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Congratulations to Brian Minto on his clear victory over Tony Tubbs Thursday night. Brian proved why he is the biggest heavyweight prospect since Tyson by dominating this fight for 10 rounds. Unfortunatly, 2 out of 3 judges were black and gave tubbs a split decision. This decision began a near riot at the Mountaineer Thursday night. Many wonder if these 2 black judges were even watching the fight. We later found out that Brian's former manager, whom we fired was sitting next to the 2 african judges. I have sent a tape of the fight to the review board. Tubbs did nothing the entire fight but hold on to Brian, trying not to get hurt. No warnings were given by this referee who was also black. Lou Duva and myself vowed never to bring Brian to this venue again. Brian's next fight will be televised nationally on espn in February. Possible opponents include Billy Douglas, Tim Witherspoon, Gerry Cooney, Mike Tyson and Roy Gallagher.

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Gerry Cooney!!!

This shit is classic!

01-03-2005, 03:08 PM
I liked the "JoeyT" username better.

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Tubbs is 42.

You mind listing the ages of Jerry Cooney and Tim Witherspoon.

Tyson is washed up and almost 40.

Hey Joe, I read Minto's interview before this big loss and he thanked all of his staff by name.

Not once did he mention a dumbass, delusion, dipshit named Joe Thunder.

He lost Joe, and you're a loser. You're used to it.

Amazing with your views on african americans that if you were involved in this fight would you let there be black judges and a black ref.

Face it Joe, you aren't an LP, you aren't employed or educated, part of the boxing world, the stock market, you don't own this site, or dddlr.com, you didn't produce Diver Down, etc.

Why do you have to sign up so many usernames when we know they're all you?

Are you retarded Joe?

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Billy Douglas ... NOBODY.
Roy Gallager ... NOBODY.

LMAO ... Gotta hand it to Thunder, he doesn't care that he looks like a DUMBASS.

Va Beach VH Fan
01-03-2005, 08:30 PM
I told ya before, keep this in one thread....

Closing this one....

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Hey if not for Thunder, I wouldn't have known that Randall Cunningham is still in the NFL!

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Check this out. Now he is taking imaginary questions from members here on the Wall:


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That was about 11 years ago David Lee Natra. Thanks for the inquiry, I am actually shocked you knew about it, that was before I was even very famous. He asked me about the time I caught an extra point in mid air in Philly. The game was broadcast on Monday Night Football. Someone made a bet with me that I couldn't catch the ball. Well, I actually jumped out of the stands and caught the ball in mid air before landing about 40 feet in between the aisle. The catch was easy because I had timed the jump perfectly. Monday night football aired this over and over again. From what I understand, they even listed it as part of their 25 year anniversery and greatest plays on MNF. Very interesting that it was brought up to me again.

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Now he claims to be the guy who jumped out of the stands to catch that ball on MNF.

I wonder if DavidLeeNatra knows he asked him that question.

LMAO ... Joe Thudner, Loser Permanently.