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09-22-2011, 06:45 AM

THE record company that distributes the music of Lady Gaga, Eminem and U2 was allegedly used by a drug-trafficking ring, with cocaine stuffed into tour equipment and cases for musical instruments.

Rap music manager James Rosemond, 46, of Interscope Records, was indicted three months ago on more than 10 drug-trafficking charges after a year-long undercover probe.
Members of his organisation allegedly used musical equipment “road cases” to distribute cocaine and $20 bills between Los Angeles, California and New York.
The drug ring was said to be in operation from January 2010 until as recently as June 2011.
The allegation has surfaced in a letter leaked to US investigative journalism website The Smoking Gun.
The note details evidence against Mr Rosemond, nicknamed Jimmy Henchman. There is no suggestion that any of the artists involved or any other staff at Interscope Records knew of, or took part in, any drug shipments.
Mr Rosemond’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, said he has not sought bail for his client but he denied the charges against him.

Rosemond is being held in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre.
Members involved in the ring were said to have hidden cocaine in “road cases”, designed for musical equipment, shipping the drugs off to New York, California and Los Angeles, then stuffing the cases with their earnings for the journey back.
The ring is also alleged to have used an undisclosed New York recording studio for other drug and cash shipments.
Rock-It Cargo, the company responsible for shipping the musical cases, is also now under investigation but no charges have been brought against the company.
Representatives from Rock-It have declined to comment.

It is unclear how Mr Rosemond’s team allegedly gained access to Interscope’s headquarters during the alleged drop-offs and pick-ups of drug shipments.
The biggest act once managed directly by Mr Rosemond and his firm Czar Entertainment is rapper The Game, who is signed to Interscope Records. According to The Smoking Gun, a road manager for The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, has also been implicated in the alleged trafficking ring.
A key member of the alleged cocaine ring was Khalil Abdullah, a Rosemond associate who recently pleaded guilty to narcotics trafficking and obstruction of justice charges.
Abdullah, 37, who has struck a co-operation deal with prosecutors, has told investigators that, over the past two years, he oversaw the shipment of cash and cocaine worth millions of dollars.
On his 18 counts of felony, Rosemond now potentially faces life in prison.

Nitro Express
09-22-2011, 01:15 PM
I bet the investigation will find this guy was really responsible for it.