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11-08-2010, 11:13 PM
Bluntology 101
Snoop Dogg shows you how to wrap "da bizud."

Fri, Nov 05, 2010 6:00 pm

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By Maggie St. Thomas

Reading the paper a couple months back, I saw that Snoop Dogg was going to be playing locally, at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. This was my opportunity to finally meet the master rapper himself and ask him to show me his famous blunt-rolling technique. Having heard through the airwaves that Snoop was a fan of Purple Indica, I acquired some fine specimens of this potent strain on the Westside. I had a plan, and now I put it in motion.

At 10:23 a.m., I arrived at my destination: the parking lot of the Galaxy Theater. It was pouring rain, giving the empty lot a feeling of desolation. I settled in for a long wait. I had brought along a vintage HIGH TIMES (circa 1996) to read, and I also had various forms of medical marijuana to help me pass the time – first a medicated lollipop, then a few bowls and joints, all compliments of my friends at the connoisseur lounge P.O.T.. The sound of the rain upon my windows became hypnotic.

As I was enjoying my buzz, I suddenly counted 14 police cars that had arrived en masse in the parking area – including K9, the Gang Unit and paramedics – in preparation for Snoop’s concert. Rumor had it this former Crips member had even requested that the Galaxy’s drinking cups be blue (instead of their usual red) for his performance.

At 3:30 p.m., I recognized some people I hadn’t seen since the Smokeout who were working as his roadies. We got together and shared a smoke, and I mentioned how I’d been anxiously waiting in the rain in hopes of meeting Snoop. They managed to score me a ticket and a photo pass and told me to pick them up at the “will call” window after 7 p.m.!

At 7:20 p.m., I entered the Galaxy Theatre and easily floated past security (thanks to a hidden compartment in my leather jacket). I had my camera (thanks to the photo pass), a handful of Swisher Sweet cigars, my 1996 issue of HIGH TIMES, and my faith that I would get to Snoop. But how? Simple – I would enlist the power of the weed!

I took my place in the photo pit and, while the opening act was still onstage, decided to unleash the power: I removed that gorgeous Purple Indica–Darth Vader nug from its medical dram and was immediately spotted by the Snoop Dogg posse. With gleaming eyes, they escorted me backstage, and I was soon introduced to Snoop’s personal security and cover artist, Mr. Joe Cool. I told him I had a gift for the Dogg. He asked me what it was, and his eyes bulged when I showed him. He said, “Please wait right here,” and took off in the direction of Snoop Dogg’s tour bus. He quickly returned and said that Snoop had requested the pleasure of my company immediately after the show.

Sure enough, after Snoop Dogg’s live set, I was escorted to the green room and introduced to the Boss Dogg himself. He was very kind, well-spoken, full of respect toward me and, as I expected, quite the gentleman. I asked him if he would speak with me for about 15 minutes and perhaps enjoy smoking some weed while I interviewed him, and he cheerfully agreed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, the Godfather of Rap and an avid marijuana supporter,” I began. “Can you tell me what you think of our current situation regarding the laws on the legalization of marijuana?”

“I think the current marijuana laws are great!” Snoop said. “I think we need more of them, in the beneficial way of us having marijuana legalized – because when it’s legalized, there is less crime, there is more understanding, more harmony, more peace, more unity. One thing about marijuana: It brings people together.”


“Me and you coming together behind this, this is the main focal point,” Snoop continued. “You knew if you had something great like this” – here he held up my Purple Indica–Darth Vader offering by its stem – “you could get through the walls of security, get into my attention realm, my span and my space, to where you would be able to get an interview, some pictures and a chance to meet me, the great Snoop Dogg.”

As Snoop marveled over this fine specimen of genetically engineered bud, I asked him if he would share with me and the readers of HIGH TIMES how to roll a blunt Doggy-style.

“First thing,” he began, “I always use a Swisher Sweet …. ”

How to Roll a Blunt Doggy-Style
By Snoop Dogg

First, I assemble my ingredients: a Swisher Sweet cigar and Darth Vader Hybrid/Indica Purple Kush & Afghani backcrossed on Kushmum.

Next, I split the Swisher Sweet cigar down the middle with my thumbnails.

Then I remove all tobacco in the cigar.

When the tobacco is gone, I moisten the wrap with my tongue, then flip it around and continue to moisten the same side of the wrap to ensure the blunt doesn’t crack.

No grinder is necessary; just break up all the buds by hand to fill the blunt.


Use your thumbs to hold the blunt in place and get that nice tuck.

Light it up, pass it and repeat.

Seriously, folks, smoke weed every day!

Later that night, 4:20 a.m., I received a text message on my phone from the Boss Dogg himself: “Nice 2meet u. Thanx for da bizud.” Smiling to myself, I immediately flashed back to Snoop’s message on the power of marijuana to bring people together. To think that I didn’t even have a ticket, yet I was able to enjoy a fabulous show and meet one of the most incredible performers in music today, the Doggfather.

Never underestimate the power of marijuana!

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Looks like good smoke