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FLINT (WJRT) -- (05/04/11) -- UPDATE -- A 16 year old who was shot by a homeowner as he entered her house has died.

The shooting happened at around noon Tuesday in the 1900 block of Roselawn near Cloverlawn.

Family members say their mother, in her late 50s, told them a kid was climbing through the window and she warned him she had a gun.

The incident ended with her shooting the intruder.

Neighbors say they heard some shots, and feared the woman who lives in the house got hit. They quickly learned she was fine, but the person trying to break in was not. He is listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

"You hear shots all the time around here," Hiram Brisker said. "Gunshots sound like music around here, OK?"

From his front porch, Brisker tells it how he sees it. "They just that much nerve to break in, in the middle of the day?" he said. "It's either her or him. Case closed."

"She's doing what she had to do to protect herself. She's a great lady. She don't nothing wrong to nobody, one of the best neighbors you could want. They break into her house in the middle of the day, what's she supposed to do?

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Ok so headline says Teenager who broke into house dies, but in the article it says he is listed in critical condition at the hospital.

Never heard of a dead body being listed in critical condition before.

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Zombies bro, Geesh!

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By the way...

You just don't smoke a scum bag for climbing in your house. Smoking a piece of shit infiltrator requires extensive knowledge of local laws and a semi-automatic or pump 12 gauge shotgun.

We here in VanHalener country prefer the Pardner Protector pump at the ready.
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