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lucky wilbury
02-02-2004, 02:05 AM

Evidence of Iraq's WMD 'categoric'
From correspondents in London
February 2, 2004

THE British government has seen "categoric" evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction ahead of the war to unseat Saddam Hussein, one of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's top ministers insisted today.

The decision to go to war based on that intelligence had been "right", said Peter Hain, who is Leader of the House of Commons and a key supporter of the prime minister.

Hain's vehemence comes despite growing signs that US President George W Bush has accepted the possibility that evidence of chemical and biological weapons might never be found in Iraq.

Former chief US weapons hunter David Kay, who stepped down as head of the Iraq Survey Group, said last week pre-war intelligence about the weapons had been "all wrong".

Today, The Washington Post reported Bush had agreed to support an independent probe into any intelligence failures.

The stakes are particularly high for Blair as he invested a huge amount of his political credibility in seeking to persuade a sceptical British public war was necessary because Iraq presented an immediate threat.

While inspectors "haven't found missiles in the middle of the Iraqi desert pointing at neighbouring countries", Hain said, the Iraq Survey Group had uncovered "a lot of evidence" of illegal weapons programs.

The pre-war position was also clear, he said.

"I saw evidence that was categoric on Saddam possessing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction," he told BBC television.

"I saw that intelligence evidence, so did the prime minister, so did other cabinet ministers. That informed our decision to go to topple him. I think we were right in doing so," he said.