View Full Version : why it won't happen.

03-31-2005, 07:15 PM
Frankly Dave's too smart. He's too intense, and too good at what he does. He always knows what's right, and is the best informed. The sisters look like mental midgets next to him. It's too humiliating for them. So they have to keep him at arms length, and throw their venomous barbed comments at him. The only way he'd be let back in the band is if he had a lobotomy or a stroke. None of us want that to happen. They would only allow him back if he appeared to be dumb. Just a dancing monkey. I've experienced the same sort of situations in my life. Being too intelligent and domineering can be a problem. No one likes to live in a situation where they can never be on top. So instead of swallowing their pride and accepting that dave has quadruple the brainpower of the rest of the band they have to treat him like shit, screw him over, and insult him publicly. Sad my friends. It's silly, I mean, Dave accepts the fact, even embraces the fact that he's no EVH when it comes to guitar, Or Alexa when it comes to drum, Hell, he's no Michael Anthony when it comes to Bass.. But none of them can hold a candle to his stage presence, charisma, song writing ability... It's all this silly ego trip! Ok, you all know this shit anyhow.