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lucky wilbury
04-28-2004, 02:28 PM

Gena Lee's Sex Tape Scandal

by Sarah Hall
Apr 27, 2004, 10:50 PM PT

Move over, Paris. There's a new celebrity sex tape star in town.

Baywatch alum Gena Lee Nolin is the latest brazen blonde to bare it all in an Internet-bound mattress romp.

An X-rated reel of the curvaceous thesp is reportedly being shopped to various porn sites for more than $1 million--but without the actor's consent.

The tape was made by Nolin and her then-husband, Greg Fahlman, in the 1990s, shortly after one of Nolin's three breast implants surgeries, her spokesman, Jerry Shandrew said.

Shandrew said he suspected a woman to whom Fahlman was once married was responsible for the tape's release.

"Gena and Greg are separated but not divorced," he told the New York Post. "They're very friendly. They have a child together and he's in her life. Basically his ex-wife got a copy of the tape from the video recorder and she has something to do with it. That's the only thing we can think of."

Shandrew spouted the usual lines about how the tape's stars never expected it to become public, and so on and so forth...but failed to explain why celebs who shoot footage of themselves engaged in intimate acts don't do a better job of protecting the results.

"The video was a strictly private matter, created and shot by Gena and Greg in the privacy of the then-married couple's home, and made with absolutely no witnesses present," Shandrew said in a statement Tuesday.

"Neither Gena nor Greg ever has authorized the reproduction, distribution, public display or public performance of the video or any element of the video."

Shandrew also said that the former fun couple would go to court to block the release of the tape.

Potential lawsuits aside, Shandrew admitted his client, who has appeared in the buff for Playboy in the past, was not overly concerned by the tape's existence and is concentrating on raising her son, Spencer, 6.

"She's happy and content right now," Shandrew told the Post. "She's not really pursuing acting, and she's not really bothered by the sex tape much, though she hasn't seen it yet."

According to London's News of the World, the tape features Nolin taking orders from Fahlman, such as removing her bra, cupping her breasts and acquiescing to certain sex acts.

Nolin is just the latest golden-tressed temptress to inadvertently fall into the celebrity sex tape genre that was pioneered by fellow Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson back in 1997 on her honeymoon with then-hubby Tommy Lee.

Last November, saucy socialite Paris Hilton entered the mix when bootlegged clips of a steamy session with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon hit the Internet.

In February, Salomon thoughtfully made a full-length copy available for pay-per-view download for those who were not satisfied by the grainy night vision quality of the freebie version.

Then last week, Salomon announced that he would be releasing an extended version--8 additional minutes of footage--through porn distributor Red Light District Video. The predictably titled, One Night in Paris, will be available on the company's Website June 15--ironically, just one day before the Simple Life 2 premieres on Fox.

While Hilton's infamous sex tape has undoubtedly given her career a boost (as well as proved the adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity), Nolin doesn't seem to be seeking the same kind of infamy.

Last week, the formerly red swimsuit-clad thesp obtained a restraining order against a longtime stalker who arrived on her Phoenix doorstep requesting a hug, Shandrew said.

"Apparently the guy bought a house in her same development," Shandrew said, per the Post. "He showed up at her door and actually got into her house. He told Gena he needed a hug. She called the cops and they were there in three minutes and arrested him. They later found a big shrine to Gena in his house."

It looks like said stalker will soon have another Nolin gem to add to his collection.

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goto the bottom...second from the left there is a little clip....

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I got it a few weeks ago off the newsgroups. It's not near as good as Paris or Pamela Anderson's, but it's still GLN. It's 3 22mb files if you have a way for me to upload it.

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