I came three times.