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01-31-2004, 09:01 PM
As always, taken with a grain of salt.

Updated - "Geographic & Threat Specific"


31 January 2004-- A confluence of information and events appear to be making the next 72 hours perhaps the most critical time for terrorist attacks in the US since the attacks of September 11th, 2001. The next 72 hours is the IMMEDIATE window of concern, although our short-term concern extends through the end of the Islamic year 1424 (February 21st, 2004). In order to fully comprehend the nature of the threat against and within the US, it is important to look at what is currently taking place in Saudi Arabia, as events are likely to begin with the attack and planned toppling of that fragile regime unless thwarted by Saudi forces. Details to Saudi situation here. We have previously reported in detail that it is the intent of al Qaeda operatives and their terrorist lackeys to dethrone the royal family, take over that country and in so doing, launching a major terrorist offensive against and inside of the United States in the process. Note that the reference (link) above appears to indicate a two-fold attack in Saudi Arabia - those who take part in the overthrow, and those who martyr themselves in other arenas, such as the countries of their origins.

While some consider the Super Bowl to be an "enviable" terrorist target, we are looking at the possibility that it is not the primary or intended target. Rather, the vast viewing audience of the Super Bowl provides an interesting platform - a day when most Americans will be at home watching their televisions. As presented by analysts on this site before, the terrorists want to insure that they have the eyes and ears of the American people, watching the next attack or the start of the next "series of attacks" unfold. What better American audience can there be?

Based on a review of numerous communications from a number of sources, it would appear that the primary threat against one US city is nuclear in nature. What is less clear is the type of device. One possible scenario indeed involves New York City as illustrated in this analysis and graphic.

Airline Threats

Airlines originating from London and Paris to Newark, Washington, DC, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles are being grounded as this is being written. What is the exact nature of this threat? Analysts have found three separate threats that coincide with the grounding of these flights, from the most obvious to the lesser known:

1. Terrorists using airplanes in the manner as they did on September 11, 2001, against targets in the cities named above;

2. The use of airplanes against specific NUCLEAR REACTOR SITES in the US; (see Steve Quayle's Terror Alert Update for the full details of threats against the nuclear reactors).

3. Exploding the aircraft over populated areas through the use of nitrocellulose hidden in everyday products.

Additional Threats

1. Targeting of US Embassies

2. Additional use of car bombs (VBIED'S), kidnapping of journalists, and assassination (attempts) against political and high profile individuals.

3. Analysts have found interesting and quite disturbing references to the use of biological weapons, most originating from outside the US. In one instance, it was referenced that the "pilgrims of the Haj" might be purposely infected with a biological agent through the water supply and be asymptomatic until their return to their respective homelands.


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