View Full Version : What Do You Know About Ghosts?

Matt White
07-10-2006, 10:02 AM
Test Yourself

1) You are most likely to see ghosts...
a) In your office
b) In an airport
c) At a football game
d) In a vacant house or empty part of a house (such as an attic)

2) Ghosts like to eat...
a) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
b) Dark chocolate with almonds
c) Nothing
d) Sushi

3) Ghosts are drawn to...
a) Music
b) Pets
c) Favorite movies
d) None of the above

4) Which appliance is a ghost most likely to haunt?
a) Toaster
b) Dishwasher
c) Refrigerator
d) Stove

5) Ghosts usually wear...
a) Nothing
b) The clothes in which they were buried
c) The clothes in which they died
d) White bedsheets

6) If you meet a ghost you should...
a) Talk to it
b) Run away
c) Chase it with a broom
d) Close your eyes and say a prayer

7) You can tell a ghost is nearby because...
a) You feel a cold chill
b) You can see it
c) It moves small objects around
d) All of the above

8) When ghosts want to relax they...
a) Do crossword puzzles
b) Go to the gym
c) Travel
d) Swim