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04-12-2004, 03:01 PM
Article published Apr 11, 2004
Shaq Curses on Live TV Again

Shaquille O'Neal cursed during a live postgame television interview Sunday, the Lakers superstar's second profane outburst this season.

O'Neal fought foul trouble throughout the Lakers' 102-85 loss to Sacramento, finishing with just 10 points and five rebounds. A group interview session in the Lakers' locker room was breaking up when O'Neal made a profane response to a final question, asking him to clarify an earlier statement about the Kings' play.

"Not impressed, not impressed," he said. "Not (expletive) impressed, you know what I mean?"

At least one TV station was showing the interview live.

On Feb. 1 in Toronto, O'Neal used two profanities while criticizing the referees in a postgame interview with a Los Angeles TV station. O'Neal later issued a statement of apology, but he was suspended without pay for one game, costing the center about $295,000.

The Lakers were outraged by the suspension, with coach Phil Jackson saying, "The league is known for its vindictiveness." The team was infuriated again when Houston's Steve Francis received only a $25,000 fine after using a profanity during a halftime interview at a nationally-televised game in Sacramento on March 21.

O'Neal's latest profanity wasn't directed at the referees, which might mitigate the league's response.

The Lakers have just two games remaining: at home against Golden State on Tuesday, followed by a road game at Portland on Wednesday. After losing to the Kings, Los Angeles seems likely to finish with the Western Conference's fourth-best record regardless of the outcomes.