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lucky wilbury
02-04-2004, 01:03 AM
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Updated: Feb. 2, 2004

One word: tour! There is defintely going to be one. No word on when it will be yet but you have the chance to vote on what you'd like to see this time around. Iíve been deputized to get some feedback from everyone on what you would like to see on the upcoming tour Ė Paul and company are looking for some ideas from us on two things:

Question 1
Should this be a band tour, a solo tour or half-and-half combination (part of the show solo, part with a band)?

Question 1.5
If you vote "band" or "half-and-half", you can nominate a back-up band Ė is there a great band in your area that you think would be perfect for the job? Maybe a national act that you would put on a wish list?

To place your vote on the above questions, head on over to the message board and take the Solo/Band Poll.

Question 2
Aside from who all ends up playing, what songs do you want to hear? For those of you who have taken the Rating polls on the site before, you know how this works. I've set up three polls: Mats songs, PW songs and Grandpaboy songs. You go to the polls, you rate the songs on a scale of 1-10, 10 being "I will jump on stage and kill myself if this song isnít played" and 1 being "I will running screaming from the club if I hear this song". The polls:

Mats songs
PW songs
GB songs

NOTE: On the Mats song list, I chopped it down Ė every Mats song ever released was a mighty HUGE list. I made the assumption that Paul probably isnít going to play "Dope Smokin' Moron" or "Run It". So if you donít see an absolute favorite song on the list, you can enter a write-in ballot by emailing me. And remember, I cut the list down, not Paul, so he may actually be dying to play "Treatment Bound", what do I know? And I left off "Achin' to Be" because I am a non-dope smokin' moron but it will got into Round 2 on a technicality.

After a week or so, Iím going to take the top 20-25 from each list and then re-run the polls with just those songs and then pass those results along. One more thing Ė with the song polls, itís best to assign every song a number. Not voting for a song isnít like giving it a zero, itís a non-vote and doesnít affect scoring.

Thanks for weighing in, your opinions are greatly appreciated. I know this song ranking thing is a little unwieldy and time-consuming (because Paul is just so damn prolific) but once we get past the first round, it should be more wieldy.

One more thing - take a look at the back page of the most recent issue of Rolling Stone (The Beatles are on the cover) and check out the College Radio chart. CFMT is the #10 CD on the list, accompanied by a goofy photo of Paul from what looks like the signing at Amoeba Records in LA. Nice!

That's all the news (isn't that enough??)