View Full Version : Please dear NASA satellite, will you fall on Hagar's head?

Golden AWe
09-23-2011, 03:11 AM

For the latest news about NASA's UARS spacecraft fall, visit: Falling NASA Satellite: Complete Coverage of UARS Spacecraft's Fiery Demise.

A dead climate satellite that has been circling Earth for 20 years will make a fiery death plunge this week, with some pieces of the 6 1/2 ton spacecraft expected to reach the surface of the planet, NASA officials say.

The bus-size Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS, will likely plummet down to Earth sometime around Friday (Sept. 23), according to NASA's latest projections. There is a 1-in-3,200 chance that UARS debris could hit a person, though NASA considers that scenario extremely remote.

"Re-entry is expected Sept. 23, plus or minus a day," NASA officials wrote in an update posted Sunday (Sept. 18). That means that by Saturday (Sept. 24), the UARS satellite should slam into Earth's atmosphere and break apart. [Photos: Space Debris & Cleanup Concepts]

The space agency's space debris experts predict that at least 26 large pieces of the satellite will survive the scorching temperatures of atmospheric re-entry. But exactly where the UARS satellite debris will fall is uncertain.

NASA officials have said that the drop zone for UARS satellite debris could be anywhere between the latitudes of northern Canada and southern South America, an area that includes much of the planet.

The satellite should re-enter over a 500-mile (804-kilometer) track, according to NASA officials. Since 75 percent of Earth is covered with ocean, there is a high likelihood that the satellite will re-enter over the sea or a remote, uninhabited stretch of land, Victoria Samson, the Washington Office Director of the Secure World Foundation, an organization dedicated to the peaceful use of outer space, told SPACE.com last week.

Please, please, PUH-LEEZ fall on Hagar's head!

If not, do you have any other good options?

09-23-2011, 06:17 AM
Does anyone else remember the scare stories about Skylab falling? It's funny the things that stick in your mind I can recall people selling crash helmets and thinking that won't help much.

Just looked it up, 32 years ago...

Golden AWe
09-23-2011, 07:16 PM
I heard the odds for hitting someone are around 1:3400...looking too good for Hagar now.

09-24-2011, 04:08 AM
Might hit Canada or Africa, if it hits land at all. Slim possibility of it hitting upstate Washington near the Canadian border.

As of now, they do not know where it landed, they are awaiting confirmation from NORAD as to where it went down...

09-24-2011, 04:21 AM
I heard the odds for hitting someone are around 1:3400...looking too good for Hagar now.

Nitro Express
09-24-2011, 05:25 AM
When I lived in upstate New York a meteor hit a car parked in someones driveway. It went right through the roof and probably would have killed the driver if anyone was in it.

I used to fly across the country for business a lot and one thing all those cross country trips drove home is most of this country is uninhabited. A lot of open isolated area.