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Alex Mogilny
04-24-2004, 10:56 AM
Since we are not going to have any new music from Van HALEN. I thought I would start a thread of topics dedicated to albums you must own or give another listen to if you already own them. I've read alot of the posts here and of course back at the old dlrarmy and to be quite frank, some of you guys need to expand you horizons a little bit.

Not that I am a critic or anything or a self proclaimed expert, but if it was released, or not released after 1964 and it is guitar driven, I own it or have owned it in the past. I have a collection of over 15,000 albums, cds, and bootlegs. I am a collector and am constantly listening to music.

I will pick albums that may be obvious to some, not so obvious to others. I will not be picking overtly obvious things like Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced or Van Halen or Led Zeppelin I. I will pick things that may sound popular to you and not so popular to others. To those who know the album I ask you to listen to it again with new ears and clear all previous notions from your mind. For those who haven't heard, I ask that you obtain a copy by purchasing one or borrowing it from a friend.

Essential Album #1

Jeff Beck, Truth
Released 1968

Jeff Beck: Guitar
Rod Stewart: Vocals
Ron Wood: Bass
Mick Waller: Drums
John Paul Jones, Nicky Hopkins: Guests

Track listing:
shapes of things
let me love you
morning dew
you shook me
ol' man river
rock my plimsoul
beck's bolero
blues deluxe
I ain't superstitious

This album, along with Cream's out put, was a definite influence on Jimmy Page's new venture Led Zeppelin. So much so that when Page played beck and advance copy of Led Zeppelin I, Jeff Beck got mad at Jimmy for making an album so similar to his.

Truth starts off with a very blistering Shapes Of Things which Beck had originally written while with The Yardbirds. The crunch guitar sound is very infectious and also showcases a young Rod Stewart when he had balls. The album weaves through some very heavy music (for 1968) and a couple of lighter numbers. As you listen to the entire album you can hear how Beck's sound influenced a number of guitarists like Page, Iommi, and even Jack White. Inspiration and tribute goes to the extreme of Led Zeppelin playing the intro to Shapes of Things before launching into Black Dog on many concert performances by Zeppelin.

There is an interesting interpretation of You Shook Me. This is the heaviest version to date, but soon to be face planted by Led Zeppelin. Ron Wood and Mick Waller are competent on this album, but Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart shine the brightest.

This album should be a staple in your collection. A must own. If you enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin I you will enjoy listening to this.


04-24-2004, 07:00 PM
Sounds like a good album dude.I'll have to check it out.